tagSci-Fi & FantasyA King's Touch Ch. 05

A King's Touch Ch. 05


High Palace of Areseric, 2128

Philip stood at the edge of the crowd and watched as King Rand completed the Joining Ceremony between his half sister, Katrina and King Charles. He could already feel the backwash of the couple's Joining. He had been warned by Healer Arianna he would need to find a willing woman to slake the 'mezclar linked' desires which was sure to bleed through his mental bridge with Katrina.

She hadn't lied. He was going to be in for a long week, the duration of the average mezclar. He'd contracted a priestess from the local Eluran sect who would be able to help him through the fall out.

I hate the idea of paying a woman to sleep with me when I'm not even sure I'm going to arise to the occasion. Ever since Sara betrayed me, I have the desire but she did something to me. Each time I try, my own flesh betrays me and I stay limp as a newborn. Maybe this time would be different. Priestess Zarita is highly recommended by those I've spoken to. Perhaps she'll be able to break this damn spell Sara placed on me.

"I now am happy to present to the people of Areseric, your King Charles and his new chosen, Queen Katrina," Rand said in a loud voice, jerking Philip out of his thoughts.

The crowd all fell to their knees in respect as Charlie led Kat back down the aisle. They paused next to Councilman Dean. Philip couldn't tell what Charlie had said to him; but he stood and tugged Arianna to the aisle and then they hurried up to the altar. Philip shook his head and laughed as the Joining Ceremony for the King's advisor and his mother started.

"What's so funny?" Kat asked Phillip as she and Charlie stopped next to him.

"Nothing really. You had to make sure he made an honest woman out of her?"

"Yep. My mother has been running from him for a long time. I wanted to make sure she didn't slip through his fingers again." Charlie's voice shook slightly.

Philip noticed the fine trembling on the King's body and could feel it through his link to Kat. Both of the royals were skating along the edge. It was obvious the King's longing to see his mother bonded was fighting with the stronger desire for his chosen.

Fortunately for them, Arianna and Dean's joining was as quick as Kat's and Charlie's; and very soon the older couple were hurrying down the aisle towards them. It seemed Dean was even less patient than Charlie, or he simply wasn't resisting the mezclar.

"Charlie what are you doing here - why are you waiting?" Arianna asked as they joined them.

"I just wanted to make sure that you did it. Congratulations Mom." Charlie said deeply as he briefly hugged his mother, before she moved onto Kat.

"Welcome to the family, Katrina." Arianna whispered as she hugged her. "Now, take this stubborn son of mine and put him out of his misery," she joked as Stephan pulled on their joined hands. It was obvious that he was more than ready to put Arianna out of her "misery".

"I'm coming, I'm coming." she laughed.

"Not yet you're not. But soon!" Stephan promised as he dragged Arianna off toward his palace quarters.

Kat giggled and just shook her head until Charlie leaned down and scooped her up in a fireman's carry and started back to the second floor of the palace where his suite was located. She shrieked in a very 'unlady-like' and equally 'un-Queen like' manner as her right arm was pulled back slightly while his left arm was holding her legs against his chest.

"Put me down, you fool! I can walk." She wiggled and tried to slide back down him. The people around them cheered with great understanding and more than a few lustful grins as they rapidly left.

Philip shook his head. If I didn't know better, I would say it's something in the water. Glancing at his watch, he saw it was almost time for him to leave for his prearranged engagement. He turned to leave but was stopped by Auntie Clara.

Philip shook his head as he watched his new brother-in-law throw his half-sister over his shoulder. He couldn't help but laugh as he heard her protesting Charlie's behavior. His laughter died when he felt a hand on his arm. He turned to see Clara staring at him.

"Yes?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the elderly woman.

"Beware of the woman you choose to satisfy your need. She shall change your future," Clara said mysteriously but in a knowing tone before turning and disappearing back into the crowd.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean?"

He tensed as a flare of desire pulsed through his link. Damn it. I've got to get out of here.

* * * *

Philip gritted his teeth as he arrived at the designated room in the chapel building. He hoped Priestess Zarita was ready. He didn't know if she was familiar with his situation but he sure hoped she was. He was ready to bury himself deep inside her already. Nothing in his past had prepared him for the overwhelming need and desires he was currently feeling. The stubborn flesh between his legs was hard for the moment. For how long though? I will go insane if it wilts like a flower in the hot sun.

