A Harem Fantasy Ch. 17


Sparks flew and I knew I'd have a bruise later, but I was alive.

I jumped back and began to circle and she held still. Antal was tying with me.

"You came alone. Either very brave, or very stupid."

"Your time is at an end, Antal. You may only transcend death once. I am your end."

She laughed and it was a sound of the grave, of little things rotting and squealing in agony. She moved again, so fast I barely saw it, and though my sword blocked her she pushed my blade into my cheek. I was bleeding again.

She had the advantage and I was losing. This was not how it was supposed to be, but...

Goddess, call Morganna, I thought, and my soul felt the whisper of power answer. We thrust and parried, dancing around, and I was entirely defensive. Suddenly there came a commotion outside and just as Antal knocked me to my as once more Fisine appeared in a bath of light.

"My queen! She has a sorceress. The women outside...I must withdraw some of my power from you."

"No!" Antal cried as Fisine turned to the room.

I climbed to my feet as I saw Antal sag, her skin growing pale, her dress suddenly had blood in it from the spot where Marxim's knife had been thrown. She stumbled but recovered.

Seeing my advantage I dove around the high priestess and swung. She blocked, stumbling back. I smiled, and froze. There came a dark wind and then movement. The sound of hundreds of feet.

Fisine was chanting and I looked up to see her smile and disappear.

"No!" Antal cried just as my heart did.

The dead women were running, climbing over the low wall, hands out, heading for me. I had no choice but to run. Antal followed me and as the dead women reached me I began to swing my sword like a machete in a jungle, cutting them. One by one they screamed and fell, and then I was tripping over dead bodies.

Some grabbed at me, finding my breastplate, and when they touched they died screaming, but there were too many and they were closing in. As they swarmed me I fell on my back, the world upside down. And I saw Antal's feet retreating.

Then the priestesses covered me and everything went black.

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