tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Memorable Lesson

A Memorable Lesson

byBlack Tulip©

Warning: this story is about a teacher in the art of love, but contains a hint of incest. Please do not read on if you find that kind of content offensive.

I like to thank HawaiiBill and A7inchPhildo for their help. Bill for editing my English and Phildo for his comments on the content. I hope you enjoy our joint effort.

The young men lounged in front of a small gazebo, the lush grass soft and fragrant beneath their bodies. All three of them had been meeting nearly every afternoon for the past five months. Their classes had started in the New Year, as they needed to be complete on Midsummer Eve. They felt excited and tried to behave in a manly fashion since they would soon be real men. Right now, they were waiting for their teacher, the learned and respected Master Payne.

Master Payne knew all about the art of love, was teaching them the secrets of male and female body's and taught them the lessons of the Kama Sutra so they would be able to give pleasure. He had told them they had to give before they could receive. They were responsible for the arousal of their partner so she would be able to give pleasure back.

Normally they would have gone to Master Payne's house but Grant and Blade had been invited to share the teachings with their best friend Drake. Drake's father was wealthy and powerful enough to have a teacher come to his house, even such a respected one as Master Payne. Grant and Drake were hardly more than boys, all of eighteen years old and intent on exploring the world, tasting and feeling it, bent on experience more than on learning. Blade was a few years older, but as he was just back from visiting relatives at some far away place, he had missed the rites in the year he turned eighteen.

Their teacher knew them rather well by now and he smiled as he observed them. He remembered his own time of passing into manhood. The big feast of Midsummer Eve, when all was possible, all acceptable for once. He emitted a soft sound in reminiscence.

Before he had taken a step toward his pupils however, a movement across the vast lawn caught his attention. With a sigh he allowed himself a few moments to enjoy the sight. The gazebo had been off limits to all in the household for months now, his teachings being for men only, but Drake's sister had been hovering around a lot, always at a discreet distance of course, but nevertheless visible.

Payne grinned as he watched the young woman. In the eyes of his pupils he no doubt was an old man, but with his forty years he felt in his prime and his cock certainly was not feeling old. Not when he was watching young Fay in a thin summer dress, her long brown hair free for once instead of being coiled around her head.

As she wandered through the garden the teacher licked his lips, for a moment wishing she could be used as practice material. He felt his pants strain against the bulge of his cock as he visualized the full breasts and round hips he guessed beneath the thin silk of her pink dress. She had not yet married, although he knew she had taken part in the Midsummer Feast a few years ago. Rumor had it she was too wild to be tied to one man.

With a shake of his head, Master Payne stepped out from under the sycamore tree and started on his way towards the gazebo. The young men were unaware of him approaching them, but he could see they had certainly noticed Fay. Drake made a face as he watched his sister. He was probably tired of her hanging around whenever his friends came over.

"I'm sorry, friends, she just doesn't understand that we don't want her around."

Instead of agreeing with him and saying it was not his fault, both Blade and Grant laughed out loud.

"Are you making a joke?" Grant said. "Just take a real look at her."

Blade was a bit more outspoken. "Your sister is a very attractive girl. Don't tell me you never looked at those breasts."

Payne saw the color rise in Drake's cheeks. No doubt he had looked at her bosom, maybe even more than once, but he was not going to admit that.

"Please, don't be ridiculous. She's my sister. Besides, we can get a real woman in only a few weeks."

Blade raised his eyebrows. "Are you telling me Fay is not a real woman? She passed her rite a few years ago, didn't she? And she looks like a woman to me."

He looked around but could not see Master Payne anywhere. A bit nervously he licked his lips and obviously decided to put some of the teachings to the test. It was clear he took a deep breath before he looked to his friends.

"I have this idea, like testing our teachings." Blade wiped his hands on his pants in a nervous gesture. "Remember Part Seven: On the picking up of men or women? Chapter III? Examination of the state of a woman's mind? I want to try it. On Fay." He blurted the last words out; maybe he was afraid he would loose his nerve or his friend.

Drake looked at him with a stunned expression on his face, but Grant started a grin that split his face almost in half.

