tagBDSMA Halloween Invitation

A Halloween Invitation


Author's note: the following story is based loosely on an actual event, and is so dedicated to "the king" thank you, love, it was an amazing party!

* * * * *

We received the invitation in the mail...it read

"a party unlike no other
costumes required
come in the character, as you are dressed
Halloween night"

We couldn't wait. It was only two weeks away.

But what to do about costumes...and characters?

We knew we had to be the best there, and after discussions and thoughts, we decided to have fun with it. You would go as a modern day devil in a deep red suit, and I would go as a fallen angel, in bondage to you.

Those were roles we knew we could play.

I found you a beautiful suit, a black shirt and a deep red leather tie. I made myself a dress of white crushed velvet, very short in front, and longer in back, and very tight. From the shoulders, I attached white tulle for falling wings, and found white fishnet stockings, a white garter belt, and shimmering white high heels.

We already had the necessary bondage parts of my costume.

Finally the night arrived.

We dressed, and I curled my white blond hair so it framed my face in a cloud. We added silver glitter over my entire body and face, and then you came near me and wrapped a thick black leather collar around my neck, cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I felt wonderful.

We drove out to the party. It was down a long, winding dirt road deep in the woods. The house was huge and set well back from the road, and as we walked up the drive, we could see a bonfire blazing away in the yard.

We arrived at the door, and it was held for us. We stepped into a candlelit chamber and a voice said

"Sit Down"

We sat, you holding my wrist, on short black velvet stools. A man appeared.

"Welcome" He said "You have recently passed from the earth, and I am your guide through the rest of the evening. How did you die?"

We looked at one another, puzzled.

"Read your toe tags" He suggested.

We looked down and saw that there was a tag attached to each of our shoes, and how they got there, we had no idea. You pulled them off, and read.

"She died in bed...it says"

"Ah yes" the man said "a sex death" He handed me a rolled piece of parchment tied with a red ribbon.

"And you?" He asked.

"Hmm." you said, "It seems I died of a chest wound"

"Yes, stabbed through the heart by a female, no doubt. Take this."

He handed you a paper like mine, but with a black ribbon.

"You may now enter hell. It is your goal this evening to make it from Hell to Heaven...good luck."

"But what..." I asked.

"You will see."

He parted a heavy black curtain behind him and ushered us through. We stepped into a large room filled with people. The walls were draped in red and orange and black fabric. Music pounded through hidden speakers, a heavy base beat, and the whole room seemed to throb. There was a bar in the far corner of the room, and we headed that way. The bartender was dressed in black robes and had his face deeply lined.

"Who are you both?" He asked.

"I am Azazel" you answered "And this is Angela"

"Ah, and she fell for you did she?"

"Precisely." you answered.

He poured us two drinks, deep red, over ice, and handed it to us.

"Thank you" we said, and turned from the bar.

"Wait" He said, and we turned back to him.

"In order to get out of Hell, you must find the guardians and prove that you deserve to enter purgatory. You can identify the guardians by their black staffs. They carry them always. Good luck"

We thanked him again, and entered the crowd.

You leaned to whisper to me, sliding your hand up the back of my skirt, and giving my ass a light swat.

"Drink up my angel, I have plans for you tonight."

"Yes, Sir!" I answered and took a sip of my drink. It was cinnamony and strong, and burned the back of my throat.

The crowd throbbed around us, as we scanned it for the "guardians", someone came from behind me and covered my eyes with their hands. I couldn't figure out who it would be. I heard your voice then.

"Let her go, Catherine. She is mine tonight."

The hands came off my eyes and I was spun around. It was one of our friends, and she was dressed as a pirate.

"But I want her" Catherine said.

"Oh fine, you may have her...but only for a moment. He then turned to me. Obey her, and I will be right back."

"Yes, Sir." I replied as Catherine took both of my wrists in her hands and held them tight behind my back.

"Kiss me" she commanded.

I leaned close to her and nuzzled her cheek. I then kissed her deeply, sucking on her lower lip and moving my tongue between her teeth. She let go of my hands, and I reached for her breasts which hung free under her billowy red shirt. I caressed her softly and she moaned into my mouth. I broke away from kissing her, and saw that we had drawn a crowd.

She turned to the crowd.

"What do you want to see her do? She is under my command."

Catherine listened to the suggestions flying at her, and then held up her hand for silence.

"Very nice, all of you." She said, and then looked at me. "Kneel."

I knelt at her feet. She had on soft black leather boots and a long flowing black skirt. Belts encircled her tiny waist, and I wrapped my arms around her. She pushed me to the ground.

"Start kissing" She said.

I pressed my lips to her boots and caressed her legs with my hands, slowly making my way up.

My head was under her skirt, and she was wearing nothing to inhibit my progress. I felt her hands on my head as I buried my face in the soft nest between her legs. I began to slowly lick between her lips as my hands traveled to her well-shaped ass. I felt the skirt being lifted away so that everyone could see.

