tagLoving WivesA Little Strip Poker

A Little Strip Poker

bywhite tower©

My name is Peter. My wife Jessie and I are both in our early 50's and have been happily married for 30 years, and became empty nesters 2 years ago. We are both in good shape; both keep active and work out some.

We have started opening up sexually somewhat after becoming empty nesters. Since that time, we have been rediscovering our sex life. We have always been faithful to each other (at least as far as I know) and have a really close loving relationship.

Now Jessie has been quite sexually inhibited throughout our 30 year marriage, having been brought up in a Victorian way. She doesn’t like the ‘messy’ side to sex; she has never sucked me to completion, although she will take me in her mouth. It took me a long time to get her to let me eat her, but she will not even let me look at her pussy after sex.

She will never let me touch her ass… ever. She won’t kiss me after I eat her, won’t let me eat her if I have already put some lube on her. She doesn’t sweat, and hates the feeling of a mess on her. She is quite passionate otherwise, will get on and ride me for a long time, lets me use a vibrator on her etc. I like a hairless pussy and she lets me shave her pussy lips as long as I leave her pubis alone. To my knowledge she had never touched or tasted cum at this time. This is why the events of last weekend have really rocked our marriage!

We had a friend over last weekend, a single guy we have known for a long time. Ed is a pretty normal guy at 5’11 and 180, active and reasonable shape.

Since we were bored, we decided to play 3-handed crib.

We were drinking wine and were moaning about the game. Terrible game, boring as hell, and my wife Jessie was loosing badly. “Probably the most boring card game in the world” she said.

“No, the game ‘go fish’ is worse,” replied Ed.

“Yes, but that’s a kid’s game, I was talking about adult games.”

“Oh ADULT games,” I said, to emphasize the double meaning. “The only adult card game I know is strip poker.”

“Probably more fun than this game,” she muttered under her breath.

“What did you say?” I said in surprise. “Oh come on now, you know you would never have the nerve.”

Ed chimed in “Hell, I’m game for that.”

“Me too,” I said. “Come on Jessie, are you in?”

“I don’t know how to play,” she said

Ed said, “It’s easy, you get 5 cards, you can throw up to 3 away and get new ones, and the best hand wins.”

“But I don’t know the hands, full houses and all that stuff.”

“Here, I’ll write them out for you,” I said. As I got up to get pen and paper, I thought, ‘wow she is really going to do it!! I wonder how far she will go? At least to underwear, maybe loose the bra which would be incredible. I wonder if we will be able to see her pussy through her panties?’

She is in good shape, a bit more tummy than before kids, but still shapely and her 36C breasts have little sag. At 5”2” and 125 pounds, she looks good naked.

As I wrote out the hands, Ed laid out some rules. No jewelry, only clothes count. The two losers both have to loose an item of clothing, their choice. The deal moves each hand.

My mind was racing at the whole scenario. We had never done anything this risqué. Ed had talked for years about seeing Jessie’s body. He saw some breast once, years ago, when I poured cold water on her back while sunbathing, she had her top undone and jumped up.

We were at the kitchen table, so the view would be restricted, but I was afraid to suggest moving, in case I forced her to re-evaluate. I have fantasized for years about watching someone fuck her, and although I never considered that possible, just the fact that she would strip had me half-hard. I poured more wine, topped Jessie’s glass right up.

Ed dealt. The conversation suddenly died, the atmosphere was tense, excited.

Jessie won the first hand, with groans; Ed and I lost a slipper/shoe each. The next 2 hands she won also! 2 shoes and a sock each gone. Our hands were terrible; she was winning with 2 pair! Then Ed won and as I took off the other sock, I saw Jessie taking off a sock. Her slippers were pushed over, under the chair beside her! She had ‘tossed’ the slippers quietly. My heart leapt; maybe she would go further than I thought!

Over the next hand I lost my shirt, Ed his other sock. Then I lost my pants and Jessie lost her other sock. When I stood up to remove my pants, I turned my back on them. They both called ‘foul’ and said rules are you have to step away from the table to be seen. Otherwise why strip? My obvious erection brought jeers from both of them.

The table talk was a bit stilted. The comments were said in a teasing tone, but there were silences and no one said anything sexual. The excitement was strong.

