tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Harem Fantasy Ch. 04

A Harem Fantasy Ch. 04


Lucius stepped in first, thought it was Uloga who spoke. "We all remember our first night here, and we all know what you need. With the three of us you can have it, many, many, many times over."

My brain fogged as I tried to understand. "How?" I asked.

"Let us show you," Markal said in a very deep voice.

I reached up, and Lucius took my hand.


Heaven. I had discovered it, and I never wanted to leave it.

In a green room, under gold light the men were true beauty. Their bodies were lean, lush, and strong. I was laid on the rug and in turn they kissed me as the other two pulled my robes from me. I learned each had their own taste, but Lucius I found the sweetest.

His kiss was soft but firm, and he drew my lower lip into his mouth sucking gently, laving it with his tongue. I moaned and he bit me gently, inflaming my senses.

They told me to lie back and enjoy, but I jumped and gasped at the first touch of their hands, their mouths echoing along my fevered skin. The pleasure built slow and drugging, I felt mouths on my breasts, sucking and teasing, hands smoothing every inch of skin. Uloga kissed me before he pulled back and crawled around Markal.

I raised my head to see what was happening but Lucius bit my nipple gently and my head fell back, my eyes fluttering closed. Suddenly large warm hands parted my inner thighs and before I could form a thought I felt Uloga's mouth between my legs.

I shot up and had to be pressed back, but my body struggled as he began to suck and lick. I grasped Lucian's hair in my hand and clawed at Markal's shoulder as my body tightened up. In response their licks and suckling became harder, faster, and then so did Uloga's. I felt as if I was rising, floating up towards a peak, and then I broke.

I screamed when I came and they kept their ministrations up. It lasted an eternity under the press of hands and mouths, stroking and licking, and I twitched and whimpered as my body knit back together.

"Goddess," I said simply and met Uloga's shining eyes. His grin was honest, wide, and lopsided.

"You must taste her," he said to Markal and they shifted positions. Lucius moved to my mouth and captured me in a full, consuming kiss, his hand teasing the breast still wet from his mouth.

Uloga turned his clever tongue to my nipple and swirled it before pulling with his teeth. I gasped into Lucius' mouth, and then Markal consumed me.

His mouth was large and fit over the entire length of my opening. His tongue slipped inside me, pumping in and out the way Cassipe's staff had. Lucius and Uloga pulled harder at my breasts while the kiss remained sweet, and my body raced for the peak again. Markal discovered the nubbin anew and the crest broke over me in a burst of light.

I screamed out hoarsely and felt his fingers penetrate me. The waves of pleasure moved like the ocean, their bodies on mine like boats. A haze followed and I did not feel the shifting until I felt the tender kiss on my nether lips.

I opened my eyes to see Lucius smile at me before he kissed me there again, tenderly. The concert changed to a soft flow and I found myself kissing Markal and Uloga in turn, back and forth, sampling my own salty taste. Their hands caressed me, and I felt like a reed in the wind.

This peak was harder earned and a slower burn, consuming me until my voice gave out, my muscles collapsed, and I was breathless.

"This is heaven," I said when I found my breath, and all three chuckled.

Lucius lifted me in his arms and set me down on a plush backless couch. I closed my eyes and inhaled the scents of our acts, the perfume of the air, and let my ears drink in the sounds of passion all around us in the harem.

I was lifted and Lucius slid behind me, seating me reclining between his legs. His erection pressed into my back, stealing my breath. "I will show you what to do," he whispered into my ear in his deep, rumbling voice.

Uloga leaned down to kiss me before moving further down. I watched fascinated as his hand worked his erection, hardening it. Like Cassipe it was slender but long and I was relieved to know I could handle it.

Kneeling between my legs he locked his dark eyes on me. "I will go slowly," he said and began to sink in.

Lucius cradled me as I never had been before and I found my body starved for touch. I placed my hands over his on my ribcage as Uloga filled me. When our hips met I cried out, feeling the pitch of sensation stronger than before.

"Do you hurt at all?" Uloga asked me with his thick accent making the words seem exotic.

I shook my head and he began to move. Lucius kept me still as my body was thrust back into him, building in tempo. Uloga was a beauteous sight as his own pleasure grew and my body responded in kind.

Suddenly Markal straddled me and I was confronted with his erection at my lips.

"Open your mouth," Lucius said and I automatically followed his direction.

Markal slid in, his erection was not as long as Uloga's, but it was very wide. He was fairly soft as his erection dragged along my tongue, and he tasted almost sweet.

"Lick and suck him, Virtal, taste him."

The words were drugging and I moaned as Uloga changed his angle and found the little spot inside me that felt incredible. Markal began to move like Uloga, and I found myself desperate to taste him. My tongue explored as much as he would let me and I discovered that the underside of the head was very sensitive.

Soon his moans matched mine, then Uloga changed his rhythm and I was lost. I broke on the peak again and shouted my release around Markal's cock.

