tagGroup SexA Halloween Evening at Del Ray

A Halloween Evening at Del Ray


Angela looked over the flyer she found in her desk drawer, fondly recalling the event. A Halloween Evening at Del Ray was not her first swinging experience, Jacob and she had experimented a few times with other couples in a fairly conventional swap situation, but this was so different. Initially, when Jacob showed her the flyer and mentioned he had reserved a spot for them, she figured it would be just them and another couple. It was only later when she realized they would be participating in a bit larger group, one in full costume.

Remembering her excitement, she read over the flyer:

Del Ray Vineyard

A Halloween Evening at Del Ray

Dinner with Wine & Entertainment

You are cordially invited to our popular "An Evening at Del Ray" dinner series at Del Ray Vineyard for Halloween Evening, Sunday (October 31st). A true Costumed Event featuring a four-course dinner, each course served with a 5 oz glass of wine. During dinner for your listening pleasure, Wilson "Skeleton" Fredrick will "tickle the bone"on our grand piano. Select your costume and call us with a credit card number to reserve. We plan to serve the dinners in our tasting room, so we will only be able to accommodate 24 people, so call early for reservations.

$170.00 per person

includes dinner, wine, tip & entertainment (extra tip optional for entertainment). Be sure and bring any optional toys or devices you may want to share. And cum, ah I mean come in costume.

October 31, 2010 -Menu

Antipasto (appetizer) --

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp Served with Rosato di Sangiovese

"Ah, the antipasto," Angela whispered to herself. The shrimp went marvelously with the Sangiovese and when they tried a few more glasses of wine, Angela and Jacob dressed as "The Men in Black" were sharing a table with Tawny "Marilyn Monroe" and Ralph "Movie Executive". Both couples were a little nervous, but with the sighs and the sights arising from the odd assortment of "celebrities," monsters and aliens at the surrounding tables and a bit of encouragement from the men, Angela and Tawny shared a toast with the wine and then shared a kiss.

The taste of the wine and Tawny's lips excited Angela and in just moments she pulled the woman close to her. Feeling "Marilyn's" blond hair tickling her nose and her breasts press against her, Angela reached down and began kneading the tight muscles of Tawny's ass. With a quick snap behind her neck, Tawny unfastened the top of her dress, letting it fall away to expose her beautiful, naked breasts. Feeling the exciting tingling between her legs, Angela cupped each of Marilyn's breasts in the palms of her hands, lowered her mouth and sucked on the woman's nipples as elegantly as she sipped the Sangiovese.

Glancing over at the men, Angela saw that both had removed their cocks from their pants and were gently stroking them. Thinking to herself that she was glad she was a woman because she didn't need to pace herself like the men did, she pulled off her thin tie and then the rest of her costume, tossing it aside before returning to "Marilyn's" now naked body. Of course now that most everyone was naked, the costumes were gone, well, gone except for Marilyn's blond hairdo and sexy mole. Kneeling between the woman's legs she was glad that while everyone else stepped out of costume, her lover still was "Marilyn."

In her previous swinging experiences Angela had only a little contact with the other women while she focused on their husbands so as she positioned her head between her lover's legs and slipped her tongue into the wet opening, she was sipping this delicacy for the first time. The heady aroma and tangy taste was invigorating and she grabbed the woman's ass and pulled her hard against her face. Swirling her tongue over Marilyn's clit and then slipping back down to the juicy pussy, she wondered if she was doing it right. All she really was doing was repeating the things she always enjoyed having done to her.

When Marilyn moaned and grabbed Angela's head, she got her answer as she slipped two fingers into the woman's cunt and felt the pulsations as the woman came on her face. Angela left her fingers inside the woman, until the last of the pulses squeezed around her.

Feeling warm breath on her thighs, Angela opened her legs and watched as Marilyn showed her appreciation. The curly blond hair flopped out over Angela's thighs as she felt the hot breath on her pussy and then the smooth feel of a tongue slide down over her clit and dip into her cunt. "Oh, Marilyn, or really Tawny is good at this," she thought as sensations shot through her body from first her clit, then her cunt, then up her slit and back onto the clit. She lifted her hips and spread her legs wider, giving herself completely to the woman.

