tagGroup SexA Glory Hole Swinger's Party

A Glory Hole Swinger's Party


Maggie and I had been anxiously waiting for the month to pass so that we could attend Roxie's next party.

The day of the party had finally arrived and we were like kids on Christmas morning.

Maggie asked me, "What do you think Roxie has planned for tonight?"

"I'm not sure but if the last parties are any indication of her imagination I'm sure it will be fun," I replied.

Maggie went into the bedroom to shower and get ready for the party. She had bought a new outfit for the party and had been hiding it from me until tonight. She was busy putting on her make-up as I went in to take a shower and get ready. I got out of the shower and got dressed as she was finishing her hair. I went to the living room to wait for her.

She walked around the corner in her new outfit and I nearly fell out of the chair. She had on a skirt that was nothing more than a piece of spandex that was large enough to curve under the cheeks of her ass and barely covered her pussy. She had a red thong under it. Her blouse was a very sheer loose fitting halter-top that draped around her breasts leaving most of them completely exposed. She finished it off with a pair of red 5" high-heeled shoes that tied up the calves of her long sexy legs.

She twirled for me and asked, "What do you think?"

I stood there with my mouth hanging open and just nodded approval like some village idiot. She looked at the bulge growing in my pants and said, "From the drool running down your chin and the bulge in the front of your pants I'll take that as a positive."

I finally said, "Wow!"

She smiled and asked, "Are you ready to go?"

"I will follow you anywhere you want to go," I choked out.

As we were driving to Roxie's I kept looking over at her. She looked so sexy sitting there with her same as naked breasts and red thong covered pussy out for my viewing pleasure.

She said smiling and looking out the window, "You better pay attention to the road or we will never make it to the party."

I still will never understand how women do that. They can act like they are not paying attention but know everything going on around them.

We finally arrived at Roxie's house. She opened the door looked at Maggie and said, "Wow Maggie you look great."

Roxie offered us a drink and said, "We have about two more couples coming so make yourselves comfortable while we wait for them."

We had just finished our drinks when the last couple arrived. There were only eight couples here tonight.

Roxie came into the middle of the room and got everyone's attention. She started by saying, "Welcome everyone." Some of you are new tonight and some have been here before. As you may know I like to throw a twist and some fun into these parties. Tonight is no exception. Tonight is Glory Hole Night. In the other room we have constructed a partial wall that has holes cut into it. The men will go in first and strip naked then insert their cocks through the holes in the wall. The ladies will strip in here and then come into the room. The object of tonight is to suck, fondle, stroke and fuck the cocks coming through the holes to find out if you can correctly guess which one is the man you came with tonight. When you think you have correctly guessed you will then put your name on a piece of paper and the number of the hole, which you think is the right one. Are there any questions?"

One of the girls asked, "What do we get if we correctly guess the right one?"

Roxie smiled, "After all of the girls have guessed we will have the guys come out one at a time. At that time every girl who guessed that guy will then go to another room and they will have sex together."

Giggles and chatter abounded in the room. Roxie asked, "Any more questions?"

"Ok, Gentlemen please go into the next room disrobe and choose a hole," She directed.

All of us guys went in and got completely naked and inserted our cocks through the glory holes in the wall. Most of us were either already hard or at least semi rigid.

We heard the girls coming into the room and all of them started laughing. It must have been a sight seeing eight cocks sticking out of a wall.

I stood waiting and staring at the wall. My cock was at full attention knowing that there were eight women on the other side that was looking at my cock. I soon felt a hand grab my cock and stroked it a few times. Then nothing for a moment. The next thing I felt was a warm mouth wrapping itself around my hard cock. The girl that was on the other end whom I could not see was very good at sucking cock. She grabbed the base of it and was twisting while sucking it into her throat. I felt her hand leave my cock and her mouth replaced her hand. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged slightly.

She pulled off and I heard her say, "Nope, that one is too long for my husband."

Again nothing for a moment then another mouth wrapped around my cock and sucked it. That one also withdrew and moved on. This was sweet agony not knowing when someone was going to touch or suck your cock.

