tagNovels and NovellasA Loser Rebounds Ch. 07

A Loser Rebounds Ch. 07



Three days after his severance from Silver Foods Corporation, Andy received the second call from someone wishing to speak to him about a possible job offer. The first call had involved a position as operations manager for a food supply business that serviced a network of restaurants.

Andy said he could be interested subject to a salary and conditions.

When he said the offer was peanuts, the woman from a recruitment agency asked could he afford to say he wasn't interested in a salary of around $75,000 after being dumped from a premium company in the food supply chain? He switched off his phone without replying. What an unprofessional bitch.

The second call, four hours later, sounded far more interesting.

"Hi Mr Ash, it's Rebecca Marsh. I represent a company that is a competitor to the company you have just finished with and would like to talk to you generally about employment prospects. We have three vacancies, two existing and one coming available at the due of the month with the retirement of the incumbent because of ill health.

"Was the job toxic?"

"No of course not and... oh Mr Ash, I really hadn't expected humor from you."

"Why not?"

There was a pause, and she said, "I require this to be confidential."

"Very well, agreed."

"Our chairman was at a meeting last night and was chatting to the deputy-chairman of Silver Foods who during general chat told our chairman that you had a brilliant career severed by their chairman's inexplicable behavior. Your name wasn't mentioned but your title was stated. So when I was told about this I looked up Silver's web site, found the company executives list, got your name from there and went to your webpage and go your phone number from the page that hasn't been removed yet."

"Well done. You deserve to be talking to me."

"In that case would you be willing to meet me at 4:00 this afternoon as a bar to talk further?"

"Are you attractive?"

"Mr Ash!"

"I apologize. That reaction tells me you a sensitive."

"Yes indeed and that means sensitive to sexist comment."

"Well that's it Rebecca I guess. I have offended you and..."

Rebecca cut in. "The company comes before my personal feelings Mr Ash."

Andy was invited to nominate the bar and he chose one within walking distance of where he lived. He called Linda and she sounded pleased he'd received two calls already and said anyway she would not have called that evening because she had an appointment to get her hair colored.

"But you are a natural blonde. You should stay blonde."

"Perhaps I should have said highlighted. Blonde hair fades and loses luster."

"Gee and I obviously don't know everything."

"No you don't you conceited brat," she laughed.

Andy entered the bar and looked for a female in a dark business suit with auburn hair.

She was pretty, a bit over-weight and aged about fifty.

"You are damn attractive," he smiled.

She frowned and said Mr Ash?"

"Yes and I'll have a dry white wine please."

She hesitated and then ordered.

"The company I work for is North-West Food Packers and Distributors Ltd. The company executive chairman is Wallace Marsh and I'm his wife and personal assistant."

"In that case why aren't I appearing before the manager of HR?"

"My husband hires senior executives after I submit my recommendations. Eight years ago when Mr Marsh married me I resigned as head of the company's HR department.

"Okay, here's my drink and thanks. Let's talk business provided the position you have in mind comes with a salary of $175,000 minimum."

"It does."

They talked for more than an hour, Rebecca making notes.

"Well that's enough background and fills in the gaps from your CV that I downloaded from Silver's website but I have three areas of concern. The first is your academic qualifications. They are scarcely impressive, not even when you complete your masters shortly."

He remained silent.

"Aren't you going to argue that?"

"No because I have to agree with you but I am more than adequately equipped to perform in my chosen area of communications and promotions for agricultural-based industry."

Rebecca said, "The second concern is your relative lack of coalface experience as an executive."

Andy said, "The facts on that cannot be rebutted but I was promoted to create and head a new department based on my performance to date and because of their perception of my developing potential."

Rebecca said, "Well yes, I wouldn't expect senior management at Silver to be incompetent at selecting the right people for particular tasks."

"Your third concern?"

"Well please don't be offended. This is purely my gut feeling. On the phone I had this feeling you could be a compulsive womanizer."

"Well how could I be offended? You are engaged in assessing me for a senior position involving the ability to perform and to display leadership qualities and to be a person of charm and upstanding in character, etcetera. You have every right to make such an enquiry as being relative to this situation. Look do you know Linda Hoffman, director of communications, over at Silver?"

