tagIncest/TabooA Hot Shower

A Hot Shower


She was craving the feeling of warm water on her cold body. But the water wasn't heating up enough.

She was still standing on the cold tile in only her Catholic school uniform. The clothes were definitely too small for her, but since it was her senior year, she hadn't bothered to buy new clothes. Right now she was regretting the too short skirt and the shirt straining against her breasts, as she shivered.

"DAD!" She called out. Even though he was really her stepfather, he had been married to her mom since before she could remember, so she considered him her father. She was cold and tired and figured he knew how to fix it.

"Yes?" He called from outside the door.

"The water won't heat up. Just come and fix it."

He walked in and felt the water. As she watched him bent over, feeling the water as it steamed up, she thought about how attractive her Dad really was. He was middle aged, but still very healthy and even muscular. She started to imagine how strong his hands would feel holding her down....

She was shocked at her own thoughts, but she was still frustrated about her encounter earlier that day. She realized at some part of her mind that this was wrong, but she couldn't help herself. She was fantasizing about her father.

The water was heating up, and the mirrors had started to steam. She was getting warmed up. Feeling almost in a trance as she imaged making love to her father, she started stripping. He was still bent over, examining the tap, so he didn't see as she unbuttoned her shirt. The more she began to take off, the more she felt that this was exactly what she wanted. She unclasped her bra, slipped out of her skirt, and pulled off her panties. She was standing completely naked except for her woolen knee socks.

"Daddy" she whispered.

He turned around. He seemed glued to the spot, and speechless. He was completely confused, but also slightly turned on. Even though she was his daughter, he couldn't deny how sexy she looked in just her schoolgirl socks. It was like a fantasy right in front of him.

"What..." he started.

"Shhhh. Daddy. I'm so horny."

She took a step towards him.

"But, honey, why are you..."

"Daddy, my pussy needs your big, strong hands."

"Stop, baby, this is not ri..."

But as he was speaking she put her lips on his and gave him a long, strong kiss. She could feel his lips opening, and she slipped her tongue inside his mouth. She could tell that with every second his resistance was breaking.

She broke the kiss for just long enough to say in a baby voice, "Daddy, don't you want to feel my pussy?"

He couldn't speak, he still knew this was wrong, and he didn't want to continue. But he also didn't want to stop.

Her small hand grabbed his, and gently led it to her aching pussy. As soon as she felt his strong, warm hand touch her, she started grinding against it.

"uhhhh, mmmmm" she moaned.

He could feel how wet she was.

"Do you really want me?" he asked.

"Mmmhmmm, Daddy, I want you so bad" she whispered as she was still grinding against his hand. And she reached down for his crotch. She could feel that even though his voice was still shaky, his cock was rock hard. She started to rub her hands all over his cock through his pants.

"How bad do you want me?" He asked, his confidence rising rapidly.

In response, she got on her knees. She unzipped his fly slowly, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. His cock popped out, it had been straining against the fabric so much.

"This much Daddy" and she put it in her mouth.

He moaned. He couldn't believe this was happening. But in the steamy bathroom, somehow it all seemed to make sense. His daughter was his, she should be pleasing her father. This was her place, on her knees in front of her Daddy.

"That's right baby girl, suck my cock. You are such a whore. That's what Daddy likes. Daddy likes for his daughter to be a whore, just for him."

She nodded as she looked into his eyes, loving to be his whore. This was exactly what she needed. It was almost as if she had known this whole time that her Dad was who should have been giving it to her.

"Lay down baby girl. I want to taste your sweet baby pussy."

He laid her down on the floor, which was till cold but she didn't care any more because his warm hands were holding her down. He looked at her for a second, his baby girl spreading her legs for him, and then tasted her. He explored her pussy, tasting how sweet she was, loving how warm she felt. He stuck his fingers inside her, realizing how tight she was.

"Yesss Daddy, yess, kiss my pussy. Oh Daddy that feels so good. OH DADDY."

"Baby, you are so tight. Have you never had a cock inside you?"

"No Daddy, I'm a virgin. But I want a cock so bad. I want your cock."

He kept feeling her pussy. He was so excited to be his daughter's fist. He could feel her muscles tensing.

"Don't come yet baby. I want you to come while I'm fucking you."

"Yes Daddy, please fuck me. I need your cock. I want Daddy's special love."

He positioned himself on top of her, almost inside of her.

"Daddy loves when his whore begs for his cock. Beg for my cock, baby."

"Please Daddy, please. Only your cock could make me happy. I need my Daddy's cock so bad."

He thrust into her. She had never felt so full.

"Yess Daddy fuck me. Oh that feels so good."

"That's right my little daughter whore. You love my cock don't you."

"Oh Daddy I love your cock so much. Fuck me harder. I want to feel you come."

He was thrusting into her faster and faster.

"I'mmmm commming Dadddy. I'mmm comminng on your coooooock."

"I'm coming too, come for me Baby."

They both came.

He kissed his daughter.

"Thank you Daddy."

"Don't worry Baby. This won't be the last time."

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by mezmerized03/17/18

Good build up, & then...

Wham, bam, Thank you Ma'am? No pain reaction to getting slammed, while taking her virginity? No more 'whore' treats for daddy?

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