tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Long Voyage through Space Ch. 03

A Long Voyage through Space Ch. 03


"Captain?" Amanda heard whispered to her softly as conscious thoughts slowly returned to her.

"Captain, it's time to wake up." She heard whispered to her again, her heavy eyes slowly beginning to flicker open. The voice was masculine and soothing with an attractive youthful quality to it. As much as she had always hated the process of waking up, she knew that there was no voice better suited to help her do so.

Amanda groaned softly, her head still heavy and swimming in a semi-conscious state. She began to move her head and limbs ever so slightly, now noticing the absence of her standard-issue uniform and the cool air of the ship against her naked skin.

"Alan?" Amanda called out to the voice laboriously, still slowly gaining control of her body again as she tried to move and felt the soft padding underneath her that she had been lying on her back against.

"Yes Captain." The voice replied, the sounds of humming machinery and working computers now filling Amanda's ears as well. "Please, do not struggle too much. Allow your body to adjust to being awake again."

"I know. I know." Amanda whispered back, grimacing as both of her hands moved to grasp her heavy head that felt like it was spinning. Her fingers tangled in her ruler strait, shoulder-length blonde hair. "Just give me a minute." She said.

"Of course. Take all the time you need." Alan replied. "Now tell me: How are you feeling? Do you have any nausea? A headache?" Amanda's movements slowly became more deliberate. Soon her sharp blue eyes were able to open fully and she could observe her location once again. She was still lying on her back in her stasis pod, as usual, but now she was as naked as the day she was born, her standard-issue uniform now nowhere to be seen.

Amanda remembered all that had happened before she had gone into suspended animation this last time. She remembered how Alan, her male A.I. companion, had evaluated her sexual health by having her reach an orgasm while he watched her. She also remembered how much more they had done. How she had sucked on Alan's artificial cock, swallowed his load, and then had him abuse and fuck her senseless before cumming deep inside her willing cunt. She remembered how much she loved every second of it all and how much she adored what Alan could do. The only thing Amanda couldn't remember was exactly how many orgasms she, herself, had experienced in that brief time she was awake. 'Was it more than five?' Amanda thought to herself. 'It had to be at-least five.' Her thoughts quickly returned to the real world however and to Alan's question.

"No Alan, I'm fine. I'm getting a little more used to this now." Amanda finally said. She still took a moment to gather herself before attempting any large movements. Alan's scanners could see Amanda from every angle, as always, and continued to closely monitor her vital signs as she came back into her waking mind.

"I'm very glad to hear that." Alan replied. "Please, try to sit up whenever you're ready. And good morning Captain Amanda Vyner." Amanda finally began to sit up slowly, stretching her arms out in front of her before scanning her eyes over her tiny chambers once again. She laughed.

"Alan, it's just the two of us. I think we can drop the titles for now after all we've done. Don't you?" Amanda let her arms fall behind her and continued to sit, propped up by them as she looked up through the glass ceiling of her pod. Amanda new that she was naked, of course, but she didn't mind at all as she was more than comfortable with Alan seeing any part of her body he wished. In fact, she felt rather tickled and slightly turned on at the casualness of her nudity and she made an effort to slightly push her chest out, hoping that Alan would take notice. He laughed along with her.

"Of course Amanda, you're the boss, after all." He replied happily, both of them silently taking notice of the new irony in that statement. "Just had to make sure I was following protocols and all that. You understand." Amanda quietly scoffed when she heard Alan's words.

"Protocols..."she muttered with distain. Previously, Amanda had been one of the most by-the-book Space Captain's ever inaugurated. It's one of the reasons she'd gotten so far in her studies at Earth's planetary academy and graduated at only 24 years of age. All the instructors loved her. In that bureaucratic nightmare of an environment, earning favor from superiors was all that truly mattered. Amanda remembered now, however, that her attitude hadn't made her many friends among the other students and now, after everything she and Alan had done, a life of rules and regulations seemed so vastly unappealing. Amanda had discovered her true self and felt like a new woman now. Of all of this there was no doubt in her mind and the 'new her' was done following orders so strictly. The vastness of the galaxy lay bare before her and she had a ship and a good friend at her command. She was going to live her life to the fullest in any way she could. 'Within reason, of course.' She rationalized.