"Yes I do. I've met her several times at industry conventions and social functions."

"Well I began at Silver in her department and she will be a good referee for you. You have my permission to question her about my moral behavior insofar as she has observed and heard about me. Little happens at Silver without Linda knowing about it. She also accepted my request to act as my adviser in exit negotiations when I left Silver last week."

"So you weren't fired?"

"No not in the sense of committing any wrongdoing. I was caught in a palace revolution concerning our chairman. The acting chairman Bruce Allen had been unable to get his mitts on the chairman who apparently failed to return from Italy where I'd been with him on business. The chairman had pushed to get my department established because he believes in branding and the acting chairman, with the chairman AWOL, and claiming he had the backing of the board ordered my fledging department be abandoned and ordered that I had to be let go. Under the terms of my severance agreement, I'm unable to be specific about the reasons for my severance. I was upset at being cast aside but happy with the payout that included hefty compensation. Perhaps Mrs Hoffman can tell you more."

"Well it would be useful to talk to her. The position on offer with our company is director of communications and product branding."

"Wow Rebecca, that's really up my alley. I notice your glass is also empty."

Rebecca laughed and ordered two more drinks.

Linda called Andy next morning to say Rebecca Marsh had just called.

"So you are lining up to join the enemy?"

"Yeah and that's a laugh if I get the job."

"What does your agreement say about working for any rival company within 200 miles or whatever?"

"It doesn't. I checked for that before I went off to talk to Rebecca to avoid wasting time. I thought that was a standard clause in severance agreements."

"So did I. God I was almost killing myself giving Rebecca an assurance you were of sound moral character."

"Well aren't I?" Andy said indignantly and he to wait until Linda stopped hee-hawing.

"Oh you can be so funny," she said, and listened to Andy thank her for being so supportive.

"What kind of job are they talking about?"

"Director of communications and product marketing."

Suddenly Linda had lost her humor.

"Jesus that company is almost as big as we are and that's my position here and you are only a kid?"

"Now don't get bitchy. You did promise something good would come my way."

"Yes I did," she sighed. "I'll call in soon after 5:30 and will want to be told how good I've been to you. I waxed on to Rebecca about you no end and said they were fools here at Silver to have let you go."

"Wow and for that I'll try to get your off on multiple orgasms."

She cut the call giggling.

Two days later, Andy went to the company headquarters of North-West Food Packers. Wallace Marsh greeted him warmly and outlined how the company operated and its aims and objectives.

"We've done some intense enquires and are satisfied you really were the victim of a palace revolution. Carlos Rizzo told me someone had to be the fall guy because the acting chairman was out for blood. Now this is very confidential. Carlos filled me in completely. From the comments Carlos made, I think old Joseph will get away with this. He's been smart enough to more or less out-fox them, to ride on the criminal edge but not wallowing in it. One has to ask, with all the expense to get him back here and to take him to trial, would it be worth it, particularly when there was a chance a judge could rule that old Joseph had been naughty but his actions just failed to reach the test of criminal actions?"

"Well I did like him because he was quite a character and in my opinion had excellent business vision. But now he's had me kicked in the guts."

"Would you shoot him for what he's done to you?"

"No I guess not. It was the acting-chairman flexing his muscles who was really to blame for me being let go."

Wallace grinned. "I'm glad you said that. Joseph and I were good friends. Right let's talk salary and conditions. Rebecca and I agree we want you on our team."

* * *

Andy left the Gillette Campbell County Airport after flying in via Denver and, renting a Dodge Charger, heading for the ranch. At Rebecca's suggestion he was taking a 10-day break before starting his new job two days before the guy retiring finished up, so he could brief Andy about what they did and where they were at with uncompleted assignments.

As the miles peeled off Andy grinned thinking about the previous night. Linda had arrived, having phoned earlier saying she could stay the night.

She used her own key and as she entered he uncorked at bottle of champagne and said, "Celebration."

"Omigod you have been hired," she said, and kicking off her shoes, ran to him.

They kissed and she grabbed her butt and pulled her in hard against him and she began grinding.

"No let's have some drinks and go out to dinner," he said. "I've booked in at a new restaurant called Celebration for Lovers."

