tagGroup SexA Matter of Coincidence Ch. 01

A Matter of Coincidence Ch. 01


It was another great summer vacation. I always enjoy the month at our lake cottage without the interruptions of the office. My family is luckier because they get to spend the entire summer enjoying the lake, boat, summer activities and the laid back atmosphere. These last few vacations were special as we were empty nesters at home, so these were truly family vacations.

Our youngest children, Christina and David, leave directly from the cottage for college. Our other four children bring their families to the cottage and then head back to their respective lives. Having them, their spouses, and kids is making the summer cottage a real tradition. Typical of all good things, they usually come to an end; with sex being the exception of course.

Returning home a week earlier than the rest of the clan always provided some cherished alone time. Cindy, my wife loves it as the break always cranks up our horniness level. With the house all to ourselves the past two years, things have turned into week long sex fests upon her return.

The drive home had me fantasizing about what we could do this year. The kinkier the better; we've always been into 'different' sex. Actually, it was kinky sex which brought us together in the first place.

Cindy was the center of attention in a 'gang bang' and I was the only guy who didn't think she was a pig. In fact I thought her to be an incredible sexual goddess. Little did we know at the time, the eventful 'gang bang' marked the beginning of a long, loving, rewarding, and deeply kinky relationship.

It seemed like yesterday. I was fresh out of college working for an accounting firm in Detroit. The guys I worked with were fairly wild and one of them arranged a 'gang bang' with this slut he met.

All week he told us how she wanted to fuck as many guys as possible. My fellow workers were acting like idiots; saying what a pig she must be and how they were going to get drunk and fuck the shit out of her. I smiled from peer group pressure, but in reality I was very aroused.

I thought about the fantasy she must be living out. I would love to be the center of attention for a group of women. Would I be considered a slut or a pig? Noooo! I would be a virile stud. The bottom line: I couldn't wait to meet this woman.

The night of the event started with drinks at the bar. There were eight of us and the guys were doing shots and downing beers as if it were their last day on earth. I only had a couple wines because I wanted to enjoy this special person. At the prescribed time we went to the party.

We were greeted by our fellow worker. He said 'she' was in the bathroom getting ready. We were told to grab a beer and have a seat. Five minutes later 'she' appeared: naked.

The guys started whooping, hollering, and being immature. I was captivated. Her presence was awesome; wavy auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders as 'she' walked across the room. Wearing only heels, 'she' stood nearly six feet tall. Hazel eyes seductively surveyed the room as this cream skinned beauty moved to the center; her nicely developed B cup breast jiggling slightly.

Stopping in front of the boys 'she' placed her hands on her hips and parted her legs slightly. He mound was smooth and hairless which afforded a great look at her glistening lips. Chocolate brown nipples centered on the pinkest areolas were in striking contrast to her skin. Her make up was simple. Light pinks sensuously covered her lips, nails and eyes. On one hand 'she' was innocent while on the other 'she' was a seductress. I wanted to fall at her feet in adoration.

In an instance 'she' was in control. Telling everyone to shut-up, the room fell silent. 'She' was looking for men not children. They all looked at each other with school boy grins. This was allowed to pass.

'She' ordered everyone to stand and strip. Some hesitated, but quickly did as they were told when it became a do it or leave situation. As we stood there, inspections began. Taking hold of each cock, 'she' commented about sucking it or fucking it.

Ironically, many of the guys who were the biggest talkers were now nervous. I was rock hard by the time 'she' inspected me. Looking me in the eyes, 'she' asked if this excited me. Smiling, I gazed into those hazel beauties and replied "very much." A thin smile formed on her lips and her eyes changed. Her gaze lingered and her head tilted slightly. Something happened and 'she' was pleased. Her hands memorized my cock before moving on.

Once inspected, we were told to get ourselves hard. Looking directly into my eyes, 'she' said, "Nice to have at least one of you ready." Not breaking eye contact, 'she' sauntered over and flicked my nipples with her painted talons. My cock jumped instinctively. With a slight moan of approval, 'she' slowly sank to her knees in front of me. Taking hold of my shaft, 'she' began a slow, deliberate licking ritual; paying special attention to its head while maintaining eye contact.

