tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Jedi's Training Ch. 08

A Jedi's Training Ch. 08


Chapter 8 – Revelations

Eryn awoke with a start, gasping loudly. Judging by the lack of light coming through the windows, she could only guess that it was late in the evening. Looking to the chronometer near her beside, she saw that it was indeed late, or rather, early in the morning.

"What just happened?" she said to herself, looking around the room.

The top sheet slipped away and Eryn looked down, realizing she was still naked. She instinctively crossed her arms across her chest, covering her breasts as she felt a slight chill race up her spine. She pulled her knees up toward her chest, and as she did so, she felt the residual stickiness coating her thighs… and her vagina. Cautiously she reached a hand down, touching her thighs with her fingertips, then bringing her fingers to her face.

She smelled like sex. Not masturbation; no, there was the distinct smell of a man mingled with the scent of her own fragrant juices.

"Ugh… what did I do?" she moaned, suddenly slightly panicked.

She tried to remember. She remembered the day, how she had been so excited all day by the odd dream she had in class. She remembered coming home and finding Jacen in the shower, and seeing him naked as they switched places. And then she remembered the lust, the raw, animal urge to have sex that had swept her body as she lathered herself. At that point, everything came flooding back – the sex with Jacen, the amazing orgasms, everything. It had felt so good… and yet she knew it was so wrong.

"What have I done?" Eryn whimpered in the dark, starting to tremble. "What will everyone think of me?"

Despite her best efforts, Eryn began to cry softly to herself. She hugged her legs tightly, letting her tears trickle down her cheeks. She had turned her back on all that she was, abandoned the most basic principles of her society. What would her friends say? Her family? Would they even want to speak to her again?

Unexpectedly, her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her door. As she frantically wiped her face and pulled her sheet back up to her shoulders, the door open and Jacen stuck his head in.

"Eryn? Are you okay? I thought I heard something."

"Jacen, please go away," Eryn muttered, turning away from the light from the hallway. "I'm a mess."

"Is everything all right?" the young man insisted. "Do you want some company?"

"I said no!" Eryn screamed at him. "It's bad enough I let you fuck me like some cheap whore! Can't you just leave me alone?"

In frustration she threw one hand up toward the door. Jacen felt himself pushed back into the hallway as Eryn's door slammed shut, driven by her powerful Force push. Jacen stood looking at the closed door for a moment.

"I guess that's what I get," he told himself. "Shouldn't have tampered with the Flower of Paradise like I did."

Jacen went back into his room, feeling rather guilty and somewhat dejected. He tried to get back to sleep but couldn't, so he just lied there in bed staring at the ceiling. He could feel Eryn's emotional turmoil sending ripples through the Force, even from in his room. He tried to block it out, but that was a skill he did not quite master during his week on Yavin.

After a few minutes that felt like hours, Jacen heard a knock on his door.

"Jacen?" Eryn's voice called hesitantly from the other side. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah," he replied, lying on his side with his back facing the door. "It's unlocked."

He heard the door open, but apparently the hallway light was off because the room remained dark. He felt Eryn's physical presence as she entered the room, sitting down on the edge of his bed.

"Jacen, I'm sorry," she said. "I overreacted. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that."

"No, I'm sorry," Jacen told her, still not facing her. "It's my fault for pushing you too far."

"Jacen, don't," Eryn said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Please… look at me."

Jacen reluctantly turned and faced her. He had to struggle to hide his shock as he noticed that she hadn't dressed, but rather only had her bed sheet wrapped around her.

"Hey you," Eryn said, smiling. "Glad you can still look at me."

"Why wouldn't I?" he said, sitting up in bed.

"I don't know. I figured you'd be upset at me for screaming at you like that. Or maybe you think I'm just too much of a slut."

"Eryn, you are not a slut," Jacen said, firmly.

"Oh sure," she said skeptically. "I just threw everything my parents taught me about decency to the winds because I had an uncontrollable urge to feel a cock in me. I'm not a slut at all."

"Eryn, we went over this already. What we did wasn't wrong – certainly not for you. If anyone was in the wrong, it was me."

"You? What are you talking about? I was the one who gave into you. I just wanted it so badly…"

"That's precisely what I mean," Jacen told her. "Look – you're not on Asiris anymore, Eryn. You're finding your own place in the rest of the galaxy now, which means making your own choices. If you want something and decide to take it, then that's your choice. You've broken no law of the Republic. We're both consenting citizens of legal age."

