A Man on an Island Ch. 02


She pointedly kissed each one, "I'm trying desperately to think of things that I can do for you here. That was pretty wonderful, Cale. I'd never have guessed that ..."

He smirked, "What? That a man could do that? I know that I'm at a disadvantage for that, since I don't have the equipment, but I try."

She kissed him furiously, "I know that. I'm just surprised at you. You're always surprising me, Cale. I know you put a lot into that for me. I'm not just here because I'm horny. I'm here because of something else. Something that I can feel coming out of your pores at me.

I'm trying to deal, ok? I never expected anything like this -- like you." She reached down, "Is your thing still awake? I don't want him to feel left out. I just -- I just don't know what I can do for you, Cale. I haven't had one of these in me anywhere in, well in a long time, "she sighed.

"And long ago I swore that I never would again."

Cale sensed something, and rolled them both over onto their sides, "No. Don't worry about it, Emma. You don't want to, that's fine." He kissed the top of her head softly, "Let's just go to sleep, ok?"

He held her with her face to his chest, stroking her body gently. She buried her face against him, and wondered why his chest hair didn't tickle the way that she thought it would have. She felt so safe and protected, as though nothing could get past him to reach her. She saw the room lit up with the flashes of the lightning; some so close that she heard the clicks and crackles. The house seemed to shake and shudder.

The storm had gotten even worse, but none of it could reach Emma, she had Cale's arms around her. She turned her head, and listened to his heart as another bolt slammed down someplace close, followed almost immediately by the crash of the thunder, but his heart kept beating at the same constant pace -- as though he was doing it on purpose to calm her. She moved up to snuggle her face into his neck, kissing him. She began to whisper to him.


"Yes darlin'."

"Listen to me a minute, ok? I've always liked girls as long as I can remember. But when I got to be a teenager, there was just no outlet for me. I had a few really embarrassing incidents trying to express myself to other girls. So I tried to be normal, and --"

He stiffened, "What do you mean normal? Emma, if that's the way that you are, then that's normal. Shit, I'm a guy and I get that."

He felt her smile against his skin, "Thank you for saying that. You know what I meant, I tried to fit in. I went on a few dates, and even had a few boyfriends for a while. But I couldn't do what they wanted, and ..."

"Stop." Cale said seriously. "I don't need to hear the rest, Em. Just nod if you were forced. That's all I need to know."

He felt her nod once and sighed, "Listen, you need to know something about me. I'd never want to force you into anything that you don't want to do -- "

"I know that, Cale, but --"

He shook her, "I'm not finished. Please let me finish Em, and then you can say anything you want to."

She nodded again.

"Emma, you're my friend, and I'm your friend too. I know we've only known each other for a couple of weeks. I don't care. If you need anything that I can give you, just name it. If you need blood, and I'm your type, you can have all of mine. If you need a warm body, please pick me. I know I'm not equipped to give you everything that you'd want, but maybe I can give you what you need most -- until you find someone who can. That's what I'm hoping anyway."

She reached to hold his manhood. She began to stroke it gently, and felt gratified that it responded so quickly to her touch, "Do you want to fuck my face?"


She was surprised, "Why not, Cale?"

"I won't do it that way. I don't know if you can understand it. I liked letting you do that to me, because you needed it, and I liked it too. But for me to do the same thing to you doesn't do anything for me. I can be aggressive if you want me to be, but not like that. It's too demeaning to you. I've never treated a woman like that. I'd prefer it if you'd try to love it out of me with your mouth, because there would be love in that act if you wanted to do it -- or at least it would be easier for me to pretend that there was. But if you've had a bad time because some shithead jammed it into your mouth, I understand, and I'll never ask it of you."

Emma was silent for a minute, "Do you want me for more than this, Cale? Do you want to be in a real thing with me?"

"I'm not what you want, and I know that."

Emma sighed, "That's not what I asked you. You're in love with me, aren't you Cale?"

She felt his nod, "More than you can imagine, Em."

Emma was a bit exasperated. She lifted her head, "Then answer my question, because I need to hear it from you, Cale." She looked at his face as she spoke, but what she saw took her words away.

"Do you want me for your own- oh! No!"

She stared in shock at the wetness in his eyes which betrayed him. "No Cale, no! I'm sorry, Cale." She kissed his face over and over, "Please Cale, I'm so sorry."

She threw her leg over him and held onto him as tightly as she could with everything she had. "Stop, Cale." She rocked him as he wept against her, kicking herself for forcing him to face what he had known wasn't possible all along. He was wrong, she knew, but he didn't know it yet.

He was mortified that she'd seen this far into him, and he wanted to get up. He hadn't been prepared to have someone look this close -- see the things which must be wrong with him compared to everyone else. It was suddenly a whole lot more than he could take. He wanted to get away from her; he needed to be alone. Someplace that he hated to be, but on his island, it was a dull constant thing, and not this sharpness.

Emma wasn't having any of it, "No! You've made it clear to me from the first minute when you caught me at the coffee shop that you think the world of me. I let you into my heart in spite of myself, and now you're here, Cale. You're not getting away from me. You'll have to carry a bare-assed woman around if you leave because I'm not letting go, ever."

