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A Loving Fuck


"Go via Sandgate Road, it will be quicker at this hour," I said to the taxi driver, I was desperate to get home. So was my husband.

I was in the back seat of the taxi, sprawled partly across my husband with my big tits nearly spilling out of my tight black cocktail dress. My hand was unsurreptitiously fondling his hardening cock through his trousers. We had been at a work function. All day, pangs of lust had been radiating from my pussy and coursing through my whole body. The pangs had grown savage during the evening as I made small talk with my husband's work colleagues and their wives; and pairs of wandering eyes focussed on my cleavage.

"I want you inside me sweetheart, your big cock in me, fucking me," I feverishly whispered into his ear.

My publicly staid husband is not usually comfortable with public displays of affection, but this was an exception. He was heating up as he kissed me deeply and passionately. His tongue twisted devilishly inside my mouth and I ground my hand harder against the trouser bulge, oblivious to the taxi driver who was no doubt watching us in his rear-vision mirror.

"I am going to suck your cock when we get home, swallow it all the way down, and I'm going to fuck you until you fill my pussy with sweet bubbling cum," I said lewdly, my husband groaned lustfully in response, no doubt clearly heard by the driver.

Finally we were in our street and we both reluctantly separated as I directed the driver to our house. When we got there I fished around in my purse, and gave the driver a fifty and said to him to keep the change. My husband and I quickly got out of the taxi. We were desperate to fuck.

We quickly went straight to the bedroom and I enveloped my husband with my arms, pushing my tits against his chest.

"Take out that cock," I demanded, staring into his lust filled eyes.

My husband slipped from my hug, unbuckled his pants, dropped them, and pulled his rampant cock from out of the tight white underwear.

"Suck me, suck me deep," he begged, his hands went to my tits and started to squeeze them firmly through the tight fabric of my dress.

I then knelt and inhaled his cock, instantly tasting the precum that bubbled out of the little winking peehole. I swallowed his whole cock, pushing it against the inside of my cheek. I looked my husband in the eyes as my cheeks bulged with this cock. I then bobbed my mouth lovingly on my hubby's hot cock. Over and over my head bobbed along my husband's length. Before he had the chance though to explode, I let go off his cock, took a step back and undid my dress and shuffled out of it. I was now only clothed in my panties, bra and pantyhose; but not for long. His hands roamed across my back, finding the clasp of my bra and spilling my big boobs free of their constraints. My husband lovingly caressed them, sliding the palms of his hands along their sides and underneath before lifting them up gently but firmly, and rubbing his thumbs exquisitely around my nipples.

"I love your big tits, your big fucking tits. I'm going to put my hard cock between them," he said.

He guided me down and I wrapped my boobs around his cock. I could feel its pulsing heat between my breasts. He rocked his cock in the tunnel my tits had made, leaving a trail of precum as he did so. I didn't want him to cum yet though.

"Don't cum yet baby, do it inside me, I want to feel it deep inside my cunt," I said.

With that he stood up and quickly and unceremoniously stripped naked, and I followed.

My husband then pushed me gently down on to the bed and I instinctively opened my legs, revealing my freshly shaved pussy. His mouth descended on to my bare foaming hole, lapping my clit like a cat licks a saucer of milk, sending me into purring ecstasy.

"Oh baby... oh baby...taste me....keep licking," I whimpered as one of my hands drifted and started caressing my husband's head as his tongue started to dig deeply into my enflamed pussy.

I didn't plan on cumming yet, but my husband's cunt licking was just too passionate, just too good. My climax was starting to build as my husband began encircling my engorged clit with his magical tongue.

"Fuck... I'm cumming.... don't stop..... don't stop..... don't stop," I panted.

I was overcome by wanton waves of ecstasy. I screamed and spasmed as my climax came crashing through me. Uncontrollably, my thighs squeezed my husband's head, his tongue still wickedly encircling the core of my climax. I then went limp, my husband mercifully removing his mouth from my pussy. He smiled at me as I panted, his mouth coated in pussy juice.

"Give me five to recover, then fuck me hard," I said.

"Okay, I'll get us a drink," he answered, and walked off to the kitchen, his wang wagging and bouncing in front of him.

By the time he came back with two pina colada's, my pussy was again ready for stimulation.

"Stick it in me and fuck me, I want your cum inside me, get on the bed so I can fuck you," I gestured, pointing at this dick.

Wordlessly, my loving husband sprawled on the bed and held his cock towards the ceiling. I began to lower myself onto my hot husband, having some fun as I did so, rubbing the tip of his dick on my clit, before placing it at my pussy entrance, then slowly and wickedly sinking down and taking all of husband's length.

"Feel my cuntlips on your cock, I'm going to sink down until you are buried in me, feel my pussy embrace your dick," I said teasingly.

Buried to the hilt, I got comfortable, putting my hands flat on his firm chest, and I started to slowly fuck my husband. Grinding my pussy down and rocking forward hard at the bottom of each thrust. My husband grabbed my swaying boobs, cupping them at first before vigorously pinching and twisting my nipples. I quickened pace, our bodies slapping together with each strong stroke.

I knew it wouldn't be a long fuck, but it would be a good one.

"Fill me with sperm..... Spray me inside...... C'mon..... Cum in me...... Cum in me," I begged lustfully.

Our eyes were locked together too in a lustful deep stare. Our bodies were slamming together now. My husband groaned, squeezing and twisting my nipples so hard that I yelped in pleasure and pain. He arched his back and then I felt his rampaging cock explode inside me, sending a pulse of cum deep into me, filling me. I continued to fuck him as my second orgasm started to build rapidly. My pussy gurgled with each thrust as the cum bubbled around.

"I'm cumming.........," I screamed.

Bucking viciously, my pussy walls squeezed the life out of my husband's cock, before I slumped forward panting as my orgasm subsided. We then hugged, quietly. We were both spent. My husband's softening cock finally slid out of pussy and a torrent of cum rushed out of my now vacated pussy and further coated my husband's cock and balls.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you too," he replied.

We both got up and showered together, lovingly caressing each other's bodies with suds before returning to bed and drifting off to sleep...

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