tagErotic HorrorA Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01

A Lord of Many Nights Ch. 01


As the sun fell down the horizon and the moon crept up the night sky, the undead awoke.

Warrick Del’Harak was a youngling by vampiric standards, merely 97 years of un-life behind him. He awoke in darkness, as the hinges on his sarcophagus creaked open, he opened his eyes, looking into the blood red eyes of his ghoul servant, Morgane. “Awake, master” she cooed in a sultry growl. Her raven hair hung about her alabaster face, the contrast was beauty to behold. He sat up, looking about, for anything out of the ordinary. He found everything clear and stood, stepping out of his eternal tomb.

“Has the manor been quiet while I slept?” He asked the same questions every evening when he awoke.

“Yes, master, all was quiet while you slept” she responded, as if some machine ran her.

“Good, Morgane, now receive your reward for your service”

She dropped to her knees and unzipped his slacks, pulling out his flaccid meat. She massaged it to erection and engulfed it in her mouth. For being undead this one has quite the warm and even wet mouth, he thought to himself. Eternity was a long time to live, and one must know how to built his estate that the years didn’t bring insanity too quickly.

She swallowed his entire length, her nose touching his hairless crotch. She squeezed with her throat, not showing any sign of gagging, clenching and unclenching her throat felt good on his hard cock. After a few minutes of pleasure, he decided it was time to get going, he willed himself to cum, and she swallowed hungrily, slurping his jizz.

“Thank you master,” Morgane remained kneeling naked except a black g-string.

“Rise Morgane, I must go to see Thailyne, get my limo ready.”

“Yes master” and she was off, quickly to prepare his limo.

He walked down the foyer to the master bedroom, arriving at the closet; he opened it and removed a black Armani suit. I must dress up for this occasion, he thought to himself.


He waited at a stoplight in his limousine, a stylish thing of this day and age, but not what he was used to. Alurea sat next to him, to keep him company on this voyage. She was a childe of his, one of the few victims he thought beautiful enough to keep and train. She was only four years undead, barely old enough to hunt on her own. He enjoyed her company though, caressing her hair he asked, “How was your trip to Italy?”

“It was acceptable, but you weren’t there,” she replied stroking his chin.

“I can’t be everywhere at once, and I must negotiate this deal with the Giovanni clan. Fools think they own everyone.” He sighed, upset that he had to go through all this.

“Oh, father, worry not, you will make everything work out perfectly, you always do. In the mean time, how about I take your mind of your troubles,” before she had finished talking, he was unzipped, pulled out, and she was straddling him. Her lack of underwear was no surprise, he knew she enjoyed using her charms whenever possible.

“Never one for wasting time that you could be enjoying, are you?” He reached up to her shoulders and pulled the spaghetti straps down her shoulder to her arms, revealing her full large breasts.

He was very proud of his discovery, a simple means of using mortal blood to revitalize ones body and maintain a desired age. The body didn’t decay, not even the normal decay of aging.

Her breasts pressed against his face as she leaned forward, holding his head into her cleavage. His tongue darted over her nipples, and he sucked one into his mouth, biting ever so lightly.

“Shit, you know not to do that, what if your fangs get me huh?” She teased, her breathing caught and she sagged in a soft moan, signifying her first orgasm.

“You suck dick with fangs, what’s different?”

“Shut up and fuck me” she began riding him hard, he lifted her off the seat and turned her around, taking her hot cunt from behind. She bent forward and used the seats across the limo for balance, shrieking as he plowed her doggystyle.

Her hot wet twat began spasming, the muscles clenching around his cock. “Fuck me harder, drive it home,” he took this to heart, and began hammering her with his cock.

Just as he felt the sperm building in his balls, the limo turned sharply and screeched to a halt.

“Sir, we are being overtaken” came Morgane’s voice over the intercom.

“God damnit,” he cursed, pulling out and redressing himself, he took the pistol from its holster behind the seat and stepped out of the car. Six men and two women were walking towards them; two each stepped out from four cars boxing the limo.

“What is this about?” he demanded, keeping the gun concealed.

“We are going to have to commandeer you and your vehicle. We have received orders to have you brought to see our boss.”

“Who is your boss?”

