tagLoving WivesA Little Adult Fun

A Little Adult Fun


Chapter 1

This is the story of two couples who met in college and became lifelong friends. They are now in their early forties and live next door to each other. Donna and Erin were roommates in college. Stanley and Trevor were frat brothers. Donna and Trevor started dating first then they set Stan and Erin up. The four were inseparable after that.

They were married within a month of each other right after they graduated. Similarly, each couple had a baby girl within a month of each other. Through the years they were closer than most families. They took vacations together and their girls became best friends.

Donna is about 5' 4" with blonde hair. She had become a little plump over the years and had been embarrassed about it. In the last six months, she had worked hard with Erin's help to lose about twenty pounds. One effect from losing her weight was that her tits that had gone from a 34 DD to a mere 34D. Erin is petite redhead that barely tops out at 5' 1". She has a runner's body, lean and tight.

Stan is 5' 11" about 170 pounds with a fit build. Stan also a runner like his wife Erin and his body showed it. Trevor is right at 6' tall and about 220; he is muscular but not what you would call a hard body. He has big arms and a big chest with a loud personality to go with his size.

When their children went off to college the four were spending even more time together if that was possible. They were having more BBQs and going out together; always with a fair amount of drinking. With the drinking came a lot of healthy flirting.

About a year ago Trevor and Donna purchased a hot tub. The four would often take a tub after dinner. The guys would always tease the girls to take off their tops but the girls had always declined. At this past Saturday's BBQ, the girls had been drinking a lot and were especially giggly. Trevor made his usual suggestion that they hit the tub. They all put their suits on and jumped in.

Trevor, always the outgoing one, started pushing the girls to take off their tops. Donna started scolding him about being a pig when Erin stood up in the tub. "Trevor is this what you what to see?" Erin said untying her top. Her tits were not as big as Donna's but were perky and firm.

Trevor applauded, "Come on Donna show us yours."

Erin pulled Donna up, then tugged the tie in the back of Donna's top freeing her breasts. "Yeah Donna, the boys want to see your big tits, let's give them a show. My Stan is always trying to get a peek at them," Erin said tossing Donna's top out of the tub.

Donna and Erin stood in the middle of the tub giving the boys a view of their tits. Erin turned toward Trevor, "Is this what you wanted to see?" Trevor started to reach his hands out to her tits. "Oh no, just look big boy. No touching, just get a nice look," she said squeezing her tits in front of him.

Donna was just standing in front of Stan looking a little embarrassed but trying to be sexy. Erin leaned back with her ass bumping Donna into Stan. She fell on top of him with Stan catching her. Donna's hand landed right on Stan's crotch. She let out a little yelp when she realized she had her hand on his hard cock. "Oh, I'm so sorry Stan. Your wife bumped me."

Stan was embarrassed but turned on, "That's okay, I don't mind." Rather than remove her hand Donna squeezed his cock, feeling the length of it.

Stan had caught Donna with his right hand on her back but his left hand caught her tit. While Donna was squeezing his dick he fondled her tit. Donna moaned into Stan's ear.

"Hell, Donna, push Erin into me, I should get some too!" Trevor chimed in.

A startled Donna released Stan's cock and stood up. Donna called Trevor a pig again and they all agreed to call it a night.

Chapter 2

The next day the guys were off to play golf on their regular Sunday golf day. Erin showed up in Donna's kitchen like usual for them to have coffee. Erin apologized to Donna for pulling her top off and pushing her into Stan. "Oh my God Erin, you don't need to apologize. I'm the one who needs to apologize. When I fell my hand landed on Stan's crotch. He was hard and I just left my hand there squeezing him till I got up. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

"Don't worry about it sweetie. That explains a lot, you really turned him on. We barely got back to the house when he pulled me to the bed and fucked me silly. It was the best sex we've had in a long time," Erin said.

"That's funny, Trevor and I had great sex too last night. I was a little turned on myself. Maybe we should tease each other's spouses more."

"I agree we should, but what if we did more than just tease?" Erin asked.

"What? What do you mean, Erin?"

"Donna we're adults, can you really tell me you haven't thought about what it would be like if we switched? What would be wrong with that?"

"For one, we are married and for two, we are married." Donna didn't have a good response.

"I'm just talking about a little 'adult fun' between friends," Erin said.

"Erin, you're not serious? You're not suggesting that we go 'all the way' with each other's husbands?"