He sat down on the low bed and waited for Zarita to arrive. He whisked his clothes away with nary a thought. Maybe I should take the edge off before she arrives, just in case that bitch's spell kicks in again. I'll have a small measure of release to sustain me if my body won't let me slake itself with the priestess.

He reached between his legs and firmly grabbed his cock, smoothing his hand up and down, he sighed as pleasure raced along his sensitive flesh. As he captured a bead of wetness from his tip, he smoothed it down his shaft, then grunted as another sharp surge of pleasure raced through him. If this is how I feel with just my own hands, what would the Priestess's hands feel like and will she be able to please me? * * * *

Zarita watched from the corner. She had just finished her prayers and had finished readying herself for the week to come. She knew the man sitting on her bed was the new queen's half-brother. He was said to have a deep link to his sister; hence the need for a professional pleasurer. She stifled a gasp as she saw the wizard spell his clothes away; sitting on the bed, his face was in the shadows cast off by the bed curtains, but she could tell he was gorgeous. His cock stood proud and tall between his legs and was already hard with need.

She glided forward intent on joining him, when he reached between his legs and started to masturbate. Even with her many years of servitude as a pleasurer, she had never been as struck as she was now. She was trained to take over for the client, to pleasure the client because, after all, that was what he was paying her fees for. As she approached, his fist began to fly faster. She could tell that he was already on the verge of coming.

She quickly knelt at his feet.

"Let me help." She replaced his hand with hers. Phillip started as she moved closer, as if he expected something to happen and when nothing did, relaxed at her first expert touch.

She dipped her head and used her tongue to pleasure him. For once this doesn't fill me with disgust or boredom. I normally do as I must to provide for Gabriel but for once I feel alive. I haven't felt this way since Philip. Could time have finally lessened the bonds of my chosen?

She was jerked out of her thoughts when the wizard she was pleasuring jerked her up to face him.

"I need...I need to be inside of you!"

The desperation in his voice caused something to rise deep inside of Zarita. She felt the banked embers of Sara burst into flame. No, it can't be! Sara is not the pleasurer. She's the pure part - she's Gabriel's mother, never to be touched by this.

"It's too late, Zarita is gone and only Sara will remain."
The soft words echoed through Sara's memories and stripped away all remaining vestiges of 'Zarita' leaving her defenseless against the coming event.

The mezclar burst through her and Sara went wild. I have to have him.

"Yes!" She pushed him back and climbed on top of him. Thrusting herself down on him she screamed as her orgasm hit her.

Sara panted as she attempted to regain her breath. She couldn't believe with one single stroke, the wizard had brought her to a screaming climax. The blood drained from her face as she looked down at the man's face for the first time.

"Oh NO!," she gasped as she recognized the face of her former betrothed. She quickly tried to roll them over. If he spilled his seed in this 'astride' position, they would bond.

"Oh yeah!" Philip wrapped his hands around her waist and started hammering up into her womb again.

"Philip, please." She fought to keep her senses as pleasure started to swamp her again. She had to stop him but the spell which Auntie Clara had placed them under so long ago overrode her common sense and she gave in to the intense need.

"So good!" Philip pressed his head back against the bed and groaned. He sent his power out to stroke her clit with a harsh order. "Come again for me."

Even as she fought to hold the endearment inside, she screamed it as she came again. "Tibi!"

* * * *

Philip's eyes flew open. He hadn't heard the endearment since his last meeting with Sara. He locked his eyes on 'Zarita' for the first time. Recognition flooded through him along with anger. Sara! He quickly reached up, intending on rolling over with her. His good intentions fell to the wayside as Kat's bonding with Charlie flared through their shared link. Their passions exploded in his mind and he responded.

"Sara!" He exploded, thrusting wildly into his former betrothed, her name a harsh cry of protest.

On top of him, Sara screamed as she once more climaxed. Philip hissed as he felt the 'bonds of the chosen' ensnare him. Pleasure screamed through his system once again; and he desperately clutched her hips, as he began to spasm helplessly against her.