I won the next hand, and Ed stood up to remove his shirt. Jessie stood and started removing her pants. Ed stopped, with his shirt open, and looked. We had both expected her to remove her shirt. Jessie had popped the button and opened the fly of her jeans, then looked up. She looked a bit embarrassed, and said “No bra, I can’t give you guys too much of a view yet, now can I?”

“No bra?” I thought. “The only times she is braless is when she wants to make love. When did she loose that?”

She slid the pants down her legs, and Ed and I got a glimpse of pubic hair through the white panties before she sat.

I won the next hand and things got interesting. No words were said as Ed stood, pulled down his pants and didn’t try to hide a very obvious boner tenting his boxers. He stood there, shorts pointing at Jessie, while she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her eyes were on his shorts, my eyes and his on her fingers. She took it off simply. I felt a thrill at seeing those familiar tits in this setting. Ed said “Oh my, Jessie, you’re beautiful.” She blushed, and I thought she sat straighter.

Both Ed and I watched her tits move as we played the next hand. It was Jessie’s deal, and she made no attempt to cover up. She dealt across the table so that her breasts swayed. She looked so hot. Ed and I both stared, so long that Jessie said ”Come on you guys play, one way or the other, I get to see some cock this turn.”

That broke the mood, we all laughed and she gave us a great big grin.

“How can we concentrate with those hooters on display?” I said.

“Yeah unfair distraction.” Ed added.

Jessie wiggled her tits, thrust out her chest, and laughed.

She won.

“Alright.” She said. She was looking at Ed.

Ed stood up and stepped back from the table. He was definitely tenting. I also stood and we both slid our boxers off. Two stiff cocks pointing up.

Jessie was leaning across the table looking intently at Ed’s dick. It was circumcised (I’m not) and had a very big head, bigger by far than the shaft.

We both sat down. Jessie was grinning hugely.

I thought about Ed’s dick. I couldn’t recall ever having seen it in a locker room, although I’m sure I must have, at some point. The head of it was like a mushroom, so much bigger than the shaft. It certainly had my wife’s attention.

Little was said while I dealt. The table hid our dicks, but Jessie’s tits were not hidden. For the hundredth time, I wondered where this would go.

When Jessie won again, Ed said, “OK, what now?” I was silent.

“Well, you have to do something.”

“Like what.”

“Whatever I say.”

“What’s that going to be?”

There was a pause while Jessie summoned her courage. “I want to look at you.”

“You’ve seen me already.”

“No, a good look, come over here.”

Ed got up and walked behind me to Jessie’s side of the table. His cock looked painfully hard. As he approached her, she turned her chair sideways and I could see her panties. She parted her legs, reached out to put her hands on his hips, and drew him up to between her knees, where she could look at him properly.

She proceeded to examine him. She was quite clinical about checking him,

looking at his cock from side to side, bending it, pulling it up and down, side to side. She outlined the veins with a finger, looked at and ran a finger around the bulbous head. She pulled whatever skin he had around like she was trying to pull it over the head. She squeezed the head between thumb and forefinger so the hole opened and she peered down into it, and rubbed the hole’s lips. It was like she was trying to memorize it.

I was fascinated. My cock was getting harder (if that was possible). She never changed her expression, just flat calm. It made me think of a Doctor’s examination.

She ran her finger over the knot under the head and Ed groaned. We both looked up at him; Jessie smiled and did it again. He groaned again. She did it 3 or 4 times without taking her eyes off his face. Ed was flushed and biting his lip. I’m sure he was trying not to cum.

I was wrestling with a whole host of emotion. My wife was handling another guy’s cock even more intimately than she had ever done to me. I was sure I should be jealous, but didn’t feel jealousy. I really wanted to see her suck him in and watch him cum. His cock looked obscene, the way it stuck upright, practically in her face.

She lifted his balls, peered under and then said she couldn’t see his balls properly. She had him go sit on the couch and then coached him to put his hands behind his knees and pull them up to his ears. Now he was really wide open to look at. Ass, balls and cock all really exposed. She knelt down in front of this, hands on his thighs to ease herself to her knees, and then took and felt his balls like she was rolling dice, pulling on them and looking, and then squeezed his balls, asking him when it started to hurt. Then she really surprised me because she took some moisture from his cock and rubbed it around his butthole and then held it open with 2 fingers on each side, so she could peer closely into his ass. All clinically done, but with lots of close inspection and she really had her hands all over him.

