tagLoving WivesA Hot Tub Experience

A Hot Tub Experience


My name is Danny and Donna is my lady. We are a middle aged couple who's children are all grown and living on their own.

This gives us a lot of freedom to enjoy life. We love going out for an enjoyable dinner at a nice restaurant. I love it when Donna dresses in "naughty attire". Short skirts, no panties, thigh-high stockings, high heels, and a sheer blouse do make for "naughty attire"!

On this particular evening we went for a seafood dinner. Another night it might be a good steak or tasty barbeque. Donna delighted in leaning back in her seat and teasing the young waiter with a good view of her C-cup breasts thru her sheer blouse. He certainly paid more attention to Donna than he did to me!

After dinner we wanted to go dancing. We went to a club that we knew had live music. I parked the car in the lot and we went in . After paying the cover charge we found a table next to the dance floor and took our seats. The waitress came by and we ordered drinks. The band sounded pretty good.

Looking around the place, we noticed a couple, about our age, at the table next to ours and exchanged smiles. When the next song started, the guy from the next table came over and asked Donna to dance. I thought, "Fair is fair", and walked over to their table and asked the lady to dance.

We exchanged names, hers was Melissa, and after some light conversation, out of the blue Melissa asked, "Do you like hot tubs?" I answered, "Of course, we have one at home." She quickly responded, "Ours is brand new. We just bought it on e-bay. Want to help us break it in?" My response was, "Sure, but only if we do it right, which means Au Naturel, no suits allowed!" She blushed and said, "We'll see."

The song ended and I walked Melissa back to her table, thanked her, and then sat down at ours. Donna came back to the table with a big grin on her face. She couldn't wait to tell me that the guys name was Mark, and that he had told her she was dressed "quite provocatively"! I answered, "Well, you do dress the way you do to get the guys' attention!" She quipped back, "I dress this way to keep your attention. If someone else enjoys the view, well, that's okay too!"

I said, "Well, if you are up for it, this might turn out to be a fun evening." She answered back, "What do you mean?" I told her about my conversation with Melissa, and her asking if we wanted to help them break in their new hot tub." Donna just smiled. I knew she was game.

We danced with our own partners, with a few other people we knew from other evenings out, and with our new friends. As the evening wore on and the crowd thinned out, Mark & Melissa moved over and joined us at our table. Mark started the conversation at our table by saying, "I'm amazed that Donna is so relaxed, out in a club, dancing with strangers, even though it is quite obvious that she is busty and braless, ." I spoke up, "Remember, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet." He laughed.

The conversation quickly got down to the hot tub. Melissa piped up, with a grin on her face, "We live real close to here, and we have a guest room you are welcome to use after we get acquainted in the hot tub." I answered, "Let's go. You lead, we'll follow."

After just a few blocks, we arrived at their house, in a nice neighborhood, and parked both cars in the driveway. They invited us in, and gave us a mini tour of their home. Then we went out thru a set of French doors onto the patio where there was a table, four chairs, and the hot tub, all surrounded by a high fence. There were a few small lights around the yard so you could see, but it wasn't bright. Since it was after midnight it was really quiet. Marked turned a CD player on low and then served everyone a drink of their choice. Nice host.

We talked a bit while we enjoyed our drinks. I finished my beer, sat the bottle on the table and said, "Let's get wet!" I stood up and started undressing, laying my clothes on my chair. I've never been bashful! The others looked at me, looked at each other, and with no hesitation all stripped naked. I helped Mark take the cover off the hot tub, and felt the water. "Nice and hot", I said. "Must be about 104. Just like we like it." Mark got in first and then helped Melissa and Donna get in. I followed. We were seated around the tub, with Mark and Melissa on one side and Donna and I opposite them. The hot water and bubbles felt great. I assumed that they were interested in sharing so I said, "Melissa, come over here. I haven't even kissed you yet." She was surprised and looked at Mark, who only shrugged his shoulders. She stood up to walk across the hot tub, which meant that her breasts were above the water level, exposed to the cool night air. Her nipples responded immediately, standing out like pencil erasers. She sat down next to me, and Donna scooted over beside Mark to watch. I gave her just a "nice" kiss. She responded by kissing me right back. Alcohol is so good for removing inhibitions! Mark asked, "What's going on here?" "Are we swapping or what?" I answered, "We thought you wanted to swing. We only do soft swing. Let me explain it to you."

