tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 09

A Hunter Watches Ch. 09


Sheila has met Ash the Changeling wolf who could give her the werewolf curse allowing her an extended lifetime with Hunter. Ash had sought to use the opportunity to sample Sheila's physical delights but instead found himself humbled by the depth of their love. Unable to bear the sight any longer he decides to leave the forest. Sheila, unable to bear the young mans' disgust at his own nature, wants to help him come to terms with his physical desires as Hunter had helped her.

Ash couldn't move from his position on the floor. Hunter had knocked him to the ground when he caught the scent of his intentions toward his woman. Ash would not even defend himself as he was still speechless over just what Sheila had done. She had put herself between himself and the deadly jaws of her wolf lover.

He flicked a cautious glance towards the two of them now. He had watched them with feverish obsession for the last week. Their lovemaking had been a sight to behold, one that would ache in his loins for a lifetime, but it was Sheila's acceptance of the beast within her lover that called to Ash. Her desire to join him in his curse so that they would not be parted too soon, so that her lover would not be left alone again; that had coldly highlighted just what he had lost when a confrontation with an injured wolf had left him with this mockery of a life.

Sheila was kneeling before him, only an arms length away. Behind her, surrounding her was Hunter. He was in his man-wolf form; an intimidating sight to see. His body more highly developed than the man he was, his chest and shoulders were broad and thickly muscled. His chest and back were covered in hair, not the wiry body hair of a human but the soft pelt of the wolf. It ran down his arms to the short clawed hands that were something half way between hands and paws. His face was over-shadowed by his muzzle, a thick short muzzle bearing the overly developed teeth of his beast. Behind them though Ash could clearly see the eyes and facial structure of the man. Ash watched as Sheila laid her head back against that unnatural expanse of chest as though it she were taking comfort from his touch.

Ash swallowed; his throat too tight for even his own saliva. His mind swirled over Sheila's words. He had confessed to her that he thought to hurt her. The last thoughts he had before Hunter had knocked him to the ground were of him taking savage possession of the woman. He was certain that she had no idea of the images in his mind when she offered her body to him; he assumed her wish for the werewolf curse was consuming enough for her to suffer abuse at his hand. It was not potential abuse that Ash saw in her eyes now it was sheer sensual heat. Ash looked over her head at Hunter. The man-wolf nodded to him gravely.

"I will not allow you to hurt her."

"And if I don't want you here?" Ash asked.

"Then she will leave with me."

Ash nodded, he thought to ask more but was distracted by Sheila moving from the safety of her lovers' arms. She sank down to her hands and knees and crawled the short distance towards him. From his vantage point he could see from the dipped neckline of her short dress that she was naked beneath it. He watched the peaks of her breasts sway with her movements and his higher brain function slipped into neutral as the unnecessary blood was diverted to his groin.

Sheila knelt before him, eye to eye.

"I don't like pain." She said softly. "But I trust you not to hurt me."

"At all?" Ash flicked a panicked glance from her to Hunter.

"Beyond the pleasurable."

Sheila closed the distance and pressed her lips to Ash's. His first thought was one of panic; when had he last kissed a woman? For one breathtaking moment he could not think what to do and then her tongue touched his lip and Ash kissed her back.

He tasted her mouth, ate at it. He pulled her lower lip between his teeth just to taste the meat of it. As he did she sighed into him. That small breathy sound caressed his senses. The urgent probing of her tongue stroked his desire. The air tightened in his lungs and his breathing grew laboured.

Ash fisted his hands into her hair, tilting her head back allowing him better access to the willing sweetness of her mouth. In one breath he drew in the scent of her desire. That thick musk of a woman eager for his touch; it had been so long since he had smelled that scent that he was very nearly overwhelmed by it.

He drew them both up their knees, guiding her up by the hands still tightly wound in her hair. Drawing a shaky breath Ash rose before her. He pulled his boots and socks from his feet and hastily yanked at his jeans. Looking down to see her parted lips and wide eyes as she knelt before him, just as he had imagined her; as he had wanted her to be. Just waiting for his demands. He almost staggered as he dragged the denim from his legs.