It was clear this was something 'she' craved. This just wasn't sucking a cock; it was a fulfillment of her deeper needs. 'She' was turning her wants into reality.

The guys starting milling around. Her hands went to their cocks and began to stroke them. Removing her attention from my cock, 'she' started sucking whatever was put in front of her. Her eyes fluttered before they closed. 'She' was rising to another level. We were no longer people. We were implements of her desires.

With the guys encircling her, 'she' went from dick to dick licking, sucking and fondling with an unexpected air of sensuality. I stepped back from the crowd to watch. 'She' cherished each cock. Each lick and suck brought moans of pleasure from its owner. Her acts were so arousing no one seemed aware of another person.

Guys jerked themselves; rubbing their cocks on her face, hair, shoulders, or any other open spot when her mouth wasn't tantalizing them. 'She' had them in heat. They wanted her and 'she' wanted them.

While still in a kneeling position 'she' ordered everyone onto their knees. I took a chair to watch the lust fest. 'She' had some new rules. No one was allowed to cum unless it was inside her. 'She' wanted every drop of their cum.

Pointing at a rather large cock she said, "And that needs to be up my ass." It wasn't mine but I didn't care. I was so hard from simply watching.

The guys were panting. They wanted to fuck so badly they were going nuts. Jerking their dicks and making grunting sounds, they became primal. Sliding onto her back 'she' spread her legs and said, "Who's first?"

In a flash the party host positioned himself between her legs. 'She' was so wet he entered in one thrust. Locking her legs behind him, 'she' started a hard, grinding fuck. Her hips seemed to move of their own accord. Her hands searched for cock and pulled the nearest into her mouth. Her sucking changed, going from the erotic to the wanton. It was time for cum.

The party host began to sweat. His driving was met by her thrusts. With a deep grunt he stiffened and convulsed. A few seconds later he was done, but 'she' was far from finished. The host was quickly pushed aside by his replacement. Her hips never stopped and she literally fucked herself onto his shaft. I could see cum oozing from her hole as the new cock drove deep into her.

'She' now had two cocks at her mouth. Both guys were jerking off while 'she' coaxed the cum from their sacks. As they climaxed, they placed their cock heads on her lips, shooting their loads into her waiting mouth. Waves of cum filled her mouth and splattered onto her face. Her tongue was snake-like, catching their cum in mid-air and pulling it back covered with her desired treat.

As they were spent, they were replaced. One by one each guy had his turn. Her cunt and lips glistened with the warm white fluid.

Finally, the ass-cock was moving into position. Guiding it into her overflowing cunt, 'she' gave it a few lubricating thrusts before pulling it out and getting into position. Grabbing her legs behind her knees she pulled her ass up, exposing her dark target.

Everyone was silent as the tip of his dick moved to her nether hole. 'She' was able to open her ass on command. Pushing his cock into her passage was too much; I nearly came just from watching. They started the ass fucking in earnest. It was an intense scene. Too intense because the ass stud lost control and emptied himself in less than a minute.

He rolled off--spent.

Our hostess looked around and spotted me. Pointing she said, "And now it's time for Mr. Voyeur to finish the job. You need to get ME off." Her voice was firm yet seductive.

Rising from the chair, thoughts spun in my head as to HOW I was going to get her off. All the guys before me were animals. They were dogs aroused by a bitch in heat. No one acted like a man trying to fulfill the needs of a woman. They only sought release. I decided to take this in a different direction.

I moved to my hands and knees and began a slow, cat-like crawl to my goddess. 'She' was still on her back, resting on her elbows. Cum was dripping from her ass and pussy; jets of the now clear liquid were on her face and lips. My eyes locked onto hers, and through them, MY messages of lust and passion were sent.

Moving my body next to hers, I began to softly and seductively kiss her lips. The remnants of cum were no barrier as I sucked on her tongue in a tempting manner. My hands gently caressed her body as we gradually melted into one another.

Unfortunately, the mood in the room had changed dramatically. The guys, no longer in heat, began jeering at us and making crass remarks. 'She' was now a whore, a pig, a slut. I was being called a fag. We were told how disgusting we looked! How gross to kiss a girl who just swallowed cum! Guys started calling me cum-eater. Someone shook up a beer and sprayed us which ended things on the spot.