Suddenly I felt someone grab my dick and was moving it around looking at it I guess. Then I felt the head of my dick slid into a pussy. Wow, what a sensation not being able to see whom your fucking. She moved back onto my cock and I had my face against the wall trying to get as much as possible into her. She moved back and forth on my cock. She pulled off and was gone. I looked down the wall at the other guys and you could easily tell which ones were being fucked, sucked and fondled and which ones were waiting for the next experience.

I then felt someone grab my cock and stroke it a few times. They then sucked it into their mouth. Whoever it was had a wonderful technique. I stood there wondering which one of the girls was sucking my cock. No sooner than they had arrived they were gone. My cock was aching for release and I'm sure pre-cum was dripping from the head of it.

I looked down the wall and some of the guys were also looking. It looked like nobody was getting any action.

We then heard Roxie say, "Ok gentlemen the ladies have made their decisions. I will read off the names of the ladies and the number they picked. You guys stay there until I tell you to come out. We will reveal who you are after all of the names are read."

I was standing in hole number 6. She started the names and numbers, "Nadia number 1, MaryAnn number 4, Jeannie number 6, Maggie number 6." I thought Maggie had chosen right. Roxie went on, "Sarah number 5, Angel number 1, Beth number 2, and Nancy number 8. Ok guys will number 1 please come around the wall."

We all heard a laugh and a girl say, "I could have swore I had the right one."

Roxie continued, "Number 2 come out please." Again laughter.

"Number 3 nobody picked so you get me tonight along with number 7 so guys come on out."

Laughter erupted from the girls as the faces behind the cocks were revealed.

Roxie continued, "Number 4 come on out. Number 5 come on out. Number 6 come on out."

I stepped around the corner and Maggie was laughing as she picked correctly and Jeannie also picked me and said, "I just knew I had the right one."

Roxie then called out number 8 who actually was Jeannie's partner.

Roxie said, "Ok, if you need a break now is the time. Then find the spot in the house that you want to enjoy your partner or partners in."

Maggie came over to me and gave me a big hug and said, "I knew after twelve years of marriage I would know your cock."

Jeannie was standing next to us. Jeannie was a beautiful petite brunette that had a killer body. Her pussy was completely shaven. Her tits while not huge were well proportioned to her body. One of her finest features was her very cute little heart shaped ass.

I asked, "Well girls where to next?"

Jeannie said, "I could use a drink before we get started. This is my husband and mine's first time at a party like this."

Maggie said, "No problem let's go get a drink."

We all walked naked to the bar and poured ourselves a good strong drink. We discussed why Jeannie and her husband had decided to come to a swinger's party and her story was much the same as ours. It was for the thrill of it and for the variety.

We finished our drink and Maggie asked, "Where do we want to go?"

I said, "Let's venture down the hall to one of the bedrooms."

As we were walking down the hall we looked into the bedrooms to see if one was vacant. We looked into one of them and Jeannie gasped. "She whispered to us, "That's my Husband."

He was the guy who was in between the long legs of a redhead pounding her for all he was worth.

Jeannie said, "Let's go."

My cock was growing in anticipation of fucking these two beautiful women as we found an empty bedroom.

Jeannie was a little nervous as we climbed onto the bed. Maggie and I started things off by kneeling on the bed and kissing each other. Jeannie was sitting at the foot of the bed watching us. I tilted Maggie's head back and kissed her neck and ears working my way to her breasts. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and it caused Maggie to moan. I laid back on the bed as I pulled Maggie over to me and had her straddle my face. She was sitting on my face as I began licking and sucking on her pussy. I suddenly felt a hand wrap around my hard cock and start stroking it. I had hoped that in this position it would encourage Jeannie to join the party.

I felt a warm mouth wrap around my cock as a slick tongue was exploring the head of it. Maggie was rubbing and pulling on her nipples as I licked her clit. She was moaning and had her head thrown back looking to the ceiling.

The mouth on my cock started to get into it, as she was now bobbing up and down and stroking it.

Maggie was now grinding her pussy into my face as her juices were flowing from it. I reached out and grabbed her ass as she screamed, "OOOHHHHH FUUCCCCKKKK YOU'RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUUMMM!"

