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A Happy Howling Hallo'weeny


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Halloween has always been one of Sabrina's favorite holidays. When she was younger, in her twenties or thirties, she had an even more deranged mind than she does now. She always came up with the greatest costumes on October 31st. Most of the time, she would win first place in the Halloween contests, especially if the contest was at the local pub where everyone knew her or at a party where her friends were the judges.

Regardless of bias, Sabrina always had the best and funniest costume ideas. A few of her best costumes included a bag lady (before there were so many real ones), a prostitute from Harlem, the hunchback of Notre Dame and her personal favorite, Waldo the Wanker (during Clinton years, of course).

As the years went by, no one ever forgot Sabrina's legacy costumes on Halloween night of years past. Friends would go to great lengths to borrow her costumes and costume ideas.

Today, her friends still continue to ask her what costume she will be wearing for Halloween. Sabrina was hoping for the same question, this year.

Sabrina hadn't dressed up for Halloween in years. She was ecstatic when she was invited to a Halloween party in a few weeks. This was a unique party idea– a special sexy kind of Halloween party. How fun, she couldn't wait for Halloween night!

Sabrina, the Halloween monger, read the party invitation sent to her:

Saturday Night, October 31st

Your and Your Guest are Invited to

A Happy Hallo'weeny Party

8 p.m. till Whenever

(Spend the night if you wish).

Costumes Mandatory

(See prerequisites).

Cum Prepared for Tricks & Treats

(Prepare to Cum).

Dress for Games & Fun

(See Game List and Game Room Themes).

Party Room Available

(If Chosen First).

If you can't think of a costume,

Paint will be provided.

P.S. Bring a Toy!

(To participate in a party favor gift toy exchange).

Wow! This party sounded fun, creative and erotic, thought Sabrina. Sabrina couldn't wait until October 31s t.

Sabrina struggled for weeks to 'cum' up with a new idea for an erotic costume. She was invited to a Halloween costume sex party and she wanted to have fun. Sabrina wanted to take pleasure in a lot of amusement and excitement.

Sabrina wanted to 'cum' up with a great, original and yet provocative costume to enjoy the evening to the ceiling's limits, to play a part in all the tricks, treats, games, contests, food, frolics and to bring home at least a few party favors.

Finally, putting her mind to rest, Sabrina decided to dress up like Ms. Cliterotica. That wouldn't be a difficult costume to design ... She would 'cum' as her sexy and sensual mature woman.

While rereading the invitation card, Sabrina took notice of a few footnotes. They read as followed:

Prerequisites: Peek-a-boo costumes only.

Couples should 'cum' as a pair.

Mummies and Daddio's,

Please leave the children at home.

There would be a Costume Contest, as well. How fun? Sabrina hoped to bring home a few prizes, too.

Costume Category Winners Include

(But are not limited to):

The Bachelor

Bachelorette No.1

Bachelorette No.2

Flightiest Flame
The Newcomer
The Romantic
The Reinvented
The Fetishist
The Voyeur
The Honeymooners& more!

Couple Costume Ideas

Raggedy Ann & AndyBo Peep & Peeping TomMagician & His AssistantsGeorge Bush & Hillary BushBoy George & Boy GeorgeRhett Butler & Scarlet O'HaraTo name a few! October 31st, 2010

The Party Hallo'weeny Celebration Is Ready to Begin

Dressed as Ms. Cliterotica, Sabrina was looking sexier than ever. She could feel her nipples getting intractable and firm as she was getting dressed in costume, ready and willing, popping her Howling Hooters inside her black corset bra bustier. Her full buxom voluptuous tits were protruding upwards and outwards in her black corset bustier threaded with red lace.

To match, Ms. Cliterotica was wearing red and black crotchless panties with a gold medallion heart level with her belly button; very appropriate considering the party invitation, she thought. She was wearing black platform high heels with black thigh stockings clasping her red garter belt which was discreetly disguising her large clit and perky pussy.

To add a little flavor, she wore a black cape and a wild witches' hat which were both intriguing to the male guests she saw admiring her.

