A Mistress Submits to Hated Rival


Both Lucy and Elizabeth went to fetch their respective slaves knowing that the next few minutes could seriously affect the rest of their lives.

The Dommes collected their charges and brought them back to the room with almost desperate warnings for them to last out the longest. They had mere seconds to tell them the rules but not the consequences as the slaves were quickly attached to the wrist restraints and the tight knots slipped round their most tender parts. Mistress Sadie told Lucy and Elizabeth to stand back and to say nothing more only to watch on as their fates were decided. Two of the other Mistresses brought out the weights and carefully connected them to the rope still holding them up so no strain was on their balls as yet.

Mistress Sadie addressed both slaves "Do you know the rules of this? You can stop this and have the weight removed from your balls at any point, you just have to say the word submit out loud. By doing that you will be released but whoever says it first their Mistress will be deemed the loser. OK?" both men nodded apprehensively, ready to bear the strain. At a nod from Sadie the two Mistresses dropped the weights and the sportsman and actors nuts suddenly were under considerable pressure.

The thin ropes went unbelievably taut as the weights strained to reach the floor. Both slaves maintained a cool face but as each second passed their faces changed more and more uncomfortably. A quick glance at Elizabeth and Lucy showed they were feeling it mentally if not physically . And then all of a sudden as the room was in silence a male voice shouted out "Nooooo, it's too much I submit, I submit, let me go..........."

As soon as the words were out all the faces turned to see the reaction of Mistress Elizabeth as it was her actor slave who had squealed them. She looked dazed and sunned and stammered in her plumy English voice. The two slaves were released from their bonds and weights and everyone turned to see Mistress Lucy with the biggest, cruellest grin right across her face. She stared at Elizabeth as a hungry cat would stare at a mouse with two broken legs. Before anything was said Mistress Sadie walked across to them and addressed the loser.

"By the terms of your agreement Elizabeth (no mention of Mistress now) you have lost the Mistresses challenge and as a result you must serve as Mistress Lucy's slave for the agreed period of one week. You must obey her completely and submissively for that period, failure to do so will see you expelled from the club and every other one in America. Now you will strip naked and I will hand you over to your Mistress."

The words were spoken sharply and harshly, this stuck up bitch was no longer her equal and wanted her to know it. Mistress Sadie relished speaking to her like this in front of the rest and was gratified to see the temporarily dumb struck woman obey and peel off her cat suit and boots to reveal her stunning figure to everyone.

Mistress Sadie turned to Lucy who could hardly contain her glee and enthusiasm to take possession of her new slave.

"Mistress Lucy under the terms of your challenge you have won and will now have Elizabeth as your slave to command for the next seven days. While you can do as you wish with and to her you will be responsible enough to cause no excess physical damage to your charge. If you do, you too will be banned from the club and it's sister ones. Do you agree to this?"

Lucy hurriedly answered yes obviously distracted with thoughts of what delights the next week held.

"In that case then I can officially hand your new slave over to you, this bitch is yours."

Mistress Sadia backed off but no-one left the room, they were all anxious to view proceedings. All except the actor who shuffled off and into the night knowing this wasn't good.

Lucy strode across to Elizabeth and stood before her staring up into the taller woman's proud eyes.

"Get on your knees you worthless cunt! You will never again look down your nose at me as if you are superior. I intend to show you over the next week exactly how pathetic you actually are. That's it on you knees before me. Are you scared Bitch?"

Elizabeth just shot the little Asian a look of hatred but paid for it with a hard slap across her cheek and the instruction to answer and to call her Mistress. On her knees and embarrassed in front of what used to be her peers Elizabeth dropped her head slightly and addressed Lucy for the first time as her Mistress. It was the first step on the road to submission and they both knew it.

Elizabeth seemed shocked and stunned at losing, she had been so confident of success and that it would be the young Asian woman who she would enjoy dominating for a week and now here she was on her knees, bowing before her and calling her "Mistress", how humiliating. But it was just the start for the proud and arrogant posh Dominatrix – Mistress Lucy was to have a profound effect on her.

