tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Lusty Teacher Ch. 01

A Lusty Teacher Ch. 01


*Chapter One

Donna seemed like any other every day person. She had a rather large build, standing at 5'9" and quite stocky with long blonde hair. She taught at the all girl's high school and seemed to favor particular students openly; all but one whom she favored in a different way. This student was an 18 year old senior named Angelica. Donna particularly admired Angelica's beauty. She had long brown curly hair, green eyes, full lips, and stood at a petite height of 5'2" with a slim figure.

Every time Angelica walked into the classroom Donna's eyes lit up. She glanced at her every minute she could without looking obvious. One day, she just couldn't take it anymore and wanted to do more than just look at her beautiful Angelica, so she devised a plan. She knew that Angelica went home by herself certain days of the week and decided to take advantage of one of those days. She waited until a rainy Wednesday afternoon and followed in her car at a distance to remain unseen. When she caught Angelica in a secluded spot, she drove up next to her and honked the horn.

"Hi sweetie, need a ride so you don't have to walk in the rain?" she asked after slowing to a crawl beside the girl and rolling her passenger window down.

"No thanks, Ms. Greene," Angelica replies with a soft smile.

Not planning to drive the girl to her own home, but to Donna's, Donna pressed on, insisting enough that Angelica finally accepted.

When the girl finally climbs into her car, Donna immediately takes the first turn she can to go back towards her own home. Angelica noticed that it was the opposite way of where she needed to go and spoke: "I think you might have made a wrong turn, Ms. Greene."

Donna laughed before replying. "Honey, you are mine now. You aren't going home."

Worried now, Angelic tried opening the car door which she found to be locked, so she screamed. Donna quickly pulled over and held the screaming girl down while covering her mouth with her hand, causing the girl to begin kicking and struggling.

"Make another sound and I'll be forced to snap that pretty little neck of yours." She threatened.

Angelica's kicking subsided, and her screaming hushed into whimpers. She was calm enough that Donna let up with one arm to grab a needle and inject the girl with a sedative, sending Angelica into a deep sleep.

*Chapter Two

Angelica woke up hours later to find herself tied tightly to a bed with her legs spread wide but her arms together above her. The only clothing she still had left were her bra and panties. She looked at the door as it opened to let Donna into the room, who walked over to stand beside the bed.

"Hello gorgeous, did you sleep well?" She asked as she stroked the girl's cheek gently.

"W-what are you going to do to me?!" Angelica shrieked as she struggled against the rope on her ankles and wrists.

"Ever since that day I first laid eyes on you, I loved you. Everything about you: The way you look, the way you walk, your voice..." Donna trailed off as she ran a hand up the girl's sleek thighs. She reached for the pair of scissors on the night table and cuts off the last pieces of clothing on the girl.

"You sick bitch!" Angelica shouted at the top of her lungs as she started to cry.

Donna reached for the roll of duct tape and ran her fingers over Angelica's lips while softly saying, "It's a shame to have to seal those sexy lips." She tore off a piece of duct tape and pressed it onto the struggling girl's mouth. She kissed Angelica's cheek while fondling her right breast and touching herself while the girl continued to cry.

Donna stood back to take in the sight of the girl of her dreams bound, gagged and crying on her bed. Then she reached down and rubbed Angelica's pussy lips lightly, causing the girl to squirm in a pathetic attempt to get away from Donna's probing hand. Donna pressed her other hand down firmly on Angelica's stomach to hold her down as she continued to run her finger up and down the other's slit. She removed her hand only long enough to stick it up herself to collect some of her juices before returning it to the girl's flesh and using her juices as lube to gently enter the girl's tight little hole.

She put her mouth over the girl's nipple, suckling gently for a little bit before carefully moving onto the bed and trailing her mouth in a line of kisses down the girl's torso. She finally seals her mouth strongly over the girl's puffy pussy and suckles while flicking her tongue out to play with the clit. She was encouraged to lick faster by Angelica's soft whimpers behind the gag.

"I'm gonna make you cum, my love," she whispered. Donna vigorously moved her finger in and out of the girl's vagina while continuing her onslaught on the clit. She could feel and taste the juices beginning to flow from Angelica's pussy as she was forced to orgasm. Within minutes the girl's entire body was shaking and a long moan was forced out of her. Donna could help herself, she kept going until she forced 6 orgasms out of the girl.

She got off the bed, kissed the girl on the cheek and said, "That was only the beginning of my joy with you, darling." Then she reached into a drawer and pulled out a box with what appeared to be a thick 10 inch dildo. She slowly pressed the length of the dildo into Angelica's pussy. The girl's screams behind the gag made Donna really horny. She forced in about 8 inches of the dildo before turning on the vibrator. "I will be back in a little bit, don't you worry, my love." She crooned as she left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Angelica squirmed and wriggled, trying hard to escape the large dildo and powerful vibrations that were stuffed inside her. She screamed with each orgasm, wishing it would stop. She didn't see any end in sight and after about half an hour she was getting desperate for it to be over. When the door opened she looked at Donna with pleading eyes only to gasp behind the gag at the sight of the whip in Donna's left hand and a candle in her right hand. She set the candle carefully down on the night table before trailing her hand from breast to pussy on the girl. She slowly turned the vibration off and gently pulled the dildo out of her.

She lashed the whip down on Angelica's soft flesh, pulling a scream from the girl's mouth. "Did that hurt, sweetheart?" Donna tauned as she lashed the girl 5 more times. She set the whip aside and picked up the candle instead. She began to drip hot wax on that firm stomach, eagerly listening to Angelica's muffled screams. She groped at the girl's small, round breasts and kissed from her neck down to the wax on her stomach. She licked the girl's cheek and smiled as she looked into her captured beauty's eyes.

"I am so happy to have you, baby. I've been waiting for this day for such a long time." She kissed her forehead and headed towards the door. "Get a good night's rest, my love. You need your energy for tomorrow." She flipped the switch and walked out leaving Angelica in fear of what was to come.

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