"My sister?"

"Do you mean to test only Chapter III of Part Seven? Or the rest as well?"

"Well, that depends, doesn't it?"

"You want to, uh, to bed my sister?" Drake started laughing softly. "Oh my, I would like to see her face when you ask her that."

Payne saw a look of relief pass over Blade's face. After all, Drake could have been insulted on behalf of his sister. "You can, if you two agree to what I have in mind."

On impulse Master Payne had changed his course so he was now concealed behind the gazebo. He was able to hear and see all of his pupils, but they had no clue he was near. On hearing Blade's confession he nodded in approval. Blade seemed to have grasped the intent of the lessons extremely well, perhaps because he was older. Master Payne suspected something else however. That visit to faraway relatives? He would not be surprised if Blade had sampled the local girls, without the proper teachings of course.

Payne held his breath to hear what Blade had in mind. The next few minutes made him very uncomfortable. Blade wanted to ask Fay to aid him in practicing the teachings. The master had difficulty focussing on the task at hand but he had to decide here. It was not unheard of to let young men practice before the big event, but that usually was done with the aid of paid women. Could he let them continue? Fay was not a virgin, but not a paid woman either. She was very attractive however. The bulge in his pants had returned twice as big and he felt hot and sweaty.

He bit his lip as he looked out over the big expanse of grass, dotted with clusters of blossoming trees, searching for the form of Fay. He spotted her in the shade of a tree, stretching her lush body as if she didn't know that at least three pairs of eyes were glued to her curves. She lifted her arms and grasped her hair at the back of her neck, thrusting her breasts out, presenting them with a tempting profile.

Payne made up his mind then and there. She obviously knew what she was doing. He was too distracted to know the right citation at the moment, but she was definitely displaying signs of being willing. He'd let the boys go ahead. All he had to do was stay in the neighborhood to make sure all went well. Should he let them know? He was still debating that when he heard Drake's voice.

"Fay? Hey, Fay!" He waved at his sister. "Come on, Payne's not here yet. You can come."

Fay looked all around before she approached the gazebo. "I'm not supposed to be here. You know that, Drake." She stood with one hand on a round hip, the other toying with her hair. "I shouldn't let you boys even look at me." She lifted both arms behind her head again as if to fix her hair. "Not with my hair down like this. I'm in total disorder."

Blade took a deep breath. "I like the way you look. With your hair like that, I mean." He coughed a bit nervously. "As for disorder, I'd love to disarray you even more." He looked pointedly at the ribbons that closed her dress just below her breasts.

When Payne studied her face from his hiding place he saw a light blush creep into her cheeks. God, she really was beautiful. The long dark hair fell straight down her back and her brown eyes had a golden sparkle in them.

"Don't be ridiculous. You are still studying. Where is your teacher, by the way? Shouldn't he be here by now?"

Drake did not look very surprised, but maybe a bit disappointed. The thought of actually watching two people perform, clearly send shivers down his spine.

"When a man makes up to a woman, and she reproaches him with harsh words, she should be abandoned at once." Grant laughed without mercy as he quoted from Chapter III. "Too bad Blade, the Kama Sutra itself says you haven't got a chance."

Payne stepped out from behind the gazebo, feeling proud of his students. He was proud of Grant for interpreting correctly and Blade pleased him for having the nerve to experiment. For a moment Master Payne had forgotten that the woman was still there and he almost ran into her. He could avoid touching her but he stood close enough to smell her perfume, an enticing fragrance with hints of fresh flowers and herbs combined with a touch of musk.

"You called me?" Payne couldn't suppress the wicked grin that suddenly appeared on his rugged face. As he looked down at her he remembered how her body language had spelled willing. "May I hope you need a teacher too?"

Fay blushed again as he suddenly appeared from behind the gazebo. He stood practically on top of her and he could feel the warmth from her body. "You should be teaching those boys, not me." She briefly looked up into his grey eyes.

As she turned to leave, she looked back over her shoulder. "Not that I would mind learning from you." She send him a dazzling smile.