“You will know when we get there, come with us”

“Gentlemen, and ladies, I am very busy right now, and will be very upset if I am not allowed to return to my limousine and continue in peace.” He sighed, showing his impatience.

“That can’t happen, I have strict order to…” he words died in his throat, that was no longer a whole throat, more a mass of blood and tissue, as a bullet tore through it.

“Return to your cars and leave, or you will face that fate or one less appealing.” He waved the gun, turning to show all of the attackers. They began moving faster, un-slinging weapons that were earlier unnoticeable. He fired a bullet into the heart of the closest, then turned, kicking the charging woman in the face. A third bullet annihilated half the face of a male, and a fourth the chest of the second female.

A club came swinging at the back of his head, but he heard it, ducking he turned and delivered a swift and powerful jab to the ribs of the attacker, multiple punches rained into his kidneys, until he vomited blood on the asphalt and collapsed.

The final two of eight stood with guns trained on him, he knew to fight would be futile. He dropped his gun and slowly walked towards them, until he stood between them.

“I will surrender then.” He raised his hands.

“Good, come with us,” both stood, guns still trained on him, and he had an epiphany.

“Never mind, tell your master to fuck himself” with that he fell flat, both guns emptied their chambers at nearly the same time, and two more vampires fell. He stood and walked to the female he had kicked, he lifted her and carried her to the limo.

Once inside he bound her wrists with silver wire, you never knew when it would come in handy, and her ankles, then tossed her into the trunk.

Dry-washing his hands he returned to Alurea, who sat on the seat, dress bunched around her middle, fingering herself with one hand and massaging her breasts with the other.

“Let me get this straight? I had to go out there, fight off eight vampires, so you could remain here and pleasure yourself?” He sardonically commented.

“You could be doing the pleasuring, but you left,” She replied between soft moans.

“Funny, very funny, but I don’t appreciate the humor,” he pulled her towards him and flipped her onto her stomach, her cocktail dress pulled up, he pushed his still quite hard shaft against the entrance to her anal cavity. “’The selfish get none’, an ancient vampire once told me that Jesus said that as he made the three loaves and seven fishes into a feast. Those that would have taken the loaves or the fishes and left the others to starve were given nothing. So shall you be starved from that you want, and would deny others of.”

He entered her ass in a single thrust, she shrieked, still young enough to enjoy pain. He raped her virgin hole for nearly thirty minutes, and for the second time since her undeath, he watched her cry. She begged him to stop.

“M’lord, please quit, I’ll do anything, you may do anything to me, just not this. Lord, please, I didn’t mean to upset you, I am worthless, your slave, your thing, to do with that you will. Just please quit this, it burns… burns worse than fire.”

He ignored her pleas and continued to sodomize her brutally, turning her head to lick the tears from her eyes. “I have no time to deal with you,” he grunted, expelling his jism into her asshole. It left behind that un-scratchable burning itch. He dropped her to the ground and left her to writhe while Morgane drove them the rest of the way to the Giovanni estate.


As he arrived at the manor, he stepped out of the limousine. He walked to the driver’s door and opened it, letting Morgane out. He walked to the lattice-worked iron-wrought gate. He turned and locked the doors, they would remain locked while he went through this meeting in the estate.

He reached the door, and as he did so, it was opened by a burly ghoul. He was rushed down a corridor and into a door on the left. He stood in a mother of pearl marble finished room. The floor was marble tile, and the walls, true marble. Thailyne sat at her mahogany desk, in a high backed leather chair.

“Care to sit Warrick?” She sniffed, with an air of control about her. “I hear you’ve created a serum that will stop the decaying process of our bodies.”

“No, but I have concocted one that stops the decaying of my body, and the bodies of those I choose.” He snapped back, his hackles rose at the intrusion of a lower vampire into his dignity. “Is that why you asked me to come here? Is that why your pathetic messenger came, with his emotions on his collar, to demand my presences in supplication to you?” He raged, spittle flying, rarely did he lose control, but the questioning of his power, like this puny foolish wench was doing, deeply angered him. “You fool, you filth, you dare challenge me? You a weak elder, barely an elder in your own clan, much less in the Hall.” He stepped towards her menacingly…

“Not so fast Warrick, you will realize that your childe is in a limousine that my people could destroy at any minute…

“Kill her, she is a worthless cunt anyway.” He fumed.