'She' was so pissed off. Pushing me aside, 'she' jumped to her feet. Grabbing a loose beer, 'she' flung it at the sprayer calling him an asshole. I thought there was going to be a fight.

The guy became abusive and made a move to her. I jumped in and told everyone to calm down. Looking at her, I told her to get her clothes on, I was going to take her home. When 'she' went into the bathroom, I was able to talk some sense into everybody.

I told them regardless of what they thought about her, she was still a person and should be respected. Even if they no longer approved of her, they should at least consider the fact she just took care of their needs for the night. While dressing, I told them of their hypocrisy and how just a few minutes ago she was hot and they wanted her. Now that they're done, she's a pig?

There was a moment of silence when 'she' came out of the bathroom. I took advantage of it to say I was taking her home. We left the apartment quickly. It wasn't until we got outside before we spoke. Looking at her, I smiled and extended my hand, "By the way, my name is Phil Duggan."

Bursting out in a laugh, 'she' took may hand and replied, "Cindy Perkins. And by the way, you were magnificent with the way you handled those jerks. Thank you. And if we weren't so rudely interrupted, I think you were going to be truly magnificent in other ways too." Cindy wrapped her arm in mine as we walked to the parking lot.

That was nearly thirty-years ago, but it seems like it was yesterday. The funny part was OUR night had just begun! Starting things off was the lack of a car between us. We looked at each other laughing from our plight.

Luckily the apartments were near a main road so we headed towards it. A decent looking bar/restaurant was across the street, so I offered to buy her a drink and a sandwich before we called for a cab. We wound up closing the place AND we weren't drunk; feeling good—yes—drunk—no!

It may sound corny but it truly was love at first sight. We talked as if we were long lost friends catching up on our lives. Our conversation was easy and without barriers.

Cindy was a systems analyst for one of the car companies. Like me, she was a recent college graduate and went to the University of Detroit. She was originally from Chicago but left after high school. She went back home on breaks, but stayed in Detroit year round because of her job. Cindy needed to pay her own way through college.

She chose the University of Detroit for a number of reasons. First, it had a great IS department. Second it was right across the river from Windsor, Ontario which has some of the finest strip clubs around. Canada's laws are a bit more liberal than the US's. The radio slogans for the clubs tout this by saying "Where by law you see it all."

Cindy craved sex and everything about it as far back as she could remember. Being good looking as well as an exhibitionist, stripping seemed like a natural way to pay for college. In fact, it was so lucrative she almost quit school to dance fulltime. What stopped her were the eventuality of age and the reality of needing another career when dancing was over.

But she loved the attention. Many a man was willing to part with a few extra bucks for a little extra attention. Cindy started working private parties and found it mesmerizingly erotic to be filled with cum. It was such a turn on for her; she would go home and masturbate using what was left in her pussy or ass. The feel, taste and smell were addictive.

I asked her why she wasn't still stripping on the side. Her answer was surprising. Although she loved it, she wanted more out of life. All the guys at the strip joints were already married or they were pimps, or druggies, or jerks, or a combination of the above.

Cindy wanted a family. She wanted a nice house. She wanted a caring loving husband. She wanted to be part of a community. She also wanted her spouse to crave kink as much as she did. So, she left the clubs in search of Mr. Right.

My story was simpler. I grew up in Pennsylvania, graduated from Penn State (my parents paid), and was recruited by one of the big accounting firms in Detroit.

Cindy wanted to know why I wasn't married or at least engaged.

I told her the girls I dated liked sex but weren't too interested in exploring. The things which really turned me on, they considered filthy. Something inside of me said no when they hinted towards a long term commitment.

This was of great interest to Cindy. She asked if I was turned on tonight. I told her not only was I turned on then, but I was even more turned on now. Cindy began asking questions in earnest.

"Why did I kiss her? Was the cum a turn off? Was I going to lick her pussy even with the cum inside? Have I ever sucked a cock? Did I ever have anal sex, either receiving or giving it? What was the kinkiest thing I ever did?"