"Ha, thanks sis. Now I can cite as well." Drake stared at Master Payne with a distinct challenge on his face. "When a woman reproaches a man, but at the same time acts affectionately towards him, she should be made love to in every way."

"What? You miserable worm, I'll show you reproach!" Fay jumped on her brother and tried to punch him in the eye.

Drake was still her younger brother, but she had overlooked the fact that he was no longer a little brother. He easily caught her by the arms and held her in front of his body, her wrists behind her back.

Master Payne felt confused and out of breath for a moment. That rascal had hit the nail on the head. He was sure of that even if he hadn't given it a thought before. The way she had been hanging around every time he came to the house, the way she had been dressing ever more provocatively. It had all been for his benefit. Looking back he had to scold himself for being so blind, and that for a highly qualified teacher of the erotic arts. He shook his head.

He looked at the struggling body in front of him. With her brother still holding her arms behind her back, all Fay could do was twist. He could see her breasts moving around in the thin dress, suggesting she wore nothing to confine them and he let his eyes wander over the rest of her body. The skirt ended just above her knees, showing a pair of shapely legs with slender ankles, the feet encased in pink sandals. For a moment he wondered if the dress was all she was wearing, but the way his groin started to itch at that thought, made him abandon it at once.

"Let your sister go, Drake." He gave the boy a stern look, then turned a seductive smile onto the woman. "I can talk to you after the class of the boys. Will you meet me here?"

Before she could answer, both Blade and Grant felt the need to interfere. "Can't she stay?" "Doesn't it say, she should be made love to in every way?"

Payne was a bit surprised by their questions, but Fay's reaction was really stunning him. Instead of protesting or making a disparaging remark, she blushed a deep pink and looked at him from under her dark lashes. "I wouldn't mind helping you - with your class, I mean."

Drake licked his lips as he let his sister go. His face spelled his disbelief as he let it sink in she was offering to assist Master Payne in showing them what they had been learning about and Payne saw his cock stir in his pants. The boy would perhaps never admit it to anybody, but it was obvious he thought his sister had an exciting body. It would not surprise Payne to learn he had tried to spy on her on numerous occasions. Looking at the other boys he could see they both liked the idea too, a lot, if he had to judge from the way their pants were filling out.

Payne cleared his throat as his thoughts raced through his head. He would love to use her body, but in front of those boys? She was the daughter of the house. If her father found out... On the other hand, he could use the assistance of a female body right now. And she had a reputation that would fit his needs quite admirably.

He took a step forward and put his hand against her face, lightly stroking the soft skin of her cheek. "I think we need to discuss this generous offer. I want you to be very sure of this." With that he took her arm and guided her inside the gazebo, settling her on the broad, comfortable couch that ran the entire wall. He gestured to the boys to find themselves a seat among the cushions in the center of the circular space.

"Now, I want you to think this over very carefully." Payne sat down beside her and brushed her hair to the side, tucking the strands behind her ear and caressing the sensitive skin behind her ear at the same time. A quick glance at the boys showed him three faces with eager expressions. He doubted they would be able to tell afterwards which techniques he had employed if he did not instruct them along the way. Inwardly he sighed, it would detract from his own pleasure, but heck, he was being paid very handsomely.

Gazing intently at the young woman by his side, he saw the color in her cheeks deepening at his touch. With a smile he trailed his fingertips lightly down her neck, his hand cupped her shoulder and his thumb stroked the skin below her collarbone.

"I have to ask. You took part in the Midsummer Eve rites?" When she nodded, he continued. "You attended your classes in preparation? Did those entail a live demonstration? No? You realize you'll be exposing your body to all present here?"

Her breathing caught in her throat and her face turned a beautiful dark pink. Payne saw her reaction and it made his cock twitch in his pants. He could see her nipples poking the thin material of the dress, definitely no undergarments there. Still stroking her collarbone he let his other hand land on her leg, his fingers insinuating themselves between her knees.

"I will be talking to the boys. Telling them what I'm doing."

He could almost see her making a decision from the way she relaxed under his hands. She turned those beautiful brown-with-gold eyes on him, the tiny flame of lust in them not really unexpected. He leaned over and touched his forehead against hers.

