tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Grasp From the Past

A Grasp From the Past


This story is new territory for me, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions and/or opinions, good or bad, about its contents. Any and all feedback is welcome and my soul motivation to continue writing in this format. Thanks!

Do you ever notice how just when your life has become too routine, too boring and dull ... the world always throws you a surprise? My last birthday was like that, it was my 32nd birthday and I'd resolved to not announce it to my coworkers and let it be just another day to slip by with as little fanfare as possible. However, it proved to be the climax of my year and would end with the wildest date of my life.

The day had began like any other, I was just finishing a brief meeting when the rang.
"Jay?" the soft effeminate voice queried.
"Yes, who is this?" I replied as my brain raced to recollect the familiar tones.
"Guess" was the only reply.

With only those two words a Cheshire cat smile streaked across my face as a flood of fond memories enveloped me.

"How have you been Amber?" I said.
"I've missed you and happy birthday"
"I've missed you too"

After an awkward pause we both laughed simultaneously and suddenly we were both very much at ease, as if the past five years since we'd last spoke had only been a day.

Amber and I had met at a mutual friends wedding about six years earlier and both of us immediately felt a chemistry toward each other that proved very hard to suppress, especially after sharing a bottle of champagne on that first night. Both of us had just broken up from our first serious relationships so we were both very hesitant to make any new commitments. Had it not been for that fact, I think we would've eventually married. However, fate dealt us separate lives when Amber took a better job across the country. we stayed in touch for a while but ultimately drifted apart. I never regretted the year that we dated and somehow knew she felt the same.

We chatted for a while on the phone before Amber informed me she was going to be in town the following week and wanted to see me. "Of course" I said "it's a date." Amber hesitated ... "I'm married now" she said with an inquisitive reluctance. "Well, what's the harm in two old friends catching up on old times" I said, putting her at ease again. "Then it's a date" she replied "I'll call you later to make the arrangements, I have a surprise for you" were her final words before hanging up the phone and before I could reply.

After the odd conversation I recalled many of the wild and fun times we had together. Just the sound of her seductive voice was enough to bring me to arousal, she always had that effect on me. Amber had an untamed imagination and a playful curiosity unlike any woman I'd ever known. During our time together she used me to live out her wildest fantasies, all but one.

Both of us had only normal sexual relations with our previous lovers and that is how our sex lives with each other began. However, the time was right in both of our lives for experimentation and soon our intimate time together evolved into much, much more. Looking back we explored the full range of her sexuality, and mine to a lesser degree. I was her willing partner through it all.

First, I must describe Amber's physique. She is about 5'10" tall and carries a few more pounds than most woman but I love her build. She has curves in all the right places, large diameter breasts with tiny pink nipples and a bubbly round derriere that I loved to spoon all night when our nocturnal activities were complete. She could've been a great plus size model. She has a fair complexion with blonde hair which belies her thin soft patch of red pubic hair. She told me that as a child she'd been a strawberry blonde, thus her name, but her hair lightened as she grew into her late teens. She has large, pale green eyes above her tiny button nose and puffy, full lips which beg to be kissed.

I remember Amber's first request for an unusual sex fantasy. She wanted to dress up as, and pretend to be, a child. She asked me to sneak into her room on a predetermined night and molest her. This disturbed me on many different levels at first. She swears that nothing ever happened to her as a child and her family couldn't have been more loving but it just excited her for reasons she couldn't (or wouldn't) fully explain. She told me that from the first time she started having consensual sex she'd harbored a sense of guilt. She elaborated that if it were forced sex then she wasn't surrendering herself willingly or making any of the decisions and that as a child she didn't even have any real chance at fighting back. She felt that doing this would somehow, for a brief time, absolve her of the guilt she's always felt about being sexually active. I didn't fully understand but, still, we made the arrangements.

I had to be out of town for a week but upon my return she gave me loose instructions on what to do. As planned, I arrived at her house well after midnight. I parked down the street and using my key, silently snuck into the house undetected. Her bedroom door was ajar and I could smell the fresh, powdery aroma of a child's room. There was a dim night light glowing and I peered inside. I could see her sound asleep, curled on top of the sheets wearing thin cotton print pajamas that could pass as a child's garment. As scripted I disrobed first and crept in to perform the deeds. I carried a small dildo she'd given me to use in case I couldn't perform given the circumstances. It went unused as I took my time, carefully playing with her until her eyes popped open in with a startled gaze. In fact, her every action that night seemed real, that of pure fear and confusion. Even her tears were real as my hands explored her soft smooth skin. Afterward, I crept out of the house and the next day she sent me flowers at work with a card stating "thank you."