I felt her orgasm let loose as she flowed onto my face and tongue. Maggie came down from her orgasm and climbed off of my face. She joined Jeannie at my cock as they took turns sucking and stroking it. I laid there watching to beautiful women sharing my cock.

Then Maggie shocked me as she leaned to my cock at the same time Jeannie did and they kissed each other. It was a timid kiss the first time and gradually became more heated swapping tongues. They knelt on the bed facing each other and continued to kiss.

I was shocked as Maggie had never mentioned wanting to experiment with another woman. Maggie reached and cupped Jeannie's smaller but firm breasts in her hands. I could see Maggie's skin beginning to flush with excitement as her nipples were erect and her areola was puckered taut from the experience. Maggie then moved her head down and sucked a nipple into her mouth and licked it. She then moved to the other nipple and sucked it into her mouth. Jeannie had her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the attention. Maggie then laid Jeannie across the end of the bed and kissed down her stomach to her pussy. She gently licked at her shaven pussy. She kissed her pussy lips and her inner thighs. Jeannie was pulling on her nipples and moaning as Maggie increased the tempo of her tongue.

I was watching stroking my cock. I thought about joining in but decided it was much more erotic to just watch these two women one of which was my wife enjoy their first girl on girl sex.

Maggie was now fully into Jeannie's pussy sucking and licking her clit. Jeannie began to moan and arched her back. Jeannie moaned, "OOHH YESSSSSSSSS!" as she began an earth shattering orgasm that made her whole body convulse.

Maggie left her pussy and kissed her way up Jeannie's flat stomach to her face and kissed her. Jeannie very quickly flipped Maggie onto her back and started kissing her nipples and kissed to her pussy. Jeannie wasted no time in burying her face into Maggie's pussy. Jeannie was laying over the edge of the bed while pleasuring my wife. It was time for me to join the party. I got up and walked behind Jeannie. Her cute ass was stuck into the air and I could see her red and swollen pussy between her thighs. I guided my cock to her pussy and let the head slid in. She was soaking wet from her orgasm so I easily slid all the way into her. I grabbed hold of her sweet ass cheeks and began to fuck her.

I looked at the door and there stood the guy who had been fucking the redhead. It was Jeannie's husband. He looked in amazement I'm sure to see his wife sucking the pussy of another woman. He then looked at me as I was long stroking his wife's pussy. His cock was hard and he was stroking it.

Maggie began to writhe on the bed and I knew she was close to cumming herself. She moaned, "OHHH FUCK!" and rolled into another orgasm.

I kept fucking Jeannie as she rose off of Maggie's pussy. I motioned for Jeannie's husband to come on in. He knelt on the bed in front of his wife and she sucked his cock into her mouth. Maggie knelt behind him and reached around to pinch his nipples. Maggie then moved her hands down his stomach and wrapped her hand around the part of his cock that was not in Jeannie's mouth.

He then withdrew from her mouth and turned toward Maggie. He leaned her back on the bed. He raised her legs by holding an ankle in each hand and moved into her. She was spread wide open and her ass had rose off of the bed. He pounded into her pussy and now nearly had her bent double as he leaned into her. Jeannie and I were watching as our spouse's fucked one another.

I could feel the cum rising in my shaft and groaned as I exploded into Jeannie's tight hot pussy.

I heard Jeannie's husband groan as he buried his cock into Maggie and shot deep inside her.

I pulled my softening cock from Jeannie as her husband pulled his from Maggie and released her legs. Jeannie got up, went to her husband and hugged him. I crawled over to Maggie and kissed her as his cum was running out of her red swollen pussy.

He looked at Jeannie and said, "I never knew you were interested in another woman."

Jeannie blushed and replied, "Neither did I. But, it was fantastic!"

Maggie was laying there and said, "Yes it was."

I looked at her husband and said, "I believe that was a first for both of them."

Maggie and Jeannie at nearly the same time said, "And it won't be the last." They then laughed.

I said, "Well Ladies let me be the first to say it was HOT!"

Jeannie looked at Maggie and said, "We will have to get together again sometime and give both of the guys a good show."

Maggie replied, "Just let me know the time and place."

Jeannie and her husband walked out of the room naked and holding hands.

