tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 03

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 03


For obvious reasons, Andy had really enjoyed the break and told his pal that, without adding that he'd enjoyed sex with his pal's mother and then his sister.

Rick said he was pleased about that. "You stirred the conversations along and both mom and dad reckon you are a great guy. "Dad knew you missed that final putt to allow him to tie your score off the stick."

"Well not all putts drop."

"Yeah, yeah."

Andy asked, "Would you like to spend time home with me this summer? I'll be home for the three weeks before I return here to work on the city's newspaper."

"Yeah thanks and I'll let you know. I haven't heard from the 'Farmer's Monthly Journal' where I hope to work."

"Call them when we stop for coffee."

"I really don't know if I should. They might think I'm pushy."

"And what are reporters supposed to be?"

Rick grinned and said he'd think about it.

At the coffee shop Andy took Rick's phone, found the number for the Farmers' Monthly in the phone book and selected it. He handed the phone to Rick and said to make the call.

Rick looked at the name and number and hesitated. Andy walked away and began talking to an old guy sitting outside on a bench and eventually Rick came out smiling.

"Well the skinflint editor said he was about to make the decision and asked would I consider working for half the advertised rate and I said no."

"Good for you," said Andy and the old guy said, "Never work for cut rates otherwise the bastards will always stomp on you."

"Thanks for your advice sir," Rick smiled.

They said goodbye and walked away.

As they drove off Rick said. "The jerk gave me the job and said he expected me to work hard. I said I needed to do that for my college grades and he liked the thought of that. He will have the letter of acceptance in the mail within a day or two."

They drove on back college and with a pause in conversation as Rick was probably thinking about his skinflint editor, Andy thought of his disgusting and treacherous behavior of fucking Rick's mother. He sighed thinking she'd been so great and had been unbelievable hot, physically and the way she ripped into it as well. In comparison, younger females could be almost called lethargic.

* * *

Back in the grind at college, Andy's classroom performance was worrying him. His results for tests were on the wrong side of average. He reduced his social life and studied more. On field trips however, he was consistently in the top three when papers on those visits were submitted and marked.

Assistant professor Marks, when reviewing Andy's progress with him, suggested Andy he might be taking a too global approach to his classroom lectures and homework that he might benefit by studying in blocks.

"Do you understand?"

"I think so."

Prof Marks shook his head.

"I'll tell you what. I'll see if Janice Hall will become your study buddy. You are using Rick at present and he's only marginally better than you. Also Janice is weak on practical study whereas Rick is almost at your level."

"Well do you best Prof but don't be surprised if she says no way. I don't think Janice likes me."

That evening Andy had just emailed a great story about Carol Lind, an economics student who'd been a school girl gymnastic champ and now had left gymnastics behind her and was working to enter ballroom dancing competitively. He was pretty sure the article would make the lead in that week's edition of the college's electronic newspaper. The photos Carol had given him of her as a gymnast and a recent one in Latin American dress for ballroom dancing were stunning.

Yawning he sat back wondering whether to study or go out for a beer when the phone went.

"Andy Ash."

"Hi it's Janice Hall. Do you wish to meet me at Westmont Library in ten minutes to study? The library is open till 10:00. I've just eaten after coming in from field hockey coaching."

"Yeah that would be great."

She told him what to bring.

Janice was a green-eyed brunette. She greeted him coolly.

"Professor Marks insisted I do this and said he would remember my sacrifice when considering grades. The assessment is you are not achieving your ability and he thinks that's because you don't have much idea about how to study. Where do you come from?"

"Southwest Wyoming."

"Oh god, little wonder."

That comment offended Andy and he felt his right hand curl into a fist.

"He also said you think I don't like you. I told him why. Do you wish to have me repeat it?"

Rick sighed and said yes Janice.

"I told him lots of guys around here ogle at breasts and you are one of the worst. Are you going to run?"

"I'll consider that. In the meantime I apologize; my eyes automatically focus on great tits... I mean great breast."

He could see her anger.

"I'm sorry and I apologize for being a real jerk. Um I hope you are proud of your breasts."