Amber never talked much about that experience but it prepared her to take things to the next level. To fulfill her next desire and explore a rape fantasy. Again, she explained it was for many of the same reasons as before. She assured me it wasn't an uncommon desire among her friends to be either gently raped or even be more aggressively taken with the option of a safety word that would stop the action. It was also prove to be the most vulnerable I've ever felt because if we were caught, she could lie to the police and send me straight to jail forever with all of the real rapists. A thought that made me tremble.

Again, she made the plans. Her neighborhood bordered a state park. During winter many of the gates were closed to vehicle traffic but these areas made a great places to walk and jog on the gravel access roads and hiking trails. We walked there together often and on unseasonably warm weekends we would occasionally meet another hiker but never on weekdays and at night it was utterly desolate. Amber told me the trail she would take and I picked a spot where I could stay well hidden. A full moon lit the path that night but soon darker clouds rolled in making it difficult to see. I lay in wait wearing only a black sweat suit, ski mask and a few little surprises in my pocket.

Though the weather was warm earlier that day a cool misty rain settled in and the night was eerily gloomy and quiet. The spot I chose was a little over half way through her chosen route where the hills were steep. Initially I was nervous as I waited but soon those feelings gave way to excitement. Every time the wind would rustle the trees or a wild animal would scurry in the distance my heart would skip a beat. Soon it began to pound with anticipation with the reality of what was about to happen. Then I heard Amber's approach, the unmistakable rhythmic pats of human feet running down the trail, I hunkered down behind the fallen tree as she approached.

I planned on letting her run slightly past me then grabbing her from behind, before she had time to react. As she drew near I felt like a coiled snake or African lion, ready to strike. I could almost taste my prey and her footsteps sounded like thunder as she drew near ... 15 feet ... 10 feet ... 5 feet. Then, at the crucial moment I silently sprung from my hiding spot ... and slipped on the muddy shoulder of the trail. Still, the noise was enough to startle Amber and she squealed, perhaps louder than intended, and she took off running down the trail. I sprang back up, now covered in mud and wet leaves and began my pursuit. I ran hard and fast and quickly reeled Amber in. When I was almost within reach I lunged, hooking my arms around her waist, grabbing her tightly and tackling her harder than intended as our bodies made a soft THUD into the muddy earth. What I didn't expect was her level of resistance as she spun around and hit me, closed fist, in the side of the head. I was stunned, blinded and feared I would pass out. As I was trying to recompose myself I knew she'd given me a fierce black eye but why was I blind in both eyes. Then, despite my ringing skull and fuzzy thought, I realized the punch had twisted my ski mask, causing it to cover my eyes. By then Amber had struggled onto her back and had her leg cocked and ready to decimate my privates with a kick that would've made any self defense instructor proud. Instead, she put her foot against my chest and knocked me backwards then took off running again.

This time It could've been a scene in a movie as she covered serious ground with me in pursuit. Finally, after what felt like a marathon I was within reach. Not wanting to kill us with another violent tackle I grabbed her loose white sweatshirt and tried slinging her to the ground. This clumsy move caused us both to lose our feet and we went off the trail, tumbling out of control down the steep side of the mountain. When we finally rolled to a stop both of our hearts were pounding from the run. Amber tried in vain to flee but I had her this time. She was a few feet up the hill from me and began crawling on all fours up the wet, slick embankment but easily within my reach. I grabbed her closest ankle to stop her escape then grabbing the waistline of her black Lycra running tights. I intended to pull her back to me, instead I pulled the pants and her panties down to her ankles. Kicking in vain to free herself I was able to straddle her legs effectively pinning her to the ground. In an attempt to repeat her last performance she swung at me again. This time I blocked her fist with my left arm as I simultaneously swung hard at her face with my right. Only in that last fraction of a second did I keep my instincts in check and open my fist to deliver a powerful slap across her cheek and nose. An anguished squeal escaped Amber as a trickle of blood flowed from her nose and across her lips. "Don't try anything else bitch, understand?" I growled. Amber was unresponsive, as much in disbelief at what I was saying, and doing, as I was. I moved my face within inches of her and glared into Amber's eyes. "Understand? " I said while grabbing her neck, giving it a threatening squeeze. Amber gave a defeated nod. "Good, now behave or you'll regret it."

I used the moment to lifts Amber's hands above her head and yank her sweatshirt off, exposing her thin cotton bra. Her pale skin glistened against the darkened surroundings. I reached into my pocket and retrieved a small length of thin braided rope and tied her hands together. Initially I was only going to bound her hands but a better opportunity presented itself. With the extra length of rope I tied it off to a tree just above us. With her hands over her head on the uphill side, gravity would make any further struggles very difficult. I moved quickly and disrobed. I was already aroused from the excitement and kneeled before Amber, deciding I could relax and take my time having my way with her. I began stroking myself while admiring my trophy. "Please, stop" Amber pleaded in a trembling voice. "Shut up" I barked "What did I tell you?" Then I pulled her pants completely off. "Take this bitch" I hissed and wadded up her panties, shoving them into her mouth and covering it with my hand. I lay my naked body against hers, feeling her goose bumps from the cool night air. I began nibbling and kissing her neck while roughly squeezing her tits. Soon I lowered my affections, lifting her bra above her breasts as I began licking and biting her hardened nipples. Amber began to make muffled moans which further excited me. I reached over to my pants and retrieved a baggy that contained the dildo she'd given me from our previous fantasy and a tube of lubricant. Using my legs to splay hers apart I paused just long enough to slather the lube over my hard cock. During that time she spit the panties from her mouth and, in fear, studied my response. At that point I was too eager to care.

