A Lady and the Student Ch. 01



Sunday morning Margaret was up early tidying the house. The phone rang and she quickly ran to it, in case it woke Marvin. It was only a salesman.

"We don't need a gardener," she said, meaning to sharply cut him off.

Her voice sounded so immature and pathetic, she didn't recognize it. The sound of it was such a surprise it stopped her dead. She had always given nuisance callers a sharp brush off, and quickly put the phone down. This time she stood there in surprise, giving him a chance to speak.

"Are your parent's home?" the salesman asked.

She tried to deepen her voice this time. "No they are not. We don't need a gardener," she tried again, only failing to sound mature. She sounded like a little girl, answering the phone for her mummy.

"Well, when will they be in young lady," he asked. He sounded pleased not to have the phone slammed down on him.

"Err, they don't live here, they passed away last year," she replied. It was difficult to think what he meant.

"Oh! I'm sorry to hear that," he said. He made a quick adjustment of his assessment of her. She sounded young and gullible and so changed his approach.

"I should come round and check out what you need, how about tomorrow morning, around ten?" he said. "Will you be in at ten?" he asked, sounding firm and deliberate.

"Yes, err, I guess I will," she admitted.

"OK! I'll look forward to meeting you," he said, and hung up before she could object.

It had been difficult dealing with the salesman, which made her pause to think why. It was an ordinary, everyday task, and she had found it so hard to handle. He had thought she was a young girl, from the way she spoke, not the woman of the house. Why had she let him talk her into accepting an appointment?

There was a nagging doubt that things weren't right. She tried to concentrate, with thoughts blurring, the more she tried. There was a feeling of someone else, being someone else. It was a crazy thought which she shook off, determined not to go down that path, for it seemed a bad thing to do.

Marvin was right she was coming down with a cold. That would explain everything. He was so clever and she was such a silly thing at times. She would have to listen to him in future, and not get so worried about what was happening around her. She was fine, there was nothing wrong. It was just that life became so complicated at times.

An itch needed scratching yet she couldn't bring herself to touch herself down there. It had been growing stronger all morning. She needed to go to the bathroom anyway, so decided to do soemthing about it. She locked the door and undressed. She realized it wasn't her pussy at all. It was the hair down there that was irritating.

There was nothing else to do, as much as she didn't want to, her pubic hair would have to be trimmed. Snipping away with scissors wasn't enough. She would have to shave. It was fortuitous a razor had been bought yesterday, while out shopping. It was a bargain, for Marvin, for all the help he had given her, though she had forgotten to give it to him.

She was reluctant, for it seemed such a naughty thing to do, though the irritation nagged her into it. Sitting on a pile of soft fluffy towels, she began to scrape away, starting at the top, as far away from her vagina as possible. She hesitated over pulling her lips out of the way, to get at her crotch, but it had to be done. Soon she was clean, bald as a billiard ball. It was a good job she could stretch her legs out almost sideways, as it made the task so much easier.

"Won't Marvin be surprised!" she giggled. "Oh you naughty girl," she said, telling herself off.

Margaret got dressed and went to prepare his breakfast. He was making the usual man noises, getting up, and entering the bathroom. It reminded her of someone else, someone that had been in the house before Marvin, though it was difficult to think who that might be.

She removed the finger from her mouth and shook her head. Being confused over a distant, half memory was becoming a familiar feeling, more easily dismissed as time progressed.

"Good morning, sir," Margaret said, in welcome. She shivered in delight when he gave her a big grin. "Breakfast will be ready in a moment, sir," she giggled.

A girly voice with a lisp, and the giggle, fit well together, confirming good progress with the project.

"Didn't you buy two outfits yesterday?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, I did. Don't you like this one?" she asked, with a pout, and the inevitable finger between her lips.

"It's lovely," he said, with a big smile. "I just thought you would want to show me the other one," he said.

"Oh! Yes, of course, sir," she gushed.

"No, not right now, let's finish breakfast first," he said, before she could rush off and change.

She had waited until he got up before having breakfast, so joined him. She kept quiet not knowing what to say. It was a pleasure just being close to him.

"Can I go and get changed now, sir?" she asked. In addition to the little cute voice, she now sounded excited and breathless, eager to please.

She called to him so he walked to her bedroom, realizing he had never seen it before. She stood there looking crestfallen.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't get this thing right," she complained. "Could you tell me what to do?" she asked.

