tagBDSMA Lesbian's Dream

A Lesbian's Dream


The internet's a powerful tool for nearly anyone who devotes more than energy for typing onto it. The more emotions you put onto there, the more you become attached to what you do, and who you may correspond with. The more you get to know someone, the more about yourself you hand to them, and if both you and your correspondent act online as you do in real life, the more they hand to you. This breeds a relationship, whether weak or strong.

Sometimes it's strong enough to seem lifelike. Occasionally it's strong enough to BE lifelike. And, in some cases, it is real life.

That's what happened for Samantha Adams (Sammy). One of her friends showed her a chat room where perverts ran amuck, but Sammy simply toyed with them as compared to taking any seriously. That changed when she met Amanda. They met under odd conditions, but Sammy didn't regret it, as now they talked with cams to aid in their pleasure.

It was a Sunday night, and Sammy was exceptionally horny, and that said a lot because she could go a whole day having sex and not tire. She was talking with Amanda, who acted like a mistress, and was ordering Sammy on how to play with herself. So Sammy was rubbing her nipples, bleeding lightly from clips powerful enough to tear the skin there. She had already cum twice, and she was simply sitting in it on her chair and moaning quietly to the pleasure, and pain.

AmandaNChains: Now finger yourself, as deep as possible.

Sammy nodded and lowered her hands to her pussy, twisting her hand in until her pussy enveloped it all and part of her arm. She had been taking orders from Amanda for a year now. The two had become close friends, and Sammy knew the only reason they weren't lovers is because they weren't together to kiss.

Sammy gasped and wiggled on her hand, since it brushed over the powerful clip she had snapped on her clit at the very start of the session. Amanda knew Sammy would pass out from screaming and fatigue if she ordered that clip on any time later than the beginning. So, it was done early so Sammy could consciously be hurt as much as possible from the clip.

Sammy pushed her hand past the clip, trying to keep one finger on it to wiggle it (thus yanking hard at her sensitive skin) while her other fingers kept brushing over her insides, which were already tightening and getting wetter, threatening to explode.

AmandaNChains: Yank out that clip, cunt. I know you're close.

Indeed Amanda knew Sammy well. Amanda had enough time to know exactly when Sammy would cum, how exactly Sammy enjoyed being hurt the most, what made her moan the loudest... She was Sammy's mistress, and happily willing to let Sammy feel her punishments online.

Sammy yanked the clip from her clit, tearing the skin and forcing Sammy to bite back a shriek that she held in her throat. Her pussy exploded with orgasm, on fire from pain and gushing out more cum against the throbbing muscles, soothing the scratches but causing her to drop onto her keyboard. Sammy nearly passed out from the feeling...

AmandaNChains: *Hugs her slave gently, tucking her cunt against her soft breasts and snuggling her* Good slave... You need rest, now, if we're going to meet properly. I sent you the tickets, after all, I expect you to show up if you want to get tortured properly. Please don't disappoint me.

Sammy moaned as she read the text sideways, imagining herself against Amanda's gorgeous body... The cam made Amanda look worse than she did, and despite that, she was absolutely gorgeous. Sammy straightened herself up and weakly started typing back.

AmandasCupcake: I won't. Why would I miss out on you? D: AmandaNChains: I know you wouldn't if you can help it. But you better show up, because if you don't, you're not getting to see me even on cam anymore. AmandasCupcake: I'll show, promise, only a train wreck will stop me ;_; AmandasCupcake: *Hugs mistress tight, not wanting to lose her* AmandaNChains: *Smiles and kisses her slave deeply, feeding her tongue to rub against her mouth so softly and lovingly as she pulls her slave's sensitive breasts up to her mistress' own* AmandaNChains: I'm going to bed now. Good night, Samantha. I'll see you tomorrow... I hope. AmandasCupcake: n_n Night, mistress <3

Indeed, when Amanda threatened to leave Sammy, her face turned to fear at the idea of losing what Sammy thought was the best thing to happen to her. But both of the women were smiling with each other... Sammy knew she had everything planned; all that was missing was being at the train station.

Sammy laid back and looked at the ceiling, knowing she was forbidden from cumming without Amanda's consent. So she gently took off every clip from her body... That was three on each lip of her pussy, ten circling the outsides of her breasts, and one on each nipple. She then removed a great, foot-long and two-inch thick dildo from her ass, stopping its vibrations. Amanda had gotten her that... so Sammy kissed it, deeply, as if it were Amanda's own lips.

