A Great Fuck


She babysat my daughter Amy for 4 years before I made my move.

Anna was sweet and one sexy 19 year old women. She was hot. She had been babysitting for my daughter for 4 years. I had always had eyes for her, but she was only 15 when I hired her. My wife and I had just went through a divorce and I was not getting any action. I wanted Anna and I had to have her.

I took my daughter to another sitter and invited Anna over for "dinner" she agreed and was there right on time. She was wearing a light blue low cut t-shirt that showed her naval no bra and a pair of dark blue capris. She looked hot. I was hoping she didn't notice the hard on I got from just seeing her outfit.

We ate out dinner and went to the couch to "talk". Little did she know I had a lot more in mind. I had slipped a drug into her drink and she was getting a bit dazed out. As soon as I seen that she was near falling asleep, I took action. I put my hand into her shirt and played with her nipples and massaged her tits. She was enjoying it a lot, but told me to stop several times. She kept saying it was wrong, so what if I am 20 years older then her. I always get what I want and I wanted a piece of her fine ass.

She was pushing my hand away from her, and I smacked her across the face, she obeyed me after that. I told her to get on her knees. She did, I pulled out my 8 inch throbbing cock and told her to open her mouth. She did but tried to bite me. I had to smack her again and told her if she wasn't good I was going to rape her tight little ass hole. Boy did that change her attitude, she was sucking better then I could have ever dreamed of, better then my wife did the whole 15 years we were married. I pulled her head back so she would stop. I pushed her back onto the floor and ripped off her pants. I started to eat her pussy. She obviously liked it because she was shoving it into my face. If i didn't know any better I'd think she was trying to fuck my face.

Her pussy was beautiful and tasted like a peach. I stopped eating her sweet little pussy and stuck a finger in her tight little hole. She was so wet by now and was grinding herself onto my hand, she was loving this. I couldn't believe it, she was so horny and needed to be fucked hard. I took my finger out and licked her sweet juice off of it. I told her to spread her legs and stuck my hard cock inside her warm wet snatch. It was a tight fit but I managed.

I started pumping her pussy faster and faster. the faster I pumped the more she started to moan. I was fucking her little pussy. I was fucking it hard. She was screaming out "FUCK ME ANTONIO FUCK ME HARD....FUCK MY PUSSY MAKE IT HURT MAKE ME CUM". Her wish was my command. I fucked her until I was ready to cum. I took my cock out and spewed my jizz all over her cute little face.

I could tell she wanted more and was not satisfied. I flipped her over so her ass was in the air. She was saying "oh please fuck my ass" I was going to whether she wanted it or not. I licked her asshole to get it nice and lubed for my cocks entrance. I told her to relax and she would find she liked it. She did and I put the head of my cock to her ass. I pushed in slowly until it was half way in. She was squirming trying to get away, so I just forced the rest of my cock into her ass. And started raping her virgin ass. She started to get into it once her ass was used to being filled with my 8 inches of pleasure. She was moving with me when I forced foreword she pushed back words. I guess this meant she liked it. So I Fucked her ass until she was screaming "HARDER ANTONIO HARDER FUCK MY ASS MAKE ME CUM" I was pumping so hard I thought I might pass out. She was yelling "IIII AMMM CUMMMING"

Damn was this girl hot. Right after she came she pulled away, turned around, and started to suck my still hard cock. She placed one hand on the base of my cock and was masturbating me in rhythm with her sucking. She deep throated me and I came deep inside her mouth. That was the best blow job I had ever gotten. I'm sure her stomach was filled with my cum.

After we were all finished she put her clothes on and gave me a tender kiss said see you tomorrow and left. From that day on me and my sweet young babysitter fucked every weekend.

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