tagHow ToA Guide to Sensuous Pet Ownership

A Guide to Sensuous Pet Ownership


I'm a big fan of pet ownership. Owning a pet can bring a lot of added joy into your life, and it's almost impossible to stay in a bad mood for very long when you gaze upon a pair of devoted pet eyes, especially after coming home after an exhausting day.

Pets are always so happy to see you; rubbing up against you or licking your feet; delighted to have you home. A pet's sole purpose in life is to love you and make you happy.

As a personal note on this subject, I've recently trained my pets to have my favorite cocktail waiting for me when I walk through the front door after a long day's work; giving me another reason to want to get home right away.

If you're considering owning a pet, I've put together a list of items below that I hope you find helpful. Pet ownership isn't for everyone and owning a pet comes with additional work and responsibility, but for most people the advantages of pet ownership far outweigh the disadvantages.

Choosing Your Pet:

I prefer having pussies as pets and I've owned a number of them over the years. As a pet, pussy pets require very little maintenance and in return they're very loving, appreciative and affectionate. I've have had all types of pussy pet breeds, and quite frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed them all. I relished owning one pussy so much, that I recently decided to get another pussy pet, so now I own two.

Pussy pet number one has a small delicate, sweet face with bright, hazel-colored, expressive eyes. Her cute, dainty, budding pink, pussy tongue peeks out behind her pouty, sensitive lips whenever I pet her. She loves to be touched; rubbing her ass back and forth and back and forth up against my bare legs; batting her long lashes and crying out for more.

"Me-ore. Me-ore," she implores me; begging me not to stop.

Her blond hair is extremely fine and very, very soft to the touch, and she has black highlights at the tips; adding interest to her light-colored features; making her sexy and exotic. She has small and pink, perky nipples, a tight little ass and dainty pussy feet. Her pussy ears and long pussy tail look like they've been dipped in black ink. This pussy will do anything I ask of her; I've trained her well.

Pussy pet number two is relatively new to our family and possesses a completely different personality and different features than pussy pet number one. She has very long, chestnut-colored hair with strands of summer gold running through it. Her brilliant, emerald green-colored eyes glitter with sass and mischievous intentions (see discipline).

Her perfectly lush, pussy lips are dark; almost purple; and she has full, ample nipples, which compliment her bountiful hips and round, supple ass.

She's quite talkative; always having to get the last word in edge-wise,or constantly interjecting her opinions (see discipline). She loves having her fluffy, long, silky tail brushed. She purrs and coos loudly; letting me know she loves the attention; loves to feel the hard brush bristles running through her hair; abrading her skin.

Sometimes as a bonus, I'll smack her ass with the back of the brush handle; sending her into ecstasy, and she pushes her generous butt further into the air; hips swaying, praying that I'll do it again and again and again.

The Introduction:

Introducing a new pet into its new home or introducing your new pet to an existing pet can sometimes be tricky. It's important that your new pet feels loved, wanted and safe in its new environment. If you already own one pet, it's quite possible that there may be some feelings of jealousy toward the new addition, so make sure you give plenty of undivided attention to both pets.

Feelings of jealousy between two pets can lead to a lot of yelling, screaming and pussy fighting between your pets, and that just isn't fun at all; imagine hair flying, screaming tantrums and slammed doors in your home. This isn't a very pretty picture, is it? My pets hated one another for months until they both finally realized I loved them equally; helping them to bond.

After some time passed, both pussy pets have come to realize how much they enjoy being together. They snuggle and fondle one another, and if I'm not there, they're constantly rubbing up against each other. Knowing that they both have one another has really made a difference in our happy home.

Pet Care:

Pet maintenance means providing your pet with a proper nutrition, grooming them regularly, and making sure they have all their necessary vaccinations. I'm lucky, because my pets love eating nearly all the same foods I eat: Fresh, multi-colored vegetables, lots of fresh fish and high fiber, low fat carbohydrates, like brown rice.

