tagIllustratedA Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 04

A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 04


Throughout the day the sexual tension within the cabin grew. Melissa tried to act as if it were perfectly normal for her to be walking around in the skintight outfit with her breasts and pussy almost showing. Yet the throbbing in her pussy was anything but normal.

It was after dinner when Eric said, "Well, I guess it's time for my bath. Before we do, I want you to put on what I laid out on the bed for you. Oh, and by the way, I want you to sleep naked tonight."

"What?" Melissa said like she didn't hear what he said. But he was already gone. Melissa rose and went upstairs; almost glad to be getting out of the tight clothes she had been wearing all day. However, what she saw on the bed was even worse; it was nothing but a thong. When she picked it up she was even more shocked. Eric had cut the crotch out, leaving only the two seams on the outside. And there was no top to be found anywhere. This was far worse than the leggings and top. For a moment she thought about refusing. After all she was the mother and she could simply say no. She threw the panties on the bed and crossed her arms as if in defiance. But then a strange feeling came over her. It was almost as if she was helpless and had to do what her son said. Then her heart started to beat faster and she began to tremble. With trembling hands she undressed and slipped the tiny pair of panties up her thighs. When she looked down she saw that her entire pussy was exposed ... and, incredibly, she was already sopping wet, with strings of her juice sticking to her thighs.

She grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She paused a few moments to collect herself before she went back downstairs. When she did, she found Eric waiting in the bathroom. Steeling herself, she strode into the room ignoring his wide-eyed stare at her near nudity. She could feel her bare breasts bounce with each stride and her juices were bubbling out of her pussy again.

Ignoring her son's wide-eyed stare, and without a word she began to undress him. As she helped him pull the tee shirt over his head, she glanced down. It wasn't a surprise to see that he was already erect. There had been a bulge in his pants since breakfast.

Melissa went to her knees and pulled his pants down. His hard cock sprang out, making her gasp. With now trembling hands she found the soap, and allowed Eric to step into the tub. Like the night before, she washed him carefully. The soap nearly fell from her hands several times as she worked it over his strong body. She couldn't, however, take her eyes off of his pulsing cock. Gently, she began to wash it, avoiding any stroking in fear that he would cum again.

When she was done, she rinsed him thoroughly, removing the soap from his penis and balls before using a bath towel to dry him. When that was done both of them remained in position, almost frozen.

The sexual tension in the small bathroom was palpable as Melissa stared at her son's now dripping cock. A bubble of juice formed at the slit and she watched it slip lower, leaving a clear spidery string of juice attached to the slit. Then her hands moved toward his cock as if she couldn't control them. Her mouth was open and her tongue came out to lick her suddenly parched lips.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and her head was spinning as her hand grasped his cock again ... this time they both knew it wasn't to wash him. What am I doing? She thought. She closed her eyes for a second; almost as if this was just a weird dream ... something from a wild fantasy, never to be thought of in the light of day. She almost hoped it was a fantasy. However, when she opened her eyes her son's cock was still staring her in the face.

It's so big, she thought. The girth and length of it simply amazed her. Her fingertips could barely touch. Suddenly she gave a start when she felt Eric's hand on her head.

She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. Then she felt pressure on the back of her head, drawing her face closer to him. This was crazy, insane ... this was her son, she thought. Yet, she put up only a moment of resistance before allowing him to draw her lips closer and closer to his swollen cock. A second later her lips were touching the dripping head. With a flick of his hips, she felt his cock part her lips and enter her mouth.

"Ohhhhh, Mom!" Eric moaned.

"Mmmmphhh," Melissa answered, making a weak attempt to pull her head back. She felt Eric's fingers entwine in her hair, holding her gently, but firmly, in place. A moment later she could taste the juice dripping from the head. "Mmmmm," she moaned as the sweetness reached her taste buds. It was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth. She began to suck.

"Yes, suck me, Mom," Eric hissed.

The room quickly filled with the sucking sounds coming from Melissa's lips.

"Oh God, Mom," Eric gasped, his hips beginning to move slowly back and forth in a fucking motion.

Melissa grasped the back of Eric's thighs, her nails unintentionally digging into his soft flesh. Her head followed the movement of his hips. There was no longer any hesitating. She had longed to do this to Eric's father, but he would never allow it. Never in her wildest imagination would she have believed that she would be doing it to her son. Her mind could not process the enormity of that. Instead, she allowed illicit pleasure to rush through her like an uncontrolled demon. It blocked all rational or moral thought from her mind. The feel, the smell, and the taste of her son's cock were like aphrodisiacs, overcoming any shred of resistance she had left. She was floating on a wave of sensuality like she had never felt before. There was a ringing sound in her ears. Suddenly, she felt Eric's legs trembling and heard him moaning something. It sounded far away.

"Mom, Mom, Mom," Eric gasped. "I'm ... I'm ... going ... to ... cum," he warned.

She heard the words, but it took seconds to register. When she realized that he was close to climaxing, instead of pulling away, she sucked harder. Then she felt Eric's body tense. In the back of her mind she knew what was happening. But now instead of reluctance, she wanted him to cum. It was crazy, perverted, but she wanted it ... wanted her son's sperm in her mouth ... wanted to swallow his cum. She moaned deep in her throat.

