tagBDSMA Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 02

A Mistress and Her Slave Ch. 02


As Jared lay there in the dark, he began to realize the seriousness of his new arrangement. And while he had entered it with an open mind and a genuine embracement of the idea of servitude, he had expected, while being trussed up, that his new mistress—his owner—would use his body for her own pleasure, and then allow him release as well. Neither, at this point, seemed to be the case. And yet her almost callous disinterest in him physically, as he viewed it, did nothing to dampen his ardor. His rigid cock felt like it would burst, not into orgasm, but literally burst through its own skin. He'd never been so hard, nor for so long. The non-stop stimulation from the vibration in his rectum drove him wild with lust. Eventually he was able to shift his weight such that he could rub the head of his cock along the sheet beneath him by twitching it up and down. This brought him just enough pleasure, that, combined with the butt plug, he began to approach orgasm. But, remembering his mistress's warning against masturbation, which, he assumed, this qualified as, he reined himself in. It was no matter, though. The constant attention being paid to his prostrate did the job for him. He could feel it welling up inside, and began to think of anything else other than the pleasure the vibrator was bringing him, and of the pressure building up in his balls. But it was too much, and after some time, he knew not how long, he felt blast after blast of hot semen spring forth. He awoke some hours later, having dozed off, to find his member still erect and the vibrating plug still relentlessly stimulating him. He pictured his mistress's face—perhaps not a traditionally beautiful face, though far from unattractive. To him, however, it seemed perfect. The image of her lips wrapped around his shaft, and then of his cum spurting into her open mouth, took hold of his mind, and, perhaps becoming more attuned to the sexual possibilities of his prostrate, he came again, quite against his will.

He was woken by the feel of his gag being removed. His joints, given the relative severity of his restraints, actually ached only a little, but his jaw, he now realized, was in near agony. He could barely manage to close it, and opening it again was even more painful.

"Good morning, slave," Laurel said. "Keep moving your jaw. It will feel better in a few minutes." She reached down and undid the leather strip around the base of his still-rigid member, which to her delight was a deep purple, though still warm. His erection gradually subsided as his color returned to normal.

"It looks like you had a bit of an accident during the night, slave," Laurel said, undoing the hogtie behind his back. The hood and the butt plug, still vibrating, remained in place, although she undid the small lock that held the hood securely around his neck. "Take a few minutes to gather yourself. I need to go to work. I generally return about six o'clock. Dinner will be ready between 6:45 and seven. You'll have a bath drawn for me upon my arrival. Make sure the tub is spotless prior to that. The sheets will need to be laundered, and some vacuuming couldn't hurt. Please shave your pubic region and around your asshole, and keep your face smooth. Your overall cleanliness is of course paramount. You may also take two hours to retrieve what belongings you desire from your apartment, and make whatever arrangements you need to make regarding your lease and your job. The cameras will note your coming and going. Two hours. Any longer and it will add to the already significant punishment you are due for your unauthorized ejaculation. Or was it more than one?"

"It was two, Mistress. I'm sorry, I couldn't..."

She cut him off. "No, you're not sorry. Later, you will be. But not yet. There's a small safe in the back wall of the entry-way closet. It is open now. Please deposit your car keys there when you return from your errands, and close it afterwards." And with that she was gone.

Jared reached back and turned off the vibration, and then took the hood from his sweat-covered head. He then undid the strap around his hips, and slowly removed the plug from his anus. He had a lot to do, it seemed. Best to get started.

As Laurel drove to her office, she felt a pleasant warmth radiating from her clit. The memory of her powerful orgasm the night before seemed to fill more than the nerves in that particular part of her brain. Too, she beamed with a certain satisfaction at having acquired what she had truly desired for so long—a genuine slave. And she could tell he was genuine. She knew in her heart he would be there upon her return that evening. The thought of hurting him that night gave her libido no small boost, and she could feel the moisture begin to dribble out between her labia. And, perhaps more than any other aspect of the whole situation, her freedom from basic household chores gave her a feeling of lightness and joy. It would be, she thought, a great day. Every day would be.

