tagBDSMA Married Wife's Submission

A Married Wife's Submission


It seemed like forever since I had played with my submissive. But just as much as I enjoyed making sweet slow love where she begged me for more, part of me craved role playing with the woman I loved, dominating her and controlling her sexually.

We must have both wanted it that day. I opened the door of my hotel room and pull her into my arms. She always fit so perfectly. Our lips met and our tongues danced as our desire connected. I could almost taste the passion on her lips. Her beautiful brown eyes were full of a wicked combination of love, lust and desire.

She grabbed my hand and led me back into the room and maneuvered me in front of the soft chair in the corner of the room. Pulling her into my arms again, I could feel her hardened nipples pressing into my chest. Her lips went to my ear and whispered, "I want to undress you and then I have something very special to offer to you."

I decided to play along to see what kind of special surprise she had for me. She had not seen me for months and as she undressed me she discovered all the hard work I had done on my body for her. Her fingers and hands roamed my naked flesh as she took each piece of clothing from my body. I could tell the way she touched me and the way she looked at me, that she liked her gift of a tighter and sexier body. Eventually she had me down to just my boxers and after a very gentle and surrendering kiss she asked me if I could sit in the chair.

As I sat our eyes met and I could feel the sexual heat building between us. Finally I took a closer look at the way she was dressed. Professional clothes hid the most incredibly erotic and beautiful lover I had ever been with. Her eyes were locked into mine. I thought I saw the signs of total surrender, but I quite wasn't sure what was in store. And then she dropped her dress to the floor and kneeled in front of me and whispered with her eyes lowered the words she knew turned me on, "I offer myself to you for your pleasure Master."

I looked down at her and she had wrapped herself in a new outfit for me. It was black and I loved the way the lace conformed to her tight ass.

I reached her hair stroking it gradually tightening my grip to let her know who was in control.

"Is there something you need to confess to, "I asked her in that tone of voice that I knew made her wet.

"Yes, Master the last time we were together I spit some of your cum out and I know I must be punished," she said raising herself from her knees and lowering her body over my knees, her sweet ass staring me in the face.

"Hmmmmmm....who was it that last time taunted me about how I spanked you," I asked her, my voice getting more and more intense by the minute.

"Ummmmmmmmmm....Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm," she stuttered forgetting the taunting she had done weeks earlier.

One of my hands wrapped into her beautiful black hair and the other jerked her panties down leaving them lewdly hanging just onto her thighs.

By the way I was gripping her hair she began to have second thoughts about teasing me," Please please...I am so sorry Master. I should have never questioned how you punished me."

It was too late the first smack from my hand was already being delivered to her cheeks. She had always had to tell me to spank her harder as I learned how much she wanted during role-playing. This time there would be no turning the level up. It was both intense but it made her wet between her legs. That and the anticipation of the other things her Master was going to do to her.

"So is that hard enough for you my little slut," he asked her as his hand landed another smack.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss Master," she moaned trying to catch her breath.

"Now lets discuss your disgraceful behavior last time I let you suck my dick, " he said as he paused for a moment.

"Master I am so sorry....I promise to never do it again....but there was so much," she pleaded as he gently massaged her pink cheeks.

"What are you suppose to do with your Master's cum," he asked grabbing her ass cheek in his strong hand.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmm....ummmmmmmmmmm," she stuttered trying to remember the correct answer.

Her master reached underneath grabbing her nipples between the lace of the bra and firmly twisted it sending intense pleasure shooting through her body.

" Do I need to continue with the spanking slut," he asked his hand flattening and beginning to rub her ass cheeks as if he were preparing for the next smack.

She fought throughout the haze of sexual and physical pleasure and remembered the answer.

" I am suppose to suck it, savor it and swallow it Sir," she told him proudly.

"Good sub," he said as he lowered her off his lap and back onto her knees.

Grabbing her by her hair he pulled her over onto the bed and pushed her down onto her stomach, "BUT not quite good enough. You taunted me when you shouldn't ever have and now you need to be punished."

He grasp her wrist and before she could resist she found herself being tied to" the bed with silk ties. Quickly each limb of her scantily clad body was secured and he placed two pillows under her stomach raising her pussy and ass lewdly into the air. He placed a sleep mask over her eyes isolating her senses.

"Now we aren't so MS in Charge are we my little slut," he taunted her. She struggled for a moment and then realized there was no where to go.

"No Master," she uttered out.

Her senses came alive wondering what was next. She could hear him walking slowly around the bed. She craved more of what he had already given her. But in what form would it take. God she wanted him.

"Now you are going to finally and truly learn who is in charge aren't you," he asked her while taking his finger and tracing it lightly down her spine and just as he reached her ass pulling it away.

"Please Master," she begged craving more of his touch and wanting his finger to discover how wet her pussy was.

"NOT yet sub....not yet," he told her.

She sensed him move away and she let out a sigh of disappointment. When next he spoke she could tell he was sitting back in the chair.

