tagLoving WivesA Little Sex Therapy

A Little Sex Therapy


She looked across the coffee table at him with her head cocked sideways. "All that guilt is nothing but a burden for you, and it keeps you from enjoying your life. Don't you sometimes get a bit angry about that? Or even at yourself?"

We had been talking all evening, my loving partner Rachel, my best friend Dave who I had known since high school, and I. Dave grew up in a thoroughly catholic house where guilt was on the family curriculum from an early age. Rachel was the therapist tonight.

"Tell me something you feel guilty about, Dave."

"Feeling attracted to other women." Dave was married, though the relationship had soured a long time ago and was now exclusively an economic arrangement.

"'Feeling attracted other women'." She considered this. "So, how often are you attracted to other women?"

"Sometimes," he answered.

"Often?" she asked. She raised an eyebrow and looked softly at Dave.


"Pretty well all the time except when you're asleep, and then in your dreams?" she asked. It was a rhetorical question.

"Pretty well," he muttered anyway.

"You poor boy," she said. "So you're telling me you walk around feeling guilty all the time."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"All because extramarital sex, or probably even sex in general, is on the bad things list and all bad things make for guilt?"

"I know it doesn't make sense. And this is not the way I want it, believe me. But it's so solidly ingrained in me. So how do I overcome it?"

"Well," she said sagely, "guilt is a learned behavior. You were taught it, and you practiced it a lot, and that's why you got very good at it. So to unlearn it, you need to practice the opposite, again and again, until you've mastered a more appropriate set of associations. Like for example, 'sex is a lot of fun and being in the intimate embrace of attractive women is one of life's great gifts'."

"I wish I could do that. That would be wonderful."

"Well, Dave, you had help learning the guilt thing. Maybe I'm thinking your mother, sorry to bring her up, maybe I'm thinking your grade school teachers in catholic school, no disrespect intended. You didn't learn this by yourself. So you don't have to unlearn it by yourself. You have friends, you lucky devil. You have two very good friends right here." She turned and looked at me, "Lover, do you mind if I help Dave a little with his guilt problem?" She had a strange look of determination and mischief in her eyes.

"I think you should try to help Dave," I said. I knew this is what I had to say, but was not at all sure where this was going. I just had a growing suspicion. She had an occasional adventuresome side, and my past experience was to go with it and reap what came. It was always rewarding for us both.

"You'll have to support me on this," she said, looking at me carefully. "You will have to promise you won't make me feel guilty for helping your friend. 'Cuz we are going to work on Dave's problem about guilt and sex."

I promised, and I was suddenly very curious, and just a little apprehensive.

But she didn't stop long enough for me to filter anything. She focused all of her attention on Dave, who was still sitting across from her. She had already quietly moved her chair over a couple of feet, so that the coffee table was no longer between them, and she lined up her beautiful body square facing him, and crossed her elegant legs. She was wearing a dress. "So Dave," she said, "imagine you are looking at a very attractive woman." She paused to let that work in, and folded her legs very slowly and deliberately the other way. I watched Dave's eyes follow every move. "And lets say you almost immediately start to have dirty little thoughts about her."

She smiled at him. She was at her seductive best. And he, for all his hangups, was an easy mark. Dave visited from out of town, so we didn't see him often. But we both always remarked, after he left, how obvious it was that he found her extremely attractive, and when he phoned between visits he always seemed most eager to speak with her, not necessarily his old friend, me. Looking at her now, I can't say I blame him.

"Lets say later that day or the next day you are ..", and she paused for effect, "... masturbating – don't blush now, Dave – you are masturbating and thinking about that attractive woman." She kept her beautiful eyes fixed on his, and she smiled so sweetly as she said it. And she unfolded her legs. "Would that make you feel guilty?"

"Yes. No." he said, "Afterwards". He said it very softly, in a trance, and he stared down to where her thighs disappeared under her dress.

"What about that would make you feel guilty? The fact that you'd be touching your cock? That's pleasure, and you have done it all your life without it falling off. The fact that you are thinking about her while you do it? That doesn't hurt her. She might even be flattered if she knew." She paused again. She opened her legs very deliberately.

"Dave, have you ever masturbated thinking about me?"

"Oh God," he confessed to her, "maybe ... I have."

"See I am flattered. I like that. I don't want you feeling guilty about that. I want to know that you feel really, really good when you cum thinking about me. In fact I insist on it. I want those to be your best cums."

There was a stunned silence, as all three of us listened to her boldness echo in our heads. But not for long, because she was on a mission. "Dave, sex is a gift, guilt is a curse, and the two should have nothing to do with one another. Do you feel good when you cum thinking about me? Right in the moment when your cock boils over and you are imagining it's buried deep inside me?"

"Yes" he said after little wait.

"I like that. I like that a lot. Darling," she turned to me, "do you also feel good when you cum thinking about me?"

"Oh yes," I said.

"So I'm liking that I can make you boys feel good just by being thought about. That makes me feel good. And darling, how do you feel about the fact that Dave likes to think about me when he cums?"

"I like that." There were no options in this conversation – she was laying a careful trap, and we all knew it even as we let her play it out.

"And should he feel guilty about that?"

"No darling. It should be his greatest pleasure."

