tagLoving WivesA Letter to my Ex-Wife, Selina

A Letter to my Ex-Wife, Selina


Sent to my ex-wife, on my honeymoon cruise - my ending to Selina28's A Letter to my Husband, Mark


A cheating wife humiliates her husband, and runs off with her lover on the Valentine Cruise her husband had paid for. She writes him a 'loving' letter, explaining the situation. Of course, she expects everything to be fine with her new cuckold husband when she returns.

In this short tale, the husband replies.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed, or left hanging with disgusting endings. If I find a story that's been abandoned for too long, I'll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don't write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For Information on how I choose which stories to continue, please read my profile.

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Dear Selina,

I hope this letter finds you feeling better. I understand that they will be letting you out of the hospital soon. You need to know I can't be there, as much as I'd love to be.

I know it's been a while, well over a year now, but I want to thank you for all you did for me, when we were together. I truly loved you. Loved you to distraction, and I wanted more than anything else to make it work. I never expected our lives to end up like this. I loved you, and as painful as it is to admit it, I still do. I miss you all the time. Not the 'you' at the end of our time together, but the woman I fell in love with and married.

Of course I was aware of your affair with my rival. Not at first, I'll admit, but 'men' like Steven can't help but brag. Even in an office like mine, there are people who understand that if someone like him will go after one man's wife, none are safe. His final email and phone calls to my co-workers were the icing on the cake.

My last-ditch effort to save our marriage, our Valentine's Day date, was difficult for me. I was willing to overlook your failings. You're only human, and we're all flawed. None of us are perfect. Certainly not you. I had hoped my effort to whisk you away and renew our love would also keep you away from the fallout from your lover's downfall. Your lover. Even now, 16 months later, those words are painful to write.

Once you abandoned me to be with him, I was distraught. I sought solace with our family, and spent time with them. They tried to make me see. They fought hard to convince me that they knew you better than I did. They understood you, and I needed to embrace the future, and accept reality. There was nothing to save. You didn't love me. You were nothing but a lying cheating disgusting whore. I know the words seem harsh, but they're not mine, they are your mother's. I could never say such things about you, you were my wife. My one true love, as weak as you were.

I read your words, and understood. It wasn't your fault. You'd never willingly cheat on me. It was an accident, circumstances, seduction by an experienced cad, only sex, meaningless. I knew for certain you'd return to me. You sacrificed yourself just to talk to me, after all. I do understand, my darling. Completely. Your words are etched me in my brain. 'I will never cheat on you again.' 'I promise.' The same words we toasted to, before you took him back into our bed, and left on the cruise with him. You're weak, I understand. I need to be strong enough for both of us.

If you were only by my side, my love muffin, I would hold you to that promise, while our lives returned to what they should be, to the future we deserve. If only you were here.

Damn, how I miss you!

If you haven't been keeping up with your lover's trial, he was found guilty of those charges of dealing in child pornography. The evidence they had on him was incontrovertible. What kind of moron leaves kiddy porn on his home and office computers? DVDs hidden in his closet. Filthy, sickening, perverted pictures under his mattress, covered with his own disgusting dried semen. (I thought that was a rather creative detail, don't you, my love?)

Apparently there was even a history of his chatting on kiddy porn sites, starting in mid-January, coincidentally only a few days after he started bragging around the office about banging a new married slut. Oddly, he tried to argue that he was with you on those occasions, while the computer logs clearly showed he was diving deep into online hell, trying to purchase time with a nine year old boy. The thought disgusted me, but the email trail is there. Unfortunately you couldn't be found to corroborate his lying alibi, and my home videos which may or may not have corroborated his allegations, weren't common knowledge. Besides, those are precious to me, the last images I have of you, and I would never share them with anyone.

In case you hadn't heard, he's doing five years hard time. Rumor has it he won't last five months. For some reason, the people in jail don't cater to pedophiles. Nobody has a problem with a 'man' stealing another man's wife, but when he fucks around with minors, they take exception. Word is, anonymous letters were sent to numerous people at the jail, outlining his disgusting deeds. It's funny how a simple email can cause so much trouble. You live by the sword, you get ass-fucked by the sword of a guy named Tyrone. And the 23 members of his gang. At least that's the rumor.