For now though one of Lucy's usual male subs came forth upon command with a large trolley that was covered with a black material and had a large black chest atop it. Lucy smiled as she dipped her hand into the chest forgetting to berate the male as she normally did so excited she was with her new submissive. Her hand emerged from the chest holding a thick black collar with a large silver ring coming out the front of it. Everyone in the room knew what it was, what it signified and exactly where the younger woman was going to place it. She looked down at her rival mockingly and sarcastically asked "Will this fit, I wonder?"

She swept Elizabeth's beautiful long, dark hair to the side and slipped the leather collar around her neck, clipping it into place nice and tight. Elizabeth wanted to remonstrate, to block it from happening but she found herself unable to muster the will to do so and soon she was Mistress Lucy's collared submissive.

Lucy addressed everyone in the room "You know I am so happy with my new male slave (pointing at the recovering basketball player), he has really pleased me, I think he should be rewarded, Slut! You will pleasure him orally while we watch."

Her words were full of dominant force and intent and the smiling man walked over to them, his balls still sore from their weight ordeal. Elizabeth was in uncharted territory, taking instructions from another Dominant was one thing but men were viewed by the members of the club as a sub species, so far below them as to barely warrant thought. To give one, and one who was branded as a sub of the club as well, a blow job before the other members would be a dire humiliation for her and her standing. And yet her Mistress had commanded it (Wait a minute did she just refer to Lucy as her Mistress??????! No she would never be that, this was just a charade). As he got closer his massive cock slowly got more and more rigid and from her position on her knees Elizabeth could not take her eyes off it, even if she did obey her so-called Mistress there seemed no way that thing would fit inside her mouth. Yet when he halted inches in front of her and Mistress Lucy snapped out an order of "Suck it Bitch", Elizabeth automatically opened her mouth to it's widest and allowed the thick, black cock entry with no resistance.

Once it was in her mouth she took as much as she could handle and managed to work her squashed tongue on the underside and breathe though her nose as he thrust it slowly back and forth in her stuffed mouth. She actually found it was more pleasant than she had expected and slowly her tongue found more space and purchase and worked on the thick meat, seemingly unaware that she was not reacting as a female dominant should have. She wasn't humiliated or degraded more she was beginning to enjoy this.

"Stop!" commanded Mistress Lucy brusquely , "I want you to finish off by masturbating over her until you cum on her face OK?"

The sportsman had been enjoying his blow job so much that he was reluctant to pull away from it but one glance at the hard bitch that owned him told him to do what she said. He did so and within minutes he came, shooting his thick, sticky, white semen all over her classical face. There was so much it blitzed her face and as he stood back ,cum hung and dripped from her hair, her eye lids, her nose, mouth and chin. There were a lot of women in that room gratified to see her like that, none more so than her new Mistress who took handcuffs from the chest and as the cum dripped from her face cuffed Elizabeth's wrists behind her back. The cover was removed from the trolley to reveal a low, thin mesh cage in it and Lucy smartly bundled Elizabeth into it and refitted the cover. She then addressed the room.

"As you have seen I have won the right to own our Posh friend for the next seven days. I intend to make her 100% compliant and obedient to me, her Mistress and I invite you all to be here one week from today to see the results", she then left with the sportsman pushing the trolley.

One week passed and there had been sign of Lucy or Elizabeth at the club. The place was abuzz with rumours and stories but no-one really knew what had happened only that after last weeks show, this week was unmissable. The male subs were left in the main area and the club members crowded into the same room as last weeks action awaiting their arrival.

Lucy arrived at nine dead on and marched imperiously into the room, she was followed by Elizabeth on her hands and knees being led in on a collar and leash. The constant sneer and superior look that was a permanent fixture on Elizabeth's face was gone and in it's place was a pathetic worship of the woman leading her, but that too was barely visible as she kept her eyes lowered staring at the floor. She was still stark naked and you got definite impression she had been so since losing the challenge. Bar the collar she had no restraints keeping her in place. True to her word there was no sign of any marks on her body, Lucy had used other means to fully conquer this once dominant woman.

Lucy herself was clad in a spectacular leather outfit, a tight corset showing off a cleavage she normally didn't possess and hotpants that displayed her luscious legs on high heeled boots. She stood in the centre of the room, surrounded by the other dommes, basking in their gaze before speaking.

"Kneel there slave until I command you!"

"Yes, Mistress Lucy" the soft reply.

