tagNonHumanA Haitian Werewolf's Diary

A Haitian Werewolf's Diary


I can't remember the last time I dated a female from my community, and honestly, that's just fine by me. My name is Antoine Leonard Joseph, and I'm a young Black man living in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I was born in 1987 on the island of Haiti, but moved to the Confederation of Canada with my family in 1990. I've lived here ever since. We fled the Republic of Haiti because we were being persecuted by the powers that be simply because of who we are. How is my story different from that of any other immigrant? Well, you see, the thing is I'm a Werewolf. And so are my parents, Robert Joseph and Marie Jeanne Joseph. The island of Haiti, long a haven for the top secret species derisively known as Loup Garou has stopped tolerating our kind and we were targeted for extermination by the Duvalier clan, which ruled the island.

Growing up in the City of Montreal, I tried my best to adjust to life as the son of two worlds. There is a large Haitian presence in Montreal, and I felt right at home. Many of the Werewolf clans from the Caribbean live in metropolitan Montreal. I like Montreal because I feel quite at home there, both as a Haitian émigré and as someone who is more than human. My good friend Joshua Gordon is a brother from the island of Jamaica. He's half Black and half white, born of a Jamaican father and English mother. He came to beautiful Montreal from his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to study at McGill University. As luck would have it, both of his parents were Werewolves, making him one as well. I ran into him on the bus while heading to the University of Montreal, and we became fast friends.

Joshua Gordon was the brother I never had but always wanted. Werewolf families don't have many offspring, compared to humans. It's rare for most of our families to have more than two. For some reason, we produce far more sons than daughters. The humans are always writing lousy horror novels or making dismal movies about us and they're laughable but one thing they get right is the fact that among our species, males outnumber females by a wide margin. I swear my entire species is seventy percent male, even human writers got that fact right. In most movies and novels, the Werewolves shown are men. That makes female Werewolves a rare commodity among our race. If there is one thing that a male Werewolf might fear it's Mating season, but it's also what we live for. Female Werewolves go in heat, and their scent attracts every male Werewolf within a hundred-mile radius. That leads to often deadly fights among us guys as we vie for the attention of the few females of our species which are young and fertile. A lot of male Werewolves die in Mating season.

Joshua Gordon and I were like brothers, and we got into all kinds of mischief as I showed my Jamaican buddy the pleasures of Montreal. We hit the club scene every Friday and Saturday night, and we had all kinds of fun with the local ladies. I still shudder as I recall a steamy threesome we had with this night club DJ named Stacey MacLeod, a big-booty blonde chick from the City of Glasgow, Scotland. She was mighty fine, as far as white chicks go. Five-foot-nine, pleasantly plump and big-bottomed, with alabaster skin, curly blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She sucked my dick while Joshua slammed his cock into her cunt from behind, smacking her ass as he fucked her. I fucked her next, but since I didn't want Joshua's sloppy seconds, I fucked Stacey in the ass, burying my thick Haitian cock deep in her asshole. You should have heard her scream as filled both her holes, man. Most women can't handle double penetration but Stacey did just fine with my dick in her ass and Joshua's cock in her cunt. I love a big woman with a tight asshole. They're more fun to fuck.

Yeah, Joshua and I had a lot of fun together. We got into a fight with these Italian guys, Vito Tartaglia and his buddy Carmine, when Joshua fucked Vito's ex-girlfriend Isabella Cicone, a tall, luscious Italian brunette with doe-like brown eyes, bronze skin, dark hair and an ass to die for. Isabella had a thing for Black guys and her ex couldn't handle it. I don't know why so many guys who aren't Black think they can fuck Black women while they panic every time they see a Black man with a woman who isn't Black. You should see the looks Arab guys give Arab women when they see them with Black guys from places like Somalia or Senegal. I've always wanted to fuck an Arab woman but the closest I came was getting a blowjob from this Lebanese Christian chick named Catherine Abdullah. Most of the hijab-wearing Arab chicks in Montreal stay away from non-Arab and non-Muslim males, and I wasn't about to change my religion just for a piece of ass, no matter how exotic. Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. Joshua Gordon and I got into a fight with the Italian guys and we royally kicked their Mediterranean asses. Even in human form, the average Werewolf is three times stronger and two and a half times faster than the best human athlete. It's just the way nature made us.