She almost smiled and that gain quickly evaporated and she went on, "I felt humiliated being asked to try to pull you up into a better performance level, thinking why bother? And then crafty Prof Marks said you would be a natural to help me in field work that you probably know more than our lecturers and that's where I needed support."

"You want me to take you out and watch a bull mount a cow?"

She appeared to count to five and then said, "You are a very difficult person Andy."

"I take that is not a compliment?"

To his surprise she said she couldn't be sure.

"In my opinion you are the best reporter on our college newspaper. You dig up interesting people and god only knows but you write sensitively and appear to turn the ordinary into something quite riveting. My father is an associate editor on a large newspaper. I worked all last summer on that newspaper and learned some things including how to recognized journalistic talent. I believe you have such talent because you make me want to read your article, in fact recently I've found myself looking for them."

"Well it doesn't take much to please some people."

Looking at Janice shaking her head, Andy regretted having made that quip.

"Andy, do you think females are brainless and exist only for guys like you to fuck."

Andy was shocked and had the fleeting thought that might have been the first time Janice had ever used the F-word.

He bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry for being such a jerk."

"Andy stop it. I don't want just an apology. I want you to change. You are good looking with a fine body and I see intelligence in your eyes. You are not brain-dead like some of the jerks around here and I include females. I see potential in you and now have figured out exactly why Prof Marks wants a salvage job done on you. It's because he thinks you are worth it. Worth it Andy, get that into your brain. Now let's study and yes you can show me a bull mounting a cow and at the same time tell me what you know about performance of the bull, conception rates of the bull, the effect of different feeds on mating success and blah, blah."

"Okay, we have a deal."

"Thank you Andy," Janice said, glancing at her watch. "We have two tours to maximize study time. Approach it with the relish as you do with some babe in your sights."

Andy thought it and said it, having reached a conclusion about Janice. "No guy would go out with you for long."

She stared at him. "Oh and why's that?"

"They won't put in the hard yards long term because you are too authoritarian. But I'm prepared to give it a go."

Janice flushed at that assertion but gave him no encouragement. "You'd be lucky. Now I've drawn you a chart that is an example of how to study any subject in blocks. Roam too wide and you lose focus and memory retention. And when you walk around campus you think about your study blocks from the previous night rather than ogle at breasts and think about pussy."

Andy wasn't quite sure he'd heard that last word correctly but was pretty sure he had. God this schoolteacher kind of young woman might have a hidden desire under her bonnet to experience a robust sex life, er robust wide-spectrum dating life.

"Right I'm all ears. Might I rest a hand on you thigh?"

"Repeat that comment Andy and stop at ears."

He did so and she said oh great, they were making progress already.

His ears burned.

They were invited by a yawning library supervisor to leave the premises at 9:58.

As Andy followed Janice out, looking at his ass and wondering had she ever done it doggy, she said, "The cafes generally are closed by now. Do you wish to come to my room for coffee; I have my own room?"

He said knowledgeably, "And I am obliged to exit the building by 11:00, according to the rules."

"I'm not a stickler for rules but if you think this is an invitation for you to unzip, forget it. You must learn Andy that not all women like to rush in eyes wide open, brains turned off and thinking what's so wrong about being fucked by jerks."

Christ she really was giving him an education, Danny marveled. Perhaps he should indicate he had some maturity. "Do you really think I expect women to react like bimbos?"


Oh crap. "I should head back to Monroe."

"I want you to come... er to accompany me Andy."


"Because if we are to succeed as study pals we need to bond and by that I don't mean sexually."

"Surely you mean not necessarily sexually?"

"Very well," she sighed. "I mean it's not necessary for us to have sex in order for us to bond successfully as study buddies."

The apartment was lovely, tidy and very personalized. The coffee was good and Andy had received the message that sex was not on the menu but as this woman had already proved herself as a useful study buddy in getting through to him. He decided to be pleasant and interesting.

"Tell me about your background Janice."

The question appeared to startle her but she switched on.