"As you all can no doubt see I have broken our colleague here, who was until so recently proud and arrogant and thought so little of us. I assure you I have shown her the error of her ways and as we have two hours left before her forfeit is over I will let you all see how obedient my little bitch now is. So to begin slave why don't you address these women and tell them exactly what you are, and be sure to speak up or you will be punished."

Elizabeth knelt there and falteringly began to speak in an apologetic voice, never once lifting her eyes to meet those of her audience.

"I have to apologise to the club and it's members. For some time now I have masqueraded as a dominant Mistress but this past week I have been shown by Mistress Lucy that I am nothing of the sort. I have learned that I am a mere submissive, fit only to serve a real Dominant and be treated as she sees fit. I thank my Mistress for showing me that this is true and for disciplining me when I have stepped out of line. I exist only to serve her with my whore mind, my slut body and my submissive soul and they are her's entirely to use and abuse as she determines."

Lucy listened with a grin on her face at this statement while the other Mistresses watched with a mixture of disbelief, admiration and glee.

"To further show this worthless servant slut's worthlessness" continued Lucy, "Elizabeth has agreed to put on an exhibition for the other Mistresses here and now. You are invited to bring through any of your male slaves that you wish and Elizabeth will willingly service them with her mouth. To start things off I have provided three of my own male subs with her to pleasure, you decide if any of your own slaves are worthy."

Three pathetic looking slaves came forward on command and with some re-arranging off limbs by them they managed to fill Elizabeth's mouth with their cocks and began thrusting rapidly either in it or over it. This presented a small dilemma to the watching Mistresses. To let their male slaves fuck a woman would be too much like reward for them and they certainly should not get that. But to see the high and mighty Mistress Elizabeth have to service these worthless men would surely be the most humiliating thing she could do.

In all forty five guys were serviced by Elizabeth over the hour and a half. She sucked them off willingly, desperate to please Mistress Lucy her previous role in this club long forgotten, and by the time the last was led away she was dipping in slave cum. Her face covered in it, leaking it humiliatingly onto the floor.

"Did you enjoy that slave?"

"Yes Mistress Lucy. Thank you."

"Good. Now fellow members as my allotted time for ownership of this slut is coming to an end I intend to see it out by fucking her with this." At this statement Mistress Lucy produced the longest, thickest dildo that any of them had seen, it was obscene in dimensions. It jutted out of Lucy like a third leg and dwarfed the one she had used on the sportsman last week. She thrust it's helmet into Elizabeth's cum covered mouth and she managed to get as much of it covered in cum as possible before Mistress Lucy rolled her onto all fours, knelt behind her and inserted it into her pussy. It slipped in bit by bit but even as it rammed home much was still left showing half the shaft. Then she began to fuck Elizabeth doggy style in front of the other Mistresses, pounding her with the strap-on and pulling back on her long hair like reigns.

"That is time up!" announced Mistress Sadie after ten minutes of this extreme fuck, the week had passed and Mistress Elizabeth's forfeit had been passed.

Lucy got up and stood behind her slave while Elizabeth lay panting on the floor, exhausted from being fucked like that. When she had regained her breath she spoke again, "I meant what I said earlier, I no longer consider myself a Mistress. I am a submissive and for as long as she wants me I will serve Mistress Lucy."

A small gasp around the room, this was unexpected.

"Then you will have to wear my mark slave" announced a triumphant Lucy, knowing this would make her a most respected Mistress within the club. And sure enough three days later when Lucy returned to the club Elizabeth became the first female submissive of the club and was branded with the club's emblem. But that paled in comparison to what had been tattooed on her model's back, as she did with her males slaves, Lucy had had the words "I AM MISTRESS LUCY'S BITCH" in big letters marked onto Elizabeth. Her new life as a submissive beckoned...

*** Thanks for reading, please take the time to vote or post comments and remember this is a total work of fiction and any resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental ***

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/05/18

Needs detail

For a story supposedly about a Domme falling to a rival, the detail was more about what was done to the men.

Some more details about what happened to Elizabeth would make this a better story.

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by Anonymous10/04/17

Quite good, but...

Really this was pleasant to read, but it lacks details in restraints and clothing for my taste. But more importantly, it lacks punctuation and is difficult to read.
Thanks for the story though. :)

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