tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Late Night Visit

A Late Night Visit


Katie stretched her naked body across the queen size bed. She loved having the whole bed to herself and rolled onto her stomach, spreading her long legs. Her boyfriend Carl was out at a stag and had told her he would most likely be gone all night. She sighed and snuggling into the pillow she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke to the sound of him in the room. "I didn't think you were coming home tonight," she murmured sleepily without opening her eyes.

She felt him kneel on the bed and slip a blindfold over her eyes. Carl wasn't very adventurous in bed and this surprised her. "Carl, what are you doing?" she asked, laughing. She lifted her hands to remove the blindfold but her wrists were grabbed roughly and pulled behind her back, where they were quickly tied together. "Carl!" she exclaimed.

He then turned his attention to her spread feet and tied each to the bed posts. "Carl, how much have you had to drink?" she asked, thoroughly surprised by his actions. She had to admit that being bound and blindfolded was exciting her and her hips squirmed on the bed.

She felt him kneel on the bed between her legs as his hands began to caress and squeeze her ass. His fingers delved between her thighs and slipped between the wet lips of her pussy. She moaned lightly at his touch, lifting her lips to him. Two fingers slid inside her and she groaned with pleasure as they began stroking her. He slowly withdrew his fingers and gripping her hips, he dragged her down the bed, pulling her hips in the air.

Katie gasped loudly at the sudden movement. Her ass was now high in the air, spread very wide. She suddenly felt a little vulnerable, but also very excited. She again felt his fingers plunging into her pussy and she sighed. "Ooooh, Carl, that feels so good."

She suddenly tensed as she felt his fingers move upwards, to her asshole. "What are you doing?" she asked. She had never had anal sex before and Carl had never tried it with her so she was quite surprised by his sudden interest in her back door. His fingers slowly circled her rose bud before she felt something small and pointed pushed inside her. She cried out with surprise as the cold lube was squirted directly into her hole and then again on the outside. His fingers worked the lube around her tight hole, before gently pushing one inside her.

Katie struggled against her bonds. "Carl, stop it, you're hurting me. I don't want to do this!" she cried. She bucked against the intruding finger but it was soon in up to the hilt. He began pumping the finger in and out as she begged him to stop. However, he only added another finger.

"Please stop, Carl, please," she begged as the pain intensified. He ignored her pleas and added a third finger, spreading her even wider. Katie was crying, her tears soaking the blindfold as the three fingers roughly fucked her asshole.

The fingers were eventually removed and she felt suddenly empty. She could hear lube being squirted and felt more of it on her hole. No, she thought, he can't possibly be planning on putting his dick in me.

Her fears were confirmed as she felt the head of his cock pressing against her anal opening. "No, please, not your cock, please, no," she begged, again struggling against her bonds. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as his cock head pushed it's way inside her.

She cried out loudly, the pain searing through her. Suddenly his hand smacked against her ass, momentarily silencing her. His hand landed on her other cheek and she again cried out loudly. He spanked her ass fast and hard, until tears again came to her eyes and she was begging him to stop. When he finally did, she was shocked to find that his cock was pushed deep into her ass. With a final thrust he was in up the hilt. The pain inside her ass mingled with pain from the spanks on the outside of her ass and she didn't know which was worse until he began pumping his cock within her.

She was again crying out, protesting the pain he was causing her that she barely heard the groan that escaped his lips. "So good," he whispered, "so hot and tight."

His thrusts were slow, long and deep and eventually the pain eased and turned into something quite enjoyable. Katie could feel her pussy getting wet as the ass fucking continued and soon a groan of pleasure slipped from between her lips. "Oh yes, that feels good, give it to me baby, give it to me," she begged, a sudden desire for more filling her.

He obeyed and his cock was soon pounding in and out of her ass, his hips slapping against her sore butt cheeks. "Oh yes, Carl. Yes. Fuck my ass, baby, fuck it hard," she grunted. She usually didn't talk dirty during sex, but she was feeling like such a bad girl she couldn't help herself. She couldn't believe how good this felt, how dirty, sexy, and hot, all at the same time.