I did pay him a visit in jail, a few months ago. He didn't look good. I guess he thought it would make him look tough, to get prison tattoos. He has two that I could see. A penis etched into his forehead. That and an arrow on this cheek, pointing toward his mouth. Underneath it says 'BBC HERE'. I wonder what BBC means? I don't suppose you do, Selina my love?

I told him there were no hard feelings. I hoped he enjoyed the second vacation I'd arranged for him, and thanked him for his efforts in getting me promoted. For some reason he wasn't pleased with me. I'm sorry he feels that way. I hope he truly beats expectations and survives the full five years. It would be a shame if he couldn't enjoy his time to the fullest.

I should thank you both. Your letter, the phone messages on the recorder, and the your lover's email to the office were of great help when your father insisted I file against him and the firm. The fact that our boss promoted him, after seeing him fucking another employee's wife, didn't go over well. Combine that with covering for his office pornography and pedophilia, and you can imagine that the founder, a devout Christian, wasn't happy. Not happy at all. His look when he found out who was representing me was something I'll always treasure. I had no idea your father was such a respected lawyer. In the end, I accepted my boss's job when he was let go, and let them pay me off. It was only a quarter million, but the new job does come with double the pay, a large private window office, a company car, an extra week's vacation, stock options, and best of all, Donna.

Donna is everything a man could hope for in a personal assistant. Tall, pretty, slender, intelligent, compassionate, and very accommodating to my needs. Very. As in I had to get a bigger desk that she could fit under better. It was custom made and worth every penny.

Is she prettier than you? I guess that's hard to say. I'm certain any neutral observer would see the two of you, and tell me it's obvious. Her amazing tits, deliciously thin waist, bubble ass, and those incredible legs that go on forever, are all things that any red-blooded male would drool over. But I see things differently. Through the eyes of love. You're the love of my life, and so what if she's thinner, prettier, sexier, and younger? She's not you.

I still miss you. When I gaze down at her, on her knees, hoovering my blue-veined custard chucker like it's the most precious thing in the world. I think of you. How I wish you were there. How I'd love to have you with me, watching her suck my 'tiny pecker', all six inches into her mouth, down her throat. Sucking me dry, before carefully neatening up my clothing in preparation for my next conference meeting. She's the perfect assistant, and travels with me now. A 27 year old, Summa Cum Laude Ivy League college graduate. You almost graduated high-school, didn't you my love? With Donna by my side, in the last year my career has taken off. I'm the Golden Boy, and can do no wrong. Sweet Donna makes sure the gold is well polished. Daily.

I have not fired any of the people who found my personal humiliation enjoyable. I'm not petty like that. They are doing their best to make it up to me. That will be very difficult of course. Any chances of their ever seeing another promotion, raise or bonus are pretty slim. You reap what you sow. I wouldn't call it revenge, I think of it as karma.

I'm not sure why they're trying so hard to get on my good side. It could be the fact that the bastard who they were laughing with is now a pin-cushion for a prison gang. Perhaps it is that you disappeared without a trace, or that I recovered rather quickly to all appearances. Only you and I know that recovery is a facade. Sure, there are a lot of women showing a great deal of interest in me, and I have no problem finding a date any night of the week. Overnight dates mostly. I hear the rumor that I'm trying to get you out of my system. We know that's impossible, you'll forever be a part of me. It had nothing to do with getting it out of my system. It was just sex. Damn good sex, but meaningless without you by my side. It was a phase I was going through. I've stopped dating now, and I've moved on. As much as I could without my love in my life, where you belong.

I'm not a vengeful man, you know that. Still, it's difficult to get past some of my ex-co-worker's, now subordinate's, actions.

