tagRomanceA Kiss At The Party

A Kiss At The Party


I heard your voice even before I saw you, instantly my stomach tightened and that tingle swept through me. I was helping in the kitchen, preparing platters of goodies for the table. It was a celebration for our mutual friends. The guests were all milling about, talking and laughing with each other. The only voice, the only laugh I heard was yours; my hands trembled from the excitement I was feeling inside. I was drawn to you the moment I met you, you were intelligent, easy going and funny. Had I had the guts I would have told you right then, but I didn't and now I felt like a schoolgirl, blushing as I was thinking of you. My friend hadn't told me you were coming, she knew better, and she knew of my feelings for you. When I dropped the silverware on the counter, I caught her eye and knew she knew why my fingers had suddenly become useless.

"Are you okay?" she said with a knowing laugh. I could have crowned her!

"Of course I am" blushing with my replied, knowing I was caught. She just laughed more.

I did not see or hear you come into the kitchen, probably because my senses were so overloaded at that moment. I had all I could do to just breathe. As I turned to ask where the platters were, I saw you. My heart skipped a beat, I know it did. Your eyes, stunningly beautiful, were piercing into me. I could feel the blush, no flush, overcome me, damn why do I have to do that I thought. I have no way to stop it and no defense from it, immediately giving me away. My mouth opened as if I was about to say something, but there were no words, only feelings.

With all the milling about it was strange to be alone in the kitchen with you, it seemed as though everyone disappeared quickly. Fumbling with the plates and bowls, you offered a helping hand.

" Hi, Cate, may I help you with those", you asked, looking almost as if you knew something I didn't.

"Oh, hello, sure, that would be great, thanks. These can go out to the dinning room now. Its nice to see you." I said as I handed you a platter and then quickly returning my eyes to the table.

I knew I was talking fast, without a semblance of order, so off balance, hands shaking. How was I going to get through this evening without making a fool of myself? I was so lost in my thought I didn't notice that you were still there, holding the platter. Thinking I must have said something wrong, I glanced up at you. Now I knew, it's your eyes, there is no way I could think and look at you at the same time. My whole body seemed to be shutting down, my knees felt weak, my lips parting, just a total betrayal of my feelings. I turned my head back to my tasks, trying to stay busy. I saw you put the platter down, not sure why you did that, I turned my head up towards you again.

That is when I noticed your hand and it was reaching towards my cheek. Your hand was so gentle. Thinking I was in a dream, I raised my hand to yours, placing mine over yours, shocked to actually feel it. You turned me to face you now, the stir in me was so deep and real, I knew right then, this was not a dream.

"Hello, Cate", was all you said. My mouth opened to respond, but no words came out only my breath, which I had been holding for what seemed like a lifetime. Just when I thought I could muster a word, your mouth came down on mine. Softly but firm, tender but sure. You were kissing me! My head was swirling with thoughts, but my body was not confused any longer. I pressed my lips against yours, my hand reached round to your neck. I felt you pull me into you more, holding me around my waist. Our kiss grew more passionate, your lips parted and I felt your tongue at my lips, urging me to open my mouth to you. As your tongue touched mine for the first time, a moan escaped me, and I fell into your embrace.

Unsure how this happened, but so caught up in the moment, I reached for your hand and placed it within mine. Fingers interlaced, as if we were long time lovers. This was no ordinary embrace; no this had so much feeling, as though it was meant to happen. The sparks began to fly; we were kissing with intent now. There was not an awkward moment, there was only passion. I felt your hand move and your fingers traced my ear, and then move to my neck. My whole being was involved in this kiss. There was no turning back, no reason to either. I wanted this so much, we both did and we both knew it too.

When you broke the kiss, I was back in the kitchen, we both looked at each other and I could almost see a blush start on your cheeks, I knew I was blushing. Without a word you took my hand and that platter of goodies. You placed the platter on the dinning room table and lead me off down the hall towards the home office. My emotions were running rampant now, my body was like jelly. When you turned to shut the door, I didn't know what to think. Your hand still holding mine, your other caressing my face, I had no fear, but I had no thoughts either.

"Cate, I think we both know now. I want you, in so many ways, I want you." You said without hesitation or doubt.

"I, umm, yes, I think, umm." Was all I could manage.

"Just say it Cate, just say it!" Not loudly, but softly, with encouragement.

"I know too. I want you too. From the moment I met you I wanted you, I just couldn't summons the courage to tell you. I was hoping somehow, someway you would just read my mind. But there was no way I was going to ....." your kiss cut me off effectively.

A long, slow, deep kiss, full of power, full of feeling. I thought I was lost in this kiss, never to return to my senses again and not caring in the least. You held my head in your hands and kissed me long and hard. After breaking the kiss you pulled me into an embrace and my head lay on your chest. I was about speechless and said so.

"Cate, you were hardly speechless," you said with a sweet laugh, "I thought you wouldn't stop talking once you started and all I wanted was to kiss you again. I hope you don't mind."

Laughing now I was able to say "Well anytime you want me to be quite, that would be a fine method."

We both began to laugh and then heard the laughter from the party guests too. We had been lost in our own world and were reluctant to return to the party, but we knew we must. Walking out of the room I was smiling and glanced at you to see your smile too. We knew this was the beginning of something very special between us, something seemingly meant to be. All we had to do was get through this party to be alone together.

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