If I am going on a long time, it’s because she did this for about 10 or 15 minutes, never looking at us, only acting like a doctor or something. Ed was bright red and twitching, I was afraid to keep looking in case I exploded.

I was surprised to see her take juice from his cock and massage it into his asshole. I have always suspected she has an exhibitionist streak in her and an anal thing, since she is way too much anti–ass, but those go unproven. Now here she was, practically inserting her fingers into his ass.

After this inspection, she suddenly got up, said ok, and went into the kitchen to wash her hands. Ed got up and sat down at the table again, Jessie came back in and said matter-of–factly “whose deal.”

She lost, stood up and took off her panties quickly and sat down, so that we only got a quick glimpse of pubic hair and the top of her cunt. I’m sure Ed noticed her panties were wet. I did.

Jessie lost again. Ed said “Ok, my turn.” He wanted to see her. She sat on the couch, turned slightly sideways and opened her legs a bit. He said, “No, as good a look as you got.” So she spread.

I was amazed. Huge spread. Cunt opening up and glistening wet. Legs back like he did, so her whole cunt, asshole, cheeks, all was pulled open and on display. She was completely exposed and available like that. She was exhibiting herself willingly! (Huge turn-on right now to be re-living this.) It was at this point I realized this could lead to a lot more than some nudity. My wife was readily willing to make herself accessible to Ed. My heart caught in my throat. She would fuck him!!!

Ed gave her the same treatment he got, opened her pussy with his fingers, and peered in, same with her ass. She said he was not to put his finger in, only look like she did, He pulled back on her clit to fully expose it and rubbed the head. He pulled on her labia, opening her more. She was leaking juice like mad; it was running down to her ass. His finger rimmed her pussy hole, making it shine.

He tried to be clinical like she was, but some of his touching looked like caresses. He took some juice and rubbed her asshole, slowly centering on the hole.

I was holding my breath. I realized I wanted him to violate her, to stick his finger in her cunt or even in her ass, where she would never let me. I had walked over to the couch where they were but was afraid to touch them or myself. At that point I had a huge desire to see him enter her.

Jessie was red in the face and her face seemed puffy. Her chest was flushed like it gets when she cums. Her pussy was swollen and a brighter pink than I remember seeing it before. She was holding her head up and looking at his fingers on her.

Ed didn’t stick his fingers in her, though. I thought he would, regardless of what she said. He only went on for a much shorter time than Jessie did to him. She was shaking and red when she got up and wouldn’t look at me. Ed looked elated.

We went back to the card game with everyone practically shaking from nervous sexual excitement. I won the next hand and said the two of them should kiss and hug nude, full body press. I think I was hoping Ed would stick it in her. I wanted to see them grind against each other, but they didn’t. When their kiss was not enough tongue I said more open mouth. They did, but I was disappointed. They parted and I felt let down. I realized I wanted them to fuck. I wanted to watch Ed take her. I knew from the way this was going, that sex was virtually inevitable, but I was surprised at how much I wanted it to happen.

Then Ed won. His instruction was that Jessie and I should do a 69 for him.

This caught me off guard. In my mind, it was the two of them that should be doing this. This was what I should have asked the two of them to do. My sudden desire to watch my wife get fucked was not working out. I complied in a bit of a daze, as I didn’t know how to turn this around.

Jessie had said almost nothing since Ed had been at her pussy. She seemed a bit stunned by it all. Her breathing seemed a bit rapid and she seemed overall kind of pinkish. She wasn’t sticking out her tits anymore, but wasn’t trying to hide from Ed’s looking at her. It was like she was preoccupied.

We said nothing, just got up and went to the couch. I lay down and Jessie started to climb on top of me. Her body felt hot and very sexy. I couldn’t resist caressing her hips and sides as she started to straddle me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs as I looked at her. Her cunt was slick with juices. I saw Ed behind me looking at it, cock big and erect behind my head.

I reached up and got my mouth on her pussy. It was wet and running, more than I have ever known. I ran my tongue across her clit and up to the hole and Jessie moaned. Her hole seemed to be flowing. As I opened her up with my hands on each side, I caught sight of Ed’s cock behind me.