"Ahhhhheeeeeeehhhh!!!" Eric cried.

Melissa felt the head of his cock grow in her mouth. Then suddenly she felt a blast hit the back of her throat. "Mmmppppphhhh!!!" she mumbled as her mouth began to fill with his warm and sticky sperm. Her overheated pussy began to spasm. As she swallowed the first load, she began to climax. "Mmmmmm," she moaned when she tasted sperm for the first time in her life. It was strong, salty, and slightly bitter but not unpleasant. The fact that it was coming from her son's balls overcame any hesitation she might have had.

Although she had anticipated his cum, the quantity surprised her. Her mouth filled and her cheeks bulged. Some of the precious liquid slipped out from the side of her lips and dripped to her chest. With each squirt of Eric's cock, her pussy throbbed and sent another blast of pleasure through her.

She kept the rest of his cum in her mouth, refusing to let any more escape. Her mouth filled. She swallowed a second time. Her pussy pulsed as her climax continued unabated. Each squirt brought another throb of her pussy and another wave of pleasure.

She sucked Eric for a long time after the last drop was pumped into her mouth and eagerly swallowed. She pulled away when she felt Eric pushing on her head. When she looked up she saw him staring at her. It took her a moment to focus. It was almost as if she was waking from a dream. When the realization of what she had done dawned on her, her face turned red with shame. She closed her eyes, hoping it wasn't real. But when she opened them again she was still on her knees in the bathroom, her son was still staring at her, and the salty taste of sperm was in her mouth.

Eric's face was filled with what could only be described as amazement and shock.

Without a word, she stood up and rushed from the bathroom.

* * * * *

Melissa was in bed when she felt Eric crawl in next to her. She had gotten into bed naked, as Eric had requested. Now she lay on her side, facing away from him with her eyes closed but still wide-awake. She glanced over and saw that his eyes were closed. Assuming he was asleep, she slipped her hand between her legs. She paused for a second when her fingers reached the top of her pubic mound. She knew what she was about to do was wrong ... masturbating in the bed next to her son ... but her body was still on fire and her pussy throbbing. With a tiny whimper she slipped a finger between the lips and then into her very wet hole. She began to move her fingers slowly in and out, trying to keep her movements to a minimum.

"Mom," Eric whispered as he quick rolled over next to her and placed a hand on her thigh.

Melissa jumped at the sound of Eric's voice and the touch of his hand. She quickly pulled her fingers from her pussy. When she tried to answer him, she couldn't find her voice. She froze when she felt Eric's fingers begin to move down her thigh.

When she realized where Eric's hand was heading she screeched, "Eric, no!" But by the time she reached for his hand, it was too late ... his fingers had found her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, please, Eric," she gasped, unable to pull his hand from between her legs.

"God, you're wet," Eric said as his finger began to rub across her swollen clit.

"You ... you ... we ... shouldn't ... be ... doing ... this," she managed to gasp. Yet, even as she protested, her legs slipped apart, giving him unrestricted access to her most intimate parts. "Eric, Eric, Eric," she pleaded as his fingers began to move back and forth.

"Cum for me," Eric whispered. "You know you need to cum again. Your pussy is literally dripping juice." Eric began to move his hand faster, now pushing two fingers into her receptive hole.

Melissa moaned and lifted her hips to the now rapidly moving fingers. "Oh, oh, oh," she gasped as tremors began to vibrate up and down her body. She felt a finger searching for her clit again. A second later it found her swollen nub. "Ahhhhhh," she screamed and began to convulse in climax. Her hips moved up and down as she grasped the sheets with her hands. As waves of pleasure continued to course through her, the dim light of the room began to fade. She passed out.

Chapter 11

When Melissa awoke the following morning, she sat up in bed wondering where she was. When she turned and saw Eric lying in bed next to her, it all came rushing back. Her face suddenly flushed white-hot. Quickly she swung out of bed. When she stood up she noticed a note on her night table. Her fingers were trembling as she opened it and read: "Your clothes for the day are on the dresser. Love, Eric."

She quickly looked over at the dresser and moaned. The outfit, if you could call it that, was only the bottom half of a tiny pink nightly. Her breasts would be totally bare again. It was obvious that her son had a fascination with her breasts. A chill ran down her spine at the thought of him nursing at her motherly breasts not so many years ago. She shook her head to clear the image.

It was an hour or so later when Eric came downstairs. The snow had let up and the sky was blue, but the weather report was for more snow. In the kitchen Melissa was at the stove cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, Mom," he said cheerfully as he sat down at the table.

"Good morning," Melissa returned without turning around. She could feel his eyes on her and she knew that the cheeks of her ass were exposed below the elastic of the tiny panties.

When she turned around with a plate of pancakes, her face was scarlet. Now he had a clear view of her naked breasts. She took some solace in the fact that at least her pussy lips were covered ... but just barely.