As the party was beginning, Sabrina walked into the party timidly saying hello to some of the guests. The Hallo'weeny costumes were grand. 'Nothing especially spooky, yet,' she thought to herself. 'Very sexy costumes and some great looking cock costumes, too,' she thought to herself.

Sabrina continued to walk in slowly trying not to be too obvious to the other guests and hoping to fade into the crowd without too much further notice.

She was looking stunning and as she entered the party, the men looking at her tits, legs and ass. She did have a beautiful physique and she was desirous and wanton for insatiable sex this evening.


"Hi, there," said this fine looking gentleman. I'm in charge of the Party Favor Exchange. Don't forget to throw yours into this bag and here's list of what toys are already available," the handsome man added.

Sabrina laughed as she read out loud the party favor suggestion list:

Adult Toy Exchange Ideas

The Erotic Eroscillator
Wonderful Wireless Vibrators
Manly Missile-style Vibrators
Wet and Waterproof vibrators
Gone G-spotting Vibrators
Clandestine Clitoral Vibrators
Unisex Wearable Vibrators
Vibrating Erection Rings & Things
Dildos & Harnesses

Pyrex Glass Daily Dildos
Anal Dildos & Vibrators
Her Sweet Spot Lubes

The handsome gentleman that approached Sabrina next was wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat, a black suit and a bow tie. He wasn't wearing a shirt; or other items she suspected while glimpsing at the obvious below the waist 'treat' protruding at high alert.

"How are you tonight?" asked the strange Abraham Lincoln character.

"I'm great, thank you," said Ms. Cliterotica.

"Who are you dressed up like tonight?" the man asked inquisitively.

"I'm Ms. Cliterotica, of course," Sabrina responded. "And, who are you?" she asked meekly.

"I'm Mr. Hard-on," he retorted. "Nice to meet you Ms. Cliterotica. You're looking very sexy tonight, if I may say so myself."

"Nice to meet you, too, Mr. Hard-on. You're looking very ... Well; I see the obvious proof on the subject?" Ms. Cliterotica added.

"Of course," Mr. Hard-on said," looking proudly downwards at his hard cock from the opened zipper in his pants. "Well, Mr. Hard-on would like to meet up with Ms. Cliterotica about now. Would you mind if I sampled your gorgeous growling goods?" he asked.

Ms. Cliterotica grinned as she smirked, "Of course not. Do as you wish, Mr. Hard-on. I want to make your Halloween a night to remember."

As Mr. Hard-on placed himself in through her crotchless panties and inside her pussy, Ms. Cliterotica became quickly enlarged and aroused.

Mr. Hard-on rubbed his hard cock's head along the inside of her clit and got her suddenly stimulated. He finished her off by rubbing his hand fiercely up and down inside her pussy while touching her erotically, his hard cock inside of her, giving her a fierce reaction as the silent woman in ecstasy screamed out loud like a high-pitched wolf.

"Well, that's your treat for the night just to get you started in the party mood, Ms. Cliterotica. The evening should prove and become very interesting."

"However, would you mind returning the favor and rubbing my cock now."

Without another word, the wet Ms. Cliterotica said, "Not at all," as she shook

Mr. Hard-on's cock rubbing the shaft upwards and downwards with her hand, over and over again, up and down with his cock still hard and long.

"That's your first treat for the night to get you started," Ms. Clit said to Mr. Hard-on as he came ferociously and screamed into the darkness like a roaring lion.


"Would you like to meet me in the House of Mirrors at mid-night as the evening unwinds, Ms. Cliterotica?" asked Mr. Hard-on.

"Sounds good to me, Mr. Hard-on. See you at midnight then," said Ms. Cliterotica as she proudly and mysteriously disappeared into the crowd.


Ms. Cliterotica moved over to the game booths where all guests were invited to participate in the game activities. 'This ought to be intriguing' she thought to herself.

Tonight's Game List and Game Rooms

Peek a Boo, I Love You There

Pin the Tail on the ....

Bobbing for apples in the ...