She felt him beginning to win, he was too strong for her and she knew it. She grabbed his ear and forced him to look at her, "Look at me! Look at me, Cale!

God-DAMMIT Cale! Please don't turn me into one of those women who can't even get their man's attention. We've barely even started."

He froze and went limp, looking at her face in wonder. Emma smiled sweetly, "That's right. You're my man now, Cale. You've won." She kissed him softly, "I love you too, Cale, God help me."

She pulled his arm over her and he held her once he had the idea. Emma rubbed her nose against his affectionately, "Listen, you and I are all fucked up. But I'm not about to let you get away, baby. If you can put up with me, I'll do my best for you, somehow."

She looked down at him, and then back to his face. "Cale, please try this with me. Our sex life might be really confusing to most people, but I think that somehow -- if we talk things out a lot, we can come to something that will keep us both happy, and I really want to be your girlfriend."

She heaved her other arm out from under them, "Christ you're strong... Look, I'm saying I'll try if you will. I have a dominant streak sometimes, I think you saw that. But I can be submissive for you too, Cale. We just have to find our way together, and it might mean that we trade roles sometimes. I know you can do that. I saw it myself tonight. And I know that you don't have the same equipment, but I'll try to get used to what you have if you'll just give me a chance."

She pulled back, "So, what do you say? Shall we give it a shot? Will you be my first real boyfriend?"

"You know I will but, why do you want me, Emma?"

She chuckled, "Look baby, all of my life I've wanted a girl, but she couldn't just be any girl, Cale. I wanted a girl that was my equal. I can be dominant, and I can be submissive, but most of all, I want to be equal. I guess that's the key to my heart, really. I've never found a girl like that. I didn't want to repeat the experiences I've had with boys. But now, I've found a great man. I know that you'll let me be me, as long as I let you be you, and that's all I've ever wanted. I couldn't believe it as I got to know you. You don't want a girl under you -- unless she WANTS to be there, and not all the time, right?"

He nodded, and Emma continued, "And you sure don't want a girl who makes you live under her heel -- I've seen that in your history already, though you're fine with it if you're making her happy. Most of all, you want an equal partner, and you don't mind everything else."

She laughed softly, "So I can be the girl you want -- if you'll bear with me. The only problem is that you don't have one part, and you're built like a man -- because you're a man, go figure. I haven't found what I wanted in over twenty years of looking until I tripped over my own feet and landed against that wonderful chest of yours -- I just didn't know I'd hit pay dirt right away."

She ran her hand over his hair, "Why do I want you? Jesus, Cale, I love everything about you -- I just needed to shift my focus. I never knew how much I like muscles. I never knew how it feels to be seen with you when other women look at me, and I know they're cursing me, like they just know I cheated at winning the lottery.

Holy shit, Cale -- once I learned how to look, I found that my knees get weak when you look at me in a certain way, and I can't believe how much I love the way that you smell -- clean, dirty, freshly showered, or sweating like a pig. When you were sweating during the shoot, and we took those shots where my face was against you? I just kept inhaling the scent from your skin. I thought I had the flu or something - I almost fell down! How the hell is that possible?

So, is mildly pretty little Emma who has no chest to speak of going to keep wandering around pissing and moaning about her bad luck?"

She pushed him onto his back and poured herself on top of him, rubbing herself against him a little, "Or is she going to open her eyes to the obvious and say 'Damn! There's this gorgeous guy who thinks I hung the moon, and his vision is defective enough to make him think I'm beautiful. And he's the only person in the whole world who has ever liked my poor little tits enough to make me feel like a woman who is loved in any way.

He'd do anything for me, including come over in a lightning storm when he's soaking wet from a long day and dog-tired just because I said please when I asked him to.

But wait! Oh no, he has a pretty good-sized cock instead of a pussy. Oh, what's a poor lesbian to do?" Emma's heart leapt as she saw his soft smile.

She suddenly pulled herself to his face, "Do you think I'm stupid? For the love of a wonderful person like you, I'm going to learn to suck boy really, really well. That's what I'm going to do at the very least, since you can give me head like nobody ever has before.

Everybody makes all this noise demanding to be seen as the same as everyone else. We scream out that love is love, no matter the colour or gender. Well I'm putting my money where my mouth is, Cale. I love you, and I know that you love me, and let's just take it from there. Are you with me?"

Emma stared at his face. She couldn't believe it -- Cale was happy, she could see it. She knew that she always wanted to see this look on his face when they were together. It made everything else fade into nothing. He kissed her, and she melted in a second, "Whoa," she said when she could draw a breath, "where did that come from? Your kisses keep getting better."

He smiled shyly, "I either had to do that, or cry again. You're so beautiful -- especially when you're explaining your heart to me. I love you, Emma."

She licked his ear, whispering, "I love you, Cale. Um, I need a clue from you here. How important is it to a man to shoot his stuff inside a woman? And I'm not giving you the reason why I want to know on purpose."