"You look wonderful!" he told her with genuine enthusiasm. The skirt was short but the dress was a micro-mini. The new top was scooped low and cut short, showing off a flat tummy. He had seen her lithe body in the body stocking, so knew she had small breasts, though, in the push-up bra, she had a nice cleavage.

"It's marvelous, you look beautiful, gorgeous," he enthused.

"Thank you, sir. I can't get these stockings on. I did so want to look my best for you," Margaret complained. "Please help me, sir," she asked.

At first it was difficult to understand what she meant. When she held up a garter belt, he understood. The tangle of straps made it look like an octopus, after a fight.

Marvin untangled the mess of straps then knelt on the floor, at her feet. "Lift the dress up," he told her. He took a deep breath, trying to remain calm, on seeing the little pair of panties hugging her pussy. She had shaved, in compliance with instructions.

"Put a hand on my shoulder to steady your-self. Lift a foot, now the other one," he told her. Sliding the ring of silk up her legs, to her hips, he managed to tighten it into place.

"Keep a tight hold of my shoulder," he warned. She was fidgeting, making it difficult to get a stocking onto her foot. He decided to roll it up and try again.

Margaret felt terrible lifting her dress up like this before a young man. It was wrong. He was a handsome young guy and could see her panties. She could feel his breath over her thighs and it was making her feel weak. Little tingling trembles were running through her tummy.

"Stop fidgeting or I'll slap you bottom," he said.

"Sorry, sir, I'm trying to keep still, honest," she earnestly replied.

Clipping the catches to the stocking tops was difficult. After a moment or two the task was completed. He looked at her still holding up the dress for his approval. She turned around, showing off her rear. Framed by the suspenders and stockings, was a perfect, heart shaped bottom. It had been kept firm from yoga exercises. He just knelt before it, staring at a beautiful bottom, with an honest appreciation.

"Are the seams straight, sir," she asked.

He hadn't noticed. He started to straighten them, taking his time, liking the feel of her legs in nylons.

"Thank you, sir. I'm such a silly thing, I just got in a tangle," she apologized.

"Well, it was worth it! You look wonderful," he told her.

She let go of the hem, which still didn't cover much, as it showed off the stocking tops with the slightest movement. She swung her hips from side to side looking demure. "What should we do to day, sir," she asked.

She was looking at him through long eyelashes, giggling, with a look full of suggestion. His cock was already hard, now it was ready to explode. He needed to calm down. There was a little way to go yet, before he could take her. It was tempting to rush things along, but it would be worth the wait.

Margaret felt disappointed. Marvin wasn't taking as much interest in her as she felt he should. She had dressed up for him in the lovely pink dress and yet he had left on an errand. She wanted him to hold her tight, and cuddle her, while saying nice things to her.

It occurred to her that cuddling a student, lodging in her home, might not be the right thing to do. She shook her head to clear it of silly thoughts. Of course it would be perfectly reasonable, for he was Marvin the master, Marvin the wonderful.

Looking at her self in the mirror cleared any doubts. She was a pretty little thing, all dressed up for him, ready for his return. He would know what to do with her when he got back.

"I'm such a silly little thing, I'll have to try and be patient," she giggled.


Marvin had a successful meeting with the husband. It was lucrative too, as he paid another installment on the deal. As soon as he got back, Margaret called to him from the kitchen, sounding distressed.

"I'm so glad you're back, I need your help, sir," she pleaded. Margaret had a finger in her mouth, swinging her hips from side to side, looking pathetic and vulnerable.

"What's the matter, what happened?" Marvin asked.

"The washer, I tried to make it work but it won't do anything," she complained. A tear formed in the corner of her eye, looking like a little girl lost.

Marvin was at a loss too, for he had others to carry out such mundane tasks. He went through checking the controls and eventually it started. The power had been switched off. Margaret had always been strict about switching everything off when not in use, now she became confused over such small details.

"You are such a clever man, sir. I'm such a silly little thing, I don't know what I would do without you," she gushed. He gave her a hug, to mollify her, and she nearly wet herself with pleasure.

"You sit down and I'll make us a coffee," he told her.

"I should be doing that! Oh! OK! I'll do as I'm told, thank you, sir," she demurred.

She sipped the coffee, and when finished, he waited while it took affect.