"But we Asirians have traditions, Jacen."

"But you shouldn't let those traditions hold you back from becoming the person you want to be," Jacen countered. "If you want to be someone who doesn't have to hide her sexuality, someone who wants a sexual experience other than masturbation, then that is your choice to make, and you are no worse of a person for making that choice."

Eryn was silent, taking in what Jacen had just said.

"And besides," Jacen added sheepishly, "I'd like to think that what we shared today wasn't just a big mistake."

"Oh, Jacen, it's not that!" Eryn said, reaching forward and hugging him. "This is just all so new to me. I… I think you're right, but I just need to take it a step at a time. It doesn't help that I have these random dreams of you and me now."

"Dreams?" Jacen asked. "When did those start?"

"A few nights ago, I think. I… I dreamed that we were um… having sex. It was all so real. I think that's when this all started – I couldn't stop wanting you after that. And today when we… when we did it, you felt just like you did in the dream."

"I think I may have had something to do with that," Jacen admitted.

"What, the dream?"

"Yes, the dream."

"How?" Eryn asked, surprised.

"It… it's something I learned while I was away," Jacen said, picking his words carefully. "You can use the Force to project thoughts, generate images in people's minds. I was fantasizing about you the night that you had that dream."

"Are you sure? Maybe it was just some coincidence."

"You were in bed, sleeping naked under your sheets," Jacen said, retelling the details of his fantasy. "I came in and threw the sheets off you. You woke up, and spread your legs for me."

"And I told you to fuck me," Eryn continued quietly, realizing that they indeed had shared the same dream. "And you did. Oh did you ever… you kneeled down between my legs and put your cock in me. Oh Jacen, it felt so good… and then you turned us over so I was straddling you…"

"You leaned forward while you were riding me," Jacen stated.

"Yes," Eryn confirmed.

"Your hair spilled around our faces and you just went limp, letting me slam into you."

"Yes," she said again, more of a whimper in her voice now.

"When you started to come you sat up, squeezing your tits in your hands."

"Ooohhh," Eryn moaned. "Yessssss."

She hissed the end of the word as she sucked in a breath through clenched teeth.

"Yes, I did."

Just remembering that dream, which she now supposed was more of a vision through the Force, was getting Eryn wet. She shifted her legs slightly, now wishing she had put on some clothes instead of just wrapping herself in her sheet.

"You made me come so hard," Eryn confessed quietly. "That night… I had a girl friend over visiting. I think she was jealous."

"How hard did you come?" Jacen asked, shifting around to adjust the hard-on that was now raising his pajama pants.

"So extremely hard," Eryn moaned, remembering.

Underneath the sheet, she instinctively let one hand drift between her legs. She tried to be discreet, letting just one fingertip slip between her soft thighs to tease her clit. Eryn closed her eyes as she touched the heat coming from between her legs. Her pussy lips were so sensitive, she couldn't suppress the shudder.

"Oohhhhh," she sighed softly, hoping Jacen didn't hear her.

"Eryn?" Jacen asked, slipping one hand beneath his covers, reaching for the button fly of his pajama pants.

"Yes?" Eryn gasped, now clearly aroused.

"Please tell me you want me as badly as I want you right now."

Moving cautiously, Eryn lowered one hand toward Jacen's lap, pressing her palm against the hardness that she felt on the other side of the covers.

"Ooohhh," she moaned, fingering herself faster with her other hand. "Jacen, what have we here?"

As she felt more tingles of pleasure race through her, Eryn instinctively squeezed the outline of Jacen's erection. Jacen gently grasped her wrist with his free hand, lifting her arm up. The covers went with Eryn's hand, still gripped in her fingers, revealing Jacen's erect penis poking through the unbuttoned fly on his pants. Jacen wrapped his fingers around his own shaft and stroked it slowly as Eryn watched. He watched her eyes grow large as he rolled back his foreskin, causing a drop of pre-come to emerge from the slit at its tip. The two aroused students were close, face-to-face, and they could hear and feel each others' shallow breathing as they masturbated themselves, each's attention transfixed on the other's sex.

"Jacen," Eryn whispered softly, as her eyes followed Jacen's hand up and down his cock, "I want you so badly… but I can't. We have to take this slow."

