A Good Day

byGrey Timber©

I am 25 years old. I live with another single roommate in a two bedroom upstairs apartment. Our complex has been designed as such that the floor plan of the unit below mine is identical. As a result, our balcony is directly overhead of our downstairs neighbors porch, our bedrooms are mirrored by the rooms below us.

Our downstairs neighbors were (before they recently moved) two young male college athletes from a local Christian college. One of them, the one whose room was directly below mine, had a girlfriend. I had met them both. She was a beautiful, very friendly girl with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes and a very trim, athletic body. Her personality followed the typical young blond college girl stereotype, but she was extremely friendly in a manner that gave her a sort of elegance, overriding some of the annoying traits that might have made her less attractive. She and I often exchanged greetings as we met in the parking lot on the way in. I secretly lusted after her and was always thrilled to be blessed with her smile.

It's been nearly 7 months since I last saw her and since the events that I'm relating below occurred, yet I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

It all began one winter night this last January as I was lying in bed. I remember catching a faint sound. The sound strengthened and I instantly recognized it's erotic nature. The sound seemed to carry up the thin wall of the apartment and was rather discernible from where my head rested against the headboard. I felt an excitement beginning to stir in my groin and I had the immediate urge to "tune in" to the sound, to bring it more clearly to my hungry ears. I slipped out of bed and moved to the living room but heard nothing so I returned to my room. The nearest bare wall not obstructed by furniture or my large bed was at the entrance to the bathroom. From there I could hear that it was emanating more clearly from the porcelain walls within the small room. I stepped inside and then closed the door to drown the sound of the clock outside. There was utter silence and then a very distinct, very clear moan.

The girl's voice was high pitched though quiet, the sound a sweet young girl would use to persuade her reluctant father to buy her a gift. It continued softly at first in content, almost pleasantly lazy chords. I felt the familiar throbbing of a growing erection. Within moments, my cock was jutting hard from my naked body and I began to fondle it softly.

Her moans soon increased in intensity, becoming more like heavy, high-pitched gasps with sound as she was rasping out breaths assumedly between the plunges of her lover's cock. They continued to quicken until there was almost no pause between but a long, softly loud cry of ecstasy. Then she broke it off and I heard words though I could not make them out. Within moments, her excited, audible breathing had continued again. In ever voluminous urgency, her moans intensified until she began literally screaming in the soft, high-pitched cry of a young girl lost in her orgasm. As her words screamed clearly to me, "Oh God!" (and then with pauses) "Fuck...Me...Yes...Oh!", my fist pounded at my pelvis and my cock erupted in thick streaming ropes of come that splashed onto the tile wall and then dribbled to the floor.

From then on, I saw her differently. Beyond being a beautiful, personable, athletic college-girl, she was now a sexual object, a target of my lustful fantasies.

This was the beginning of many nights of excitement for me as I would lie in bed or stand silent in my bathroom listening to the sounds of my neighbors below fucking madly for brief intervals of passion. I would see her often through the next few months, coming and going from our apartments. I won't bore you my reader with many details so that I won't stray far from your lustful purpose in reading, but I will say that despite never knowing her name, we had become friends in a strange, mysterious way.

Which brings me to one particular night this last May. The Christian college had released for the summer and this same girl was staying for a week with her boyfriend in his apartment below ours. Every night for a week, they had been fucking crazily below me. Since my roommate was gone at night staying with his girlfriend as he often did, I was always lying naked in bed, ready for the next session. I had even, over the last few nights, taken to waiting until they were done so that I could stroke my cock in the ensuing silence and add my own moans as a sort of encore. Normally a quiet guy, I was openly trying to let them hear me responding to their sex. My cock was in a constant state of erection but I was beginning to hunger for much more.

Over this week, I had on several occasions struck up conversation with her in chance meetings outside our home, and was delighted that she always seemed so ready to talk with me. I had noticed a definite interest on her part as well as a secretive sort of smile that made me think perhaps she had heard my own groans shortly after hers.