"You need to remember how to keep house. All the things you did before, you can do now. You won't be able to cope with book keeping and correspondence. You will need my help, with mail, bills and especially official forms. You never made it through high school, so you won't be able to cope with complicated reading and writing," he firmly told her.

"There's no need to get upset over things, because there will be a man around to help you out," he added.

"You had better get ready for another yoga session," he told her.

In the lounge she loosened up, stretching the sheer body-stocking, until it almost burst.

"That leotard seems to be very restricting. Perhaps it would be better taking it off," he suggested.

"Oh! I'm not sure," she exclaimed, looking shocked.

"It's up to you, it's just a suggestion," he remarked. He wiped the smile off his face, replacing it with a disappointed look.

"Well, if you're sure, it wouldn't be rude would it?" she asked.

"No, not at all, it's all a part of the experiment. You have a perfect shape, a lovely body, so there's no need to be shy," he smiled.

"Oh! OK. Silly little me! I thought it would be rude. Of course you know best, sir," she agreed.

When he gave her a big grin of approval over the correct decision, she hastily shed the body-stocking.

"Sit on the floor and try to stretch your legs out, that's it, right out sideways. Don't push it too much," he warned her, for she was trying hard to please.

He noticed she looked embarrassed, from showing off her shaved pussy so lewdly, yet continued to follow instructions. He had noticed her bare pussy earlier, when dressing her, only now he could see it in all its glory.

"Now up on your haunches, with hands on your knees. Look down but push your shoulders back. Well done, that's a perfect pose," he encouraged her.

"You will get used to being naked and it won't bother you at all. It's perfectly natural to show off your body, because it's so beautiful, like a work of art. You've seen naked figures in an art gallery and you are much more beautiful. You will wear a leotard when practicing by yourself. You can practice during the week, while I'm in college," he told her.

It was a lie that he was going to college, though, the way things were progressing, she would find out soon enough. Just a few more sessions and she would be ready.

"You feel wonderfully, full of energy after your yoga session. You look years younger and feel years younger. Like an eighteen year old again," he told her.

"Oh thank you so much, sir. I do feel good. Can I give you a big hug for helping me so much?" she asked.

The girly, awkward pose, with toes pointed inward, a wiggle of the hips, and demure look, was even more provocative while she was naked. How could he refuse! He stood up from the sofa and wrapped his arms around her.

"Thank you, sir. Your silly little thing is so grateful, for all you have done," she gushed.

He looked deeply into her eyes. "You have done very well. You are a beautiful young woman and I will guide you, until you are a perfect little. . ." he almost told her she was to become a bimbo, but refrained in time.

"I am a silly little thing, and will just love to be perfect for you," she cooed. "What ever you want me to do, I will try my hardest to do," she earnestly said.

"Good girl. One more thing, do you want me to give you a pet name?" he asked.

"Oh! Yes please, sir. Could it be something sweet and silly, just to suit me," she asked.

He was still holding her close, and she was jumping up and down excitedly, rubbing her body against him.

"Do you like, Candy?" he asked.

"Oh! Yes! That's such a lovely name, for a silly little thing like me! Candy, I'm Candy, I love it, sir," she excitedly agreed.

"Well Candy, go and get dressed. Then make us a meal to celebrate your new pet name," he told her, with a pleasant laugh.

"Am I now your pet, sir? If I am, your silly little pet must call you master," she said, with a look of confusion on her face.

"Do you want to be?" he asked, with a chuckle.

"Well, you do look after me, and tell me what to do. You gave me a pet name. So, I am your little pet. I need you to look after me, and need you to tell me what to do, master. Please, can I be your little pet, master," Candy gushed.

Marvin looked at her. Looking up at him through long eyelashes, with such a pleading look, he had to give in. This was unexpected, as her simple logic had brought her to a conclusion he hadn't foreseen.

"What kind of pet do you want to be? A puppy, a kitten, or a pet-girl?" he asked.

"Oh? They all sound so fluffy and nice," she answered, looking pathetically indecisive.

"Your master will decide for you. You're my pet-girl," he declared.

"Thank you, master," she yelped with pleasure. She clung on to him, not wanting to leave his strong arms.

"You must be a good little pet-girl, or I'll spank you," he warned her. "Go and get dressed. You have a meal to prepare," he chided her. He slapped her bare ass, to get her moving, and she scampered off in a perfect state of bliss.

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