A Love Lost, A Love Gained


I cried myself to sleep only to wake up at 3 in the morning and do it again.

When I woke up at around 8ish I felt something weird. Morning wood? I looked down and noticed that the weird feeling was Miranda's arm on the edge of the bed in a small rocking chair. She had set it up while I was sleeping and was resting her arm on the bed.

I took a moment to examine my host. She stood around 5'6 and had a great smile. The kind of smile that made people blush. Her chin was rounded but not chubby. She had gorgeous flowing brown hair. I had never really noticed how pretty she actually was until this moment. Was it because of Jessica cheating on me or did I honestly just find another woman attractive?

I reached out and touched her arm and she shot awake.

"Hey, sorry didn't mean to scare you. How long have you been in here?" I must have still been drowsy and my words jumbled because she asked me to repeat myself.

"Ohh. Sorry I should have just went to my room." She blushed at this, why did she blush? "I didn't want you to feel alone I guess. I got in around 5. You looked so sad and alone I just couldn't take it." Ohhh pity that's what it was I saw in her eyes?

"Ahh okay. Well want me to make you something for breakfast, you must be starving. I know I could probably use something and I do know how to cook." I laughed... Was I flirting? What the fuck get ahold of yourself Mike.

"Sure, pancakes sounds nice." She yawned and moved the small rocker back to the corner. "I'll help out though, don't want you blowing up my house. Took me long enough to get this place, don't need you getting moody with a skillet!" We both laughed and I crawled out of bed.

I had forgotten I was in boxers. "Uhm sorry forgot about that. Used to being around no one at all or Jessica." I blushed and pulled on my pajama pants. "Good thing I don't sleep in the buff."

We headed to the kitchen where she started some coffee and I set to work with the pancakes. We cooked up some eggs as well and ate in relative silence. I guess the shock of it was starting to settle in because I was still a bit teary eyed.

"Any plans today Mike?" She asked me softly.

"No, not anymore." I replied in equal silence.

"What were they?" She said with a note of genuine interest. "What were you going to do?"

"Catch the new werewolf movie that just came out with the Jessica. Kinda stuck now as to what to do." I murmured.

"Cool, sounds fun and I have the night off." She said. "We are definitely watching it. Oh and the hotel sent a copy of the credit card bill back to me. It's all set, you got your money back."

"Thanks, you don't have to go out to the movie just cause that's what me and her were gonna do. I don't want to do anything that would seem awkward to you." I said shyly.

"Mike, it's fine. It'll be fun, I haven't seen a movie in ages anyhow. I love movie theater popcorn! So it's set. Don't bother arguing, remember, I'm hard headed." She laughed and got up from the table gathering our dishes as she left. She came back with two steaming cups of coffee. "I wasn't sure how much sugar you use, but I know it is a helluva lot so I put a good bit in there for you."

"Thanks." I sipped on it and smiled. It was perfect. She knew just how much I used for sure! How often did she watch me when we were at the hotel I wondered. "How did you do that? It's amazing."

"I'm just good like that!" Miranda smiled as she stated this.

"Uh huh, I think you were peepin me out at the hotel. You're a creeper aren't you!!!" I laughed and she blushed hard.

"Okay so I admit it, I checked you out the first few times and saw how much sugar you used. It kinda stuck out. Seriously, how many people count out eleven spoonfuls of sugar to put in their coffee?" She smiled back up at me and I noticed her eyes were piercing right into me and there was a definite twinkle to them.

"Any chance that you have shaving cream I can borrow? If we are going out I'll need to clean up a bit." I thought about my choice of words, "To the movies I mean. Going out to the movies."

"Of course. I knew what you meant though, no need to fret." She smiled and closed her eyes as she sipped on the coffee. "Let me get you that shaving cream. It's in the master bath so I'll just set it on the sink. If we are gonna catch that movie I'd better shave as well."

"I don't see a beard you're good! Besides not like you need to worry about impressing anyone with your legs. It's what, 30 outside?" I laughed.

"Well yeah, but... Just shush, I like to shave before I go to dinner or movies. It's my ritual." She said and walked off to the master bathroom.

I smiled and sipped on my coffee. This was turning out to be a very good week. I know that no one would replace Jessica and I would probably never see her again but Miranda was being so sweet to me that it made me feel somewhat less than useless at that point.

I felt so betrayed at first and my guard was still up with Miranda but I figured there was nothing wrong with dinner and a movie. Just friends going out together, nothing wrong with that right?

I took my shower and shaved after downing my coffee. I took my time in the shower, making sure to get the stress washed off of my bones. I wiped what soap was left on my body off and let the water soak me for a minute more before getting out of the tub. I grabbed a towel from the rack and dried off. I wrapped it around me and started shaving. I had to admit that it was nice to be in a place that wasn't going to be lonely for the rest of the week.

"Miranda?" I called out.


"Bathroom is yours if you need it, I gotta find something to wear tonight. Thanks again."

"Cool, be back in a minute gotta go out to the car for something."

I walked to my room and to my surprise she had laid out an outfit for me. So I didn't spend all night picking out something just to go to the movies and then have to change when she saw it. I laughed and got dressed. This is going to be a good week after all.