On the said night, storms were streaking through the Oklahoma prairie as the night wore on. Early in the evening, I had opened the sliding glass door to my balcony to let in the clean scent of the rain and realized that my neighbor and his girlfriend were directly below, on their patio. Now it should be said that the balcony and patio both had a partial privacy wall that surrounded their entirety that would prevent any people seeing into the enclosures from the street if those inside the enclosures were not standing. However, my balcony was floored with long, thick boards that left very wide gaps of nearly two inches of space between each, giving me a clear view to the patio and its inhabitants below. I spoke a hello to the two who sat below me drinking beer, and then I returned to my living room, closing the screen door with a loud rasp behind me.

I was expectant of something new tonight. Something told me to stay near the screen door and to listen carefully. I did and for an hour, listened to the two of them discussing summer plans, baseball, steroids, jobs, each other's future and such. I soon tired of the petty conversation and, disappointed, turned on the TV to watch a movie. Hours later into the early morning, a lull in the movie gave me a chance to hear the unmistakable and very clear sound of a sexual moan from my neighbors below. Instantly I shut the TV off and sneaked to the screen door. Again there was the unmistakable sound of her moan, only with a clarity that nearly propelled me back as if she were breathing into my ear. Indeed, now I could hear her very breaths and the rustling of clothes.

Instantly hard, I wasted no time and quickly grasped the screen door handle. Ever so carefully, I eased the door open. It seemed like hours before the noisy door had been silently opened enough that I could slip outside. But I did not. Knowing that they would see me through the cracks, I simply laid down inside the apartment and eased my head to the first slit between the boards.

She was sitting astride him as he sat in a chair. My eyes were instantly drawn to the sight of her naked thighs spread on either side of his waist. Her nude flesh disappeared under the cursed cover of a sweatshirt which she never removed through the entire night, keeping the vision of her breasts a mystery to me. Their pants were discarded on the concrete floor among several empty beer cans and he was reaching up under her sweatshirt to caress her firm young breasts.

She was breathing hard and tossing her head as she rocked into him, fucking herself onto his cock. I watched her pelvis, beautifully erotic in its smooth, practiced motion. As he fucked into her with more intensity, his hands reached around to cup her ass and pull it to him. As she ground her pussy down onto his cock, he raised his hands, pulling the sweatshirt high on her waist so that I could see the naked flesh of her hips swelling from his knees and the very top of her ass as she fucked him directly underneath me.

Her moans had been erotic before but how maddeningly intense they sounded now a scant distance below me. I listened to her moaning and stared at her face and hair as she leaned back with eyes closed and facing upward toward me. Her mouth was open wide in a soft but not too careful moan as I came hard. My cum spurted and jerked from my cock onto the carpet and my body thrashed as I stared. I grunted so very softly and then opened my eyes.

...and looked into hers.

She was staring directly at me. Her eyes were wide and registered a small amount of surprise mixed with her lust. My head was burning in fear of having been caught, but she was silent. She looked down at her lover to see if he too had noticed but he had not. Her eyes rose again and caught mine. Suddenly brave, I moved slowly to a knothole that had broken from the side of a board, giving me a further unobstructed view of her eyes to see how she would respond.

Her eyes closed slowly as she moaned and then she was looking at me again. She took a moment to smile tenderly at me and I nearly groaned as she slowly pushed her tongue out of her gaping mouth to lightly touch the center of her upper lip. Then her eyes returned to her lover. My cock never softened and after a pause to let the sensitivity of my orgasm subside, I continued stroking it.

Almost immediately after she had realized my presence, she rose off of his lap. Unfortunately, her sweatshirt obscured most of her except her exquisitely naked legs, long and supple and firm in their youth. She knelt before him, placing her knees on his discarded pants and I saw his cock standing straight and pointing directly at me. Truly an egotistical man, I was immediately glad to realize that my own erection was nearly identical in size and thickness as his and would suffer no shame in comparison. But in a moment, her blond hair covered his lap and she began to suck his cock. I watched her head begin to bob up and down on his lap and I realized that I could see most of the small of her back and her naked ass. I stared at her flesh, her ass spread wide from kneeling, and pumped my cock furiously with my hand.