She was peppering me and I answered every question truthfully.

"I find kissing to be extremely erotic. The cum actually heightened the meaning of my kisses. It was my intention to not only lick her clean, but to do everything I could to get her off. I had not sucked a cock, but found nothing negative about it. In fact it was exciting to fantasize about it. The only anal sex I had to date was when I masturbated. I would use my fingers or something cock-like from around the house. The kinkiest thing I ever did was being with her tonight."

It was at this moment Cindy knew we were a match.

Getting a bit bolder, I asked if she had any plans for the rest of the evening. Cindy gave me a sad look, saying she did indeed have plans for later. I mumbled an apologetic response. Reaching across the table, Cindy took my hand in hers. Looking into my eyes, she told me her plans were to finish what we started.

We both started laughing. Cindy's foot wiggled its way into my crotch. I was already hard and Cindy gave me a knowing look. Our food arrived and we broke our hand embrace. Smoothly, Cindy's hand went under the table for an instant. When our waitress left she brought her hands back on top of the table.

"Try this."

Cindy extended her arm across the table, offering me a well coated finger. Anyone watching would have thought it normal, as many couples share food. However, we both knew better. Licking it clean, I asked if she was going to share the rest with me.

Smiling, she said, "But of course."

My life was changing--forever. That night I licked her clean and we both began our post graduate work in the fine art of advanced sexuality.

I could go on, and I will, but I need to return to the story first. However, a few more details are required to set the stage properly.

Cindy and I married four months later. Within the year we moved to Chicago to be around her family; none of whom knew about Cindy's career, how we really met, or where our interests lie. We decided it best to set guidelines in our new locale based on the rumors and reputation developed in Detroit.

We would do nothing to jeopardize our family or careers. We would continue our quest for lust and pleasure but only in situations without repercussions. Friends, family, co-workers and all others from main stream America would be off limits. We would only explore clubs, groups and private activities which would allow us to maintain our privacy.

We also made a promise never to engage in any sexual activity without the other; the exception being masturbation. This promise was never broken. It didn't need to be, between the two of us, we were always finding creative ways to bring a little kink into our lives.

As the kids started arriving, it was only natural our outside liaisons fell off. However both Cindy and I made sure our needs were always met. We started a tradition of fantasy night. Each month one of us would plan an evening of erotic kink; the nature of which was unknown to the other. We would take turns, one month me, the next month Cindy.

For example, last month Cindy arranged for two beautiful pre-op transsexuals to join us for the evening. We were at the lake. Under the guise of going out to dinner to meet some old friends, Cindy told me to stop and pick up the two young girls hitch-hiking. I didn't want to, but Cindy convinced me.

"Stop, Phil! We can't let two young girls hitch-hike. What if some pervert picks them up?"

It turned out the only perverts were us: eight nipples, six breasts, four asses, three cocks and one red hot pussy. I hadn't been taken like that in quite awhile. All three girls were sizzling as they turned me into their pussy slave for the evening.

We never asked each other about the 'who, what, where, how, why and when' of each adventure. It was part of the fantasy; no questions just enjoy. It's a formula which works for us.

The ride home from the cottage seemed to fly by. Pulling into my driveway, I noticed the neighbor's 'For Sale' was down. I thought there must have been another realtor change as the place was sitting empty for nearly two years. The asking price was just too high. Although we lived in an expensive community, ours was in the older section with one house right next to the other. Privacy fences were the rage.

Our house was one of the few without two privacy fences. There was one between us and our neighbors to south, but only small, widely spaced bushes separated us from the empty house. We were good friends with the previous neighbors, so we decided to go with bushes, mulch and flagstones. It made our yards look bigger.

Our drive was on the side away from the vacant house. I was surprised to see people moving on its back patio when I pulled in. I also did a quick double-take because they were nude; at least I thought they were naked.

I got out of the garage quickly to see if I was crazy. I wasn't!

A rather handsome, tanned couple entered the house. Both were indeed naked although I only caught the tail end of things; very nice tail ends I might add. Not trying to be too conspicuous with my gawking, I opened the trunk, removed my luggage, and went into the house.

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