"Oh is that what you think of me?" she smiled.

"Well just for tonight. Remember you are married."

"Yes and will you come to my forty-seventh birthday party in three weeks? Some of my very close girlfriends want to see what you are like."

"Is that wise, um your husband...?"

"He can't be there as he'll be in Canada and I'll require a partner at the table. You will be introduced as my contemporary working at our rival company."

"Yeah I'd love to come. So you'll be forty-seven."

"Oh did I say that?"


"How old did you think I was?"

Andy had to think fast, older or younger?


She laughed and said he was a flatterer.

Andy went behind the breakfast bar and returned with the shopping bag.

"Oooh, what's this?"

"A present for standing by me and I believe playing a significant part in my getting my new job."

Linda slowly pulled out an elegant handbag.

"O-m-i-g-o-d. It's a Prada."

"What no good? I'll take it back."

"Oh no you won't, this will become one of my prized possessions. How could you buy this without consulting a woman, or did you consult a woman?"

"No I went into a handbag store and saw this one in a glass cabinet and an Asian salesperson came up and I asked for the price. She old me and I said anyone paying that for a handbag is mad and she laughed and said they had more expensive ones in the special viewing room. I then though well you might treasure this and that's the effect I wanted. I said, please wrap it."

"Oh Andy, you wonderful man. Feel it, look at the craftsmanship."

"Yeah pretty cool eh?"

"You fondle it and drool while I fetch some nibbles."

"You can nibble me if you wish."

Talking a second to stop reminiscing, Andy looked at the majestic mountains and patted his dick and remembered how they'd been awash in sex that night. God Linda was fit for her age. Little wonder her older husband was away so often; he would be out of her reach recuperating.

Andy stopped and phoned the Williams's, expecting he might get Bernie as he'd be in for dinner by now but hoping Amy would answer because she would recognize his voice and sound excited.

"Angelina speaking."

"Holy shit."

She giggled and said, "I think this caller must be Andy Ash."

"It is and howdy baby."

"Baby? Andy I'm a married woman."

"Not to me you're not. My problem is I can never get my hands on you."

"Andy please. Oh god why am I feeling like this?"

"Just tell your mom I called to say hi and I'm home for a few days. I'm about to drive in and surprise my family. Any chance of having your to myself while I'm home?"

"Yes," Angelina said, breathing heavily. "Clem is not here with me, he's working in Texas for a fortnight and suggested I take some of my vacation and head home. I know he doesn't like my father much and my mother bosses him. We could go out riding tomorrow. I've been here two days and have ridden every day. I love it."

"Why not pack a picnic?"

"Oh god that would make mom suspicious."

"About what?"

"Oh what am I saying? I have no idea."

"I'll be over at 10:00. Don't pick a too robust horse for me because I haven't ridden for quite some time."

"Yes sure. I-I'm surprised you still like me."

Andy decided to risk it, to kill the thing that had blighted their relationship."

"Your mom told me some time ago you knew at the time who shot dad."

Andy heard Angelina breath out heavily and then, "Yes mom told me last night that you now knew that. I cried and cried as if a great weight had lifted from me. Oh Andy I'm so terribly sorry I failed to tell you I knew. I let it drift until I believed it was too late to tell you and you might get mad and dob in mom."

"Well I can understand your reaction but I'm surprised you didn't at least think I might have considered your mother a heroine for doing something I didn't have the guts to do at that time."

"I messed up Andy and I'm so sorry."

"I forgave you the moment I got over the shock after your mom told me you knew. But you kept evading me and I wanted to tell you, face-to-face that I knew your priority thought was to protect your mother. Be happy about life now baby. All is well."

"All is well," repeated Angelina. "Don't be late tomorrow; I can't wait to see you again."

Andy felt hugely elated.

When two hundred yards from the homestead he sat on the horn as he flew up the rise and everyone came racing out of the house.

Pete recognized him first.

"It's Andy," he yelled, and was first to reach Andy's window as the vehicle stopped.

He said to big brother, "Hi pal."

"Hi Pete. You look taller."

"Hi mom, hi dad, gosh Susie are you becoming a beauty."

His mom leaned through the open window to kiss him and then Susie did the same, pulling down his head to kiss him on the forehead.

