A Helping Hand


Without looking, she stepped up beside me and grabbed my dick. But she flung it out of her hands quickly "Ewwww, that's sick. You did that on purpose, you fucking moron. You're just asking for it. I've got a good mind to say fuck this whole deal and tell mom and dad what went on two nights ago. What do you think about that?"

I watched as she tried desperately to wipe her fingers off on her shorts. "I'd say you wouldn't dare. You want this too much. You can't stand the thought of not having what you want, even though it's sick and perverted. You want it too much to give up. Tell me I'm wrong." When I was finished saying that, I grinned. I was proud of myself, even though I knew that it was the alcohol talking more than it was me.

I didn't wait for her to answer. I turned my back to her and grabbed my dick, aiming it out into the air. Almost instantly, pee began gushing from it. I was still so stunned that I was actually peeing, I didn't even realize that Paula was beside me. She thumped the back of my hand with her finger. I released my dick, but swiveled my hips away from her, and my pee stream as well. She had to fight to catch my dick and get her hand around it. When she did, I heard her breath suck in. "Too fucking cool" she gasped.

I peed for a very, very long time, marveling at how deftly she waved it about. She pointed it upward, making the stream reach a high arc, then waved it back and forth. To my utter amazement, it felt awesome. And the site of her doing it—the idea of it—as perverted as it was, seemed incredibly erotic as well. I reached around her waist and pulled her to me. "Pretty cool, huh?"

Her other hand found its way around my back and squeezed my side. Fucking awesome! I love it!" She purred. When my stream began to dwindle, she pouted "Awwwww, I want more."

I was thrusting my hips out and told her to shake it until it was all gone. She obeyed without hesitation. Finally, she looked up at me and smiled, then released my dick. "I mean it. I want more, a lot more. I want to do it again while you're still tipsy.

I sat down and reflected on the events of the last hour. It was weird, but erotic too. I couldn't understand what caused my sister to want to do it, or why I found it all so erotic, but there was no denying that I did get quite a kick out of it. "What the hell, go get jug of water and I'll wait here and have a little more of this magic brew."

"Hell yeah!" She said as she jumped to her feet and hurried down the ladder. "I won't be long." She yelled back as she disappeared through the trees.

The End . . . for now.

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by Anonymous11/29/17

Hey there.

I'm not much into piss stories. I thought there would be some cock-sucking too.

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