He shrugged, "I can't speak for most guys. I'd be happy no matter how you got me off as long as I know that you care. I suppose the best ways would let me um, leave a deposit, since it means you're mine -- as silly as it seems. Hey, it's a primitive thing, right? I'm not the kind that goes really quick in a selfish way -- I hate that. I also have never rolled over and gone to sleep. It's just not my way.

But as you said, we're a little fucked up, so I'd be happy with anything, honey. I don't care if I squirt inside, outside, up, down, whatever. "he smiled ruefully, "And I'd understand if you didn't swallow. I'd hate myself if I had to watch you gag, some people don't like the taste, some do."

She moved down his body, sliding her hands over him, until she felt it under her chin, "Why is it wet at the end?"

That's for lubrication, and even that bit is loaded with sperm -- Mother Nature stacking the deck."

She grasped it and stroked a little, but looked up feeling foolish, "I don't really know the best way to do this. I've only sucked before."

Cale gave her brief suggestions, and tried to be encouraging to her. Before long, Emma was pleased to see him writhing before her. She found that it didn't put her off now. She just thought of it as the equivalent of what she'd done for her female lovers, and tried her best. It wasn't anywhere near the same thing, but she found herself enjoying it some anyway. She kept looking at him, watching for the signal that he'd promised to warn her that he was about to let go, but she felt him swell, and was ready even before he spoke in that tortured voice.

She had a surprise for him. If other women had done this forever, then so could she. Besides, he'd put so much into doing this for her.

When he came, she swallowed as fast as she could, but did try to taste it once. She immediately regretted swallowing so much since she found herself liking it. The rest got away from her, but she went after it, determined to show him that she cared. When she moved up to kiss him, she found him thanking her with those kisses that stole her breath. She moved her thigh, and nudged his penis. She looked at it, "Hey, I thought it was supposed to get soft afterward. Did I do it wrong?"

Cale chuckled, "No Emma. I think Mr. Happy just can't believe his luck."

Emma laughed, "Careful, I might make that name stick." She slid back down and straddled him with a grin.

"Em, what are you doing? We're not using any protection here."

The look that she returned was serious, "Cale, just this once, I don't give a damn. I'll get a morning-after pill tomorrow, but tonight, it's really important to me to do this with you just once like we're supposed to since these parts fit. We'll discuss the options tomorrow and go from there. Right now, I want to try this with a real one for the first time in my life."

He had no answer as he watched her lift herself to get him in the right place. They slid together groaning.

She froze as the phone rang.

"Who the hell calls anybody now?" He asked.

Emma smirked, "Somebody who knows that I used to be afraid of thunderstorms." She moved only a little, and they both sighed. Cale reached over to pick up the phone and handed it to Emma.

"Oh, hi. Nope, I'm fine, I'm pretty happy, actually."

"What? Yeah, I'm happy. No, don't bother, Sherri. I'm not afraid anymore."

"Thank you. Yeah, I used a ton of batteries on that one. Oh, he's a really great model that I found -- actually, he found me.

I know, he's got this look. Well, he's got more than just one. He can say so much with any of them, really. It's up to the viewer to interpret. I tried really hard to work the shots that way."

Yeah, it says that in the caption. No, it really was me. Thank God for camera timers." Emma giggled, "Well, they might look like that because that's what we really were doing, or not. I'm not going to say yes or no. Interpret them any way you like. But if you want a clue, my head is too close to him in the shot to be doing that. Yes I would know, because I've done it."

"That wouldn't be a good idea for a few reasons. Well, I don't want to see you. No, I haven't been missing you at all. I don't really ever want to see you again to tell you the truth."

She moved a bit more and they both sighed. Emma gave a little wiggle and let out a groan.

"What? Yes, I'm with someone. None of your business. No, no, I'm not saying. Look, I'm trying to be gentle here. You dumped me, if you'll recall, for the fifth time, I think. I've lost count. And I just got tired of sucking up to be beat up again. No, forget it. There's nothing more to be said. Be an adult for once. I'm doing something really important right now." she looked at Cale with a smile, "No, there are more important things, like doing something really important right now. No, we're done. Bye."

She pressed the disconnect button, and began to thrust herself harder, "Sorry, Cale."

They made love for forty minutes, and Emma thrilled to feel him swell inside her. She'd been worried that he wasn't going to come -- especially after she'd had two during this. She tried to pay attention, and was rewarded when she felt his contractions, though his face would have told the story too. As they slowed, she took one of his hands from her breast and kissed it, "So now I have your seed inside me, and I even felt it when you came. I know this happens a million times a day, but I feel pretty special anyway."

Cale pulled her to him, "You are pretty special, Em." They stayed like this, as he slowly left her. "What am I supposed to do now?" she asked, "I can feel your semen beginning to run out of me."

"You can wipe it away, or leave it, honey. It's up to you."

She slid down a little on him to rest her head on his chest, "I think I'll leave it. I can't imagine ever wanting to wipe it unless I had to, and I don't have to. Can you sleep like this?"

"I want to. Can you?"

"Yeah, "she sighed happily, "Good night, Cale. I love you, baby, and thank you for coming over."

"You're welcome, and I love you too."

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