"That's true. That's right. And one last thing, lover, should I feel guilty about liking that Dave masturbates with me as his muse, touching his cock and thinking about me in dirty ways?"

"No. No you should not." A lot was happening, all with words so far, mind you, but very quickly.

"You're getting it, lover. But you," she turned back to Dave, "you need more help".

Without warning she moved off her chair towards him, and knelt down in front of him. She looked into his eyes again and said "now Dave, I would be really grateful if you were to show me how turned on you are by the dirty thoughts you have about me. Oh, in fact, I can already see that you are." With that she looked down very deliberately. So did I – Dave's pants were stretched awkwardly. She was now the full the master of the moment.

"Dave," she said, "I don't mean to shock you, but I want to see your cock. I want to watch you touch it. And I want you to get a lot of pleasure from doing that. And just in case you are as shy as you once were guilty, let me help get you started so you don't have to think it through."

With that she calmly unpacked him. Undid his belt, zipped him down, flicked her head up to signal that he should lift, slid his pants down. He had no chance to protest. Before either of us could react, he was sitting exposed in front of her.

"That is a very beautiful cock you have there. Don't feel guilty when I say that, Dave. Feel fabulous. Feel reckless. Feel proud. I love the way it's twitching. If you touch it, I promise I'll take off my blouse and show you my beautiful breasts. I bet you have imagined them many times, Dave. I'm very excited by the thought of showing them to you. And they are beautiful, aren't they darling?"

"They are the most beautiful breasts in the world," I said.

"So, would you like to see these beautiful breasts on this beautiful woman for whom you have the hots and to whom you are already brazenly showing off your very sexy cock?"

Without saying a word, Dave answered by slowly fingering his cock for her. She kept her eyes on it the whole time as she stripped down to the waist for him. By the time she was done and was facing him squarely again he was pumping hard and breathing hard. She looked radiant.

"Dave, this feels really good, doesn't it? And guess what, I would be very insulted if you were to feel guilty about it." She was touching herself lightly. She was fingering her nipples, erect and facing Dave. "You have a beautiful way of touching your cock. I am getting off on watching you. What do you think of Dave's cock darling?"

"It's a very hot cock."

"Oh my, and darling do you feel guilty about feeling that way about it?"

"I feel pretty hot looking at Dave's cock."

"I bet you do, my love. Now watch, both of you. I am going to make you even hotter."

And with Dave stroking away, she stripped the rest of the way down, turned around to face away from him, bent over, and gave him full view of everything lush, like a stripper at the very front of the stage. Her hips swayed, her pussy glistened.

She looked at him from between her legs, upside down. "I love your cock Dave. Always been curious about it. Had a dream once about you running it all over my body. Didn't feel guilty. Woke up wet. Wet as I am right now."

Dave was in a frenzy.

"One hand on your cock, one hand on me, Dave," she said. He looked at me. I smiled at him and nodded towards Rachel. It wasn't my call. He reached for her.

"Oh that's nice, Dave. More action with both hands please. Yes. Oh what did you find up there, oh you naughty boy. Oh yes." She was breathing hard as well and watching his hands at work from between her legs. He had two fingers inside her.

"Dave, when you go home -- don't slow down just listen -- I want you to have only fond memories of this. And when you jerk off thinking about me – and you'll be doing that a lot from now on – you are to feel no guilt. Just lots of pleasure. When you jerk off, I want you to think about me sucking your fabulous cock and loving it."

With that she spun around, grabbed his cock out of his hand, and devoured it. One hand cupping his balls, one hand working the base, mouth over top. She was wiggling her bottom against the back of her feet in excitement while she knelt and sucked him. Dave was gasping for air.

"And Dave," she said, switching to jerking him while she talked, "just for variety, other times when you jerk off I want you to think about splashing cum all over me and how fabulous that felt." She had timed this very well. She simply aimed him at her breasts, and we watched him explode. "Go Dave," she coaxed, "oh yes Dave, enjoy this Dave, I love your cum shooting all over me. There is no guilt here!" she intoned has he sprayed my lover's body as if he had not cum in years.

She nursed his cock gently for another few seconds as he journeyed past the prolonged peak of his release, and then she leaned in and kissed it gently. "Well done Dave. And here's the thing, this is all good. And remember, it's still going to be good tomorrow and the next day and every day that you cum thinking about me. And it's going to be good the next time you have sex with some other lucky, lucky woman. And I hope that is very soon."

"So now," she said, as she sat back and spread Dave's cum in lazy circles around her breasts with both index fingers, "it turns out that all of us have to keep practiced up to make sure guilt doesn't sneak into our lives and ruin good things. I'm no exception. So lets see, I just had some great sex with you, and I really enjoyed it. And I've revealed that this isn't the first time I've thought about it. But now what if I'm running the risk of suddenly feeling guilty about doing that right under the nose of the love of my life? See, I'll need some validation as well, to confirm for me that this was as right as it felt. So my love," and now she as looking up at me, "come down here and validate me. My turn for some sex therapy."

I knelt down and asked "what do you need from me, goddess?"

"Oooh, nice start. How about you be loving and dirty. How about," her eyes twinkled, "lick my lips, suck my tits, fuck my hips, and don't forget to tell me you love me, at each stage, and anytime I ask. Dave, your turn to watch." I knew she was very turned on – she never calls them tits.

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