tagFetishA Golden Day in the Woods

A Golden Day in the Woods


The drive was a long one, but with every passing mile there were fewer cars on the road and as they disappeared off into the distance so too did my anxiety and frustrations. In its place came a mounting sense of excitement for what lay ahead. Soon I approached my destination and made the final turn off the main road, and onto what was barely more than a dirt rut, my low car trusty but just barely able to handle it. Once I knew I was far enough from the highway that my car would not be spotted I parked, knowing it was unlikely for anyone to come this way anyway. Not that being seen was something that worried me, the thought of someone watching actually sent a frisson of pleasure down my spine as I turned the car off.

I opened the door to the immediate heat as the air-conditioned air quickly escaped and swung my sneaker clad feet out and onto the ground. Standing up and stretching simultaneously I made my way toward the back of my car. Opening the hatch, I quickly snagged my small backpack and opened it to check on my supplies before adding some ice-cold water from the cooler I kept in the back. I quickly chugged one of them down, the water overflowing my mouth and hitting my already sweat speckled chest. In one fluid movement I threw the empty bottle back into the car and closed the hatch before locking the doors with the clicker and adding my keys to the knapsack before slinging it on my back. It settled between my shoulders, a comfortable weight but one that I knew would have me sweating before long.

Looking around a final time I was ready to set off on what was bound to be an exciting adventure. I made my way around the rest of my car and headed into the sun dappled forest. The day was gorgeous, despite it being mid September it was easily 25 degrees Celsius out, what my dad would call an Indian summer. I was quickly working up a mild sweat that worked its way from my forehead before beading and running down my neck and between my sports bra clad breasts. They bounced softly, but not unpleasantly in their support as my path began to slope gently upward.

After an hour my calves had that, not entirely, unpleasant ache in them, that was not helped by the slight upcline of my hike. As I walked I continued to drink from my store of water, that, combined with my long drive, soon enough had a dull ache settling into my bladder to accompany the one in my leg muscles. I relished the uncomfortableness as I knew my destination was quickly approaching.

Soon enough I crested the top of the rise and as the land fell away below me a breathtaking vista was revealed. Laid out in front of me was a crystal blue lake sparkling jovially in the early afternoon sunlight. The sight took my breath away before reminding me and my bladder of why I was there. As I started my descent down the hill my clothes started their removal from my body before being dropped to the ground. I was safe in the knowledge that is was quite an isolated location, having been here many times before and never seeing a soul. Placated in my knowledge, I removed my knapsack and tucked it behind a fallen log, not entirely able to shake a lifetimes worth of habits.

As I walked I stripped my now sweaty tank off, feeling it stick briefly to the small of my back and the patch of perspiration there. Next, I kicked of my sneakers and my socks with them, glad to finally be able to feel the first of the falling leaves crunching between by toes and the otherwise soft forest floor. I enjoyed the sensation briefly before following the action with the quick, but admittedly graceless removal of my tight athletic shorts. Next off was my restrictive sports bra freeing my breasts to bounce freely now. With that I removed the elastic from the end of my braid and unbound my hair so I could also enjoy the sensation of its length swinging against my now bare flesh. Feeling infinitely freer now and having saved the best for last.

I moved my hands to my hips and hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my somewhat sensible but still lace trimmed underwear. I shimmied them down my voluminous thighs before slipping them past my knees and calves and off one foot before flicking them away with the other. Now totally liberated with my hair swinging freely and my feet relishing the touch of the earth beneath them I knew I was totally free to do what I wanted, which is exactly what I needed.

I became completely aware now of the pressure that had been building in my bladder over the last several hours. I took pleasure from its bloated presence and the slight pressure it exuded on the base of my clit. I knew my moment of release was coming soon, and the thought was starting to get me wet, but I knew I'd be much wetter in just a moment. It's hard to completely let go though, it goes back to what I had been thinking earlier, about a life times worth of habits and things that had been ingrained into us since our earliest memories, but I knew I could overcome it.

I focused all my attention now on release, the water sparkling nearby helping me to visualize, and soon enough I felt the first few drops start to trickle against my inner thighs. The moisture worked to lubricate my legs, relieving some of the friction that had been building as my skin rubbed together as I walked. Soon enough a steady stream was pouring out of me, releasing a mild scent into the air as I continued to walk and spread my liquid upon the ground. I could feel the warmth and friction from the movement of my legs making quick work of engorging my clitoris. I knew I would not be able to resist touching myself much longer and began heading toward my final destination; a large moss-covered rock surrounded by still luscious looking green grass.

As my torrent began to subside I crouched down in front of the rock, spreading my legs as I leaned against the soft moss. Finally, I allowed myself the pleasure of touch and began to tentatively rub my lips and clit now that the stream was no longer strong enough to push against my fingers. I quickly began to rub faster, in a circular motion against my clit, unable to resist. My bladder was now empty but I was soaked from the pubic area down and headed quickly towards an orgasm. I sank lower toward the ground as I became engulfed in ecstasy, my breathing now quick and sweat mixing with my other fluids. My mind was at once blank and yet racing as I neared the precipice of release and soon enough I crested it. I could feel all my muscles release and then seize up again over and over as waves of pleasure washed over me. My toes curled and my free hand clutched at the wet grass beneath me before I was released from its throws and was able to sink completely onto the warm, wet ground.

I was not done yet. Knowing my clit would still be extremely sensitive from the recent stimulation I settled my back against the rock and nestled my butt into the wet ground with my tailbone jutting slightly forward and my legs straightened and stretched in front of me wide open. I began my assault of my clitoris again, circling it with just one finger but not directly touching it as it was still too sensitive. I then evolved into tapping it lightly before I could not stand it any more. I found myself pulling my knees up toward me before straightening them out again, my toes clenching and releasing. Soon enough I was back to rubbing it directly and vigorously and soon enough the stimulation proved to be too much. My mind went white as my body submitted to another powerful orgasm that sent my body shaking as my vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched with spasms. As I came down from my second high within such a short period, I felt totally spent but sated at last. Maybe after a couple of minutes of recovery I'd go for a swim and clean off in the crystal blue water that called to me as I closed my eyes in satisfaction.

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More please.

Great story, and we'll written. Can't wait to read more from you like this.

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