tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Halloween to Remember

A Halloween to Remember


Every year on October 30th, the theater in Jack’s neighborhood holds a Halloween movie marathon. Anyone who shows up gets in to the whole thing for free. Jack went every year. This year he was going to go as an Arab prince, complete with a big sword. The only thing he was worried about was staying awake for most of the twelve-hour marathon.

The show started at Midnight. Jack got there about 11:30. As he was standing in line he saw someone he recognized. It was his ex-girlfriend Lisa and she was working the ticket counter. Lisa was only 5’5”, with large breasts and a killer backside, though she rarely dressed to show her assets. Hell even tonight she wasn’t showing any skin. She was dressed as an old style newspaper reporter, wearing a tan trench coat and one of those hats with a press card stuck in it. It came all the way to her ankles. She saw him and smiled.

“Hello my prince,” she said with a sarcastic smile. “I thought I’d see you here tonight.”

“Yeah all by my self again this year,” Jack said with a frown.

“Well maybe I’ll come see you after the first show.”

With that Jack took his ticket and went into the theater and took a seat in the back. He watched as people trickled in and took their seats. He saw people dressed as couples and people he saw there every year in the same costumes. Since he had seen the first feature he decided that he would catch a little nap just to make sure he would last until noon. With that he closed his eyes.

Lisa walked into the theater and let her eyes adjust to the dark. She looked for Jack and couldn’t see him. She was disappointed because she had worn this costume especially for him. Under her trench coat she wasn’t wearing anything, not even a pair of stockings. With one last look around, she heard a soft snore to her left. There he was, sitting all by himself in the last row. She slid into the seat next to him carefully as to not wake him.

Jack woke to Lisa’s hand stroking his thigh. He didn’t know how long she had been there but his cock was already hard. She leaned in close and kissed him on the lips, her tongue exploring his mouth with an urgency of longing that had built for months. Her hand slid under his waistband and wrapped around the base of his cock. She slowly began to stroke his hard member, all the while not letting him touch her. Jack was going insane. He hadn’t been touched in this way in a very long time. Lisa pulled her lips away from Jack’s mouth and tugged his pants down as far as she could while he was still sitting. Then she leaned over and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Lisa ran her tongue back and forth over his swollen purple soldier. Then she bobbed her head up and down quickly just an inch at a time, never going more than halfway. As he let out a pleasurable groan, she took as much of him as she could into her mouth. He groaned again as she slowly swirled her tongue around his shaft.

“If you keep that up I won’t last much longer,” Jack whispered.

As an answer, Lisa picked up her pace, taking long, swift strokes up and down his cock. She could feel him start to tense up and she reached down and cupped his balls, pinching them slightly. Jack reached down and grabbed her head as his orgasm approached. “I’m going to cum,” he groaned, giving her warning, as she didn’t like to swallow. But she didn’t stop let alone slow down. She took almost all of his cock deep in her throat as he shot his first load into her warm mouth. She kept sucking him until he was dry, and then put him away just as the credits for the first movie were rolling.

“Want to come help me change movies?” she asked with a devilish grin.

Jack just nodded and silently followed. They had 15 minutes until the next movie, so she took her time leading him to the projection room. When they reached the room she told the projectionist that she would load the next movie. He gladly took the opportunity to take a smoke break.

Lisa took Jack by the hand and led him to the only chair in the room. “Sit here while I load the movie please.” As she bent over to pick up the reel, Jack got a peek up the split in her coat. He couldn’t believe it! She wasn’t wearing pantyhose. She never did that. He was instantly intrigued. Lisa turned around to face Jack. “I want you right now.”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears; she never would have done this while they were going out. That is why they broke up, her unwillingness to try anything with the slightest risk involved. So he stood up and approached her as she leaned against a small counter. He kissed her gently on the lips. Then he reached for the belt holding her coat closed and with a quick tug, untied it. She giggled as he stood and stared at her naked body. “Am I wild enough for you now?”

“Oh hell yeah,” he whispered as he started to kiss her neck. He kissed his way down her left shoulder to her fingertips then back up to her breast. She shuddered slightly as he took her nipple into his mouth. Using his teeth gently he suckled at her left breast while his hand caressed her right. Finally he started to nibble his way down her belly, stopping momentarily at her navel.

Licking his way down her body he could feel himself getting more and more aroused. When his tongue touched the thin line of her pubic hair, he headed down her left leg. He stopped and gently nuzzled at the crook of her knee, then switched to her right side and started back up. Once again he avoided the growing moistness between her legs, just barely letting his breath graze her most sensitive area. Finally he wrapped his lips around her right nipple and let his finger find her rigid clit.

By this time she was begging him to lick her pussy. “Please Jack. I need you to lick me. Please.”

Being a good young man, he finally knelt before her and began to rub her clit with his thumb. She shuddered as his rough skin touched her hot flesh. After a short clitoral massage he replaced his thumb with his tongue. Using long, light strokes he made her knees weak as he thoroughly worked over her sopping slit. Two minutes later he had no trouble inserting a finger and then two while licking her clit for all he was worth. She started to moan and buck as he licked faster. Then she ground her clit into his tongue as she came. Jack continued to lick her gushing pussy until she finally said, “I need your cock.”

She pulled his clothes off with reckless abandon, throwing them carelessly to the floor. She reached down and stroked his hard penis. “I want this now.”

He turned her around and leaned her against the counter. With one quick thrust he pressed the head of his cock inside her. They both let out moans of pleasure as he sank his cock deeper inside her. He started slowly, taking his time and enjoying every inch he could push inside. Lisa began to rub her clit and push back against him. She forced him to pick up his pace as she ground on his cock. Jack could feel his balls start to twitch so he slowed down. Lisa pulled away from him and led him to the chair, making him sit down. Straddling his cock, Lisa slowly lowered herself until their pubic bones met. As she kissed Jack she began to ride him like a horse. She was going to cum very quickly.

“Jack I need you to fuck me hard please,” Lisa begged.

With that Jack lifted her off of his cock and got behind her. With one hard thrust he buried his cock deep inside her. “I’m gonna cum Jack. Give it to me now.” Jack started to cum as her pussy started to quiver and clench. “Here it comes! UNNNNNNNNGHHHH!”

Jack thought to himself this could be the start of something great.

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