I looked at Maggie and asked, "Has another woman been something you have been wanting to try?"

She looked me in the eyes and said, "I had really never thought about it. It just kind of happened and it seemed right. Jeannie is a beautiful woman."

I agreed she was very hot and did not blame her. In fact I enjoyed it.

We laid there for a minute and Maggie started stroking my cock. When she had it hard she said, "Why don't we go out and have some more fun with the glory holes."

I jumped off of the bed and grabbed her hand. We went back into the room where the glory holes were and I went behind the wall and stuck my cock through one of the holes.

Maggie quickly sucked my cock into her mouth and went wild on it. I was leaning against the wall with my eyes closed as my toes were curling from the intense blowjob I was getting. She was stroking and sucking and licking she was enjoying this as was I.

I then felt someone lean into me from behind as and they reached around to pinch my nipples. I jumped as it startled me. Then I heard Maggie's voice whisper into my ear, "Are you enjoying the blowjob?" I couldn't speak; as the sucking on my cock was so intense all I could do was moan, "MMMMMMM."

She rubbed her hands down my stomach and then to my ass. She was massaging the cheeks on my ass and sliding her finger between my cheeks. I could feel her large breasts pressed firmly against my back.

Suddenly another man appeared from around the corner and went up behind Maggie. Maggie leaned against me and bent over slightly with her hands on my hips. Maggie was now being fucked from behind and with each thrust she was rubbing up against me. He was pounding into her so hard that I was also banging into the wall.

My cock was nearly ready to explode as Maggie kept ramming into me from the fucking she was getting.


The guy was fucking her sweet ass.

I could hold out no longer and my cock exploded into the mouth on the other side of the wall.

The guy behind Maggie groaned, "OHH MY GOD!" as he shot his load into Maggie's ass.

I was leaning into the wall catching my breath as Maggie was leaning against me. The guy withdrew his cock from her and left.

Maggie stood up and said, "I'm saying it again. A girl has to be careful around here. If you hold still very long someone is shoving a cock in you."

I asked her, "Who was sucking my cock? I thought it was you."

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

I said, "You know who it was you came around the wall after the blowjob started."

She said, "Don't be mad. It was a guy."

"Holy Fuck Maggie you let a guy suck my cock?" I exclaimed

She said, "I was getting ready to and he jumped in and moved me over and started in. I was watching and got so horny I had to come around here to you. There were about five people in the room watching. I guess one of the guys saw me come back here and decided to come around to help."

She asked, "Was it not good?"

I with a muffled yell said, "Yes but that is not the point. The point is you let a guy suck my dick."

She looked at me and said, "I licked another woman's pussy tonight."

I looked at her and said, "That was by your choice. I had no choice in this one."

She looked down at the floor, "It was hot watching it."

I pulled her to me and said, "Please never let that happen again, OK?"

She shook her head yes and I pulled her face up to mine and kissed her.

I said, "I think we better go now. My mind is too fucked up after that one to do anything else."

We went to the shower and showered together to wash off the cum on our bodies. We got dressed and was headed for the door.

Roxie was being bent over the arm of a chair and had a guy fucking her. She looked up and we waved to her. She waved back and then went into an orgasm.

As we were driving home my mind could not get the fact out of my mind.

Maggie said, "Honey I'm sorry. I could not knock him out of the way and I was shocked when he sucked you right into his mouth. I promise I won't let it happen again."

I looked at her and said, "It's Ok I will get over it eventually. My mind is just having a hard time grasping the thought that another man got me off."

She replied, "Hon, You didn't know it was a man."

That part was true. I didn't know.

I looked at her and said, "I Love You."

She said, "Do you want to go back next month?"

I paused, "Yes, but there won't be any blind games like the glory hole for me anymore. I want to know who is sucking me and who I'm fucking."

She smiled, "Ok."

She then said, "Roxie is getting married in two weeks and invited me to the bachelorette party next Saturday night. You don't have a problem with me going do you?"

I immediately said, "No not at all." Then my mind thought wait, a bachelorette party for Roxie? What kind of party is that going to be?

Maggie leaned over to me and kissed my cheek and said, "I Love You."

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