"What do you want me to do?" Jacen asked, continuing his self-pleasure as he watched Eryn's slender finger sliding back and forth between her engorged pussy lips.

"This," she replied breathlessly, her pert breasts rising and falling in rapid succession. "Keep doing this. Scoot over, let me sit and watch you."

Maintaining his firm grasp on his cock, Jacen shifted himself over onto one side of the bed. Eryn sat down on the other side, facing in the opposite direction of him, such that when he looked over to his right he could see between her outspread legs. She, on the other hand, could watch his cock simply by looking slightly to her right.

"Is this how it's done on Asiris?" Jacen asked.

"It's not often that our numbers are this few, but yes," Eryn replied. "It often starts this way. When more join in, we expand to a circle. That way…"

Eryn's explanation was interrupted by a surge of pleasure as she brushed her clit with her fingertip, sending electric shocks up her body that caused her to lean back on her free arm. Her back arched and her breasts tightened, and her lips fell slack as a sensual whimper escaped her. Jacen's cock twitched, producing another shiny droplet of pre-come as he heard her cry.

"… that way everyone gets to watch each other," Eryn finished, clearly climbing to higher and higher heights of pleasure.

Her movements were more relaxed now, less subdued. Long deliberate strokes had replaced the short, quick movements of her finger as she unabashedly teased the entire length of her own slit. Leaning back on her free hand, she began to lift her hips off the bed ever-so-slightly, meeting her own hand in mid-air. Jacen's eyes were glued to her, watching every movement of her body as his own hand raced mindlessly up and down the length of his hardened member.

"Slow down Jacen," Eryn whimpered seductively. "You're going to explode too quickly that way."

"I, uh, sorry," Jacen said, realizing that his hand was literally flying. "It's just that watching you gets me so turned on."

"You sound as if you've never watched a woman masturbate before," Eryn giggled.

"I haven't," Jacen confessed. "At least, not when I haven't been trying to get off as quickly as possible."

"Oohhh," Eryn said, half an expression of comprehension and half a vocalization of pleasure. "Oohhh… Jacen, baby, you are missing out. It's so amazing when you take it slow. The orgasm is that much better, especially when everyone comes at the same time. It's… absolutely beautiful."

"I don't know if I can take it slow," Jacen said, pausing his stroking to simply squeeze his cock in his hand. "Just watching you is so hot, even like this."

"Like this?"

"You know… both of us still wearing clothes. Even though all I can see is your pussy."

"Then we'd better change that if you want the full experience."

Eryn shrugged her shoulders and arched her back, thrusting her chest toward the ceiling. This caused the sheet that she had draped over her shoulders to fall back, fluttering gracefully off of her lithe body. The moonlight through the window basked her skin in bluish-white light.

"This is hardly fair," Eryn said, as Jacen drank in the sight of her body with his eyes. "I think you need to take some things off too."

Jacen didn't say a word as he reached up his spare hand, tugging at his shirt until he successfully lifted it off himself. Then he reached down to his pants, grasping them at the waistband and tugging them down, momentarily releasing his cock to slip it back through his fly. Before he had even kicked the pants off of his ankles he was masturbating again.

"Please try to last as long as you can," Eryn pleaded. "You've shown me the way of sex in your culture, and I loved it. Now I want to return the favor as best I can, by showing you my way."

They continued that way for several more minutes, in complete silence with the exception of their panting, moaning, and whimpering. The entire head of Jacen's cock was covered in pre-come that had oozed and spread in his palm. Eryn's engorged labia shimmered in the dim light, covered in her juices.

"Reach out your hand," Eryn said. "The one you have on your cock – show me your palm."

Jacen did as he was told, extending his palm toward Eryn. She reached between her legs with both hands, spreading her lips with one hand and pressing the palm of the other against her bared sex.

"I mentioned to you that we don't usually touch when we do this, but as with any rule there are a few exceptions. This is one of them."

Eryn reached her hand, the one now covered with her natural lubricant, toward Jacen's outstretched hand. She rubbed her entire palm on his, transferring the slick, warm wetness from her to him.

"Use that," she said, returning her finger to the entrance of her pussy.

Jacen closed his hand around his shaft, immediately feeling the difference as Eryn's juices coated his skin, seeking out every surface of his penis and fingers. As he watched Eryn's finger plunge in and out of her vagina, he could almost feel her around him, sharing the same exquisite linkage that had occurred earlier that night.