I kneeled beneath Amber and grabbed her under the knees, lifting her legs up & apart. In one motion I nestled the head of my cock against her pussy and pushed myself inside. Amber emitted a high pitched gasp of pain and surrender or perhaps enjoyment. Regardless, I didn't care as I began thrusting into her without regards to her pleasure. Amber's body felt ablaze against the cool night air. Suddenly a burst of lightning lit the night, freezing for a split second her expressions of bliss and defeat. I continued fucking her, releasing my grip on her legs and laying on top of her as the drizzling rain became heavier. I made sure my body ground heavily upon Amber's clit with each thrust. Amber's moans became louder but in the dampened forest the sounds were easily muffled. Besides, almost without question the nearest person was a mile or more away and fast asleep. My thrusts became fast and strong as my body slapped against hers. Occasionally the lightning flashed and every time Amber had the same blank stare as the gray clouds rolled over head.

I was close to coming but wanted to make the experience last. I pulled out and asked "Are you ready for something new?" I said with a menacing chuckle in my voice. Before she could reply I grabbed her hips and forcefully rolled her onto her belly. I lifted her hips and brought her to the hands and knees position then reached for the baggy with the lubricant. I gripped her hair and shoved her head down. She looked sideways trying to see what I was doing but her answer came when she felt the slippery cock head press against her anus. I began pushing with increasing intensity until I felt the slight pop of the dildo opening her ass. Amber shrieked which spurred me to begin thrusting the rubbery instrument into her more forcefully, deeper with every thrust until it's six inches were all the way inside her. The tone in Amber's moans changed, becoming deeper, more agonized. I was afraid she wanted to quit but she didn't use our safety word so the thrusts continued. Soon the lubricant began to wear off so I shoved the dildo all the way in and pulled her against me. As I pushed my cock inside Amber, she buried her face into her bound hands and began an almost sobbing moan. Her pussy felt like a hot, wet vise gripping my manhood. I began pounding her pussy doggy style, rushing to my own climax, wanting to come. Despite the chilling rain washing over us an intense heat radiated outward from our loins.

Suddenly Amber lifted her head and began a continuous moan. Her body quivered as orgasms poured through her. I didn't try to hold back as my own familiar throbs began. I gripped Amber's hips and buried myself into her womb. I came heavily, feeling my hot release spray inside her with every twitch and jerk of my cock. We both collapsed to the ground as we continued to come but I managed to stay inside Amber's trembling body. Soon the climax subsided and we lay still as I gave my last few thrusts. I removed the dildo and threw it aside. Then it was over.

I lay on top of Amber's warm, motionless body and the night suddenly felt much colder. Both of us lay in silence, drenched and covered in mud and wet leaves. Our clothes were soaked and we were a mile from the house. Amber's nose bleed had long stopped and my eye was still black & swollen but wasn't as bad as I initially anticipated. Exhausted and thinking it was over, I reached up and pulled the rope loose, freeing Amber's hands. With startling speed and a reserve of energy I couldn't match she immediately rolled around and jump on top of me. Before I could react she smiled and leaned over, her matted hair falling upon my face. "I love you" she said and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips touched, our tongues met and we enjoyed a long passionate kiss. "You're beautiful" I said as we both stood, gathering our sopping wet clothes and wiping off the leaves and muck in the darkness. "Yeah right" Amber replied. Even though I know she didn't believe me given the circumstances, in a most odd and unusual way I really meant it.

We held hands and huddled close on the walk back home. We were mostly quiet until Amber started laughing. She described how shocked and funny I looked with my ski mask twisted sideways on my head after she punched me. "You know I could've kicked you much harder in a much worse place than I did." She stated, confirming what I already knew. "Now that would've ruined all the fun" I replied. We both laughed but I also winced at the thought. That night after a hot shower and a cup of hot spiced apple cider, we curled up together and never felt closer ... after being so detached a few hours earlier.

Amber never asked for such fantasies again, instead they ignited other urges. She began to have dominant or empowerment fantasies as she referred to them. This soon lead to light bondage and even gender reversal dates where I eventually got pay back from our previous explorations. But that, along with what happened on our date, are whole other stories.

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