Except for Janice. You remember Janice, your best friend, who covered for you and my rival? Perhaps there's still a future for her, working under me. She's extremely penitent. She's found a very fitting way to apologize. A way that I wish she had shared with you. If that fateful Valentine's Day, you had apologized like she does, things might have turned out differently. At least for you, your erstwhile lover had already dug his own grave.

On her weekly Wednesday night apologies, she cooks us a light dinner, then retreats to our bedroom. Our bedroom, Selina. The place that should have been yours and mine, forever. You sullied it, and Janice, in her loving wisdom understands, and is trying to make it right. Of course none of the furniture is the same, and the new, heavy duty four-poster bed has certain advantages. Janice is determined to show me those advantages as each hump-day we explore new experiences, involving those four posts, and a surprisingly large amount of rope and toys.

When I have her tied down, riding her ass mercilessly, I have to confess I still think of you. Wishing you were with us. I could tie you down like her, naked, helpless, and let you learn. Watch the way my 'tiny pecker' does the chocolate-cha-cha, making her scream out. The way you could be screaming, watching while Janice and I perform our Greek theater for you. If only you could be there, Selina.

I've forgiven Janice. Fourteen months of twice a week penance earned her that much. She still stops by now and then, to help me out, cook dinner perhaps, and to remind me not to be too harsh to you. I can't believe I still have to reassure her. I could never be harsh to you. My first true love. I want nothing more than to welcome you back home.

As for your personal situation, I'm sorry about the confusion. I really did want us to get away from everything, and work things out. I know you love me, as much as I love you. Exactly as much as I love you. I thought a vacation alone, just the two of us, in an exotic locale would be the answer to our problems. Get away from the rat race, and as far as possible from your lover, the cancer in our marriage.

I honestly planned to meet you in Phuket, that jewel of Asia, on the Thailand coast. How could I know that I would be called in to work, to take over Asshole's accounts, when the Feds picked him up? Of course I had to accede to their requests. I'm the sole bread-winner in our family, and our future depends on my ability to earn a living. Losing my job would have been disastrous. You understand, don't you?

I imagine that you might have been upset, stuck there. I had forgotten, I swear, that I had the return tickets, and should have thought to send you yours. I assure you, it was an accident that it slipped my mind. I was just so busy, doing both my job and the my one time rival's. I had completely forgotten how I'd closed out the credit cards and emptied the bank accounts, in my momentary pique, after you left me to go on that cruise. It was never my intention to leave you stranded half-way around the world, penniless. Not you, my love. You must understand that. My life is incomplete without you.

I'm sorry I wasn't home to answer your desperate pleas for assistance. I was visiting with your family, explaining the situation, and showing them your letter and the videos I had. They were very kind and consoling, despite their own pain, learning the type of child they'd raised. Your sister was especially so. I always liked her. A lot like you, only younger, prettier, and without the soul of a slut. At least not a public slut.

Your baby sister was angry with you. I knew it was temporary, but you understand, I'm sure. It was Anna who took your call, and promised you help. I didn't know her idea of help was mailing you a quarter, and telling you to call someone who cared. I would never condone that! It was several days later when she finally confessed her actions to me. She figured you needed to be taught a lesson, and would pass on your plea to the parents by the end of the week. I was perturbed with her, but went along with her plan. She's like a little sister to me. A hot, sexy, little sister. You know I can't say no to her. Nobody can understand that better than you, after your time with your lover. We all have our weaknesses.

I'm sorry I didn't stand up to her, and contact you immediately. How could we possibly know you'd fall in with a bad crowd, after only a few days there?

Imagine my surprise when Angelic Anna brought a bottle of wine to my room, insisting I tell her the whole story. While we sat in the bath tub, sharing a single glass, I unloaded on her. Verbally I mean. It wasn't until later she assisted me with any other unloading. She was sympathetic, and compassionate. She reminded me of you in so many ways. Her sweet tits are amazing, not that much larger than yours, with perfect hard nipples, and it's not your fault hers are so much firmer. She is nine years younger than you after all. Her hips fit my hands as yours once did, smooth soft cheeks, much like yours once were, I imagine, probably before I met you.