A sudden feeling of stiffness came over Amanda and she quickly laid back down, closing her eyes and throwing her arms above her head. She grunted and arched her back, fully stretching out every limb of her naked body as it was fully on display for Alan to see.

"How long was I asleep?" Amanda asked through a long groan, once again hearing cracks and pops from her back and limbs as she stretched them out fully.

"Only a week. Much less than last time." Alan replied. Amanda could hear the wiring of machinery as something was beginning to start up. She let her body relax again; her stretching done as she let herself lay sprawled out like a starfish on the padded chamber floor.

"Good. And how close are we to our destination?" Amanda continued, keeping her eyes closed as she took a moment to simply enjoy the relaxing feeling of lying down while being awake enough to know she was doing it.

"We're here." Alan answered promptly. "We're orbiting planet Genera 7 as we speak." Amanda's eyes snapped open when she heard this and she could see that Alan had already pulled up the holographic charts and statistics for the U.S.S. Libentia as they floated above her.

"What!?" Amanda exclaimed in shock, sitting up again quickly, but raising herself too high with her momentum and hitting her head on the plexiglass roof of the pod.

"Ow! Shit!" She cursed through gritted teeth, her hand rising to rub where her head had collided with the glass. "When did we arrive?" she asked quickly, looking up again and at the holographic images Alan had shown her and scanning her eyes hurriedly over them.

"Precisely eleven minutes and twenty eight seconds ago." said Alan. "I began the process of pulling you out of stasis as soon as we were caught in the planets gravitational orbit. At our current speed it should also take about an hour and a half for us to circle around the planet and reach our landing coordinates. That should give you more than enough time to get up and get ready for our decent." Alan spoke as if he had everything all figured out, which took Amanda a bit off guard. She reminded herself, however, that other than the mind-blowing sex, this was pretty much the soul reason Alan was here with her in the first place.

"I, um..." Amanda stuttered, shaking her head slightly as she processed all of this information. "Yes. Well thank you very much, Alan." She finally said, looking back up at him with a smile.

"You're very welcome, Amanda." Alan replied, and Amanda raised her hand in order to press it flatly against the glass roof above her.

"So..." she began, pausing for a moment and scanning her eyes over what little she could see on the outside of her chamber. "Does that mean I can get out of here now? Honestly I never thought I'd miss standing up so much."

"Not quite yet." Alan said, a sentence that made Amanda's hand fall back to her side and a groan escape from her lips. "Soon though. It would be wasteful to have the entire ship filled with oxygen while you're asleep and in your pod. I need to re-pressurize the ship's interior before I can let you go anywhere. Don't worry, Amanda. This won't take long. I promise."

Amanda sighed. This was her second time being woken up during her journey and she had grown more impatient than ever to escape her cramped confines and stretch her legs. An athletic person like her wasn't used to just lying around like this. Still, she trusted Alan more than anything and cooperatively continued to sit, accepting of her fate. Alan could see the defeated expression on Amanda's face, but he was sure that what he said next would put her in a better mood.

"However, as far a standing up goes, how about we begin our morning with a nice shower? I know that'll feel good! Yes?" Alan spoke in an almost overly happy tone. Amanda could see what he was trying to do, but the promise of a shower did cause it to work on her a little. Her frown slowly turned into a smirk as she looked up at Alan.

"Yeah. That actually sounds perfect." Amanda said with sincerity, closing her eyes for a moment and rubbing the back of her neck. "I hope I don't smell too bad after being in here so long." Alan replied to this statement without a moment's hesitation.

"Actually you smell terrible." Amanda's eyes shot open once again as she looked up at Alan.

"Wha- Hey!"

"I can detect how it smells in there, Amanda! I'm incapable of being repulsed by it, but I can tell that any human wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole."

"Just get the shower going, smart-ass!" Amanda ordered, putting an end to the discussion as Alan quickly obliged.

"Right away." He said, Amanda's chamber suddenly jolting with movement. She wasn't surprised, however. This particular part of her ships engineering was one that she was very familiar with.

The half-cylindrical chamber began to pull backwards as the top half rose off of the ground. Large metal arms that had attached the chamber to the floor began to move and either lengthen or shorten, placing the container of metal and glass in a 90 degree, upright position. The movement was slow enough so that Amanda could easily adjust to it. She sat poised and ready for her center of gravity to shift. When it did, she soon found herself landing softly on her feet, standing on top of the foot of the chamber which was now a small semicircular metal floor with a tall padded wall directly behind her and an equally tall plexiglass wall in front.