"This should be easy to spot for you, boys. The Embrace of the Forehead." He inhaled her perfume and made sure she noticed the way he relished her smell. "This gives you a good opportunity to smell your partner." He closed his eyes and buried his nose in her hair.

Fay squirmed on the couch. "I don't mind, as long as you'll do the touching." She glanced at the boys. "And as long as no word if this gets outside this gazebo. You all understand that, don't you?" She stared pointedly at Drake, clearly not trusting her brother completely.

Payne grasped her chin and lifted her face.

"For a Turned Kiss, Master?" The excited voice was Blade's.

Payne nodded before tasting her lips and coaxing her to open her mouth, allowing him to explore her with his tongue. The small gasp when he entered her mouth excited him, telling him she was already thinking of him entering her body in another fashion.

Both hands buried in the mass of her hair, he bent her head back to present her throat to him. He kissed his way down, licked the hollow at the base and continued down her cleavage. His nose touched her nipples, rubbed them through the pink silk, before he moved the material over the sensitive peaks with his tongue. He kept teasing her till she started moaning, which he took as his cue to pull at the ribbons that closed her dress.

Almost reverently he lifted the silk of her dress and exposed her breasts, the firm globes topped by lovely dark pink nipples. His fingers followed the silk ribbon to the side, caressing the underside of her breasts on the way. He untied the knots and opened the dress completely, revealing tiny pink panties. Payne sighed as he looked at the glowing youthful body beside him. If he wasn't careful, he could easily loose himself. Such passion, such a zest for the teachings was very appealing to him.

He had Fay drowning in the sensations; as fitted the true master that he was. She was moving restlessly on the couch, biting on her lip and grasping the fabric that covered the couch in her fists. His touch was firing her and as he opened her dress she opened her legs to him as well. He got rid of the pink silk and sat back, like he was exhibiting his latest masterpiece. For a moment she had forgotten their audience, but the flushed faces of the boys and their obvious erections got to her. She arched her back automatically, pushing her breasts forward, wanting them to see how aroused she was.

Payne tried to keep a cool head. After all, he was in the middle of teaching a class here. It was getting a bit hard though. He chuckled at his own thought. He was getting more than 'a bit hard'. As a matter of fact he had been hard as a rock for the past ten minutes. Just as he was thinking about removing his own clothes, he felt a feather light touch on his neck. Smiling he looked down at the almost naked body next to him.

It was clear to him she enjoyed having viewers and he started telling the boys how enticing her body was. "Her skin is so soft and smooth, it feels like silk. It makes me want to touch her and stroke her forever. And her taste..." He licked her throat and descended to her nipples. "At first you taste a bit of bitterness, the last of the soap she used, but after that you taste warm skin. And you can feel her reaction with your tongue." To demonstrate his words he flicked her nipples with his tongue, hardening them even further. His words spurred her on and she took off his tunic, exploring his broad shoulders and chest with her hands. She slid off the couch and bent over him.

"This is a good opportunity for a Pierced Embrace." It was too good to pass so he grabbed her breasts, while she busied herself with getting rid of his clothes.

A swift look at the boys showed him that both Blade and Grant had their hands in their crotch. Payne looked for Drake. How would he react to seeing his sister like this? Naked, aroused and about to be loved in front of him? The master smiled as he saw the boy struggling to deny his feelings.

Fay knelt between his legs and pushed his pants down, wetting her lips when his cock sprang free. She reached up to stroke his chest, her long hair trailing over his thighs and his cock. He doubted that the boys would realize what she was doing on their own.

"See how she uses her hair? It's stroking me in a very enticing way. That's Hair Play."

He stopped talking about her body when she started licking and kissing his chest, concentrating on his nipples. Payne felt his lust growing and he had to exercise willpower. If it were up to him, he would go for the Milk and Water Embrace right now, but that would not be very instructive for the boys. He eyed the boys as he enjoyed the caresses of those skilled hands and soft, wet lips.

"I see you all savor the demonstration. Feel free to pleasure your own body, there's nothing wrong in that. Just remember to pay attention." He chuckled as he saw the boys attempting to exert some sort of control.

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