Sammy cleaned off every toy she used using her mouth... Everything she played with, she sucked and licked clean. So she got to taste all of her pleasure, pain, and insides as she cleaned off every toy for later use. She only wished that Amanda could see the cleaning... it pleased her so, knowing Sammy started cleaning that way. It gave Amanda an oral show to watch and proof of absolute loyalty. After all, how many people would suck off something that's been in their ass?

Toys clean, Sammy rubbed the rims of her nipples 'til they could stop bleeding... She wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but you couldn't see her and not think she wasn't cute. She was a head shorter than the average person, being 5'3", and about 130 pounds, so she was plump but nowhere near fat at all. Her breasts swelled out to fill every bit of her D-cup bra, at least when she wore it (which only seemed to be at school).

It was with a little regret that Sammy said good-bye to Jeff, the friend who had introduced her to where she met Amanda, and went to bed, knowing her train ride was going to go early. Amanda lived closer to Sammy's college, had a respectable paying job, and since Sammy's job involved working from home, Amanda's house was prefect for Sammy altogether. Happy thoughts in mind and alarms set by her bedside, she curled up and hugged her cell phone against her breasts, knowing it would wake her up long before the alarms.

A horrible shaking against Sammy's pussy woke her up instantly in a shower of moans... Wait, her pussy? Oh, Sammy was dreaming of Amanda and had pushed her cell-holding hand down to rub her pussy in the dream, so... She was wet, no doubt about it. Sammy wondered if Amanda would forgive her... She welcomed the idea of physical punishment, but got a bit scared of being sent away.

That got her going. Sammy was now full of adrenaline, yanking herself up and running silently around like a lunatic to get dressed in what Amanda picked for her to wear during the train ride. The idea was that Sammy was supposed to make herself look like a sex slave (since she was going to be) all the way from home to Amanda's house, and prove it by giving Amanda pictures of herself between each step of the trip.

She had a corset that only barely came over her nipples and nothing else up top, and blue jeans barely covering baby blue, flowery panties. She wore her favorite shoes to travel in, smiling as she raised the camera up to take the picture of herself before the trip to Amanda's. Having sent it off and hoping she didn't wake her mistress, Sammy pocketed the phone and grabbed her tickets, directions, and luggage.

Sammy loaded up her car, which she didn't drive often, knowing her friend was waiting to be picked up to bring the car back once Sammy was gone. But... Sammy went back inside, finding her parent's room. Her father was wide awake, looking straight up, even as his own daughter came in. Sammy held in a breath... Her parents knew about this plan, but her father had never been the largest fan of lesbianism. "You're going?"

Sammy nodded and knelt by her father's side. "Yeah... I still love you, daddy."

Her father rolled to face her eyes. "I know. I love you, too... Be happy, okay?"

Sammy nodded and kissed her father gently, one of those parent-child kisses that hold all the affection with none of the passion. But Sammy was glad to be able to give it for once. "I'll see you, daddy... I won't be gone forever."

Her father nodded and smiled. "Thanks." He yawned and closed his eyes again as Sammy went around to her mother and, despite her still sleeping, gave another gentle kiss good-bye. Sammy then left, getting into her car and driving a block down to pick up one of her friends, whom she often got drunk with.

Sammy got to the train station, giving her friend the car's keys to take back home. She unloaded everything and waited, interrupted by a buzzing against her leg. It was Amanda, who replied to the earlier picture with a picture of her own exposed pussy, meant to tease Sammy horribly. A low, lustful moan meant it worked, and Sammy was already stretching the corset with her nipples.

It was almost embarrassing—almost—to get on the train, luggage and all. But Sammy could smile, and did, as she held up her phone's camera to take a bird's eye picture of her smile, her immense cleavage, and her nipples poking against her corset. As soon as it was sent, she got an order from Amanda to stick the phone between her breasts for the trip, and to not respond to anything until the trip was done. Sammy knew what was coming and held back moans as her breasts were vibrated the whole trip, making many men and women stare at her erect nipples and wondering if she was getting wet from the vibrating.

She was, and hid it well, moving normally despite a flaring pussy and slight wetness rubbing against the skin with every step. She finally took out her cell phone, having received consecutive one-letter text messages that spelled out "I love you, slave". Sammy let out a loving "Aww" and took another picture of herself, attaching it to a message returning the love.