Uloga stumbled back onto a couch, gasping, with a smile. "Oh, Virtal, I hope you remain forever sweet."

Markal pulled from me and took Uloga's place. He did not ask, he sank in with violence, and it stretched me. I cried out and found my head turned, Lucius' lips on mine. The dark man moved with desperate need and my body sluggishly responded, seeking the same violent purpose he seemed filled with.

Lucius' hands plied my own breasts again, almost sore, and the pain blended with pleasure until I galloped up the peak again, this time far ahead my lover. I relaxed into Lucioius, let my head fall to his shoulder, and enjoyed the sight of Markal as he crested the peak.

I felt spent, dazed, my body filled with the fluid of two men already, and wondered what else there was in store.

Lucius nodded and the others left the room, leaving us alone. "What is happening?" I asked.

Lucius turned my head and caught me in a sweet kiss, his erection that had flagged renewed against my back. He began to move his hips, sliding it back and forth, and the thrill of it excited me impossibly once more.

"I want to show you another way a man may take a woman," he whispered against my lips.

My own simple mind could not comprehend such, so I merely nodded, curious and anxious. With a wry smile and the arrest movement he guided me with his hands to my knees before him, my backside to him.

Lovingly he stroked my spine, raising chills as his rough fingertips caressed my smooth skin. "All I ask is a simple gift from you, your total acceptance. Will you give it?"

I couldn't speak, merely turned and nodded, then I felt his hands part my nether cheeks. His fingers dipped down to where the fluid of the other men ran down my legs. He captured some, and brought it to my arsehole. I gasped at the sensation, the pleasure of it chilling and foreign, racing up my spine.

He moved in small circles, teasing me. "Relax for me, Virtal, please."

My head dropped down and caught sight of his free hand stroking his staff. The sight made me gasp for he had the best of length and width of the other men. Suddenly I felt his finger inside of me and the feeling was a blossom of pleasure and pain, making me groan.

"Goddess, you're ready," he said, and shifted to his knees.

More fluid was obtained and then he worked a thick thumb into me, stretching me, bringing back the pleasure-pain. Another thumb joined it and the pain was sharper, mellowing into a blunt pleasure as I felt stretched and achingly hollow where I'd never felt it before.

More movement behind me and the thumbs left. I cried out, afraid he would stop, but something smoother and wider was there. "There will be pain, jut as your other initiation, but trust in me as well as your priest and I promise you, this time there will be pleasure."

More fluid was swiped and then I felt him pressing in.

"Relax, push back against me," he muttered, his voice strained. The pain was burning now, a fire inside me, and still Lucius pushed in deeper. "Push back, he grunted, and I tried.

After long minutes of struggling he was seated inside, and I felt twice as filled as if he had been inside my pussy. The burning was mellowing into a curious pleasure, a shivering cold sensation like lightning. His front was plastered against my back and the intimacy of the act was overwhelming.

"Is this...normal?" I whispered.

His chuckle was strained. "Very, and let me show you what it truly is."

He began to move, slowly at first, and the first few strokes still burned like fire but the cool pleasure left in the wake was tingling. My pussy felt achingly empty even as I was filled, and by his moans I knew this act greatly pleasured Lucius.

I surrendered myself to him, to the odd pleasure, and he rewarded me. Soon his body moved taut against me quickly, and I caught sight of the distant peak. He built me up with the insistent strokes of his body and my vision hazed, colors blurred, and my muscles pressed inward, compressing my entire being.

He pumped harder and harder, his pants quickening like mine but faster. I cried out, pleasing for what I could not name, and his hand slipped around, his fingers burying themselves in my pussy.

The peak was jagged and burst into me like knife. I screamed out again feeling every muscle and tendon tighten and flutter, and above me Lucius' cry echoed off the walls, into the cavern of the harem.

I collapsed, unable to move, and when he pulled out it felt odd, and I wanted him back.

"Thank you," he said and kissed my neck.

I drifted in a blissful dream-like state as he left the room and I marveled. Every night, I was to have this every night? How would I survive?

"Virtal," Lucius said softly by my ear.

I opened my eyes and looked into his green ones.

"Drink this," he said, and handed my a cup of the green liquid. I raised up and drank the potion down and he pressed a damp cloth to me, cleaning me. Intimately.

"Thank you," I said and remained on my front, aware of my nudity while he had dressed in his trousers.

"Your robes?" He asked, taking the cup from me and turning to fetch the cloth.

"Thank you, again." I dressed myself quickly and felt unsure. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

His hand found my thigh beneath the robe and the touch was searing. "You will find everyone in the harem is nice...as much as they can be. But I will be especially nice."

The cryptic comment puzzled me, the last more than the first. "Why you?"

He leaned in as if to kiss me and stopped until my vision filled with his green eyes. "Because I wish to be your consort."

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