"You probably think that swinging means swapping partners for the purpose of having sex. A soft swing is where couples change partners for the purpose of acting like teenagers and teasing someone other than their own partner. Remember high school? When you used to make out, cuddle, kiss, fondle, and tease. Some times teasing to orgasm, but not going all the way. That is what happens in a soft swing." "Since we have all just met, and don't know any of each others past, It will be safer to rule out oral sex, But anything else goes. To keep it a soft swing, NO FUCKING ALLOWED! That is what happens when you go back to your own partner. The couples may be so turned on, excited, and horny, from all the playing and teasing, that when they get back to their own partner, they don't care who is watching, and sometimes go at it with everyone in the same room."

I continued to explain it. "It's not cheating, because everything is being done with permission and everyone present. It allows couples to play with others and expand their experiences and pleasures. Maybe learn something new to share with their partner in the future. It is much safer than any other type of extra activity. But, Everyone must play by the rules. Mark, Are you in?" He nodded yes. "What about you Melissa?" She answered shyly, "I think I can do this. We just wanted to share our new hot tub.... but this sounds like a lot of fun."

Mark jumped when Donna reached over to get his attention. His cock was already standing at attention. She moved in front of him and raised up so that her tits were right in front of his face. He was mesmerized. He just sat and stared at a new set of titties, right in his face. This was obviously all new and exciting to him as he lost it after just a few strokes of Donna's hand. He would need to clean the hot tub in the morning!

When he recovered, he pulled her to him and started sucking on one nipple and then the other, then raising up to kiss her, then back to her nipples. He didn't seem to remember, or care, that his wife was now sitting astride my lap. I was using one hand to squeeze her breast and then pinch and pull on her nipple, alternating back and forth, while my other hand was using two fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy, rubbing small circles around her clit between strokes. It was only a few minutes until Melissa was in heaven, rocked by orgasm after orgasm. When she came back down to earth (well, actually the hot tub) she looked over at Mark and Donna. They were now just cuddling and watching. When she finally spoke, she said very quietly, "Donna, can you teach Mark how to do what Danny just did to me. It was wonderful! I've never cum so many times!"

Donna smiled and said, "Okay Mark, it's time to learn some foreplay techniques." She slid around and sat on his lap. Her knees were wide apart. When Mark reached out to touch her pussy, he flinched. What he had found was a smoothly shaved, bare pussy. Apparently he had been too busy looking at her breasts to notice when we were all getting in the hot tub. Later Donna told me that he was a good student and a fast learner.

When Melissa saw that her husband was going to be busy playing with Donna she thought, "Turn about is fair play!" She settled herself between my legs, and started stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. It felt great, and I enjoyed the feel of different hands. I was ready to make love to Donna. I broke the silence and spoke up, "This has been great fun, but the water is cooling off, so I think it's time to get out. I want to take Donna to your guest room, spread her wide, and deposit this load that has been building up in my balls all evening, deep in her hot, wet, tight pussy!" Donna let out a soft moan. She loved all the ways that I would tease her and please her. She was in for an intense fucking.

We all got out of the hot tub, and dried each others partner off with nice big soft towels that were hanging by the hot tub. I helped Mark put the cover back on the hot tub. We all picked up our clothes as we went past the table, going into the house thru the French doors. We turned into the guest room and Mark and Melissa went just down the hall to their room. The hallway was filled with sounds of pleasure as both bedroom doors had been left open. Not much sleep on this night.


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