tagGroup SexA Hotwife gets an Irresistible Urge

A Hotwife gets an Irresistible Urge


A friendly on-line chat gets my juices flowing

I like to tour around on this website once in awhile, catch up on the latest hot stories, and maybe find someone interesting to chat with.

Most of the stories get me extremely stimulated, and I enjoy playing with my pussy as well as my super realistic eight-inch rubber friend as I'm reading or chatting.

The other day I happened to be on-line and was enticed to begin a chat with a nice and polite gentleman member. It got pretty hot as we compared a few past experiences. He'd tried a little cock sucking as a young man before finding the right lady and settling into a straight life.

I told him how I'd gone from innocent virgin to gang-banging slut during one glorious afternoon in college. I hoped he was jerking off as we chatted, because just reminiscing and revealing some of the fun stuff I'd been involved in got me worked up big time, resulting in several self-induced awesome orgasms.

That series of orgasms had my pussy totally soaking wet. I was alternately fingering myself and tasting my hot juice while sucking my beloved rubber cock. If my husband had been home he would have got jumped and romped on for intense sex on the spot.

He was still at the office for a couple more hours so what the fuck could I do? The urge consumed me in a wave that was irresistible. I was multi-tasking; typing to chat, fingering my dripping pussy, sucking my rubber buddy, and then it struck me. Time to text!

I told my chat partner I was so fucking horny that I was going to invite a couple of friends over for some action. I texted two regular fuck-buddies, Mark and Rob, and both responded enthusiastically that they were available.

I was orgasming again as I told my chat friend that I'd stay connected with him as long as possible but my two friends were on their way. Both lived close by and in about twenty minutes I'd be switch sucking two nice, hard cocks.

My chat partner didn't express any remorse when I teasingly told him it was all his fault for getting me so worked up. I told him to sit back and think about what I'd be doing soon and maybe fantasize he was there too. More is good, in my willing experience!

I had taken off my blouse and bra so all I had on was a short, flared skirt and soaking wet lacy thong. Finally, Rob's vehicle came into view down the street. I told my chat partner that Rob was here, and I'd try to keep communicating but no promises.

I let Rob in and his eyes bulged as he looked at my big, bare boobies. He gave me a tight hug and a deep kiss. We'd been together lots of times and he knew that if I was bare breasted and still had some kind of lower clothing on, it was BJ time.

I towed him over to my desk and he pulled off his pants. I told him I was chatting with a friend and wanted to suck his cock while trying to type. My friend sent a, "Hi Rob," message, and I honestly tried to type a response and begin to suck Rob's cock at the same time.

Needless to say, my spelling and concentration got totally fucked up. "Lol." My chat friend sent while Rob was eagerly massaging my sensitive breasts.

There was a knock on the door. I asked Rob to let Mark in. They'd three-wayed with me before so it wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Mark glanced at Rob's dick and then across the room at my exposed tits, smiled and walked my way, stepping out of his pants quite efficiently. I was sitting at the computer so as he got close I kissed him to say hello, right on the end of his cock.

I messaged my friend to let him know Mark had arrived, then stopped typing and switch sucked both stiffening cocks, back and forth. I took Mark right down my throat, his balls to my chin, then released.

I tried to type and explain what I was doing, but the spelling and the message were clearly becoming garbled. I paused, took a breath and told him I had to go. This cum-slut had her priorities!

"Thanks for getting here on short notice." I told them sincerely as I slipped off my chair and settled onto my knees. "Katie needs cum."

They stood side-by-side like good soldiers as I switch-sucked their cocks. I deep-throated them. I licked and sucked their balls, and I stroked their stiff shafts.

"Fuck, you're in a horny mood today, Katie." Mark commented as I allowed his straight nine-inch cock to linger deep in my throat.

"Mmmm-mfft." I replied.

"Damn, you're good." Rob stated as I switched back to his hard, upward curved beautiful erection.

I'd been with Rob lots more times than Mark, and I simply loved his cum. Mark was excellent in every way and he always gave me a super-sized load, especially that first one of the day.

I sucked and I switched and I fucking orgasmed from having two gorgeous cocks to pleasure. I felt Mark's hardness intensify first. I took him deep and throat fucked him until I knew he was ready. I clamped my lips around that amazing cock head and stroked his shaft.

"Holy fuck, Katie! I gotta Cum!"

And he did! Jet after jet of his delicious hot cum spurted against the back of my throat as he unloaded a huge semen package into my mouth. Making him come felt fantastic and I shuddered and shook through a massive orgasm of my own.

I wanted to keep sucking, let him soften in my mouth while I savored his hot jizz, but Rob was there, stroking and waiting.

I released Mark's cock and smiled up at him, then swallowed all of his glorious goo in one gulp. Rob was next.

Rob received the same treatment. Seriously intense cock sucking and deep-throating, lots of stroking, and soon he was ready.

He blasted his entire cum load into my receptive mouth. I eagerly swallowed every drop and orgasmed splendidly again. I stayed on my knees to suckle their softening cocks and slurp up any remaining cum dribbles.

Once we'd all relaxed a bit, I settled back onto my ankles and rested. I still had a dick in each hand as I smiled up and thanked them.

"That was intense, Katie." Mark said, "You were certainly in the zone today."

"Yeah. That guy I was chatting with got me smokin' hot."

"Awesome." Rob stated. "How about you let us have a short break and then you call him back and we can do this again?"

"You know what? I think I will call him back in a bit. But my dear husband will be home soon. How about you two grab a cold one and relax on the deck. When he gets here you can watch me do him, then maybe we could all fuck."

They seemed fully agreeable to my offer, after all, this wouldn't be the first time the three of them had filled me up together.

I took my little skirt off so all that was left was my little lacy thong. I asked both of them to give it a squeeze so they could feel how wet my pussy was. They both grinned and licked their fingers. I hoped the scent of my juice made their dicks twitch.

We sat out on our fairly private deck for a few minutes, then I went back to check and see if my chat friend was still available. He was!

Very excitedly he asked how the past little while had gone. I was happy to let him know that I'd sucked and deep-throated Rob and Mark, and both had shot their hot juice into my mouth. In fact, I told him I hadn't had a sip of anything yet because I was still delighting in the taste of two cocks and cum loads.

I explained they were now relaxing on the outside deck, waiting for my husband so they could watch me suck him off next. Now I was thinking maybe I'd take the chance of being seen by others and do it right out there on the deck.

New neighbors had moved in over the winter, and although we hadn't met with them much, they had a very studly son that was just about to start college. Hmm!! It would be nice to add yet another new conquest.

Whether that might happen remained to be seen, however I knew for sure I was about to get every orifice penetrated by at least three fabulous hard cocks this afternoon. Yum!

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