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A Loving Husband


When Paul was struck with a mysterious virus, it was pretty much the end of his world. Sadly for him, he did not live in a time where there was good medical knowledge, the doctor's had no idea what to do for him, and it was thought that he would die. Contrary and strong-willed, he survived. They told him that he was lucky to survive, although he wasn't so sure once he realized the permanent damage to his once strong and healthy body.

His beautiful and sweet wife Christine was not only understanding, she took care of him, nursing him through the virus and back to a semblance of health. Still, even her tender care couldn't bring back the feeling below his chest, it couldn't bring back the use of his legs. Or the use of his manhood. Feeling more and more bitter than he could not fulfill his wife's passions, although they tried many times to bring his manhood back to life, Paul started sulking. He didn't want to try again and see the pity and disappointment in her eyes. Only in her eyes, for Christine loved him too much to let it show anywhere else.

It pained him that they slept every night in a marriage bed that was empty of passion, empty of her heated moans that had once driven him insane with lust. He felt like less of a man and a husband for being able to fulfill all her needs. They tried and experimented with other things, but his fingers were still weak although skillful and he couldn't always find the endurance for them to bring her off that way. Getting into position for him to lick her was always tricky because if she put too much weight on his chest he might not be able to make it rise enough for him to breath, and there was always the trouble of getting air while he was under her anyway.

And so Paul grew more and more bitter and angry at the state that he'd been left in. He tried not to take it out on Christine, because it was not her fault at all, but he could tell that she was sad that he had stopped even trying. Not so much because she was a creature of pleasures, although she enjoyed them, but because she missed the intimacy. He missed seeing her face as she came, gasping beneath him. He missed hearing her moaning cries, feeling her body, watching her. Sometimes she would still play with herself for him, but mostly it just made him angry that he couldn't do this for her, and so the times were few and far between.

Then one day his best friend Jason came over to visit while Christine went out shopping - she never left him unless there was someone there to keep an eye out for him - and Paul had a brilliant idea. Jason was their age, but had never married because he was too busy chasing too many girls. So far he had yet to fall in love with a single one of them, but he was also not promiscuous exactly... although not a virgin he hadn't slept with more than 4 women in his entire life. He enjoyed the chase more than anything.

"Jason," Paul began hesitantly, not sure how to put this. His friend looked at him expectantly, "Well. I've been having trouble with Christine."

"With Christine?" Jason's expression showed his obvious surprise that Paul would be having trouble with such a dutiful, faithful and sweet wife. He'd known them all their years and even when everyone thought Paul would die Christine stood by him.

Nodding, Paul tried to think of how best to put it, "As... as man and wife. In bed. Because..." his crooked fingers gestured to his lower body, understanding bloomed on Jason's face. "And, I want her to be happy, I..."

"Paul," Jason leaned forward earnestly, "She IS happy. She loves you, whether or not you can, um, perform like you used to."

"But I can't at all," some of Paul's frustration began to seep into his voice, "And we've tried and I can't, and we've done some of the other substitutions, but it's still not really working because I'm just too weak... and I don't feel like I'm being good to her or to her needs." Jason sat quietly as different emotions flickered across his friends face, not really understanding why Paul was telling HIM this, but understanding that he needed to share it, "And I want to fix that. I'm her husband, somehow I should be able to give her what she needs.

Looking at Jason, Paul could see that his friend seemed to understand what he was saying. He took a deep breath, "I think... well... you've always said you think Christine is pretty." Paul stared pleadingly at Jason, asking him to figure it out without Paul having to say it out loud.

Horror and shock rippled over Jason's face, "Paul... you can't... you don't mean... what..."

Silence descended as the two men stared at each other, both of them struggling with a myriad of complex emotions.

Slowly, Jason gathered his thoughts together, "Paul... you're my best friend. She's your wife. I would never ever think of doing that to you, Christine is pretty, but she's YOURS."

"Exactly," said Paul, his eyes pleading, "She's mine... but I can't do it for her. I can't give her what a husband should... so as my best friend, I want you to do it for me. Don't you see? Then, in a way, it's still me... you're doing it for me, she's doing it for me... I'm still there. I'm still her husband, and I'm still finding a way to give her what she should have."