All that was left for Sammy was to walk from the station to the bus stop for a ten block trip. To her delight and luck, the bus came not ten minutes after her arrival at the stop. The bus was nearly empty, so Sammy didn't have to deal with putting her luggage anywhere, it could sit between her and the window seat. Five blocks down, turn left, right, two down, right, two down and left... and three blocks down into a more urban neighborhood.

Sammy thanked the bus driver heartedly before stepping out, all her luggage in hands and arms. The last part of Sammy's instructions for meeting Amanda was that, once at the bus stop, Amanda would send Sammy the one tell-tale sign to signal Amanda's home from the rest. Sammy nodded, reading that the doorknob was supposed to have a bright pink heart hanging from it.

It was an easy spot, six houses down the road. Sammy squealed in absolute delight and ran the whole distance, not getting tired at all the entire way before running to the door, barely able to control herself as she knocked. Amanda opened the door and smiled, holding her arms out gently and smiling. "Well, slave? I'm waiting." Her voice, which Sammy heard for the first time, was a beautiful, gentle tone of the kind of woman you'd expect to make everything right with a simple sentence or hug.

In all of a split second Sammy took in every bit of Amanda's figure, which was flawless as described... Amanda was 5'9" and 135 pounds, giving her a very slender form all across her body except for her 32DD breasts and perfectly, bubbly ass. Her eyes were a piercing green but, at that moment, held all the softness of a girl in love, and her lips were bright even before the sparkly, strawberry lip gloss was put expertly over them. They were smiling, waiting for Sammy's own.

Sammy practically screamed at the sight before jumping to Amanda, holding onto her just as tightly as she was grabbed, and their lips met in a passionate, deep kiss that can only be showed when every bit of passion possible is shared through both bodies. Amanda didn't waste time parting Sammy's lips to feed the slave her tongue to rub tongues, only adding to the love and passion of their embrace. Their heads tilted and their lips sealed together, keeping them completely locked.

Before Sammy could sate her infinite hunger for such a kiss, Amanda broke the kiss, leaving Sammy longing for more. Amanda took two of Sammy's bags and brought them inside, waiting for Sammy, who didn't keep Amanda waiting more than a second. "You kept me waiting, slave, waiting and horny."

Sammy couldn't help but smile; if she wasn't out on the street now, she wasn't going to be any time soon. "I'm sorry, mistress."

Amanda smiled at Sammy' eyeing her horny body up and down. "It seems like you got a little wet. I told you, no cumming without permission. Why did you?"

Sammy smiled more. "When you sent me all those texts between my boobs, it just felt so good!"

Amanda shook her head and tugged Sammy's breasts out of her corset, squeezing hard around them and especially pinching the nipples. "You are only to cum at all when I tell you to. Otherwise you get punished."

Sammy moaned at the touch of Amanda's fingers, and even louder at the thought of being punished. She was tempted to try to cum just TO be punished. "I'll try my best to follow your orders, mistress."

Amanda rose up and looked at Sammy's eyes... The message was clear as day, Amanda WANTED Sammy to disobey and cum, just to be punished. Amanda knew Sammy could cum from pain as well, and being horribly sadistic at times, this was excellent news for the both of the women.

A gentle stream of cum seeped down onto Sammy's legs again, which Amanda almost new from Sammy's eyes was there. Instead of checking, she whispered into Sammy's ear, "You're wet again, aren't you, cunt?"

Sammy moaned and nodded, enjoying the seductive whisper. "Ye-es-s..."

Amanda pinched Sammy's nipples, hard, trying to pop open the wound from last night as she pulled Sammy back by her nipples. "To the basement with you, then, cunt. I'll teach you to disobey me."

Sammy was anxious... a basement? She was never informed of that or what was in it. So Sammy tried to keep up (but still slow enough that her whole body was tugged by her nipples alone), finding the stairs and awkwardly descending into a well-lit basement. The first thing Sammy noticed was that the walls were stone, like an old-fashioned basement build underground and meant to last a dang long time.

The other thing she noticed was the table in the middle, with chains and padlocks. A table for torture.

Sammy gasped and couldn't help but feel a slight bit of fear through her orgasmic excitement. She was fixing to trust her body and health to someone she'd properly met for not even ten minutes... That was love, though. Trusting yourself as the lover trusts you. Amanda COULDN'T be bad enough to hurt Sammy so much she would be crippled... She just couldn't.