As Angela came, she glanced over at Ralph and then at her husband. Both men were in agony, trying not to come, but so turned on by the two women writhing in front of them. Angela then closed her eyes and simply came, pushing her pussy against Tawny's face, soaking it with her cum and then leaning back on the chair to catch her breath. As the woman lifted her head Angela noticed her "mole" had come loose. Looking down, she pulled the fake mole from her thigh and gently reattached it to Tawny's, or Marilyn's face.

"Time for the first course," announced one of the waiters. The man then stepped over some other naked bodies and made his announcement several more times.

Angela leaned over and kissed Tawny on the mouth, tasting her own juices on the woman's face. She then whispered, "Thank you Tawny; that was incredible."

"Oh, you were pretty good yourself," the sexy woman replied, smiling as she stood up and looked at the two husbands, cocks hard and ready. "Oh you poor guys, we'll have to see if we can't get you some help this next course."

Primo (first course) --

Mixed Greens w/Pears, Goat Cheese & Roasted Walnuts dressed in Raspberry Vinaigrette with Due Bianco

Four couples sat together for the first course and from the look of all the men, all were successful in holding off during the appetizer. Several of the people grabbed a bit of their costume to try and maintain a bit of the spirit. Angela and Jacob put on their hats, dark glasses and thin ties. Glancing across the room, Angela spotted Tawny, still Marilyn in her mind, who was in the midst of tasting the Due Bianco off the tip of a very large cock.

Inspired by the sight of Marilyn's blond hair trickling down over the man's thighs, Angela immediately grabbed the nearest cock to her, kneeled down with her wine, and dipped the cock into the cool liquid. Noticing the man's balls tighten at the cold sensation, she quickly slipped the head into her mouth, sucking it lightly to warm it again. Only then did she back her head away, look up at the man and say, "Hi, I'm Angela, one of the 'Men in Black'."

"I'm Bill, or ah... Al Capone," the man replied, tipping his white fedora, "How's the wine?"

"A bit heady, but I like it," she said, dipping the cock back into the wine and then returning it to her mouth. This time she took him deep into her mouth, sucking and sliding her tongue over his head and shaft. Glancing over at her husband, she saw a small, black woman running her hand up and down his shaft as her mouth bobbed quickly up and down. From the look on his face, she knew he'd be coming quickly.

Returning her attention to Bill's cock, Angela began stroking the shaft in unison with her sucking as she tickled his balls with the other hand. In just a few moments she felt the shaft swell, but instead of letting him come in her mouth, she pulled her head back and grabbed the salad. She continued stroking the cock, directing spurt after spurt of his warm, sticky, white cum onto her salad.

Initially "Al Capone" groaned, wanting to come in her mouth, but then seeing his cum spread over the Angela's salad, he smiled. After letting her squeeze the last drops of his jism onto her salad he sat down next to her and watched as she ate the salad. He even let her feed him a few bites of the greens covered with his special sauce. The odd concoction was intriguing to Angela and she made a note to try mixing some of Jacob's cum into her Raspberry Vinaigrette next time they had salad.

Around the room, most of the naked people were not away from their tables as they ate the salad and sipped the Due Bianco wine. Angela noticed some of the diners were drinking a cum spritzer. "Hmm..." she thought, "I think I'd like it as salad dressing better."

Shortly the waiter appeared and announced the main course. Checking the table numbers, Angela moved to the group around table six as her husband, Jacob moved over to table five. Just before sitting down, she noted that Jacob was sitting next to Tawny, still in the Marilyn Monroe wig, and felt a jealous pang roll over her. "Damn, I wanted Marilyn all for myself," she thought.