When I looked at her head again, she had grasped his cock and twisted it to the side so that she could lay an ear on his lap as she continued sucking. She looked first at him as she throated his cock, glistening wet from having been in her pussy, then she looked higher and caught my eyes again. I realized that she had turned him to the side so that I could see her tender, full lips, stretched thin over his shaft. They plunged down on it, slipping his cock into her mouth, then sliding back up, letting the cock ease slowly out of her wet, sucking mouth. I could see his cock making a slight bulge in her cheek as she stared at me. It was protruding first from the corner of her mouth. Then, as he slid it deeper, the bulge moved further back into her mouth until it disappeared behind her jaw. With inches still remaining outside her lips, she stared into my eyes for a moment then closed her own and pushed so that his cock slid into her throat. Her lips opened wider than the thickness of his shaft as she worked carefully to throat his throbbing cock without gagging on its width. Her face eventually was obstructed by his lower stomach and she closed her lips and pulled slowly away, letting his cock slide out, further lubricated by her throaty saliva. She then began a very aggressive and fast motion, her head bobbing furiously on his cock as he groaned softly and twitched his hips upward into this beautiful girl's tender young mouth.

I watched in awe and lust, wishing desperately that I were in his position, wishing that I could feel her lips squeezing my cock and her tongue licking the underside as her beautiful face bobbed and stretched around my cock.

Eventually, she rose off of him and once again climbed onto his lap, this time facing away from her lover. She laid her body back, almost insistently against him and he scooted to the edge of his seat and laid back against the apartment wall. His hands reached around and touched her stomach, lifting the sweatshirt high enough for me to see her flat stomach, the muscles straining and defined in the outdoor apartment light. She raised her arms to caress his head and his hands slipped up, almost revealing her breasts but slipping under her shirt again. I watched the shape and movement of his hands massaging her breasts under the thick cotton. My eyes trailed down to her pelvis and I tried to focus on her pussy. In the low light, I thought I glimpsed the thin line of her sex and it appeared to be bare or at least closely shaven, but I couldn't be sure. Then her boyfriend reached down to spread her thighs and his cock was bobbing against her pussy. He pushed down on its length and then slipped it into her pussy. My cock twitched and pulsed in my hand as I watched his balls pounding against her lips. She leaned further back and his hands were inside her shirt again, caressing her breasts. It was almost as if she appeared to be laying on a sort of human bed below me. I looked at her face, her mouth open and gasping in soft moans again. And then she opened her eyes and found mine.

Safe from betrayal in this position, with her lovers head below hers, she began mouthing words to me and then began repeating the spelled words audibly...

"Fuck me...Oh fuck me baby! Fuck my pussy, baby!"

And so I knew that she was intending her words for me.

It seemed to become a sort of game for her and she enjoyed it, winking coyly at me between moans and her words kept coming clear and soft, "I want you so badly! I want your cock in me!"

Her lover responded, assuring that it was inside her. She only smiled at me as she continued begging me to fuck her. I wondered if she could see my head trembling as I pounded my cock faster in my hand. I felt another orgasm beginning to well inside my cock, but the sex below me suddenly stopped as her lover was talking softly to her.

She rose off of his lap and she stood briefly, then bent forward. Her long arms reached down and grabbed to bottom brace board on the privacy fence of their porch. Her long, supple legs were spread straight out behind her and her body sloped downward, causing her sweatshirt to slide forward until it hung on her breasts. Most of her lower body was now naked to my eyes and I feasted on her nudity, committing the sight to memory. With her ass upturned and her thighs spread wide, I could clearly see the small, crinkled brown muscle of her anus, and just below that was the dark slit of her pussy.

Her boyfriend stepped up behind her and with a free hand helping, eased his cock into her upturned pussy. As he buried his cock into her splitting pussy lips, I heard her take in a sharp breath. I guessed that her position made it feel as if his cock was prodding into her bowels. He seemed to favor this position, as I did and was soon fucking her in earnest, grasping her hips and pounding into her in fast, powerful strokes.