Your sister loves you, Selina. Even now, more than a year later, she's fighting for our marriage, something you wouldn't do. She provides a compelling oral argument. Even better than Donna, if I have to tell the truth. I think she helped me understand our issues better. Our lovemaking, yours and mine, wasn't what I wanted, and it seems you wanted more as well. If only we could have talked about it, discussed it, experimented, tested our boundaries. Anna showed me how we should have behaved, releasing the inner slut, but just for us. If only you were here, my love. To see how hard and relentlessly she fights for us. There's nothing she wouldn't do to fix things. At least nothing I've been able to find out so far, and God knows I've tried. She's even brought her sorority sisters over to prove it.

Why couldn't you be there for me, sweet wife? Why did you have to destroy what we had? It could have been you there with us, as I lined up the girls side by side, playing 'Guess the Pussy'. All that firm young flesh, naked and willing, their valley of love awaiting my exploration. Instead of an unfeeling blindfold, you could have covered my eyes with your loving hands, as I took a turn inside of each co-ed's fur chalice, until I finally filled one, to be shared by all. You could have shared, drinking from that chalice. How I wish you could have, I would have insisted you had the first shot. Perhaps you could even have helped ready me for round two, holding my hand like we used to when we first started dating, while sweet Anna suckled my sword.

I'm ashamed to say, that all the time spent being consoled, I forgot about you being away. If you had only called me again, I'm sure we could have worked things out, found a way to get you home, back by my side where you belong.

Imagine my surprise when the police showed up after a couple of weeks. I'm not sure who reported you missing, I think it may have been your lover's attorney, looking for an alibi from you. Anna met them in my favorite outfit of hers, before putting on a robe to make herself presentable. I was surprised by their questions, and concerned, as you must imagine. When you hadn't contacted me again, I figured surely you were with your wonderful lover, my rival with the massive cock, since he was out on bail. Once I showed them the letters and videos, and Anna confirmed that I spent the weekend of your arrival up-state with the family, they offered their condolences. Condolences? I didn't want condolences! I wanted my loving wife back, there beside me. Well maybe not beside me, Anna was there after all, but in our home!

They showed up again, to update me. They had found out you'd traveled to Thailand, on a ticket purchased on your credit card. There was no evidence of you coming back into the country. You had purchased a round-trip ticket, and they figured that it was your choice not to return. The case was closed, but not my heart. You hadn't returned.

Why didn't you return? Didn't you love me anymore? Was I replaced that easily?

I tried to find you. You must believe me. My love for you still burned strong. Twice I called the embassy in Bangkok. I even sent a letter to the consulate in Chiang Mai. I sent them a picture of you, begging them to be on the lookout. You know the picture, the one that your lover had sent to certain people at the office, including our boss. It was the most recent after all. It didn't occur to me that the look on your face during one of those incredible orgasms you like to remind me of, was not truly representative of you.

I would have come in person to search for you, if only I'd known you needed me, and hadn't found a replacement for your pedophile lover. If I could have gotten away, of course. As you imagine, my new responsibilities keep me very busy.

It saddens me to think how close I was, when I took your sister Anna and her college roommate Erica with me on our vacation to New Zealand. While I was indulging my whims, upon the nubile bodies in our five star resort, you were working in a brothel a few hundred miles away. If only I had known. I might have paid you a visit.

I am glad your parents were able to pay off your debt to your keepers, and get you into a hospital, to start treating you for the diseases you picked up, during your adventure. I hope and pray you've finally gotten your need for a massive cock out of your system.

As I said, I won't be able to pick you up. I'm on a cruise for the next few weeks. Yes, it is true, we are divorced now. I'm sorry about that. I thought you'd abandoned me, and the courts were quick to agree. Of course there's no alimony, since there was no way to determine your wages vs. mine, and our property has been split 50/50. I should admit, there was little to share. During my recovery from the pain of your leaving me, I managed to spend nearly everything we have, including all the equity in our home. There is an account in your name, with the $324 you have coming.

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