As far as bathing, both my pets enjoy licking the other clean; clean as a whistle. I've found they also love taking baths together too. I'll fill the bathtub full of water; adding a capful of cherry scented, bubble bath and they both climb into to the tub at the same time. They play together; washing the other's hair, backs and all the hiding places that get dirty, like in between pussy toes, underneath their long, talon nails, the skin beneath their pussy nipples and the delicate, soft, wet folds just behind their tails.

There's been times when all three of us have ended up in the tub together; splashing, washing and sponge-bathing each other. It's really a fun way to get clean.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Both my pets have their own separate beds, and most of the time they sleep together; bodies spooning, or tangled and wrapped around the other in one bed or the other. I've accidentally walked in on them from time to time, sleeping together on the couch, a chair, or the window seat (exhibitionism).

They're not picky about where they end up. If the mood strikes them they'll curl up and sleep together on the floor. I'm okay with this behavior as their owner.

There are times when we all sleep together in my bed, but that can get pretty crowded, hot, sweaty and loud (lots of zealous affection) which can cause issues with your neighbors, not to mention wreaking havoc on your circadian cycle. We save sleeping together in my bed for the weekends, so we have the time to sleep in late and lounge around in bed until late the next morning.

Pet Attire:

Choosing a distinctive style for your pet that best expresses what you want to convey can be a lot of fun for both you and your pet. Both my pets wear black latex, full bodied cat suits, with 4" stiletto, black leather healed boots, neck collars and an occasional, ball gag. This may or may not fit your pet's style, but it's a perfect fit for my pussy pets.

Play Time:

Play time is essential for your pets and for you. It helps further the bond between you and your pet. My pussy pets and I frolic around the house all the time; naked; breasts bouncing, hair flying, lots of laughter and smiles. We usually all end up in an orgy, piled on the floor, or in my bed; ménage a trios with playful pussies. If we head outside to a park to romp around in the grass, both pussy pets must be on a leash.


You may have noticed that I have referred to this chapter in other areas throughout the How To text. Discipline is very important. It should be used to make your pet understand that you're the master or the mistress of the house.

Discipline should be used to demonstrate that rules are necessary to not only protect your pet, but discipline is essential at keeping the chaos in your house to a minimum.

Pussy pet number one understands the rules; she obeys me and I don't have to discipline her very often, unless of course it's treat time and she wants a good spanking across her delicious bottom.

Pussy pet number two has had to learn the house rules the hard way, I'm afraid. After threatening pussy pet number two with the paddle, whip, or cat o' nine tails and she still refuses to obey me, I'm forced to use extreme measures to discipline her: Hog tying her while I'm away at work all day; gag ball in her mouth; trying to teach her that I'm the boss; the mistress of the house and she must obey me.

After countless hours of disciplining pussy pet number two, I've finally come to the realization that she enjoys provoking me. I tell her repetitively not to pounce on pussy pet number one and she knows not to use the carpet as her scratching post, but she does it anyway, because she knows she'll be punished later with the nipple clamps, or the spanking board.

You see, it makes me think that she likes the punishment I give to her.

I'm the mistress of the house, and I want my pets to be happy, so I acquiesce to pussy pet number two's naughty behavior and spank, whip, slap, blindfold, confine and tie her up, until she obeys me and then I lavish her with kisses and love.

Final Words:

Well, I hope your find these tips helpful in getting you started with owning a pet. Whether you love cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes, rabbits, turtles, or pussies, pets make terrific additions to the family. I've mentioned a few challenges above, and of course there's some extra work and care involved in owning a pet, but in the end, the benefits are endless. Your pet can make you laugh after a rough day, cozy up to you on a blistering, cold night, and make bath time an exciting and fun experience. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you enjoy pet ownership as much as I do.


Note: Please know this story is fiction. I'm both respectful and sympathetic of all animals. The pets in our lives often take on human characteristics and this story is really intended to highlight some of those human qualities, by erotically poking fun at the idea. I hope you enjoy it and please vote. Thank you.

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