Tic Tack Blow

Pussy Hunt

Shrunken Heads



Haunted Hammocks

Witches & Special Twitches

Goblin Interactive Games

Flashing, Flashers & more

Next, Ms. Cliterotica visited the massage booth. 'I could use a massage,' she thought to herself. As she entered the booth, she read the posted adulterous sign:


Sexual attraction and the act of sex starts as a kind of a game. A new set of moves governed by mysterious rules will determine the most pleased recipient. The thrill of the first moments won't last forever without some creativity. You can easily recognize raw excitement with these adult games & sensual massage essentials.

The demands & stress of ordinary life can make spontaneity a treat. You should be excited to be here and willing to experience the unknown. The right activities will inspire your playfulness. Sensual massage & adult games offer to you relaxation raising your sexual imagination.

No argument to the rules and everyone wins.

"Rules," Ms. Cliterotica mumbled to herself. "I never follow any rules, but maybe this time I'll try."

Ms. Cliterotica followed the hand of a ghost who led her to the massage table. In a chilling voice, she heard him say, "Take off your costume and lay on the table."

As she stripped, she was given a tablet and a drink. She lay naked on the massage table.

"This party is beginning to get good," Ms. Cliterotica said to the group of ghosts.

As several sets of hands massaged every inch of her bare body, Ms. Cliterotica drifted into a deep hypnotic sleep.

'Was this a dream or reality?' Ms. Cliterotica asked herself.

As she drifted into a deeper spellbinding state, she couldn't believe her eyes. 'This must be an optical illusion,' she thought.

As she walked about, Ms. Cliterotica saw all kinds of ways guests fornicating in front of her. As she entered what could have been a Paris bistro with a small lobby, a vampire in a formal tuxedo led her to a bar with other erotically costumed guests sitting around talking, drinking wine and cocktails.

'What is going on here?' Ms. Cliterotica asked herself. 'Is this an epic night of good verses evil I am embarking towards? Is this a delusion, a mirage, a hallucination or a fantasy?'

Dracula then took her down this hallway that looked like a hotel antechamber with room numbers on each side. There was another lobby at the other end of the hall and the guests were partially clad. Some female guests were in seductive lingerie lying on sofas and big lounge chairs, other guests were kissing, fondling each other and the level of familiarity was increasing dramatically.

There was another series of doors and some windows. As Ms. Cliterotica peered into the rooms, there were red satin covered beds, everyone lying naked and having sex. In some rooms, there were two couples, some room's single couples, some rooms with a man and two women, other rooms with two men and a woman. She saw things she had never witnessed in her existence.

By this time, Ms. Cliterotica was getting gravely wet. There were some signs on the door that welcomed couples; some were for men only; some for women only. It was such a turn-on to Ms. Cliterotica; she was mesmerized as all witches and goblins fucking, sucking cocks and pussy while they were cumming all over the place. Guests watched them continuing to gaze and sip their wine.

There were chairs and soft couches outside the rooms. Before long some of the guests were fucking right there on the chairs as they watched the guests inside. The place smelled erotic, aromatic, as sex was permeating the air.

Ms. Cliterotica's crotchless thong was soaked and her nipples were rigid. As she began to rub her clit under her panties, she started to cum watching a couple fuck over a chair directly in front of her.

Before she knew it Dracula had her bent over a couch, lifted her cape and was fucking her in the lobby while other party guests were gathered around them with cryptic examination. She looked straight into the eyes of another woman whose partner was fucking next to them on the couch.

Who was this mysterious man fucking her so erotically?

Ms. Cliterotica was cumming at the same time as Dracula with her pussy open to the audience's inspection.

Then Dracula took her into this empty room that had a window and fucked her in every other position he could think of. Couples were awestruck conspicuously watching the pair through the smoked screen window.

Ms. Cliterotica felt so vulnerable and desirable at the same time like a famous porn star. Both naked, she rode her partner with her ass towards his face so she could watch the guests studying their fucking.

Before long, the other guests were masturbating and fucking, too, as they had done earlier in the lobby. It was an incredible, sexual night. Dracula and Ms. Cliterotica fucked twice and watched dozens of other couples fuck greedily, gluttonously and insatiably. This is what she wanted and this is what she got.