Secondo (main course) --

Tenderloin of Beef accompanied by Horseradish Aioli & Merlot jus AND

Almond Crusted Salmon with Lemon Leek Sauce accompanied with Scalloped Potatoes with Gruyere & Parmesan Cheese Sauce, Haricot verts with Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil topped with Toasted Almonds

Assortment of Signature Dinner Rolls

with Cabernet Sauvignon

Returning her attention to her table, Angela took a sip of her Cabernet, as she assessed the group sitting around her. As she expected, the men were still recovering from the "Primo" course, so she focused on the women. "Ah yes," she thought, spotting the black woman who had been so enthusiastic with Jacob's cock. Her hair had been straightened and then re-curled in tight bobbing curls. A flashy ribbon circled her head giving her the slight appearance of a gangster's moll. Angela wondered what her costume looked like but figured she couldn't look any better than she did now. She moved closer to the woman, and holding her wine just centimeters from her almost maroon nipple she asked, "Do you mind if I taste this from your breast?"

"Oh my, you are direct, I like that and yes, please taste it from anywhere on my body," the black woman responded. As Angela gently dipped the nipple into her wine and began running her tongue over it, the woman continued, "I'm Altie, by the way." She nodded toward another table and said, "Al Capone's moll."

Looking up at the dark black skin on Altie's face, Angela mumbled, "An... Angela, 'Man... ah woman in Black'." She then continued licking and sucking her nipples, moving from one breast to the next, drawing each into her mouth before moving back to the other. She continued as she felt her partner's hands slide up her hips to her breasts. The dark hands felt warm on her pale skin and she squeezed her body against Altie wrapping her leg around her. She ground her cunt against the woman's thigh, amazed how smooth her skin felt.

After a few more minutes grinding together, the two women moved to an open couch, noticing that all the men at their table and several men from other tables moved with them, all transfixed on melding of the dark black skin on the pale white. Angela noticed the men watching for just a moment because, Altie immediately climbed over her, lowering her dark pussy onto her face.

Feeling Altie's tongue flick along the length of her slit, Angela burrowed her tongue past the deep pink lips into her pussy. The taste was pungent and strong, not distasteful, but definitely surprising. Excited by the exotic taste she lapped the woman's cunt in earnest, taking in as much of her taste as she could before concentrating her attention to the clit.

It was difficult to concentrate, but in just moments Angela felt a flood of pleasure wash through her body and she arched her back and lifted her hips, pushing her cunt onto Altie's face. As she came she let her mouth slip off her lover's pussy, turning to her thigh and biting her. The black woman flinched but didn't pull away; instead she simply rested her head on Angela's thigh.

Feeling a bit embarrassed about biting Altie, Angela moved her mouth back onto the wet pussy determined to make up for the bite. Moving her hand to the cunt, she sucked the clit into her mouth while slipping three fingers into the soft opening.

As Angela continued, Altie moaned, "More, give me more."

Pulling her fingers out of the woman's cunt, Angela curled her four fingers and her thumb and slowly pushed them into the wet opening. It was a little tight, but once she got her fingers and the back of her hand well lubricated in Altie's juices, she was actually able to make a fist and slip it into and out of her pussy.

Angela heard some noise around her but wasn't sure if it was Altie's moaning, or the men watching. It really didn't matter, because in just a few seconds, she felt Altie bucking her body above her and then felt the pulsing squeezing her hand as she came. When the woman finally collapsed on top of Angela, she slowly withdrew her hand, amazed at how wide the woman's pussy remained once her hand was gone. She remained motionless as the quivering lips slowly came back together. The two women sat up and as Angela grabbed a towel and dried Altie's juices off her breasts they both heard an audible whoosh as the men surrounding them finally took a breath.

One man started to applaud but Altie spoke out, "Guys, guys, let's act like you've done this before." She then looked over to Angela and silently mouthed the word, "DAMN," beaming as she moved back to the table.

Angela smiled as she took her chair, grabbed her silverware and took a bite of the steak. "Blackened steak," she said, "just the way I like it." The rest of the guests returned to the table and quickly finished the main course, many adding an assorted mix of juices and cum to the nicely seasoned meat.

When the waiter announced the dessert, Angela sighed, figuring the evening would end on an anti-climatic event. She quickly moved to her table and sipped tasted the wine. "Ah, a port," she thought, "at least the wine won't be a let down.