He gasped as he tried to come to terms with the fact he'd just bonded himself to his former betrothed. Damn it! Another aftershock flowed through the link. Fuck it, I'll fuck her as many times as I can get it up! The damage is done. I'll deal with her betrayal when our week is over. Perhaps it will be the perfect revenge. She created this monster, so she should deal with the consequences.

* * * *

Philip rolled away from Sara's sweaty body. His blood still sang with the most incredible release of his life.This past week has been incredible -I don't know why or how but it does keep getting better each time? I should hate her. Throwing his arm over his eyes, he fought to catch his breath while he listened to her ragged breathing even out. This is our last morning together. I can already feel Kat and Charlie preparing for the rending of the binds. It's time for this to be over.

Leaving the bed, he walked nude to the bathroom, knowing Sara was watching him. He could invite her to share one last shower but he decided against it. I'm going to have to make a clean break.

After his shower, he dressed and came back to the main chamber of her rooms. He could hear her talking on the communications console.

"I will be home soon, Gabriel. Listen to Nana. I love you too."

Sara looked up as he opened his money purse. He could feel her eyes on him as he counted out the agreed amount. He tossed it on the rumpled bed.


"Doesn't exist anymore, Priestess Zarita. The man you called Tibi is long gone. Here is the money I owe you. I can safely say you were worth every ruzac. The Priestesses of Eluran taught you well."


He could hear the disbelief in her voice. He flinched when she wrapped her hand around his arm. Looking down at the dainty hand, he almost gave into the need to comfort her. Almost. The anger he'd kept buried deep for the week they'd been secluded burst free. He turned to face her, his anger flaring in his eyes. He watched in satisfaction as she backed away from him.

"What Zarita? Did you honestly think this changed a damn thing! You're a whore who betrayed me with my brother. There can be nothing of between us. I'll soon return to Sandova as her King. There is no place for you there, unless you wish to be my mistress?"

She flinched as if he'd struck her. Thinking perhaps he'd gotten his point across to her, he was unprepared for her response.

"You bastard! Go ahead and leave. We'll see how well you survive without me." Her eyes were filled bright with unshed tears.

"For the love of Mica, I've survived without you for the last ten years. What makes you think it will be any different now?" He slammed the door as he left, not hearing her reply.

* * * *

Standing in the middle of her room, Sara shook with anger and hurt. Storming into the bathroom, she ripped her robe off. Yanking the shower curtain back, she wrenched the water on before throwing herself under its' spray. She stood under the running water and let the tears run down her face to mix with the water. Pain tore at her. She thought she'd experienced enough pain but it seemed like life wasn't done teaching her this particular lesson. Already she could feel his absence.

Whether he likes it or not, we're chosens and he's bonded us. He won't last any longer than I. Even as she thought it, she regretted it. I don't want him hurt and more than that -I don't want to be hurt. Damn it! Why did this have to happen?

"Sara, we need to talk."

Sara nearly screamed at the voice. She yanked the shower curtain back and saw Auntie Clara.

"What are you doing here?"

"Just as I said, we need to talk. Finish your shower." The elderly lady walked out of the bathroom.

Within minutes, she was drying off and dressing. Opening the door, she joined Clara in the main chamber. With a quick flick of her fingers, she straightened the rumpled bed, sending Philip's money flying. With several quick flicks, she neatly stacked it on the table next to the bed. She learned the harsh reality of pride early in her career. Pride did not feed and clothe her son. I'll save it for Gabriel. Perhaps buy that new magick book he's been pestering me about for the last month.

"Come sit, Sara." Clara patted the spot next to her where she sat perched on the fainting couch in front of the fireplace.

Sara obeyed.

* * * *

One year later

Philip walked into the main hall expecting to see the commotion of preparations for upcoming Renewal celebration. He was surprised when King Rand and his father Mica, stopped him.

"We need to have a word with you, Philip."

He nodded and followed them into King Charles' quarters. Charlie looked up from his work, and smiled a greeting. In the year since they'd made their peace with each other, they had become loyal even trusted friends.

"Charlie, I'm surprised to see you here. I figured you'd be helping Kat with the preparations."

Charlie shook his head.

"What he's reluctant to tell you, Philip, is every time he leaves this study, my daughter Little Kat finds him."