Jason struggled to understand, Paul seemed so desperate, so in need... but he was also horrified at the idea of sleeping with his best friend's wife.

"I'll... I"ll think about it." He couldn't promise anything more than that. He wasn't sure he even wanted to say that, but something about Paul's expression made it impossible for him to say no.

The two friends sat there in silence until Christine got home. She smiled at both of them as she put the groceries away. Jason and Paul exchanged one long, sober look before Jason left, leaving the husband and wife alone.


Paul was both excited and nervous when Jason came over. Christine was silent and pale, holding her husband's hand. She looked beautiful, dressed only in a smooth robe, the dark red color accenting the creamy highlights in her skin. Jason looked at her, both wary and lustfully; she gave him a tremulous smile and Paul nodded happily at both of them, firm in his belief that this was the best way to be the husband that Christine needed him to be.

He led them both over to the bed, kissing Christine's lips as she turned her head towards him.

"I love you sweetheart," he said.

"I love you too," she whispered, not even taking her eyes off of him as Jason began to disrobe. Her grip on his hand tightened as Jason's lips brushed against her neck, his member growing hard and heavy between his legs despite his discomfort with the situation. Paul had known it would be alright, who could ever resist someone as beautiful as his wife?

Christine's breathing was getting heavier as Jason slid the robe open, revealing her perfect breasts. He moaned low in his throat, cupping them with his hands and sucking one cherry nipple between his lips. Paul watched as his wife gasped, her eyes never leaving his although he could see her expression becoming more lustful, more aroused. It made him feel better than he had in a long time, seeing that her needs were going to be fulfilled. He had expected to feel much more jealous, but instead he was just happy.

He could see Jason nibbling on her nipples as she moaned, her hips lifting upwards towards Jason's erect shaft, the top of her pussy lips nuzzling the head of his shaft. Both of them gasped with desire and Jason's hips fell, pressing against her open thighs.

Looking at his best friend, Jason asked - his voice thick with lust - "Are you sure?"

Paul nodded, not even looking away from Christine, smiling at her with pure pleasure. Her mouth opened slightly, panting as Jason began to press into her. He could see her legs spreading slightly to accommodate him, her hips lifting upwards to meet him as he buried himself in her body.

Jason gasped, Christine was so exquisitely tight after months of forced celibacy, nothing had been in her in so long. It still felt strange having Paul right there, watching, but man's primal instinct was beginning to take over. He wanted to bury himself in Christine's tight and ready pussy, over and over until he filled her with his seed. Wrapping his arms around her, he began to thrust in and out of her pussy in a steady motion, feeling her legs wrapping around his hips and pulling him deeper into her.

Although she kept one hand holding her husband's, her other arm was snaked around Jason's neck as she moaned her pleasure, her legs spread and wrapped around her husband's best friend. Paul watched with visceral enjoyment and pride, watching Christine's fluttering eyes as she was plowed, her body moving in pure sexual ecstacy after so long. Jason buried his head in her shoulder and hair, ignoring who she was and what she was, just enjoying the feel of her writhing beneath him, his dick plunging into her wetness.

Long denied, Christine cried out in orgasm long before Jason was ready, her hand tightening around her husband's as he watched her thrash with pleasure, her body tight and tense beneath Jason's thrusting one. Every thrust brought her higher and higher in sexual joy, her orgasm folding and spreading as Jason heaved on top of her.

The ecstacy mounted, leaving her writhing in heat, until he finally shoved deep inside of her and she spasmed with finality, her body greedily accepting his seed.

This was the part where Paul thought he'd feel the most jealous, but when Christine opened her eyes she was looking at him, with pure loving sexual bliss. And he smiled back at her, relieved and loving... knowing that it was really her husband that had brought her this, even if it had been through another provider.

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by Anonymous10/20/16

Wow. So sweet.

I cried. So fuck you Angel for that. But really. Sweetest fucking thing I've read on literotuca. Thank you.

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