I suddenly knew what to do.

“Come and fuck her Ed.” I said “Come on, just shove your cock in here.” I don’t know what she said, it was unintelligible, but I had my arms around her hips and planned to hold her regardless. I reached to open her up for him and at my touch, her hips jerked. She was moaning and I could feel her breath on my groin.

I watched in awe as Ed shoved in. I watched the big head slide in, pink cock entering pink cunt. The hole distended to allow the head to slip in. On the outstroke it was slick with juice. Jessie was moaning steadily now, her hips fucking back. “She wants this as much as I do!” I thought.

At first Ed went in long slow strokes. Each inward stroke would roll her lips in, and then his dick would slide through the lips. On the outward stroke, the lips would roll back, and then the head of his cock would pull her wetness out and it would run down over her clit and drip onto me. I leaned up to get it, but they started going faster; soon there was too much movement to do anything but watch. Everything was really wet and glistening, his cock was thrusting in and out. Jessie had stopped moving, and was making animal moans. Her clit was big and her pussy got really deep pink and I realized she was having an orgasm. Her body was giving spasms as I held it.

Ed was really vocal, yelling he was coming, banging hard into her, bashing her cunt hard. When he came, he stayed pressed in her, not moving for a long time. Then he pulled out. The big head seemed to expand everything as it came out, and then when he came out, there was a long string of cum that appeared to go straight into her cunt without touching the sides.

When I raised my head, I saw a sight that will stay with me forever.

Her cunt was open, like an invisible cock was in it. I could see way in and saw huge amounts of cum. Her cunt was clenching, pulsing, a bit closer to closed each time, and some cum came out and fell on my mouth and chin. It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen. (I shot off without anyone touching me at this point)

I guess I said something like “My god you’re full of his cum, it’s running out!!” Or something like that. (Jessie said later that I announced how messy she was.) I started to suck the cum out as vigorously as I could. Jessie was screaming “No, no, leave it, its too messy” but I wouldn’t stop. I remember feeling like I wanted to get inside her cunt, get my whole face into the hole if I could. The combined juice tasted like sex, like her cunt juice only creamier and way more of it, a wonderful aphrodisiac.

Jessie was trying to pull away from me, her hips squirming to get away, as she cried out. Then I realized she had stopped trying to get away and was pushing back against me! I heard “Oh my god no!!” But she was grinding her cunt back into my mouth! She loved this! I squeezed her hips harder and started really sucking hard on her pussy.

She then started to cum like I have never seen. I had to hold her hips, Ed held her shoulders and she bucked and thrashed through, making the most amazing noise and literally spewing juice. I knew she ejaculated when she comes hard. It had happened 2 or 3 times before but never like this. She really squirted and lots of it. I was covered in female ejaculate. I didn’t care, I just had my mouth attached to her pussy, and was locked on through it all. I will never forget it. She made animal noises and thrust against my face tremendously. It went on for a long time and I was surprised by her strength.

As she started to come down, I licked her asshole and tried to stick my tongue in, but it wasn’t as wet as her cunt, and she didn’t seem to respond. Her cunt was so sexual, I didn’t want to do anything else.

When she cooled down, we turned her on her back onto the floor and I said I wanted to fuck her. She nodded vigorously yes.

She was lying on the floor, legs still open, and both her face and pussy were flushed and puffy. She had that blush across her chest and breasts that she gets when she cums. Her thighs and groin were the same way. They were shining wet, her whole groin was glistening. Her nipples were big and swollen making me think Ed must have been playing with them. Her mouth was pursed, lips puffy and open. She just looked HOT.

I leaned forward and kissed her. Her mouth was wide open and eager. I thought she may back off a bit as I must taste of cunt and cum, but she was passionate.

My position between her legs put me into her without breaking the kiss. I realized I was hard, didn’t remember going soft after cumming. My cock was in the vicinity of her pussy, and I had that anticipatory feeling in it, that feeling of knowing it was about to slide in!

It was a very hot wet soft pussy. It felt wonderful. She moaned and her mouth went slack. She seemed to want to be taken.

Ed was kneeling near her chest. As I knelt upright to get more depth, he shuffled forward so his cock was near her face. It was hard again (did it go soft?) and was very messy from their fucking. He reached out to roll her nipple and she opened her eyes.

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