Ms. Cliterotica finally awakened. "What an incredibly fucking great dream!" she remarked as she stumbled out of the game room. "I'll be hypnotized any time!" she said to the ghosts still running all about.

Ms. Cliterotica was in the mood for a drink after all the entertainment and excitement so she went over to the refreshment table. She had something a little wet to drink and to clean her palette. She looked at the appetizers. The Lobster Tails looked good. The chicken wing boners looked good, too. She tried a few of each and they were scrumptiously delicious. For dessert, she had a couple of rum balls. They were tastier than she had ever remembered.


Now, Ms. Cliterotica was in the mood for another game. She ran into King Tut's booth.

King Tut sat in a chair that was separated from the rest of the guests. He was very majestic sitting on his throne. He asked for a willing (or unwilling victim) and then led

Ms. Cliterotica to a secluded area behind his throne. He put on a ring on her finger and blindfolded her, leading her back to kiss his throne.

Everyone began to chant: "This is the old and wise King Tut; kiss his hand when you're wearing the ring."

Ms. Cliterotica kissed his hand wearing the ring that had been placed on one of her fingers. There was another ring on a toe on one of King Tut's feet.

Ms. Cliterotica was thinking she'd like to kiss something else on King Tut to see if he was really as royal as he appeared.

After she kissed King Tut's ringed hand, removed her blindfold, King Tut stuck his foot up into the air a bit, for it to be just kissed as well.

"I think you owe me a few more kisses in other places," said King Tut.

"Oh, my!" said Ms. Cliterotica, thinking exactly the same thing.

The audience began to chant: "This is the old and wise King Tut; kiss his thing when you are wearing the ring."

King Tut led her to his castle. The look on his face was worth two Kodak Moments (or shall we say two screaming climaxes) as all the other partygoers listened with envy.

"I'm next. No, I'm next ..." the crowd argued.


Halloween should be one of the least stressful holidays of the year. It appeared it would be as the evening continued to be full of surprises and shockers.

Ghosts, goblins, bats, witches, pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, werewolves, mummy's and daddio's filled the crowd. It was the perfect Halloween party brewing with ghoulishly-good recipes, goblin-ee games and ghostly costumes!

Skelley's Scary Punch was beginning to make Ms. Cliterotica a little woozy. As she looked around, she saw Mr. Hard-on waiting for her.

The biggest surprise was yet to 'cum' ... perky party favors and more, Ms. Cliterotica reflected to herself.


"May I lead you to the House of Mirrors now, Ms. Cliterotica?" asked Mr. Hard-on.

"Is it midnight already?" she asked as if she didn't have enough surprises already that night.

"Please, don't forget to bring all of your party favors!!!" Mr. Hard-on demanded.

"Hmmm. Yes sir," she responded. "I'll bring all my favors, flavors and frolics."

Ms. Cliterotica's pussy was aching to be fucked by Mr. Hard-on by now. She followed him into the House of Mirrors. The party room was miraculously displayed with mirrors all over the walls, ceilings and floors.

As Ms. Cliterotica looked over at Mr. Hard-on's cock, she gasped for air. Mr. Hard-on's 12-inch, hard, erect cock was firm, throbbing and ready to fill up her wet hole and soaking pussy.

"Well, I guess you don't need any starters, do you, Mr. Hard-on? You are the party favor tonight!" said Ms. Cliterotica.

"I have a few tricks and treats up my sleeve for you tonight, Ms. Cliterotica. Don't you worry now," warned Mr. Hard-on. "Just you wait and see!"


"I have a few tricks up my sheathing tissues, as well," said Ms. Cliterotica.

As Ms. Cliterotica deep throated Mr. Hard-on, he lay on his back in the House of Mirrors.

Piercingly moaning with a shrilly loudness, she sucked his huge cock. She was getting drenched with pleasure and moaning with a penetratingly loudness at the sight of this cock and satisfying Mr. Hard-on.

Ms. Cliterotica and Mr. Hard-on were afraid the other party guests would want to join them. She had never seen such a monster of a cock, although she thought she was possibly imagining it's hugeness after the aphrodisiacs she tried earlier in the Trick and Treat booth.

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