"Now I am going to look at you and talk to you about your life as my sub," he said beginning to tell her how she should act when they were roll playing and reminding her about the safe word "Abraham Lincoln".

Something she listened to but her mind began to drift off as the sexual desire between her legs continued to boil.

Suddenly she felt movement on the bed and his weight near her head.

"You weren't paying attention were you. I am going to have to fuck your mouth to remind you who is in charge and what respect he is due."

She felt his cock push between her lips as he rammed it into her mouth, his fingers pulling her hair so he could penetrate even deeper. Simultaneously his hand stung her ass with another smack. She could feel the animal desire in her Master as he thrust over and over his fat cock filling her mouth and throat. And just as suddenly as it was there it was gone.

"Now lets see what is going on with your little slut pussy," she heard him say as she attempted to recover her breath.

His weight shifted to the lower part of the bed and she felt his fingers beginning to probe down her spread legs. She knew he would discover her inner thighs slick with juices. God she wanted him to fuck her but refused to beg.

Suddenly she felt a finger lightly brush her lips. It traced the edge of her lips from her ass to her clit and back down and around. Over and over it lightly made circles around her dripping hole. She wished it would penetrate her. More over she wished he would shove his fat cock into her. But it continued making light circles relentlessly teasing her.

Before she knew it her body made her utter the words she tried to resist saying.

"Please Master..Please fuck me....with your finger.....with your cock....with anything and everything you want to fuck me with," she moaned and urged.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm that doesn't sound like a woman in charge to me," he taunted her further.

"Please...please....please," she moaned, the thought of being teased more was worse than the thoughts of giving in.

"Who is in charge now and will always be in charged my sweet slut," he asked his finger driving her to total submission.

"You are Master...you are in charge of my pussy...no no...my cunt.....my mouth....my ass....my body...my mind...I will give you whatever you want and desire, but please....give me more," she begged.

"Very well here is a small reward," he said as his long finger penetrated her.

She begin to thrust her body against it. Trying to savor it and satisfy her urges for being fucked. But it wasn't enough, she craved more.

"Please give me more. PLEASE," she begged.

She felt a second finger going into her satisfying more of her cravings and begin to work in and out of her. But after a few minutes she knew she would need his fat cock to make herself cum.

"Please Master I will do anything for your cock, please give me more" she begged.

She felt the fingers withdraw and before she could utter a protest she felt and smelled them pushing into her own mouth.

"Lick your cunt juices slut...show me you will do anything....show me how you would eat another woman's cunt juices for me." he ordered her.

At first it was too naughty to even think about but she gave in and began to lick and suck his fingers clean, her sexual hunger making her ravenous for the juices on them.

"Does she taste good slut...does her cunt taste good," he asked her while watching her.

"God yes Master....I want more of her", she begged.

She felt his fingers pull from her mouth to be reinserted in her fucking her fiercely and then returning to her mouth soaking in her juices.

She attack them again.

"Do you like the way I am eating her Master," she moaned as she sucked his fingers.

"Yes, I do and I am going to reward you right now....do you like the way my dick feels when it's rammed into your cunt," he said impaling her onto his hard cock.

It took her breath away and the raw force of his cock impaling into her body gave her the most intense sexual pain she had felt. But it was what she craved and god she loved the way his fat cock stretched her out.

His fingers went from her mouth and pulled the mask off. She turned her head and felt and saw his hands grab her shoulders while he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her making it feel like it was going to come out of her throat. Her hands grabbed onto the sheets trying to hold on while his cock savagely attacked her sweet pussy.

The waves of pleasure began to wash over her as she watched them together. Her body tied lewdly to the bed. Her lover and Master fucking her hard liked she craved so much. He twisted her body slightly and began to pull on her nipples as he sensed her getting closer and closer to the orgasm that had been building for the last hour.

"Yes Master. FUCK ME.....FUCK ME HARDER. Use me like the little slut I am," she begged.

He only responded with more animal passion and desire. She wondered how much more her pussy could stretch. And then wave after wave began to wash over her.

"Please Master may I cum for you....Please Master may I cum for you and show you what a little slut cums like," she begged realizing she couldn't stop and didn't want to be punished for cumming without permission.

"Yes my sweet little slut...come for me now...give me what I want....NOW," he ordered her.

Wave after wave of orgasm washed over her as she screamed out. She tried to stop him from thrusting but the animal in him would not. For the first time she had multiple orgasms without a chance to breath in between.

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Yessssssssssssssssssssss God Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Master," she screamed as he manipulated her body to the most intense pleasure.

The electricity shot through her body and she nearly fainted from the pleasure. He began to slow his thrust and gently pulled out of her. Through the haze of her pleasure she felt him release her from her bonds and and gently began to massage and touch and kiss her.

She knew the roleplaying was over but there would be a night of touching and kissing and caressing and lovemaking to come.

The End

But for me...there will never be.

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