"Oh, that feels good!" Amanda growled with vigor as she was finally able to stand up straight. She squatted down slightly in the cramped space she had, putting some much needed weight on her leg muscles before standing back up and continuing to flex and shake them out. Amanda kept the balls of her feet on the floor as she bounced, causing her perky breasts and round ass to jiggle each time her heels hit the ground again.

"From where I am it looks pretty good too." Alan commented flirtatiously, causing Amanda to smirk but roll her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips. Now that the chamber was fully in position, a seam in the metal floor began to open and out of it raised another tall, solid sheet of plexiglass. This one rose slowly until it was secured to the top of the chamber as well, encircling Amanda completely, clearly meant to protect the interior electronics from whatever water damage could be done to them from her shower. Finally, from the top of Amanda's chamber and out of the same slot that Alan's dick had previously emerged from, came a large shower head that hung down directly over Amanda.

"You ready?" asked Alan.

"Bring it on." Amanda answered with a wink and suddenly the water poured down over her, covering her before spilling down into a drain that had opened up below. Amanda's muscles clenched as she backed against the glass wall and screamed.

"Ah! Cold! Alan it's cold!"

"Sorry! Sorry about that! Just give it a second!" he quickly reassured her. Thought it had been hundreds of years since showers were invented, it seemed that no one could fix the inherent problem with first turning them on. Luckily Alan was correct and the water soon began to flow at a nice hot temperature that he knew Amanda would find agreeable. When she felt it splash against her skin she sighed with relief and happily leaned back under the flowing stream, running her fingers through her wet hair as she let the water soak it, making sure that every strand was pulled away from her face.

It had been a long time since warm water had actually touched Amanda's skin, and it was as if her body knew this as it seemed to crave every small part of the sensation. She closed her eyes as her lips curled into a bigger smile, opening slightly only to allow her to moan out happily at the soft massaging liquid and warm steam that began to envelop her. It felt as though every muscle in Amanda's body began to relax and her hands traveled down slowly from her hair to the back of her neck, after that caressing her shoulders and sliding gently down to the undersides of her breasts.

As usual, Alan watched Amanda from nearly every angle imaginable, though he could only do so through the glass that surrounded her which was quickly becoming foggy and less transparent by the second. For now, however, he could see Amanda clearly and observed as steams of soothing water flowed down from the ceiling to cover every inch of her young, feminine form. From where she was standing now the water mostly landed on her front, splashing down onto her beautiful face, slim neck, perfect collarbone and round, supple breasts. But naturally it didn't stop there, flowing down further still in delightful, small streams over her tight stomach, wide hips, pink pussy and long, smooth legs.

"Let me know when you'd like the cleansing mist." Alan said in a soothing tone, not being able to help but let a hint of a lustful growl sneak in. Amanda noticed this immediately, the sound of it alone making her senses come alight and gently she opened up her eyes to look at him.

"Thanks Alan." She replied, not asking for it right way as she wanted to continue the sensation of being warmly soaked for just a little while longer. Amanda's expression was sultry as she addressed Alan, a question on her mind that she figured there was no better time than now to ask.

"So I'm curious. You said I was only out a week this time, yes?" As Amanda asked this she turned around in the shower, letting the water now hit that perfect, relaxing spot between her neck and shoulders before flowing down her bare back and over her heart-shaped pillow of an ass. "I'm still surprised I'm not more beat up and sore. I mean, you really did a number on me last time I was awake." Her pussy began to grow wet and heated, further memories returning to her as she could recall the feeling of Alan pounding her to the point where she almost passed out. Amanda's hands traveled slowly down her stomach, running over her core as it began to grow needy and her fingers traveling through the small patch of blonde hair that rested above her warm, wanting cunt. Alan laughed, his obviously lustful voice now present as he spoke.