I could clearly see from my vantage point. I watched his thick cock spreading her pussy lips apart. I watched her lips roll in as he pushed forward and then roll back out to stretch and suck at his cock as it was pulling out! I could see her asshole clenching tightly as he fucked her and I could see the flesh of her ass twitch slightly with each insistent thrust that pounded against her body. I could hear the slap of flesh and I could hear his heavy breathing, but above it all was the rising sound of her sighs of pleasure. She was quickly getting carried away and her moans were rising louder in the open night. I was almost laughing in pleasure and amazement as she gave up any attempts at secrecy and openly moaned and gasped into the night.

Her lover quickly leaned forward and covered her mouth, laughing softly. She rose partially and said in an almost sad voice, "I can't help it, it's too deep! I can't take it!"

He whispered in her ear yet again and I heard her mumble a soft answer. He carefully pulled his cock out of her pussy and in amazement and thrilling in my good fortune, I watched him nestle his swollen cockhead at her wrinkled asshole. She rested her arms on the edge of the privacy fence, straightening her body to allow better entry to her anal chute and he leaned into her. I watched his cock spreading her asshole impossibly wide as he eased it ever so slowly into the tightened muscle. Inch by slow inch, his cock slipped into her until half of it was buried in her stretched asshole.

She was mostly silent other than a tender gasp as the widest part of his cock squeezed its girth into her tightly distended asshole. I could tell she was concentrating hard on allowing his cock to violate her tender anus. Once he breached her muscle, he grasped her hips again and stood straight and began slow smooth strokes that barely pushed in and out of her. Gradually, her ass relaxed and I watched as his cock finally began to slide in and out of her rather than simply probing underneath tightly sheathed skin. Her ass seemed to accommodate a hard cock nicely and I was further aroused, if possible, to know that she was open to this.

Her head and body lowered again and she spread her arms and braced them against the base boards, arching her ass further upward so that her tightened anus squeezed impossibly tighter around her lovers cock. I could imagine the feeling he experienced as his cock rubbed against the upper wall of her bowels. His strokes came faster and I watched, beating furiously at my sore cock as his thick shaft was now pounding into her loosened anus.

She was moaning again. Her cries rose in volume as his strokes lengthened into her ass. She was tossing her young head in pain and pleasure and her cries were again loud enough to risk raising the neighbors (those that hadn't already attained a rise).

I stroked my cock faster as I stared at the sight of her perfectly shaped, firm ass opened so wide by her spread legs, their long, smooth flesh naked and quivering slightly with every stroke of the cock that was reaming her tender asshole. I watched his cock pounding into her darkened hole so quickly that it was a blur. I listened to the intensity of her cries as she moaned in what sounded to be great pleasure. My own testicles sucked way up into my sac and I came again, exploding more seed, albeit a lessened amount, into the carpet next to my prone body. My hand rubbed against the thick glob of sticky come as I slowed my pounding and simply squeezed my cock.

Below me, the girl had finally had enough and was crying out uncontrollably. Her boyfriend stopped again to cover her mouth and she simply stood up. His cock slipped out of her ass and I caught the brief, exquisite glimpse of her stretched sphincter gaping open in a large black hole as his cock popped out, freeing the battered muscle. Then she was standing and there was only her naked ass.

She was saying, "I can't take it, it's just too much!" And he kissed her and turned to go inside. Disappointed, I watched as she picked up her pants. Just before going inside, she looked up again at me and there was a slight, exhausted smile before she disappeared inside.

I hurried back to my room in time to hear her cries of ecstasy rising again, this time freed to be as loud as she desired. Clear from the echoing walls of my bathroom came the words, "Fuck me, baby!" Repeated over and over in ecstasy.

I could hardly sleep that night.

The next day, I could not get her out of my head. All day long, I relived the night, seeing her eyes staring into mine, hearing her words in my head, wondering if she meant them or was only teasing me, or lost in the lust of her exhibitionism. I remembered the sight of his cock splitting her anus and I made trips to the bathroom to relieve my throbbing, painfully sore erection.

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