I drank deeply of her, and she moaned softly. And then abruptly, she pulled my head away. She pulled me up, standing and said "Not very nice behavior for an angel is it?"

"I thought it was" I replied "besides I am a fallen angel."

"Not good enough." She said, and began removing one of the thick leather belts from around her waist.

"Who would like to punish her for me?"

The crowd seemed to push in all around, eager.

"Form a line" She said then, and she placed her foot on a chair, and pulled me over her leg until I was standing on my toes, my face hung down, my ass exposed. She lifted my skirt.

"Five each." She said "Begin"

The belt flew hard and landed with a snap against my exposed ass over and over.

I lost count of the number...it seemed to go on and on, and then it stopped, and I felt your hand on my back. You pulled me up and into your arms, and I collapsed.

"Come" you said, kissing my forehead "I have found a guardian."

You took hold of my hand and led me to a door at the far end of the room, and pushed it open. We entered a dark room lit only with candles. Two people covered in black robes and a hood sat at a table. They spoke

"Are you worthy to escape hell?"

"We are." you replied.

"How shall we know this?" They asked in unison.

"This is my angel." You answered. "She seeks entry to heaven, and will do anything to prove her worth."

"Anything?" They asked.

"Yes, anything" I said.

One of them stood. "See these ropes?" He asked, "they form a ladder. If you can climb them and retrieve the object at the top, and then return, you will have proved yourself."

I thought that it could not be too difficult, to climb a rope.

"Fine." I nodded.

"Begin" They said.

As I walked to the rope, the candles were blown out all at once. I reached with my fingertips, blindly seeking the rope, and finally grasping it. As I began to climb, I heard muttering, and felt something wet upon my ankles. It wrapped around them and began dragging me down ward. Now I understood the difficulty this would present. I continued to climb as something snaked up my leg and under my dress, tickling me. I felt myself trembling, and I continued to climb. I then felt hands all over my body and I screamed.

"SILENCE!" a voice commanded.

The hands caressed me, intertwined in my hair, and groped between my legs, that area so exposed in my climb. I forced my lips together, finally feeling that I had reached the top. I felt around for an objet, landing on something thin, dry and rubbery. I grabbed it and began to climb down. The hands began now to slap lightly at my thighs. I stifled a moan.

I reached the floor, and soft lights came on. The robed persons were seated at the table, and you were nowhere to be found. I looked back at the ladder, but could see nothing. I laid the rubber snake on the table.

"Very good" They said. "You may enter Purgatory."

They drew aside a curtain, and revealed a set of stairs. I climbed, and upon reaching the top, the door there was opened unseen. I stepped into a yard. Fires were burning, and what seemed like hundreds of people were milling about. A man stepped beside me and handed me a stiff piece of paper.

"Here you are," He said. "Now you must do penance for your deadly sin"

He read the toe tag I had been given at the entrance to the party.

"Ah. Lust." He said. "You will find Lust in the red tent at the far end of the yard. Go there and She will explain."

I entered the yard and began to look for you, but it seemed impossible. There were so many people. I saw the red tent, though, so I began to head that way. It was large, and seemed to be made of silk. Torches lighted the entrance. I came to the door of the tent, drapings of layers upon layers of the same red silk. I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The room was lit by candles, and in the middle was a huge bed, covered in red silk cloths. Posts rose from the corners of the bed and these were draped with purple, red and black silks. In the center of the bed, upon many pillows, lay a stunning woman. Her hair was long and jet black, and her creamy pale skin was enhanced by the flowing black dress, which bared her shoulders.

"Welcome." She said, "I am Lust."

"I can see why." I replied

"Are you ready for your penance?" She asked.

"I am."

"Wait here."

She left through the back of the tent and was gone for a few minutes. When she returned, she had you, blindfolded. She led you to the bed and laid you down. She then looked me over.

"Show me." She commanded.

I moved to the bed and climbed on top of you, caressing your body with my hands. I softly kissed your face as my hands moved to undo your pants. I removed them, and then your jacket, and your shirt. You were silent. I slowly pulled off your boxers and you moaned softly. As I wrapped my hand around your hard cock, I felt you tense. I leaned close to you and caressed your face with my other hand.

"It's me" I whispered.

"I know" you said.

Lust was watching us, and so I decided to give her a good show. Moving down your body, I took your cock in my mouth. Slowly, I licked and sucked until you were moaning and trembling. Lust moved across the tent and removed something from a table. She came behind me, and I heard the whip before I felt it strike my back. I sucked harder on your cock with each blow.

She stopped for a moment, and I climbed on top of you, sliding your cock inside of me.

She continued to whip me, until we both came.

"You have completed your penance," She said. "You are now ready to enter heaven. I will mark your paper."

"That is alright" I replied. "I am already there."

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