I heard her knock at the door and let her know I was okay to be seen. I was wearing the jeans and button up she'd laid out. "Well do you like your choice?"

"Very much so, you look really nice in a button up. I'll be ready in a minute, just gotta change real quick."

I went back to the living room and sat on the couch. I waited for what seemed like an eternity but was probably closer to five minutes for her to finish.

"Well, what you think?" I heard her ask.

I turned around to see her wearing a slit to the waist black dress and heels. Her hair was down and she had some makeup on. Not enough to be trashy but just enough to be a knockout. Her figure fit that dress like a glove. Her chest stuck out proud, her shoulders back. She stood very well and you could tell she was proud of her looks.

I could tell that she had thought out this decision carefully. She didn't look anything like a tired out Hotel manager anymore. Instead she looked like a 25 year old bombshell that was ready to go out and have a great evening. An expensive one at that too.

"I-I, uhm, wow, you look amazing!" I stammered.

"Thanks, you look good too Mike." She said with a lot more confidence than I had at that particular moment.

We went out to dinner at a local joint that was well known enough that people would reserve seats a day or so in advance on weekends. The food was terrific and we were one of just three or four couples in there. Seems like people had avoided going out for the life of them tonight.

We ate our food and had a really good conversation about absolutely nothing at all. It was perfect. No pressure to talk about anything, just right. She reached for the bill as the waiter returned and I stopped her. Our hands touched and it was incredible. I could feel how soft they were. How well cared for. I took the check and slid the money in without even blinking.

When the waiter came back we left for our movie. My mind was still on that one little bit of contact. Did she feel something too? Was I just being overly sensitive? I don't know what to do. Is this even right? Am I just getting back at Jess?

We got to the movie about 20 minutes early and got our popcorn and drinks. We picked a spot in the back where we could see the screen perfectly. It was amazing. The movie played and the entire time we sat there and just enjoyed each others company. It wasn't until the movie had ended I noticed her head was leaned up on my shoulder and one arm was wrapped around mine. I just sat there and looked at her for the last 5 minutes. I didn't even catch the ending.

I was shocked. I knew at that point that I was ready. I had to make a move to show her what was on my mind. For better or worse right?

As the movie credits rolled she started to stand and I turned to face her instead of walking out the other way. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned down to the side of her face.

"Thank you, and not for taking me out. Thank you for being my friend but we need to talk tonight when we get to your place." I whispered softly into her ear.

I took her hand and held it as we walked out of the theater. A simple gesture to let her know that I felt the same way that she was feeling.

We were quiet the entire time back to her little ranch house.

"Miranda?" I asked...


"What's on your mind? You don't seem to be acting like a friend tonight." I had to see what she was thinking.

"You were supposed to have a date tonight. I wanted to make sure you had that. Just so you felt like the week went right you know?" She said and turned her head.

I reached up and turned her cheek gently so she faced me... There was a single tear in her eye. She hadn't understood after all.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear again, "No, you don't understand. What's on your mind... What are you thinking about when you held me like you did. That wasn't something you had to do."

"Mike I-I don't know what to tell yo-" She started before I cut her off.

I leaned in and kissed her on her lips softly. She stood there and looked at me for a second. It was like she hadn't expected it. Maybe I had misread the signals and she was just trying to be friendly.

I learned quite soon I was wrong as she wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me back down to her. I kissed her lips with more passion this time and just let go of everything. I wrapped my arms around her and gently picked her up.

"Your room or mine?" I asked as I started down the room.

"Our room." She replied, I took this to mean the master room.

"Sounds good to me!" I carried her to the bed and laid her down gently. I kissed her lips and felt more love and passion in that kiss than I had ever felt with any woman before, including with Jessica.

I ran my hands up and down her sides. I felt her nipples stiffen up against my chest through her dress. Her fingers were running all along my sides. I could feel her hands rubbing my back. It felt amazing.

I slid a hand up under her dress and worked it slowly off of her. I pulled her in close and kissed her again. I could feel her slender frame pressed against me. I felt her body heat. The smell of her body spray. The feel of her skin on mine.

I sat up long enough to completely disrobe and to allow her the same opportunity.

I took a moment to see what it was I was getting into. Her body was topped nicely with B-cup tits that had short fat nipples. Perfect for playing with.

I rubbed them gently while kissing her neck. I worked my way down her body giving her quick kisses all over. I didn't just want her any more. I needed her. I needed this release. I needed to feel her pressed against me. I needed this so badly.

After she was soaking wet I worked down her body further. My fingers playing with her clit. I remember the feeling all too well. I could feel the warmth of her mound between my fingers. I could feel her body heat rising and the smell of her sex in the air was incredible. I went down on her and gently licked her clit. Her juices were starting to flood my mouth. She tasted amazing in comparison with every other pussy I had tasted. It was sweet, not overbearingly so, but just right. Everything was perfect. After she warned me that she was going to cum from me eating her out I increased my tongues rotations on her pussy drastically.

I felt her squeeze down on my fingers as she came into my mouth. I smiled and gently climbed on top of her. I let my hard dick gently press up against her wet slit. As I slid inside I felt her shudder. She took the whole 8 inches though. I let her adjust to me being inside of her and we slowly and passionately made love...

I will leave off here for now. I have been writing for the past few hours and really need to take a break! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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