Amanda put Sammy against the table and started stripping her from behind, having little trouble due to the lack of clothing. It didn't take a minute before Sammy was standing, horny and hot in the cool basement. "Get on your back on the table, slave."

Sammy took all of a split second to choose trust in Amanda over anything else, and climbed onto the table happily before lying spread-eagle. Amanda straightened out the chains and took Sammy's wrists and ankles before locking each limb in place. The stretch was almost tight, since Amanda made the chains custom to fit Sammy's body length.

Sammy moaned and looked around, gasping with a happy smile at what she saw on the wall just next to the staircase... Two kinds of whips, a series of clips hanging from the grips they cling to, many dildos of various lengths, thicknesses, and surfaces (some were bumpy), and there was a machine that Sammy recognized was for fucking mechanically. Another moan came from her lips before she was even touched at all.

Amanda smiled and stood between Sammy and the toys, now wearing nothing but panties and Sammy's corset, which was tight enough to make the breasts fold over the corset. "My slave likes what she'll be punished with?"

Sammy nodded furiously, unable to pick one to stare at and wondering which she longed for the most. Amanda reared back and smacked Sammy clean across the cheek, making her yelp in pain. "I asked you a question!"

"Yes, mistress, I love them, I want to be punished by all of them!"

"If you weren't going to get them all, you most certainly are now, cunt." Amanda stepped to the wall and wheeled around the fucking machine before going back to get the single largest, thickest dildo from the wall, covered in many bumps. It locked cleanly into the machine's opening and Amanda plugged it in before turning it on, getting it to push as far up as possible before it retracted an inch. Amanda took the queue to wheel the machine behind Sammy and stop it from retracting any more.

Amanda pushed the machine, up and up, until the dildo's head hit Sammy's waist. "Raise up, slave, so the head of this touches your anus." Sammy complied willingly, raising herself until the toy's head rested gently between her cheeks. Amanda got behind the machine again and pushed hard, forcing all of the toy straight into Sammy's ass as deep as it could hope to go, with Sammy being stretched up the table and all in a loud, orgasmic shriek of pain.

It only got better and worse for Sammy; the machine was turned on and the toy was long enough that it never left her body, meaning she was stuck feeling every bit of the dildo inside her. Amanda deftly reached between the machine's clamp and Sammy's ass to find the spot on the toy's base to make it vibrate. Sammy's yelling only got louder and she even cried in her pained pleasure.

Amanda got tired, or happy, about the shrieking and took Sammy's panties from the floor and wadded them up before stuffing them into Sammy's mouth. Sammy moaned and closed her mouth, keeping a steady groan of pleasure as she looked up at Amanda. "Quiet, cunt, I don't want the police on me, you were that loud."

Sammy let out a muffled "Sorry, mistress" before Amanda turned to the wall, taking off every single clip she should, completely ignoring the squeals and moans behind her. She returned to Sammy, carrying the same kind of crocodile clips that Sammy had and more. Amanda placed one on each nipple, tweaking them a full ten seconds each before tugging to make sure they were tight. They both snapped off, bringing a muffled shriek before the clips were applied all over again.

Sammy was already seeping horribly from that alone before Amanda went between her legs, seeing her raised pussy seeping out pleasure. Amanda dared to lick off what was showing, moaning loudly both at the taste and to tease Sammy, before opening the pussy to insert a clip deep inside against Sammy's clit. Sammy yelled with a mouth so wide, she nearly swallowed the panties, but she bit down in her screech to keep herself from going crazy.

Amanda placed three clips on each of the pussy's lips before going back to Sammy's breasts, circling around them completely with clips, between cries out and tears of immense pain and pleasure from Sammy's eyes. Sammy couldn't have found a better heaven, she thought, because she was still being shoved straight in the ass by that one, giant, bumpy, vibrating toy that made her want to cum non-stop... She only achieved one cumshot for the time being, almost having trouble moaning from how non-stop she had been so far.

Amanda held up the one last crocodile clip, smiling down at Sammy. "This one's special. You'll love and hate it." Before Sammy could ask what Amanda meant, her mistress had already gone back to the wall and pulled out a drawer that rattled. Amanda came back holding two handfuls of something like pellets... Before she knew what was happening, Sammy's pussy was yanked open and many things, from bean-sized to things the size of ping-pong balls, were poured into Sammy's pussy, and Sammy could feel wires coming from quite a few of them.

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