Her son stared at her naked breasts. In spite of her embarrassment she felt excitement at the look in his eyes. Strangely, his stare made her proud that she had kept her figure and that her breasts could still compete with those of much younger women. She felt her pussy lips begin to moisten as she walked slowly to the table. She sat the plate down and joined him. Almost immediately she felt her nipples becoming erect.

Unable to look at her son, she turned toward the window and said, "It's clear now but it's supposed to start snowing again."

"I heard that on the radio," Eric responded as he stuck a fork into a stack of pancakes and pulled them to his plate.

Melissa picked at her food, her rising excitement taking away her appetite. Every so often she would glance up at Eric and find him staring at her breasts. Once she opened her mouth to speak but stopped. She had no idea what to say. She had no excuses for what had happened last night. Plus, she couldn't deny that she enjoyed it and it was obvious that Eric knew it. There was nothing to be said.

Eric spoke, "You want the last pancake?"

Melissa shook her head and watched him finish the last pancake. Then he stood up and silently walked past her. She heard him place his plate in the sink and then felt his presence behind her. Over the smell of her cup of coffee, she could detect something else ... something earthier. She trembled.

A moment later she turned her head and her eyes opened wide as she saw his hard cock inches from her face.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw her son's pulsing cock. The coffee cup slipped from her fingers and crashed to the table. "Eri ..." she started to say, but her words were cut off as he forced his cock into her mouth. "Mmmmpppphhh," she grunted, but only struggled for a moment.

Just like last night, she stopped protesting when she tasted his sweet cock. This time a moan of surrender escaped her lips, which were now wrapped tightly around his cock.

"That's it Mom, suck me. You did a great job sucking my cock last night."

Melissa's face flushed at his words, but she continued to suck. Her heart was throbbing in her chest as she nursed on the swollen head. She could taste his sweet pre-cum juice as it poured into her mouth. She had to admit that she loved the taste.

"That's it, suck me," Eric whispered as he gently grasped his mother's head. His hips began a slow dance back and forth. "Yes, yes, yes," he whispered.

Melissa pulled her head back until the cock head was out of her mouth. She looked at the swollen plum with amazement. At the tip was a clear bubble of juice. She watched as it grew and finally began to drip. With a little moan, she stuck out her tongue and let the drop land on her tongue.

When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth and swallowed the sweet bubble of pre-cum she nearly climaxed. The taste sent her floating on a wave of pleasure. Eric pulling on her head brought her back to the present. She resisted his attempt to have her take his cock back into her mouth. Instead she began to lick the head, moving the tip of her tongue up and down, smearing a steady stream of juice across the now shimmering head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she sucked the head back inside.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Eric moaned loudly. His hips began to move back and forth as he pulled on his mother's head.

Melissa sucked her son for a long time. She wanted to draw it out, make him wait for the ultimate pleasure. Incredibly, she was enjoying teasing him. She realized that she enjoyed sucking him more than she ever imagined. Maybe it was because it was her son, and it so wrong. However, this time it didn't seem as wrong as it had last night. While there was still pangs of moral regret flashing in her mind the excitement of giving her son pleasure washed them away.

Eric's moans of frustration finally made Melissa relent. She began to suck harder and pump his shaft at the same time. Her other hand slipped into his underwear and pulled his balls into the open. Now with her mouth on his cock and her hand on his shaft she caressed his balls. They felt warm and alive. Slowly, ever so slowly, she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Inch by inch it disappeared until the head breached her throat and slipped deeper. She fought the urge to gag.

"Jesus, Mom," Eric hissed as he felt his mom take his cock into her throat.

Even Melissa was amazed that she was able to take most of his cock. Needing to breath, she allowed the long shaft to slip back out until only the head was in her mouth. Then she took him deep several more times, slowly forcing the head into her throat until she had it all. When she pulled it finally, the shaft was now covered with saliva. She used the saliva to coat her hand. Slowly she began to stroke him until she was pumping her hand up and down with just the head in her mouth. A little whimper escaped her lips ... now she wanted his sperm.

"Mom, oh God, I'm going to cummmmmm!" Eric moaned. "Ahhhhh!!!" he screamed.

Melissa felt his balls tighten ... she could feel them moving in her hand like they were alive. She knew another blast was coming and relaxed her throat. She felt the slick and warm cream squirt deep into her mouth. She pulled her head back slightly so she could taste him. His sperm came out in great quantity. Again the amount surprised her. And again some began to escape.

She closed her lips tightly. As her mouth filled she squeezed her legs together. "Ahhhhh!!!" she gasped as she swallowed, and her own climax began. Her mouth filled over and over with her son's hot sperm. Each swallow spurred the pulses of her climax.

When the last drops of Eric's cum were sucked from him, Melissa stood up on unsteady legs. Then she turned and walked to the sink. An irrational exuberance rushed through her as she began to wash the dishes. For some reason she had no feelings of regret this time. It almost seemed natural. She loved her son, so why not give him pleasure? She shook her head to try to bring her senses back but the taste of her son's cum in her mouth made that impossible. The strong taste of semen sent a strange kind of warmth throughout her body ... like the tiny seeds of life were suddenly in her blood stream. No negative thought could penetrate the feeling.

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