The sight and sound of the shiver of her fear as she saw the full extent of his erection excited him further. She rolled her eyes up to his face as she waited silently for his command. Ash shuddered as he gripped his hardened cock and stroked it first over one pale cheek and then the other before he pressed the hot pulsing head to those soft pink lips.

Sheila gasped as he pushed his thick cock head between her lips. The thin trails of his pre-cum on her cheeks cooled quickly as his heat pushed into her. She pressed her tongue to him as he thrust himself into her mouth. His cock filled her mouth, forcing her to stretch her jaws to accommodate him. She gazed up once more to absorb the savage heat of his arousal within his hooded eyes. Heat pooled at her centre and she gave a moan of helpless desire.

The peaks of her breasts were hard and tight as she felt his hands coil in her hair once more. Her whole body warmed and pulsed as he began to stroke her mouth with his cock. He held her hair so that she could not move without causing herself harm and that knowledge caused her to shudder for him. The fact that her lover watched her mouth being fucked caused her body to tighten unbearably.

Again and again Ash thrust his cock into her, using her mouth as he would her cunt. Each thrust drew some murmur or sigh from her and each one seemed to loosen his control further. Emboldened by the sounds she made Ash plunged himself down into her. Sheila felt a moment of panic when her air was cut off but the feel of his cock forcing itself through her mouth and into her throat overrode that fear. Probing and sliding, invading her, she swallowed convulsively in an effort not gag on his length. The constant constriction caused his cock to throb and dance within her. There was no chance for finesse for her lips and tongue to draw the pleasure from him. He took it, stole it from her as he plunged his body through her mouth. Over and over he pulled at her, pressing her nose to his belly before dragging her back from him.

Sheila was dizzy at the way he overpowered her. She revelled in the weakness of her body and the power of his. Until finally he pressed her nose to his flesh and kept her captive there. Deep inside her throat his cock throbbed strongly before he sprayed his hot cum straight to her belly. Her ears began to ring as her body began to give in to the panic; she fought against him as she felt herself become light headed with lack of air. Her fingers clutched at his muscled thighs in an attempt to push away from him.

With a savage roar Ash pushed her back. Sheila gasped for the air she had been fighting for. Ash dropped to his knees in front of her, he reached for her with an expression of shock. His fingers shook with the intensity of his climax but also fear for having hurt her. Sheila unleashed her killer smile on him, allowing him to witness every ounce of her unreleased sexual heat.

Ash trembled visibly, he had lost himself to this woman. He had taken and taken from her until he thought he had hurt her badly. Even as he sought to apologise she turned those soft eyes on him. Where he thought to see accusation he saw only lust. She still wanted him. He had fought for possession of her and she matched him with her own demand for it. Unsure for a second he turned his eyes to the wolf. Hunter flicked his gaze from the panting form of his woman to him. His man-wolf muzzle was not designed for human expression but Ash swore he smirked at him. A look that spoke of pride and desire for the lusty nature of his woman and amusement of Ash's own underestimation of the same.

Ash pressed his hands to his knees to steady himself, feeling in control once more he looked at Sheila. Her breathing was heavy and no longer the panicked gasps of a few moments ago. Ash leant his face to her neck and inhaled deeply, he could scent no fear on her. There was only the heat of her blood and the musk of her arousal. With a soft growl Ash pushed her to the floor and swiftly straddled her waist.

He grasped the neck of her dress between both hands and wrenched it. He rent the fabric down the centre of her body dropping the remnants and allowing them fall at her sides. He allowed his eyes to rake over her body, taking in the swell of her breasts, the fragile line of her shoulders and the softness of her flat belly; all of her laying in readiness for him. He ground himself against that soft flesh. His cock already swelling with need, hot and hardened once more. He pushed deeply as though to create a fresh hole in her to fuck.

Sheila had to close her eyes. The feel of Ash's cock on her skin, the hot need in his eyes and the weight of him pinning her lower body uselessly to the hard unyielding floor stroked that deepest desire within her. The one that begged for her be overpowered by sheer strength and then used to sate every sexual whim possible.

Before Hunter that dark desire had shamed her, it was that shame she saw in Ash's desire to use his force on her and it was why she chose to give herself to him this night.