"Going all the way, that's high school talk. But yes, I'm talking about fucking each other's spouse. Why shouldn't we? It is just sex among good friends, no one needs to know. Let's give it a try and if we like it, great. If we are not comfortable with it, we never talk about it again. You said it yourself; you got so turned on grabbing my husband's cock. We all enjoy the flirting. Why not go a little farther? I know I've fantasized about having sex with your husband. I'm betting you've had the same thoughts about mine."

Donna smiled giving away her true feelings, "Do you think the guys would go for it?"

"Shit Donna, think of how long they have tried to get us naked in the hot tub. I know they would never cheat on us but if we told them it was okay they would jump at the chance to fuck us. But It has to be on our terms," Erin said.

"I agree with that. I assume you have a plan in mind?"

Erin smiled with a devilish grin, "Next Saturday the guys are playing golf. We tell them that we are going out for dinner leaving at 6:00. The guys will get home and want to shower before we got out. When they get in the shower we trade houses. We each put on that new lingerie we bought last week. We tell the guys that we have decided to give them their wish for a trade for the night. We tell them it is for one night only, but if anyone doesn't want to go through with it just make a call before 6:00 and we call it off. After 6:00 it is anything and everything goes till 6:00 am the next morning. What do you think?"

"I don't know Erin. Shouldn't we have a discussion with the guys first. This is a big step," Donna said hesitantly. "Let me sleep on it and we can talk tomorrow."

That night Donna was having a hard time getting to sleep. Her mind was racing with all that Erin had proposed. She finally fell asleep but awakened after having a dream about Stan fucking her in the hot tub. She slipped her panties off and inserted her fingers in her wet pussy.

Trevor was sound asleep next to her on his back. She initially thought she shouldn't wake him, that he might be mad. Then reality set in; he has never turned down sex. She slipped a hand into his boxers to find his soft cock. With just a little stroking he sprang to life. His cock was up but he was still sleeping. He was probably in a dream, was he dreaming of fucking Erin?

Donna pulled his boxers down enough to expose his hard cock. With a quick motion, Donna slid on top of her husband and mounted his cock. Trevor's eye's opened to see his wife on top of him, "What's going on?" Trevor mumbled.

"Just shut up and fuck me!" Donna grunted and bent down to kiss her husband.

Trevor did as he was told, starting to move his hips up and down grinding his cock into his wife's pussy. He couldn't remember the last time they had middle of the night sex and he didn't question it. He was just happy to be fucking.

Donna was riding Trevor hard with her tits bounce in his face as they fucked. Her pussy clamped down hard on Trevor's cock as she shuttered with a big orgasm. Trevor wasn't far behind letting loose with a steam of cum into her pussy.

Donna kissed her husband and slid off him curling up next to him. "Wow, that was great. What got into you?" Trevor asked.

Donna reached back to his softening cock, grabbing it. "You did," she said, "you didn't mind did you?"

"Hell no, you can do that every night. If I did something to cause this I want to keep doing it," Trevor said laughing.

"Erin and I went lingerie shopping and I guess I got a little worked up," Donna said.

"Mmm, when do I get to see it?"

"I think we will show you soon," Donna said rolling over.

"We?" Trevor asked getting no response from Donna who rolled over going back to sleep.

Chapter 3

Donna woke up the next morning naked and alone in her bed. Trevor had already left for work as usual. Donna's thoughts returned to last night. Her best friend had asked her to swap husbands. Her initial thought was no, she was not that kind of girl. She remembered what Erin said, "It was just adult fun." What would be the harm in good friends having a little adult fun she asked herself.

She was so deep in thought she hadn't realized that she had two fingers in her pussy. What the fuck, she thought. She wanted some "adult fun."

Donna pulled out her phone and called Erin. "Okay, I'm in, but don't you think we should all get together and talk about this before we jump into bed."

"We could, but I just think it will be more fun to see the reaction on our hubby's faces when we tell them they get the opportunity to do what they have wanted for so long," Erin shot back.

"Alright, we will do it your way, but if anybody gets cold feet we call it off. I might be the one getting cold feet. Saturday night is the night," Donna said.

Saturday morning arrived with both Donna and Erin making a special point to give their men a big kiss telling them they love them before they left for golf. They reminded them about their dinner date and to be ready by 6:00. Both guys gave their wives suspicious looks as they left.

With the guys gone, Donna got ready and headed to Erin's house. She carried with her a bag with a red teddy and thong.