I loved Joshua Gordon like a brother, and I thought we were going to be best friends forever. Until Mating season came. We were hanging out at a mall in downtown Toronto when we both smelled her. By her I meant a certain tall, curvy and big-bottomed chocolate goddess who was most definitely a member of our species. The lovely Elisabeth Tilahun, a newcomer to Ontario, Canada, by way of Central Ethiopia. She was studying business administration at the University of Toronto. Elisabeth was a magnificent Werewolf, and we both instantly wanted her. So we approached her and introduced ourselves. The lady seemed simply divine, unfortunately she was anything but. You see, Elisabeth was into a lot of shady stuff, and she asked Joshua to help her steal a necklace worth close to half a million from a museum in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Naturally, Joshua agreed to help her. He was trying to get into her pants, which is understandable under the circumstances. To be honest, I had the same intentions. However, I wasn't about to risk my freedom for it. Us Werewolves have to be careful around law enforcement. If we get locked up, we chance being discovered and this would be the end of us.

I won't go into too many details, but Elisabeth turned out to be a manipulative witch who played Joshua like a fiddle, first getting him to steal the necklace for her, and then using him against her enemies. I tried to step in to get him to see reason, but Joshua attacked me. I tried to reason with my best friend, but he wolfed out and tried to kill me. I transformed and fought him. I managed to knock him down, and I had the advantage but I hesitated because I did not want to kill him. That's when Elisabeth stepped in. She threw Joshua a silver knife, and he thrust it into my ribcage. Humans are always writing about Werewolves, one thing they do get right is that silver is our Kryptonite. Its mere presence in a room can make us sick. Joshua and Elisabeth left me for dead. By some miracle I survived. You see, as I lay bleeding to death in human form, I was found by this young Somali woman named Fatima Wahid, who stayed with me after calling for an ambulance.

That's how my friendship with Joshua Gordon ended. It took me three months to recover from the silver knife injury, and by the time I was fully healed, Elisabeth and Joshua were long gone. I had a lot of time to think as I lay in that hospital, fighting for my life. You see, although us Werewolves are stronger and faster and heal quicker than humans, silver robs us of our powers. The silver in my system temporarily rendered me human. Until every last trace of it was removed from my system, I would be powerless. Unable to transform. Effectively neutered. While I was in the hospital, I had a frequent visitor, my savior and new friend Fatima Wahid, the young Somali woman who found me. We've become such good friends since we first met.

When I was discharged from the hospital, Fatima Wahid was there to greet me. I can't tell how happy I was when the tall, curvy and light-skinned young Black woman with the dark robes and silvery hijab hugged me and told me she'd personally drive me home. Fatima was born in the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, but raised in the City of Montreal, Quebec. She's friends with a lot of Haitians and even speaks some Haitian Creole. How about that? I introduced her to my parents as my good friend and savior. They were happy to meet the young woman who saved their son's life. Three months after I got discharged from the hospital, I regained my powers. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally be able to transform again. When we return to our natural state, we become creatures identical to ordinary wolves, only much stronger and faster, and we retain our human intellect in our inhuman state. I was finally myself again, and I loved it.

The next day, I experienced a clarity I hadn't felt in ages. I was meeting Fatima Wahid for breakfast at a Tim Horton's restaurant located near the University of Montreal, and I was stricken by how beautiful she was. This young Somali woman was beautiful, educated, friendly and easygoing. Oh, and she had personally saved my life. She liked Haitian culture, as indicated by her Haitian flag T-shirts, her penchant for Kompa music and her fondness for Haitian restaurants. This gal wasn't just easy on the eyes, she had brains, too. She had a bachelor's degree in business administration from Dawson College and was in the MBA program at McGill University. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Yeah, she had a lot of good things going on for her. So I asked her out, and anxiously awaited her answer. Fatima Wahid smiled coyly, then asked me what took me so long. I smiled, and kissed her. She kissed me passionately, and I squeezed her gently. Thus we shared our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. Life can certainly take some strange turns. I'm a Haitian-born Canadian Werewolf raised in the Catholic faith and my girlfriend is a Somali-born Muslim chick fascinated by all things Haitian. We're dating, and we're happy together. Who says interfaith, interspecies and intercultural relationships can't work? My parents aren't exactly thrilled that I'm dating a human but even they admit that Fatima Wahid is better for me than Elisabeth Tilahun and other devious females from the Werewolf community ever were. Life is what it is. Sometimes you just got to go with the flow, even when you're more than human.

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