Andy got out of the car and his dad shook his hand and slapped Andy on the back affectionately.

They walked into the house, his mom leaving against Andy, their arms around each other's waist. Andy didn't know why, perhaps it was he and Angelina unburdening at last, but right now was the first time since he was about ten or twelve that he really thought of the Ash's as being family, HIS family. It was a great feeling.

Next morning it was his mom's turn on the school run and Andy said he'd do it for her. He let Pete drive it to the gate. The kids all loved being collected in the Charger and as the parents remembered who Andy was when the kids yelled out, he received big welcomes during the two trips to collect all of the kids. He loved it when at the school one of the girls walking off with Pete turned and looked back at the red car and said, "It must be real cool having a brother like that." Pete appeared to develop a swagger.

Back at the house Andy dropped a couple of condoms into his back pocket thinking well perhaps he could get lucky. His mom, as if reading his mind, said that Angelina was visiting without her husband and Andy must behave himself and remember Angelia was married.

"Do you think I'm interested in younger skirt like her mom?" Andy said, swatting her butt. "You know I like them carrying a bit of age."

"Oh god," she said, blushing hugely.

He liked it and she could see that and smiled.

Bernie was friendly and Amy was all over him whereas he just said "Hi" to Angelina and she replied hi and kissed his cheek and said it was good to meet up again.

Andy felt the great desire to grab her and ask her to invite him to have sex. It was an absurd thought but he couldn't help how his mind appeared to connect with his penis at times.

Amy insisted they have coffee before they left and fussed with the food already packed in the saddle bags and insisted they take a rug.

"Why do you need a rug?" asked Bernie. "You could sit on a log."

"Dad I'm a lady now, not a kid."

Andy glanced at Amy and was astonished at the look on her face as she stared at them. It was a look of absolute approval as if she were looking at a young just-married couple.


As they rode off, Angelia said, "My mother greeted you as if she were greeting the home-coming of the brother I never had."

"Oh yeah?"

"Andy I want to know what you think?"

"Okay well I've had that similar feeling over the years and when I realized she was the person who shot dad. I had this huge thought she'd shot him to warn him off from every hitting her son again."

"Omigod I wonder if she knows?"

"Well I'll tell you this Angelina. The more I find out about people, the more complex people appear to become. I think it's very likely your mother doesn't know and the best thing to do is not to raise it with her."

"I think you're right."

"I'm sure I am. Remove your shirt and bra and let's canter."


"Oh so I'm not to receive a lecture."


"Because you have great tits and I wish to see them move as we canter."

"Then you remove your shirt as well."


When Angelina removed her bra, Andy sucked in his breath hard.

She heard that and giggled and watched him ogle.

Angelina said, "They are just breasts."

"I know but better than most women's."

Boosted at hearing that she said, "You may wish to know that for years I had this urge to show them to you."

"In that case why didn't you?"

"I was worried you might bawl me out for being a stupid cow."

"Well perhaps once I might have been hesitant in giving approval but not now. Let's canter and let them wobble freely.

They cantered through chewed down grass over the fertile terrain of an ancient river bed that for centuries had since often flooded with silt during heavy rain storms. They rode abreast up a half-mile incline and then slowed to a walk over rougher terrain, both allowing their horses to pick their way.

"Let's go to Lone Pine Hill where we used to ride our ponies when we were kids."


They dismounted and after attending to their horses made no effort to put their shirts back on.

"What a glorious view," he said. "I'd forgotten how grand it is."

"I like coming back here," Angelina said. "It seems to restore my spirit."

"Nature does that," he said, not wishing to pry and possible spoil their oneness.

Andy spread the rug roll he'd tied behind his saddle and they flopped down on to it.

Angelina said with very little shyness, "You wish to penetrate me don't you?"


"Well I'm not sure. I have been faithful since my marriage."

Andy the opportunist said casually, "Why don't we fool around and see where that takes us?"

She lay on her back and stretched her arms beyond her head and Andy fell upon her and sucked a nipple and she sighed an opened her legs, obviously already ready to more than fool around but Andy was so busy attack both breasts that he missed her more than subtle invitation to proceed.

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