When his finger reached around and began playing with her clit, Katie lost all control. The orgasm was almost instantaneous, followed quickly by another. She cried out loudly as the tremors flooded her body, causing her to clench her ass tightly around his cock. It was more than he could bear and with a grunt he plunged in deeply, his cum shooting into her tight ass.

After a minute he slowly pulled out, sitting behind her for a few moments before he got off the bed, giving her ass a final slap. "Oh my God, Carl, that was fantastic," she panted. She could feel his cum dripping from her ass into her pussy and imagined her hole must be spread wide.

The bonds on her wrists were loosened and by the time she got her hands free, she heard the front door closing and the lock turning. She pulled off the blindfold and looked around the room. He must have gotten really turned on at one of those stripper bars, she thought as she untied her ankles. Better that he came home to get off instead of buying it somewhere, she sighed with a smile, drifting back off to sleep.

The next time she woke, the sun was just coming up and Carl was in the room undressing. He looked over at her as she moved, returning her smile.

"Did you have a good time?" she asked, still smiling at him.

"Yeah, it got a little crazy, but I behaved myself," he replied. Before she could respond, he continued. "Something kind of weird happened though. We were at one bar, had been there for a little over an hour, when the DJ calls me up to come to the booth. My jacket, which had my wallet and my keys in it, had been found balled up in one of the booths. Of course, I immediately checked to see if anything had been taken but it hadn't. Everything had been gone through though, and things weren't in the pockets I had left them, but nothing was gone. But who knows how long it had been sitting there? Anyone could have taken it, found out where we live and gotten in."

"Did you come home last night?" she asked, suddenly worried.

"No, why?" he asked, climbing into bed.

"Oh nothing, I dreamt that you had. You know how dreams sometimes feel so real."

"Yeah, baby," he sighed, falling asleep.

She got up, her legs trembling as she made her way into the bathroom. Did she dream what had happened? No, her ass was sore and there were faint red marks on her wrists and ankles. She sat on the edge of the tub as the reality of what had happened sank in. If it wasn't Carl who had fucked her ass last night, then who did? She had no idea, she had been fucked by a complete stranger!

She jumped up and quickly turned on the shower, stepping beneath the hot spray. After vigorously soaping her body, especially her pussy and ass, she felt a little better. She considered calling the police, but she didn't want Carl to know what had happened, so she decided against it.

Wrapping her robe about her, she made her way into her office. She had a home based event planning business and she hoped a little work would take her mind off what had happened. However, when she entered the room, she noticed the holder she kept business cards in had been knocked over and they were scattered about the room.

She was suddenly worried that maybe last night's intruder did more than just steal the cherry from her ass. After a quick look through the apartment she was satisfied that nothing was gone and returned to her office, turning on her computer.

She first went to her emails. Her blood ran cold when she saw one where the subject was "last night." With trembling fingers she opened it. Attached was a picture of her lying on the bed, bound and gagged. Another was a close up of her ass, her hole stretched tightly around the dick in it, her ass glowing red, and other showing her gaping hole, a glob of white cum running out of it, and a final shot was the same thing from further away, showing her whole body after the fucking.

She felt faint, she felt sick. He had taken pictures of her and then emailed them to her. That's why her business cards had been disturbed. She had to force herself to calm down before reading the message. "Your ass was so good last night. I made a copy of Carl's keys. Let me know next time he's away and we can do it again."

She was horrified to find a thrill run down her spine and a sudden wetness in her pussy at the thought of him fucking her again. Her ass clenched involuntarily as her mind went back over the events of a few hours ago. It had been absolutely amazing, she had to admit. She knew she wanted to try it with Carl, but would she let the stranger back in again? A small smile curled her lips as she admitted to herself that maybe, just maybe, if she was feeling particularly wicked, she just might.

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