"Done in by a toddler, Brother?" Philip couldn't help but laugh at the vision of the King's small daughter chasing the intimidating King of Areseric around the palace.

"She's no mere toddler!" Charlie's face flushed as he shuffled the papers in front of him. There was a knock on the door, followed by his sister's voice.

"Come on Charlie, you can't hide in there forever. I need your help!"

"Duty calls." He shook his head and grumbled under his breath. Philip thought he heard something about dire consequence if Kat had little Kat with her.

"Have fun." Philip couldn't help but needle him.

"Not as much fun as you're gonna!" Charlie gave him an evil grin before slipping out the door. Philip could hear Charlie's protest before the door shut.

"I don't want to hold her, Kat. This is not good practice for me!"

Laughter burst throughout the room as all three men started laughing at Charlie's predicament.

"Now, what was he saying about me having fun?" Philip wiped the tears out of his eyes as he calmed down.

"We need to talk to you about Sandova." Rand walked across the room as he spoke and poured himself a drink from the bar then another for Phillip.

"What about it? In the past year we've come no closer to finding out the truth of what happened to Lilith. The two main villains behind it are now dead. Aric and Brent both are gone and as Kat would say, dead men tell no tales." Philip took the drink Rand offered.

"Actually there has been some progress and I believe we're getting closer to finding out what truly happened to cause your father's exile. But while we're investigating this we have a task for you," Rand said as he poured his father, Mica, a drink also.

At that moment another knock came on the study door. Mica went over and answered it.

"Master Iason, perfect timing as usual." He ushered the man inside.

"Master Iason will explain all the details, but King Rand and I wish for you to accompany, Master Iason to Earth to help clean up ITS," Mica explained once Master Iason had seated himself.

"Of course, I'll be more than happy to help. How soon do I have to be ready to leave?" Philip set his half empty glass on the table next to him.

There was a silence before Master Iason answered.

"Don't you mean we, Philip?"

"We?" A frown of confusion crossed his face. "Who else is coming?"

"You don't think you're going to be able to travel to Earth and leave your chosen here to suffer, do you?"

Philip nearly choked on his drink at Master Iason's question.

"Excuse me?" He wheezed.

King Rand walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You must think we're blind? We knew from the time you came back to the palace you'd found her."

"It's complicated, King Rand. It's best left between Sara and I. I can't take her with me."

"So you're going to leave her here to suffer from your separation?"

"She won't suffer." Anger raced through Philip.

"What makes you think she won't? It's a fact chosens cannot function once they've bonded."

"Well, tell who ever said it, they are wrong." Philip stood and started to pace the room. "I won't take her with me." Mica and Rand exchanged glances at his stubborn refusal. Rand let his power flow and the room froze as if time itself had stopped except for himself and Philip.

He came to stand over Philip. Philip stared at the high King of Venus with trepidation. He'd heard rumors of the power the King possessed but never had witnessed it.

"You dare refuse an order from me?" Rand's voice was smooth as silk.

"It's law, your Majesty. No one is allowed to interfere with chosens."

"Unless there is abuse between them, Philip." Rand's tone suggested that such a thing might be occurring.

"I would never abuse Sara. I haven't laid a single hand on her."

"That may be the case Philip, but withholding your touch can be just as harmful as the other." Auntie Clara stepped out of the shadows.

"Where the hell did you come from!" Philip stopped his pacing as the small elderly woman came towards them.

"Rand and I figured you would be stubborn about this. So I offered to help you see reason and some explanations. Come closer, young Philip. I have somethings to show you." She held out her hand to him.

He stared at it for a moment.

"Do as she says, Philip. It will be less painful for you if you do it of your own accord. I really don't want to have to force your will. This has gone on long enough. I've watched from the sidelines as you've neglected your chosen and how she's struggled without you. I will not subject her to more."

"I've done nothing to harm her."

"Take her hand." Rand stepped forward as if he were going to physically force him.

"Fine, I'll do it but I don't see what good this is going to do." Philip grabbed Clara's hand - not expecting anything to happen. His body trembled as he was hit with strong sensations which turned into visions when Rand took his other hand. Standing between two of the most powerful wizards and witches on Venus, he physically shook under their combined power.

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