Her secretary, Jessalyn, noticed a spring to her boss's step that she'd rarely seen before. But as the day drew on, Laurel seemed troubled. Little could Jessalyn have known what was on Laurel's mind. Indeed, Laurel was having trouble concentrating on her work. Her thoughts kept drifting toward her new arrangement, and although on the whole this bought her pleasure, one aspect kept troubling her: what punishment would she unleash upon her newly acquired property? She wanted it to be serious; unauthorized orgasms seemed to her among the most egregious of transgressions. But at the same time, she felt the previous night must have been hard on him. Her worst fear at this point was scaring him away. While she was quite confident he was indeed willing to be her slave, body and soul, she knew she would be walking a thin line these first few weeks. Or so she thought.

Laurel was still uncommitted to any particular course of action as she pulled into her garage. She could smell something delicious cooking. So far, so good, she thought. She entered the house to find Jared naked, tending several pots and pans while simultaneously assembling a salad. She noted with satisfaction that one place was set at the table, and quite expertly at that.

He looked up with something between furtiveness and rapture on his face, catching her eyes only briefly and saying nothing, before returning to his work. "Is my bath ready, slave?" she asked.

He nodded. "It's been sitting a few minutes, Mistress. I should like to add a bit more hot water, I think."

"Duly noted. Unfortunately for you, it was a yes or no question. If I wanted to hear stupid excuses about your apparent inability to do something so simple as draw a bath at a specified time, I would get a boyfriend. Are you my boyfriend?"

"No, Mistress."

"On all fours, slave." Jared complied. Laurel coolly selected a long-handled wooden spoon, with which she struck her slave squarely on the ass so hard as to leave a bright red imprint exactly in the shape of the spoon's head. Jared gasped in pain but made no sound. Laurel repeated the blow on the opposite buttock, a little harder if anything. Again, a gasp but no audible sound beyond that. Then four more rapid blows, alternating cheeks, each a little harder than the last. Finally a whimper escaped Jared's lips. Laurel then walked calmly around the his naked body until she was standing just in front of his face.

"If you look up before I tell you, our arrangement is ended. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She took off her heels, and let her skirt drop to the floor. Next came her jacket, which she folded carefully and laid on the counter behind her. Her shirt, and then her bra, joined the clothes already on the floor. Then slowly, seductively, she rolled down her stockings, pulling them off and letting them fall on her slave's back. Finally her black lace panties fell to the ground, directly below Jared's face.

"Now, look up at me." He did as he was commanded, seeing for the first time her cleanly shaven pussy, a thin barbell piercing through her clit and two rings on each outer labium.

"Do you see my beautiful pussy, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you think you're going to get to touch it tonight?"

"That is up to you, Mistress."

"What you think is up to me? I asked what you think will happen, not what will actually happen. Yes or no, do you think you'll get to touch my pussy tonight?"

"No, Mistress."

"No? Why so negative, slave?"

"You seem displeased, Mistress."

"Do I? Did I not warn you that I would hurt you regardless of whether or not I am pleased?"

"You did, Mistress."

"Then should you be reading my feelings into my actions as you just did?"

"No, Mistress."

"Very good, slave. Now, open your mouth." He did so. She smiled down at him. "When will you close your mouth?"

"When you tell me to, Mistress."

"Excellent." With that she bent her knees slightly, arching forward until her pussy was just inches from his open mouth.

"Stick out your tongue." Again, compliance.

"Now, the beating was just because I enjoy hurting you. This is for the bath." And with that, she let loose a powerful stream of urine, all over his tongue and into his mouth, covering his face and wetting his hair. To her pleasure, his tongue and mouth stayed in the position she had demanded of him. When she had finished relieving herself, she said, "I will see to my bath. Please clean yourself, and the floor. You will serve dinner at precisely seven o'clock."

Laurel was so aroused by his submissive consent to her rather rough ministrations that she managed to rub herself to another stunning orgasm while in the bath. She looked forward very much to the rest of the evening.

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