"It's like I'm inside of you," Jacen moaned.

"The next best thing," Eryn panted, bucking her hips up and taking her finger in to the last knuckle. "It's a way for two people to join without physically coupling."

Eryn moaned loudly, announcing her arrival at yet another plateau nearer to her orgasm. Jacen groaned in response as he watched her body undulate in a smooth wave of motion that began at her hips and coursed up to her shoulders.

"I think we're ready to take another step," Eryn gasped. "Just follow my lead, and remember not to touch."

Slowly Eryn leaned forward and crawled up toward Jacen. Spreading her legs around his, she crawled up his body in a very feline movement and pressed herself down, low to the bed, so that she was almost touching him. She preserved the slightest of an air gap in between the two of them, so that they were so close they could feel the heat of each others' skin. She lifted her shapely buttocks up into the air so as to avoid contact between her dripping velvet pussy and the highest point of his body, his erect cock which was standing at full attention. In an impressive display of balance, Eryn supported herself on one arm, letting her other hand snake its way down her body back to her pussy. They remained in that position, separated by a few hairs' thickness, staring into each others' eyes as they masturbated. The motion of their hands on their own nether regions brought them within millimeters of skin contact, yet they did not touch. Immensely excited by the situation, they began to move faster and faster. Their breathing fell into synch, as did the stroking of their hands. Each time Eryn sank her finger into herself, Jacen thrust his cock into his encircling hand. Each time Eryn pulled her finger out of herself, Jacen pulled back on his cock. Their rhythm became steady, regular. They were fucking, yet they were not. Eryn's whimpers became entwined with her panting, just as Jacen's moans melded with his breathing. Feeling her orgasm on rapid approach, Eryn executed one last action.

She began to slink down Jacen's body, her parted lips held just out of contact with his skin. She exhaled as she went down, letting him feel her warm breath splash over his skin. Her course took her over his neck, lips, shoulders, nipples, stomach, and of course his erection. She then worked her way back up, past her original starting position. She positioned her feet so that she was squatting over his cock, her fingers still working away at her vagina and clitoris. Slowly she pushed herself up, rising to a standing position, all the while feeling Jacen's breathing duplicate the same sensations she had imparted upon him moments earlier. The sweeping of his breath over her sensitive breasts and her navel triggered the familiar sensations in her abdomen. As she continued to push herself up on her legs, she felt her abdomen tighten. Despite trembling knees she pushed onward, until she was standing, desperately fingering her pussy, which was held in place just above Jacen's face. He exhaled again, hot air splashing against the wet flesh. It pushed her over the edge.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" Eryn screamed, shattering the tense silence of the room.

Her vagina surged with spasms. Instinctively she buried a finger deep into herself, feeling her own convulsions around the digit. Wetness ran down her palm in rivulets and collected on her arm, falling in droplets from her skin onto Jacen's face. Jacen's hand flew over his own erection, feeling the Force swirl in the room as Eryn's release sent shockwaves through the ever-present energy field.

"Close your eyes, Eryn!" Jacen shouted. "Close your eyes!"

Somewhere in the fog of lust Eryn heard Jacen's words, and closed her eyes. She immediately saw the Force storm that was enveloping them, turbulence spiraling around them in a fierce vortex. She looked down and saw Jacen, his form coursing with fiery red lust. As her legs buckled and she fell to her knees, straddling his legs, she watched the burning redness of his Force aura surge, collecting in a furious ball of energy and coursing downward through his body, a flood hurtling toward its outlet.

Eryn opened her eyes just in time to see the dam break. One, two, three thick ropes of creamy white ejaculate burst from the tip of Jacen's cock, splashing onto her hand and pussy lips, which were hovering just above his convulsing member. Eryn quickly pressed herself flat to the bed and slithered her body down over his cock, causing the next few spurts to splatter across her belly and breasts.

"Aaahhh, Eryn!" Jacen moaned as he continued to release his seed.

"Yes! Yes!" Eryn cried, feeling the hot cream burn against her skin. "Yes Jacen, come for me!"

Finally the deluge ceased, and Jacen slumped back against the pillows. Eryn rolled over onto her back, panting hard. She raised her come-covered hand from her pussy to her chest, spreading Jacen's sticky seed on her skin. Jacen watched as she covered herself with his come, until her skin was slick and shiny.

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