Sheila reached her hands towards him. She managed to brush her fingers over the hard swell of his chest when strong fingers curled around her fingers and pulled them away. Her wrists were pulled high over her head until they were pressed to the floor. She looked upwards and shuddered a sigh as she saw Hunter kneeling by her head. His hands held her captive knowing how much it would arouse her.

Breathless at the sensation Sheila tested her bonds and whimpered at the feel of hot flesh holding her down. She watched Ash lick his lips, he looked from her to Hunter as his eyes flashed with the understanding of this new element. Just when she pulled her knees up to press the soles of her feet to the floor Ash slid down her body to trap them beneath his weight. Sheila tried to move and found she was truly unable.

Ash nudged her thighs as wide they would stretch without breaking her hips. He gazed down at her wet entrance as she shivered beneath his eyes. He breathed deep of her heated sex as he looked into her eyes. Sheila watched him swallow and lick at his lips, the scent of her musk pouring through his senses. She knew he could taste her on his tongue already and the knowledge made her want to press herself to his mouth. The sheer fact that she couldn't so much as squirm against him drove a growl from her chest.

Hunter swallowed hard as he watched the desire flood Sheila's body. He could feel the tension in her muscles beneath his hands as she fought to touch the man hovering over her body. Her heavy breathing caused her breasts with their hard tight peaks to rise and fall, hypnotising both men with their erotic dance.

He could only lick his lips as he watched Ash bend his head to one tantalising breast. The young wolf paused just out of reach, heating that soft flesh with his hot breath until Sheila whimpered for him. He couldn't see what he did but he knew the moment that his tongue touched that desperately taut nipple by the arch of Sheila's back.

The moment Ash loosened his control to feast at her breast wrenched a scream from Sheila's throat. The wolf drew her breast deep into his mouth, using his jaw to knead at the flesh, his tongue writhed and his teeth scraped. Sheila gasped and whimpered both begging and thankful to him. Her fervent desire made his cock dance and twitch at her abandon.

Ash gave himself over to desire. He licked and sucked at those sensitive breasts and he drowned himself in the helpless moans and whimpers his fervour generated. Sheila bowed her back, pushing her body closer to him, begging him for more. He closed his hand tight around her breast, kneading it and tugging at it as he moved his mouth to bite at the other. He drew that softest flesh between his teeth and sucked deep enough to leave a mark. When he released it he watched the purple mark on the pale skin with satisfaction.

He cocked his head as Sheila babbled incoherently. She begged him, pleaded with him not to stop. For them to let her go, for them to hold her down and when she couldn't form the words she grunted and gasped her approval of every sensation his hands and mouth wrenched from her. Each sound she uttered made his hand shake; made him want to drown her in his desire.

He slid one hand down her belly as he suckled at one breast and squeezed the nipple of the other with his other hand. Firmly he stroked two fingers along her wet folds and revelled in the sight of her thrashing her head from side to side.

His fingers were coated in her juices as he teased that soft skin. The shivers running over her body told him that she was moments away from orgasm. The knowledge made him plunge those two fingers into her cunt. Sheila screamed and he felt the muscles in her thighs tense with her desperate need to raise her hips to him.

He pumped his fingers into her body, adding another until all he could see or smell was her body and its need. He pulled his fingers from her without warning and Sheila cried out with her dismay. He knelt over her, his knees still pinning hers in place, and he licked her sticky musk from his hand as he savoured her pleas. The orgasm that had been so close ebbed away as he made a show of his power over her body.

Only when every trace of her juices had been washed away did Ash move. He shifted his body and closed his hands around her thighs in place of his legs to keep her pinned. He froze and flicked a nervous glance at her. His eyes; he knew by the heightened focus that they had bled to wolf. A soft growl brought his attention to Hunter when he looked up at him the man-wolf had pulled his thin lips back in a grin.

Sheila bucked beneath him, his grip having loosened with his panic. Ash blinked and pressed down harder before he pulled her knees up roughly. He rubbed the head of his cock along her folds. He revelled in the sight of her wet and begging as he stared down at her with wolf eyes. He stroked across her again and again until he could wait no longer to sample her fully.