“You will also realize you are here alone.” She smiled, a smirk really, knowing she had him cornered. “I command you to turn over your formula to me or the life of you and your childe are forfeit”.

He continued forward and her satisfied expression changed to horror as she realized he didn’t read into her empty threats. As he reached her side, he reached out a lithe hand, cupping her throat gently. “No, precious, you will listen to me,” he purred. “You will surrender your manor to my name, and you will forever swear fealty to me,” He smiled now, his ploy was working there was fear in her scent. “In fact, at the Court of Lords, you will kneel between my legs and swear fealty to me. You bastard-Giovanni have been too long thinking you own the rest of us, it is my turn to rule.” He gripped a little tighter.

“No…no… a vampire has never sworn fealty to another before, please we will make an under the table agreement, you will be my sovereign but not kneeling before the court…” She struggled against his hands.

“As you can tell, those thugs of yours never made it, I dispatched them and left most of them dead, one is in my custody, were I to turn over evidence that you attempted to have me assassinated the other elders would be furious.” He smiled wickedly.

“They weren’t mine, you have no proof!” She squeaked as she realized she really was a rat in a trap.

“They were too, and I can prove it, the little one in my trunk will tell the truth, especially after I work her over, and show her that your in no position to avenge her treachery.” He cackled, and started to cut off her air. She slumped forward unconscious and he threw her body out the window, it landed with a thud in the garden. He jumped after her and landed with his face to the door, guns drawn, both the ghoul doormen were fleshy piles of meat and hot lead, and then he lifted the unconscious elder and carried her into the car.

“Well Alurea, I made a deal with Thailyne, in fact she all but ‘jumped’ at the opportunity to make a deal.” He smirked at the bloody faced elder lying on the floor between the seats.

As the sun rose along the horizon Warrick was being tucked into his cradle by Morgane, Alurea slept silently next to him, and Thailyne was imprisoned in a padlocked coffin. During the day, Warrick’s devoted servant Morgane, ran the household. She was the most powerful ghoul in the world, the only one ever given the privileged position of managing a warlord’s virtual empire of ears and eyes.

She sat in the control room watching the cameras outside and inside of the mansion and compound for intruders. As a ghoul she never tired, never got bored, she was an automaton of sorts. Warrick was kind enough to bestow upon her freedom to think. She had her own personality and could act as a mortal or immortal could. All of the other undead were mindless, thoughtless automata. While she was allowed to act on her own free will, she still, by instinct and love, did as Warrick commanded, everything he commanded.

The security cameras were picking up nothing as they always did, during the day the grounds were silent and empty, rival vampires couldn’t attack again by day and didn’t trust their servants enough to send them. She turned and began filling out the paperwork for the filing and processes of Thailyne as a prisoner of war (even the age old archaic vampires have paperwork, it’s in there with death and taxes). Just as she got through the first few pages, the warning alerts on the intruder alarms sounded. She looked up to see four female perpetrators, dressed in the cloaks of the assassin guild. Damned mortals, getting themselves mixed up in the intrigue, guile, and diplomacy of vampirism.

On her way to the armory she turned to the two ghouls who stood at the front entrance. In an ominous tone she commanded, “Come with me”. The ghouls followed her to the armory. They armed themselves with all manner of weapons, an assault-rifle each, berretta shotgun, and a handgun.

“Stop where you are standing, surrender your weapons and your clothing, pile it on the floor there and step to the wall”. Of course they wouldn’t listen, they never did, but it was worth the effort, and it kept them thinking.

“Your kidding right,” the apparent leader said with a toss of a throwing knife, which Morgane tilted her head to avoid. She fired a bullet into the wrist of the girl who threw the knife, her hand fell limp and useless.

“No I am not kidding at all,” She laughed at the stupidity of mortals. “Now drop your weapons and your clothing and lay them there… NOW!” The command resounded down the hallway, bringing more ghouls to the scene. Vastly outnumbered the mortals dropped their weapons, and pulled their cloaks off. Like all assassins they had their left nipples pierced with a golden ring. A snake biting it’s own tail in fact.