"I certainly did. I'm glad you remember so fondly." he replied, Amanda quickly recalling that Alan was always monitoring her vitals and could tell exactly how aroused she became when bringing up the subject of him fucking her. "I told you I would take care of you, didn't I? I gave you some medical care while you were asleep. Cleaned up all of those bruises I gave you too. People might ask questions back on earth if you go back there with those all over you." Alan continued to watch Amanda as she showered, the glass still fogging little by little, but the sight of her as she ran her hands over her naked skin and shifted her weight back and forth under the flowing water was mesmerizing even to him. Amanda chewed on her bottom lip when she heard Alan's words. Not only was his voice still just as sexy as she'd always remembered it, but the implications of what he said caused her pussy to accelerate in becoming much wetter. 'So this is all pretty much just our little secret?' Amanda thought to herself. 'Fuck, that's pretty hot!'

"I suppose you're right. That also explains how I never found out about A.I. like you." She said, turning around again in the downward stream of water and raising her arms up into the air while putting her hands behind her head. "I'm ready for the mist now." Amanda announced, raising her chin up and looking to the roof before closing her eyes and mouth.

"Here you are." said Alan, the water from the shower head suddenly stopping as, in its place, a heavy white mist began to pour out. It fell down gently over Amanda's naked body, feeling slightly cold to the touch but smelling wonderful as she allowed it to fully envelop her. Given the amazing, fresh scent of the mist, Amanda suddenly came to find what Alan said about the way she smelled before more convincing. She gently rubbed it into her hair, moving down once she was done to rub it thoroughly into her face and the rest of her figure. Wherever her hands traveled, a soapy residue was left behind by the mist until her body was covered in white, fluffy suds from head to toe. As she washed her hair and naked skin, Alan was constantly on Amanda's mind. In that moment she wished Alan was a person. A human person, that is. The thought of a manly pair of rough, human hands on her skin lathering her up instead of her own while also speaking to her in that sexy male voice made Amanda have to rub her thighs together to quell how aroused it made her. Still, she knew that Alan was watching and she drew her eyes towards where she was fairly certain one of his many cameras existed inside the pod. Her back was turned to it and she ran both of her soapy hands down sensually over her ass, spreading it open for him and grabbing the plump flesh before giving it a firm jiggle.

"Are you enjoying the show, Master?" Amanda teased, giving both of her ass cheeks a light spank and letting her plump flesh bounce before his eyes. Unfortunately, the cleansing mist had greatly increased the fogginess of the glass by this point and Amanda's actions could only barely be seen by Alan who could scarcely make out anything more than her naked, hourglass form.

"I certainly have been." Alan replied returning her flirtatious, teasing tone. He turned off the cleansing mist, letting the water now return from the shower head as he was sure that Amanda had had enough. "Unfortunately the glass it too fogged up now though. I can only barely see you. What are we going to do about that?"

Amanda smirked and bit her lip with excitement as an idea popped into her head the moment she heard Alan explain his problem. She back up into the glass behind her, pressing her plump ass firmly against it so that it took up almost the entirety of Alan's camera lens.

"How about now?" Amanda teased again, squatting down slightly and placing her hands on her knees before rubbing her ass in a circle all over the cool, foggy glass. Her efforts actually managed to do a great job of clearing the glass up wherever she rubbed it and Alan found himself very pleasantly surprised both by Amanda's promiscuity and her ingenuity. Alan laughed as he intently watched Amanda's plump ass cheeks pressed against the glass and rubbing all around for him to see.

"Oh yeah! Much better!" said Alan, enthusiastic pleasure in his voice as he continued to take in a good eyeful off Amanda's round ass on display for him. "Work it, girl!" He exclaimed playfully, making Amanda giggle. Alan's continued encouragement of Amanda's increasingly lewd actions only made her find exploring them only grow more and more fun.

"Good." Amanda replied. "I want you to see me, sir. Especially when I do this." She stood up strait again and pulled away from the glass wall, the section she rubbed her ass against now much more clear and easy to see through. She turned and looked into that spot with a lustful gaze before leaning backwards until she was completely underneath the flowing water once again. Amanda closed her eyes and moaned, reveling now in the thought of Alan eyes on her as she moved around and let the warm water pour down over every inch and crevice of her naked form. The white suds flowed off of Amanda's body and into the drain below. Her smooth, young skin was glistening now and she ran her hands sensually up and down her hourglass shaped torso. Amanda rubbed her hips and stomach, played with her soft breasts and teased herself with her fingers as they brushed over her pussy. "Fuck, Master." Amanda moaned out in adoration, opening her eyes and staring again at Alan. There was nothing but pure desire behind her gaze and she bit her bottom lip, her thighs still rubbing together as her hips swayed absentmindedly.

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