tagSci-Fi & FantasyA King's Touch Ch. 00

A King's Touch Ch. 00


Thanks to all of those who have been patient with me and the delay for returning to Venus and these wonderful characters. I hope you enjoy and wish me the best during the Nanowrimo contest, which is what I'm writing this story for.


Sandova, Venus, 2108

"Come out child." Clara's gaze was steady on the spot where she was certain she had a little spectator. Her suspicion was confirmed when a tousled blonde head popped up from behind the settee.

"Sara! I can't believe you ruined this for me!" The teen-aged girl across from Sara began to pout.

"Now, Kira, your sister meant no harm." Clara's tone was even but she knew the steel under it would subdue the most troublesome of children, not that she'd any of her own to subdue. For a brief moment longing struck her and she grieved for what might have been.

"You don't understand, she's constantly underfoot and spying on me. Now, she's gone and ruined this! I'll never get my destiny foretold with her here!"

"I was curious, Sissy. How else am I suppose to learn, no one around here ever tells me anything!"

"Mom, Sara's ruining my destiny prediction..." Kira jumped up and ran from the room, still calling for her mother. Clara watched as Sara darted out to take after her sister.

"Stop, Sara." She held a hand out to the girl.

Sara stopped and turned towards her. Looking the girl over, she noticed the promise of budding beauty in the girl.

"Come here, Sara, and let me tell you of the future."

"But you're here to tell Sissy's future not mine." The bewildered look on her face was enough to make Clara want to wrap the girl up in her arms.

"Who says I can't do both, Sara. I'm a seer. I see many things, for many people." She smiled in encouragement as the girl crept closer to her.

"Are you sure you can do both?" Sara stopped within inches of Clara.

"Yes, my dear. Give me your hand and I'll be able to tell you of many things."

Clara nearly laughed as the child's look of suspicion.

"You can tell me who I marry?"

"Perhaps, why don't we see?" Clara held her hand out once more. Clara had a moment to savor the soft skin of Sara's hand before her gift flooded her with images. She braced herself against the barrage of images which originated from the girl's future. When it was over, Clara sagged back against the chair.

Such a sweet child but there's so much pain and suffering in her future until she finds her home in the King's arms. She'll be molded by the fires of Venus and be all the stronger for it.

"Auntie Clara? Are you alright?"

Clara was jerked out of her thoughts at the child's voice.

"Yes, child. I'm fine. Shall I tell you of your future now?"

"Please, please?" The little girl was jumping up and down with excitement. Clara sighed and began the foretelling.

* * * *

"Prince Philip, Prince Philip!" The little tornado of a girl ran towards him. Philip caught the little girl after dropping the books he'd just retrieved from the palace library. At fourteen years of age himself, little Sara Glasten was still a child to him, even though she was ten.

"Hello, little Sara. How is my little hellion today?"

She pressed a quick kiss to each of his cheeks and then his nose, instead of answering him. "Ah come on, Sara. Enough!" His chest shook with laughter as he tried to avoid her little mouth. They had practically been raised together. Her father, Gaerwn, was frequently called to the palace to assist his father, King Angi. Sara had tagged along after him and Brent, his twin, as a toddler and while Brent had started pushing Sara away, Philip still found her quite delightful.

"Philip, did you hear?"

"Hear what, Sara?" He set her on her feet next to him. As usual, she clung to him like a garta vine.

"I am part of destiny! And so are you!" Her blond curls bouncing as she jumped up and down next to him, still clinging to him.

"What are you talking about?" He headed back to the table where he had been working on his studies and dragged Sara with him.

"Momma had Auntie Clara come over to the house to tell Kira's destiny."

He sat down and as usual she climbed on to his lap. He mentally resigned himself to the fact that he was going to be an unwilling audience until she was finished with her news.

"How did you have your destiny foretold if she was there for Kira?" He raked a hand through his blond hair.

"Auntie Clara told Sissy her destiny too. She told mine cause I was hiding and watching Sissy's."

"You were spying on your older sister again?" He could believe it as the little imp was always nosing around where she wasn't welcome.

"Well, how am I suppose to know what is going on if I don't. Did you know when Robert Claxton came over, Sissy let him stick his tongue in her mouth. Gross!"

Philip shook his head as Sara changed the subject - as she was known to do.

"Sara!" He laid his head back against the chair. "I don't want to hear about Robert Claxton."

"Oops, sorry. You probably like sticking your tongues in girl's mouths. I guess I'll just have to get used to it." She reached up and toyed with a piece of his hair. Like all the men in his family he wore it long and bound at the nape of his neck.

"What in the name of King Mica, are you talking about now? I swear, girl, that keeping up with you is like following a tarta!" A tarta was a small but flighty bird and was his country's national bird. A tarta wouldn't be caught unless it wanted to be, and then the poor fool who caught it was stuck with it because tartas bonded for life.

"Cool, that means you'll never be able to catch me unless I want you to!" Another bubble of giggles escaped her.

"Saraaaaaaa!" His patience was growing thin.

"I know, I know! Anyways this lady saw me and told me my destiny after Sissy ran off to tell Mom I was spying again." She reached behind his neck and untied the leather tie holding his hair bound at the nape of his neck.

"Sara, quit that," he hissed as he tried to stop her. "Ever since you saw Queen Diana's loosen King Charles's hair during their bonding ceremony, you think it is okay to do it to me. Now - knock it off."

"It's okay. We're going to be bonded, so I'm allowed to do it. Besides you have the softest hair, Philip. I just love touching it."

He looked down at the little vixen on his lap in astonishment.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah, Auntie Clara, told me I was destined to be your chosen and we would bond."

"What!" He dumped her off his lap as he stood up.

"Not now, silly Philip. When we're older. After both of us have been tested and tried by tribulations," she said, mimicking an older woman's voice, from where she landed on the solar's floor.

"Sara, have you lost your mind? Been out in the sun too long or has the moon started to effect you?" He started to pace back and forth.

"No, Philip. It's our destiny 'cause Auntie Clara said so and you know she's never wrong." Sara stood up and dusted off her skirts.

"Son of a tarta!" He was flabergasted when she gave him another quick peck before flying out of his solar. Me bonded to that little hellion? What did I do to deserve such a fate? Surely she just misunderstood Auntie Clara.

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