Dolce (dessert) - Chocolate Almond Soufflé Torte with Raspberry Coulis with Orange Moscato or PORT Rubino

Sullenly Angela took another sip of wine and looked around the room for Tawny. She heard a group of people talking and when they broke up and dispersed back to the tables she noticed Tawny walking towards her.

"I didn't think you were at this table," Angela said, glancing at the place cards.

"I wasn't originally, but we all decided that for dessert it would be free choice. So how's the wine? They said it would be a PORT Rubino."

"The wine's good, the company's better," Angela whispered, dipping her finger into her torte and spreading the chocolate over Tawny's nipple.

"Wow, that black woman you were with was something."

"Yeah, it was pretty incredible. Hey look, she must have six guys talking to her."

"It may be just you and me then," Tawny said, arching her back and presenting her breast to Angela.

Diving into the treat, Angela cleaned the chocolate from Tawny's breast and then noticed a very hard and familiar looking cock dangling deliciously close. She looked up and said, "Bill."

"Mind if I join you ladies?" he asked.

"Not chasing after Altie over there?" Angela asked.

"I saw the show and as far as I'm concerned, you were the star, she simply came. Besides, I had a taste of you, now I've come back for the rest."

"Okay, well Bill, I mean 'Al', this is 'Marilyn Monroe' or Tawny, I had a taste of her and have come back for some more, but if she's into gangsters you're free to join in."

Tawny shook his hand and then moved onto the floor, where Angela moved onto hands and knees over her. Bill sat down in the chair and sipped a bit of the port while the ladies got started.

Angela immediately slipped her tongue into Tawny, savoring the tart, but mild taste, certainly a change from Altie. She wondered, for just a moment, if all black women tasted like that, or was it just Altie. Making a note to research that one day, she moved her tongue back to Tawny's clit and ran it gently over the nub. She then felt Bill's cock as Tawny guided into her pussy.

For the first time this evening she felt the full feeling of having a cock inside her, and that sensation accompanied by Tawny's tongue on her clit was driving Angela wild. She would have come right away, but Tawny kept moving her mouth from her clit back to Bill's balls and cock and then back again. Just as she got close, Tawny moved away. It was such a delightful agony.

Tawny, beneath the inspired tongue work of Angela came first, spreading her legs wide apart. Angela shook her head back and forth, rubbing her face all over the wet lips, feeling the juices coat her face.

In response, Tawny concentrated on Angela's clit now and Bill, getting close to coming himself was driving his cock deep and hard into her. Once again she felt the incredible pleasure pulsate from deep inside her, quaking over her entire body. She was shaking wildly as her pussy pulsed on Bill's cock.

Feeling Angela come, Bill let himself go, spurting his cum deep into Angela's pussy. After the first two spurts, he pulled his cock out and let the remainder of his cum dribble into Tawny's mouth. After resting a bit on top of Tawny, breathing in the refreshing fragrance of her pussy, Angela crawled over to the couch, sitting on the floor and leaning her back on the cushions.

Tawny grabbed a plate from the table and then sat down next to Angela. Bill joined them, but sat up on the couch, letting his leg rest against Angela's shoulder. Tawny and Angela shared the Chocolate Almond Soufflé Torte with Raspberry Coulis as they watched the others finish up their sessions and cool down.

Angela noticed that Altie was able to pare her suitors down to just two men, one of them being Angela's husband Jacob. She waved as Altie held up a glass of wine and nodded her head.

Angela then looked up at Jacob as he spoke to her, "I said I still had a bottle of that wine we bought that night, would you like some?"

"Oh, sorry, I must have drifted off for a minute," Angela replied as she folded up the flyer and returned it to the desk drawer.

"Yeah, you were long gone, I must have asked you three or four times. So would you like some wine?"

"Yes, yes of course," she replied, watching him walk back into the kitchen. Then she shouted out to him, "Jacob, did you remember to make the Halloween reservations at Del Rey?"

Returning with two glasses of wine he replied, "Of course dear, I know how much you love the wine there."

"Yes... I do love the wine," she replied, running her free hand down over her breasts and sliding it into her panties as her mind returned to that night. She didn't even notice her husband as he began to stroke his cock as he watched her.

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