"My parents run a very successful delicatessen/catering business in a city about three hundred miles northwest of here. I grew up with the growing business and over the years became involved in most aspects of the operation but while my interest in food deepened, I didn't want to become tied to a deli. I enrolled here to study food technology from the farm gate to processing and on to the consumer with perhaps then going on to study food marketing research in greater detail. I have two sisters older than myself who between them practically run the family business these days. My interests are in running, I run most mornings early, theater, movies, ice skating, skiing, small boat summer sailing, reading and watching TV. Pretty ordinary really."

After further chatting they agreed to run together in the mornings to strengthen their bonding and Andy said he'd have no problem with changing his time to run one hour later that at present in warmer weather.

Janice said, "Oh I hope that's not too late for me to have breakfast and to get ready for lectures. What time is one hour later?"

"Six o'clock."

"Omigod I meant no later than 7:00."

"I've compromise by an hour," he said firmly.

"Oh very well. I predict you'll be running a big corporation business one day."

Over time, Andy became aware his comprehensive of what he was studying and his confidence in his ability to perform academically were increasing. Therefore it came as no surprise when periodic tests and marks for assignments showed improved results and eventually he was congratulated for being no longer below the class median in grading performance.

He took Janice out on the strength of that after finishing work set-building for a theater production and Janice had finished night hockey practice.

When she pulled up in her car outside Monroe, she got out and invited him to drive.

That was a first.

As he closed in he kissed her as usual only this time she didn't pull away as quickly as usual. He thought was this it?

As he drove off he asked, "Would you like a full meal or just a main and go back to your room?"

Janice answered, slightly choked he thought, "If we went back early what would we do?"

He sucked in breath and said, "Why fuck of course. We'd have more than an hour before curfew."

She almost was floundering. "What are you saying?"

He was used to women using a question as a ploy to give them more thinking time.

"It's time Janice and you know it is."

"Well okay I have been thinking about it for a few days myself. You don't really need me any longer."

"I see advantages in us keeping on as study buddies."

"What if I take up with another guy?"

Andy said then she should tell him and they would decide whether to keep on as study buddies. He said he liked the idea of having a study schedule with her because it made him to commit and it ensured they put in the hours. It must surely benefit her as well.

"It does and I'm happy to have sex with you tonight. I share your delight in being told by a professor you have lifted over the median line."

When they were back in her apartment, Andy realized Janice might not be all that sexually experienced when she asked did he want her to have a shower first. He said no because he enjoyed the smell of pussy and she'd laughed very nervously and had nowhere to hide her big blush.

He took it gently. She was still in black hold-ups and her bra was down around her waist. She was sitting against the back of the lounge chair with her legs apart and he was bent over ready to push it in.

He said lightly, "Watch this. It's really one of the best things about sex, eyeing the dick go into pussy."

Cheeks burning she said she usually had sex with the lights out.

"How often is usually?"

"Um a little bit more than rarely I suppose."

They both watched his length work in, the best part being the helmet of his cock forcing the inner lips apart.

Resting his knees awkwardly on the edge of the chair, Andy reached up and squeezed both breasts and began a gently pounding.

"Omigod please don't over-power me."

Andy didn't think he was capable of doing that because she was big-boned, fit and quite strong. What the fuck had her mom told her about college sex? He chatted to her gently and eased back on the pounding and it worked because she finally let go and they finished with a big gang.

"Wonderful," he said.

"Yes I think it was," she said, panting and looking somewhat distressed.

Perhaps not unsurprising, they never coupled again for sex. But all though college they remained study buddies and Janice's infrequent linking with boyfriends, usually rather quiet and always small guys, lasted no longer than two or three weeks before those guys faded away.

Andy went home at the end of the college year, very pleased with how he'd finished.

'Uni Insider', the college newspaper, ran an on-line poll to assess its performance for the year and to solicit suggestions for changes for next academic year.

Andy Ash drew the most votes as best rookie journalist (taking 92% of the vote) and also best journalist and his feature story with the longest heading ever published in the newspaper, 'How I Lied Successfully to Mom I Completed My Freshman Year and Still Remained a Virgin in Face of Unbelievable Temptations' was voted most humorous article of the year.