Donna walked right in as usual. Erin was in the kitchen cleaning up. "Are we really going to do this?" Donna asked.

"We better, Stan wanted to fuck last night but I wanted him to save his cum for you sweetie."

"Did you tell him what we are going to do?" asked Donna

"Hell no, I just told him I was tired and rolled over. I think he was a little mad."

Time seemed to move very slowly till about 3:00 when Donna spoke up, "Can we have a little wine to calm my nerves?"

"Sure, but I don't want you drunk and blaming it on the alcohol." Erin said getting them some glasses.

It was about 5:20 when the girls finally heard the garage door open. Stan came in the door saying hi to the girls who were in the kitchen. He said he was going to shower and he would be ready to go out to dinner.

Right after Stan was upstairs Erin picked up her bag and hugged Donna kissing her on the lips. "Are we ready for this? Remember whatever happens, we are still best friends," Erin said.

"Yes, best friends. I really hope I don't chicken out," Donna said as Erin walked to Donna and Trevor's house.

Chapter 4, Erin and Trevor's story

Erin walked out the back door and into her friend's house. She headed upstairs once she confirmed that Trevor was in the shower. Erin made her way to the guest bedroom and changed into her pink teddy with matching thong. Her heart started beating faster when she heard the shower shut off.

She waited a few minutes giving Trevor time to get dressed. She looked at the clock and it was already 5:40.

"Trevor," she called out.

"I'm in the bedroom almost ready," Trevor responded.

Erin walked in the bedroom in her teddy and sat on the bed.

"Holly shit Erin, what the fuck is going on?"

"Donna said you wanted to see the lingerie we bought. What do you think?" Erin said doing a spin for Trevor.

"Damn, you are hot, but where is Donna?" Trevor said stammering.

"Donna is over at my house showing her babydoll to my Stan," Erin said.

"She is doing what? What are you guys up to?" Trevor asked.

"We decided to give you guys your fantasy."

"Our fantasy? Is this a joke? Are Stan and Donna going to jump out from behind the corner?" Trevor said.

"No joke, you and Stan have always been flirting with us, hinting at swapping. Donna and I are proposing we give it a try, no restrictions. If everyone is agreeable we start at 6:00 tonight till 6:00 in the morning."

"No shit? You are saying you and I together for the night, with no restrictions? You do mean fucking, right?"

"Yes Trevor, you and me doing whatever I let you do to me, and yes I want to fuck." Erin said.

"My Donna agreed to this?" Trevor said walking up to Erin putting his hands on her shoulders.

"She was a little hesitant at first; I think she got off showing her tits to Stan last weekend."

"So how is this going to work?" Trevor asked.

"The plan is if nobody calls it off before 6:00 then I stay here the night and Donna stays across the street. We play out our fantasy and then decide if this is a one-night deal. If someone objects then they call before 6:00 and we cancel the swap and never speak of it again," Erin said running her hand across Trevor's bulge. "Are you jealous of your wife with your best friend?" Erin said, looking Trevor in the eye.

"I might be a little," Trevor said, slipping the straps off her shoulders letting the babydoll drop to the floor. "But if this is for real you've got me so horny now I'm not sure I will care what they do if I get to be with you." Trevor said cupping her tits.

Erin looked at the clock; it was 5:50, "Hold on big boy, we are not starting till 6:00. Grab your phone so we can make sure they are not calling you."

Trevor pulled his shirt off then grabbed his phone. "Oh shit, I have a text from Donna." Trevor was sure that Donna was backing out. He put his code in the phone pulling up the text. "Well son of a bitch," he said with a big grin. Trevor showed to text to Erin "I love you," it read. Trevor kicked his shoes off and pulled his pants down.

"Slow down, that text was from fifteen minutes ago. We still have eight more minutes for them to call it off," Erin said standing in front of Trevor in just a thong and Trevor in just his boxers. Erin looked down at the bulge in his boxers, "You could take those off if you want while we wait."

After Trevor's boxers hit the floor, he looked at his phone. "Three more minutes, are you sure you don't want to call it off? As you can see I'm ready," Trevor said indicating to his hard cock.

Erin looked at him smiling. She slid her little pink thong to the ground. Erin moved up to Trevor and put her hand on his cock. "God, they better not call now. I am so fucking horny." Erin kept her hand wrapped around Trevor's cock and pushed her lips against his, pushing her tongue into Trevor's mouth.