“Rise and shine master,” Morgane cooed over the sleeping form of Warrick as the suns last rays of lights snuck away down the ends of the earth. “Get up, you have many important matters to attend to tonight.”

“Ah, yes my dear, like the processing and domination of Thailyne.” He smiled at the ghoul that already had un-surreptitiously dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants. “You are so helpful to me Morgane,” he gently cradled her chin in his hand and raised it to look at him. “What would I do without you? Nothing, that’s what, I couldn’t do anything without you.” With a smile Morgane enveloped his cock in her warm lips, her blowjob lasted a little longer than usual and was given with a little more fervor.

Her tongue danced along the glans at the bottom of the head, swirling around and then licking down and back up. She kissed down his shaft to his balls, she nuzzled one with her nose and licked at it. Taking one into her mouth she savored the lightly salty taste. Then she slid back up and wrapped the engorged meat with her expert mouth, bobbing up and down, drooling down the shaft. She took it from her mouth and licked it more, watching it gleam with her saliva. She enjoyed the task so much she forgot his busy schedule today, and upon remembering it, she blushed (or what passed for blushing as ghouls go), and swallowed his thick cock whole, clenching her throat muscles.

He was entranced by her beautiful, pale face between his legs and her diminutive pink tongue dancing along his prick, he too forgot how busy he was going to be, and got lost in the moments to follow. As she began deepthroating him, he was brought back to reality and the day ahead of him.

With a smile she showed him his load of jizz and swallowed it, relishing, not the flavor, but the fact that it was his. He caressed her hair and thanked her, then returned his is business personae. “What all is on my schedule today?”

“Well, of course you have Thailyne to deal with, and that, I’m afraid, will take some time. Yesterday, while you slept, four assassins attempted to break into your estate, with the help of the gate guards, I captured them without casualty, they are currently chained to the wall in your dungeon. We feared an attempt at suicide, so we made sure they could not move.” The look of admiration on his face as she unfolded the events would have caused her heart to skip many a beat had it still pumped blood through her body.

“Once again, would I do without you? I know… I would be dead… well, more so.” He turned to her, serious again. “Why are the here… have you begun the interrogation process?”

“No sir, I gave them sodium penethol and let them sleep on it”

“Ill begin the process then, as soon as I deal with Mistress Thailyne”

“Yes, sir”

He walked down the antiseptic steel corridor, his boots clinking lightly on the polished chrome finish. Why did these things always spring up in the worst of times? Could he never get through one thing before another sprung open on him? He lost his dreamscape as he sauntered into the holding room for the other vampire. For a mortal it would be considered a honeymoon suite, a lovely view of the estate grounds through large French windows. The windows, of course, were inch-thick Plexiglas; bullet proof, shatterproof, and even porous to withstand pressure. The king size bed was adorned with silk sheets and satin pillows, but any room that confined a vampire was a prison. She was naked, a collar around her neck, and when she spotted him she charged the door.

“Let me go you sick son of a bitch” She cursed him, flailing to get to him as the electro-magnetic collar engaged a field that stopped her from getting closer to him. No visible barrier, but a wall of sheer impenetrable force.

“Choice words, for the dog in a collar” he scoffed at her, and spit on her face. “While at one point in time you may have secured a position of power on the council, you now belong to me. Attempting to have me killed, solely for the land I own… a law punishable by proprius mortis (final death).”

“You fool, you have no idea what is housed on your lands… “ He silenced her with a slap.

“No, I may not, but I will when I am through with you… You have beautiful skin, it would be a pity to have to apply a little liquid silver makeup…” He caressed her hands, and she whipped them away from him.

“I won’t tell you, you would use it to maintain control over all vampire kind…” Realizing she was bating him, and digging herself a deeper hole, she shut herself up.

He stood, smiling slightly, musing over the possibilities. He muttered, “Rule over all vampire kind eh?” His smile widened into a grin, and then a full showing of his alabaster fangs. “I don’t know what this is yet, but I am sure that I will enjoy beating it out of you…” He growled and tore the white ribbed shirt from his chest, flexing his muscles and preparing for the hunt and the slaughter. He caught her throat in his hand and turned of the magnetic field. And in one word began his favorite sequence of time in his centuries… “Run…”

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