He shoved deep inside her. He bumped at the end of her chamber and watched her eyes roll at the sensation. Shaking his head at this unbelievable turn of fate Ash gave a guttural growl as he gave in to his need to plunder her body. He found a punishing rhythm that stole both their breaths. He ground himself against her, dragged himself from her only to impale her once more. He drove into even when she convulsed with orgasm, forcing himself through the intense contractions of her pleasure.

He watched the line of sweat run down between her breasts as she struggled to take in air. Her wolf sat motionless, still pinning her wrists to the floor, his engorged cock bobbing against the soft fur of his navel. Ash realised he had never once seen Sheila take him in his furred form, only his human one.

Ash lifted Sheila and flipped her over to her knees. The extra strength borne of his wolf blood meaning he controlled her movement with ease. Ash made a fist in her hair at the base of neck and yanked her head back until she was nose to groin with Hunter. The other wolf growled softly as Ash pushed the woman forward.

Without pausing Ash jerked her thighs apart and savoured her whimper. He burrowed deep into her womb as he listened to her slurp at her lovers' cock. He began to move in long slow strokes, luxuriating in the depth and tightness of the position, Ash watched Hunter curl his half wolf fingers into Sheila long pale hair and begin to work into her mouth with the full weight his hips.

Between them they synced a rhythm, one thrusting as the other withdrew, so that Sheila was rocked between them.

Sheila was blind and deaf to everything but the two cocks that pierced her. Hunter had taken his cue from Ash and had tilted her head back so that he could fuck deep into her throat in one smooth movement. Her nose rhythmically pressed to his soft fur. Two sets of hands held her tightly gripped, one at her skull and the other at her hips as her body bounced back and forth with the force of their entry. Sheila gasped as Ash ploughed her so deeply that he lifted her from her knees. The feeling of Hunters cock stroking the confines of her throat and Ash pushing deeply at the walls of her cunt brought her to a staggering orgasm.

Ash ground hard against her, barely moving as she closed around him like a fist. She shuddered at the sensation of claws dimpling the flesh of her hips. Where only moments ago there had been long masculine fingers with short trimmed nails now there was roughened pads with strong sharp points. Unable to verbalise her approval she bucked back against his body pressing him deeper still into her slick tight cunt. He ground himself to her awakening a fresh surge of intense shudders.

Hunters grip tightened as he faltered in his rhythm and then plunged deeply. Ash began to move once more, his thrusts shoving Sheila at her wolf with each stroke. Hunter roared his climax as he pumped his heated seed, the feel of Sheila swallowing convulsively so as not to waste a drop of the precious scalding fluid had him grinding to her lips.

The moment Hunter withdrew his cock Sheila's head dropped to her chest as though her neck could not raise such a weight. She panted heavily and it was only Ash's strength that held her in place. The sight of her made his loins ache with delight. Ash looked down at his man wolf hands, still fingers but shorter and thicker and deeply furred.

Ash looked from Sheila, bowed down before him as he slid his cock in and out of her deliciously wet cunt, to Hunter. The man-wolf braced his hands on his knees as he fought to recover from his orgasm. The look of satisfaction on the other wolf's face as he watched his woman whimper with exhausted sensual pleasure whilst being fucked by a stranger made Ash realise fully the weight of their of shared love.

Sheila had offered him her body just to slake a desire that had disgusted him. Tonight she had shown him that very desire could bring so much pleasure to the willing. She no longer even expected him to scratch her. Ash closed his eyes and held himself deep inside her as he called his beast to the surface.

Sheila gasped and bucked at the ripple of power that flowed from his body to hers as he changed from a man to a man-wolf. His cock still buried inside her. Fur flowed across his body, his chest and shoulders broadened considerably. He licked his lengthened tongue over his muzzle.

Ash curled his hands around Sheila's elbows and dragged her up until her spine pressed to the soft fur of his chest and belly. The sensation of his pelt on her skin was the final straw for her ravaged body and Sheila cried out as her climax had her bucking and grinding against him. Ash held her to him as he leaned down and placed his jaws around the fleshiest part of her upper arm watching Hunter carefully as he did so. Whilst she was lost in the waves of pleasure flooding her body Ash bit down until he could taste her blood on his tongue.

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