Erin broke their kiss, grabbing Trevor's phone from his hand. The clock read 6:02. Erin slid back on the bed spreading her legs; Erin opened her arms inviting Trevor to her. "I think it is time for us to get in bed."

Trevor climbed onto the bed and crawled on top of Erin. He kissed her then lined up his cock with her shaved pussy. The head of his cock pushed against the lips of Erin's pussy lips. Her soaked pussy accepted his dick head inside her. With a single thrust, Trevor's cock was fully inserted into Erin. "Oh God, that feels great," Erin moaned.

Trevor's cock was now pumping hard into Erin, "I can't believe we are doing this. I have wanted to fuck you for so long," Trevor said grunting.

"Mmm, you are going to get me all night long," Erin moaned as Trevor pumped her hard and fast. He had dreamed of fucking her petite body and he was giving her all she could handle. In a short time, Erin began to shake with an orgasm, "Fuck, I'm cumming, faster, faster," she called out.

Trevor was pounding hard as Erin's pussy contracted around his cock. He grunted and shot his load into her pussy. He collapsed on top of her as his dick finished depositing his cum in her.

Chapter 5, Donna and Stanley

Donna grabbed her bag with her red babydoll and thong. Her hands were shaking as she took off her clothes and put on the lingerie. She nervously crept upstairs to the master bedroom. Before going in Donna pulled out her phone. She thought about calling the whole thing off but instead she texted, "I love you," to her husband. She stayed outside the bedroom trying listen to if Stan was in the shower. She couldn't hear the shower so she walked on into the bedroom.

The door to the bathroom was open and she heard the flush of the toilet. The shower turned on right after the flush. Donna looked at her phone; it was about 5:40. Fuck, she thought, he is taking too long. Time passed slowly as she got more impatient. She looked at her phone again; it was 5:50 and no calls. The shower had just stopped so Donna figured she needed to do something.

"Stan, are you almost ready?" Donna called out for the bedroom.

"Just drying off. Donna, is that you? What are you doing here?" Stan said in a questioning tone.

"Can you come out here now?" Donna asked nervously.

Stan came out wearing only a towel and almost lost it when he saw Donna standing in his bedroom with a lacy red badydoll. "Oh my God, what are you wearing and what are you doing here? Where is Erin?"

"Calm down; this is going to take some explaining," Donna said, looking at her phone again for the time, which was 5:55. "Okay where to start. You remember last Saturday, you and Trevor convinced Erin and me to take off our tops in the hot tub showing you guys our boobs?"

"How could I forget, you looked incredible. It was very hot," Stan said.

"It turned us on too; that night Trevor and I had some of the best sex we've had in a long time. Erin told me that you two had great sex too that night. Erin and I had a discussion the next day." Donna looked at her phone again it was 5:58.

"Why do you keep looking at your phone?" Stan asked.

"Because you took too long and time is important. Anyway, we talked about having some fun with you guys, as Erin put it 'adult fun'. Erin is over at my house right now with Trevor wearing a pink babydoll."

"What are you actually saying and why does the time matter?" Stan said now with a little attitude.

"The plan was that I would talk to you half an hour ago and tell you we want to swap spouses for the night. If anyone wanted to call it off they would call the other by 6:00. If someone called before 6:00 then we would say it was a joke and everything would stop." She looked down at her phone that now read 6:01. "Fuck it is after 6:00."

"Swap spouses?" Stan asked, still not getting it.

"Come on Stan, I'm in your bedroom wearing sexy lingerie. Do I have spell it out? Erin and I have agreed that you guys can have us for the night, no restrictions. If you were not agreeable you had to have called before 6:00 which now has come and gone," Donna said starting to cry.

Stan went to her giving her a hug. "I'm sorry, it's okay. Are you for real on this?"

"Yes, we are for real. Would I be wearing this if I wasn't? I've screwed up bad, it is after 6:00 and it is too late to stop," Donna said drying her eyes.

"Did you want to call it off?" Stan said.

Donna looked up at him, "I don't know. Maybe we should call it off, it was a stupid idea that I agreed to."

"Erin talked you into this didn't she?"

Donna looked down, nodding, "It didn't take much for me to agree. I got pretty excited when my hand fell on you."

Stan reached out and hugged Donna again. When he embraced Donna the towel around his waist fell to the floor. "Oh shit," Donna said, surprised at seeing Stan's hard cock. She couldn't help but notice that it appeared to be a little shorter than her husband's but fatter. "You don't look like you want to call this off."

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