The editor, Sally Jennings, called Andy to the office and gave him the news of the results of the poll before publication.

She kissed him and said well done and reminded him those little triumphs would be noted on his academic record.

"Will you work for the newspaper next year?"

"Yes for sure. This involvement is laying a plank for my future career."

"Well as you know my time here has ended and I have been advised I will be graduating. There was a meeting of the newspaper management today where, on my recommendation, John Grant our senior reporter was named the new editor. I have just advised John. Can you work with him?"

Andy said sure, he'd only had minimal involvement with John but they had worked fine together.

Sally opened the door to the production room and called John to come out.

John greeted Andy who congratulated him on his appointment.

"Thanks pal. My first duty is to invite you to become chief reporter. Will you accept?"

Astonished, Andy said, "Yeah and thanks."

Sally smiled and said, "Andy that appointment means providing you keep your nose clean, you'll succeed John as editor when John completes his studies at the end of next year.

"Gee that would be a great honor and I look forward to that," Andrew said. "Come guys, let my buy you a drink."

Late next afternoon when Andy was assisting dismantling a theater set, the college's director of drama came up to him and said, "Andrew (she was a stickler for correctness with names) a vacancy for back-of-stage manager exists for next academic year. I believe you are my man. Will you accept? It will look good on your academic record."

"Yes Mrs Manners, I accept and thanks for the opportunity. I was expecting that position to go to a senior."

"I've watched how you get on with the work and stick at it until late at the night. You also get along with the backstage gang and you don't pester the make-up girls for sex, well at least not that I've noticed."

"Golly Mrs Manners are those girls really interested in sex?"

"Funny Man you may call me Macy from now on. You'll be expected to attend all production meetings and all rehearsals."

"Macy huh. Why can't I call you be your first name?"

"Omigod, go on like this and I'll be regretting making my decision."

Andy went home for the first two weeks of the summer recess. Everyone was pleased to see him, he thought thank god, and he was amazed how much the two kids had grown and he was pleased that his mom and dad looked pretty happy.

Next day he drove over to see Angelina Williams but only her mom was home.

Amy hugged and kissed him and he pressed into her and Amy pulled away red-faced and laughing, "Jesus Andy. "I'm an old woman."

He just laughed and thought actually she was two years younger than his mom.

"Is Angelina home yet?"

"Oh darling I'm so sorry. She has a close boyfriend and she's gone to stay with him for three weeks on his parent's ranch in Kentucky."

"Well that's a shame. I was looking forward to catching up. Please remember I called. I head back in two weeks to work on a newspaper in the city where my university is located."

"Oh that's such a pity and you'll miss seeing Angelina."

"That's okay. I guess the boyfriend comes here with her in a reciprocal?"


"Perhaps you could pass on a message that if she every runs out of boyfriends or finishes with a husband, there's always me."

"Oh I am so sorry but you know there's nothing I can do."

"Yeah sure. It wasn't meant to happen. "

""May I get you a coffee?"

Andy asked were wine or beer options?

"Yes darling. I'll have a wine with you."

When they were settled on the sofa and had a sip of wine, Andy said, "May I talk to you about something confidential."

"Yes certainly."

"I stupidly didn't think about it at the time but I've worked out it was you who shot dad."

"Yes," Amy said in a tight voice.

"I guess my lapse in thinking was the shock and I was still feeling rather wobbly after dad had clubbed me with both fists held together. You were there talking to me a few minutes earlier and had asked had dad belted me or words to that effect."


"Only later, much later in fact, did I recall I hadn't heard you drive away when I was still in the living room and after about a minute mom took me to the bathroom. Well thanks for being honest with me. Does anyone else know?"

"Not that I can remember. I was shocked too."

Andy raised his glass and said, "I salute you Amy. That act of violence you dished out to my father on my behalf has had a beneficial effect. It has subdued my father and he sought counseling. Mom says in all the months I've been away he's not hit her once."

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