tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Monster Life Ch. 10-12

A Monster Life Ch. 10-12


*A bit of a delay, but here's the fourth episode finally, with thanks to my supporters!

I made initial sketches of the girls in the meantime for reference and their looks won't get a change for now, and I'll have to make one for Ulric as well to set his description in stone.

Our three friends are on their way through orc country and it seems one question gets answered during the trip.

Their discovery in the orc lord's house doesn't please them at all though.


10 - Reluctant Healing

Iphigenia found traces of the old path at the edge between the forest and the rocky feet of the mountains and the three soon came upon the path leading up the steep side of the nearest mountain. It gradually became narrower and the wind became stronger the higher they climbed. Iphigenia took the lead with Elzbieta behind her and Ulric as last. He looked down over the edge of the path at the ground far below and shivered. 'I can imagine how dangerous it can be. If you're caught in a storm up here you'd probably get a free flying lesson.' He looked up. 'You don't happen to have angry stone giants throwing large chunks of rock at each other here, do you?'

Iphigenia chuckled. 'That's silly. Do you have them in your world?'

'No, just making sure.'

Iphigenia halted at a bend. 'The ledge is damaged here. Pieces of it are broken off and there's lots of loose rocks so be careful.'

They scraped the wall as they continued along the path, avoiding looking down too long at places where they needed to step across missing chunks. Iphigenia was glad to see the path was in better shape further off but a series of sharp cracks above their heads froze her in fear.

Large chunks of stone cracked loose and slid down the slope in an ever louder avalanche. Ulric growled sharp and shifted into scales the second he pushed Elzbieta against Iphigenia and pressed them against the wall under his body.

He grunted as the pieces hit him hard and scraped his back but his scales held. The path underneath their feet cracked under the assault though and they cried out as they fell down along the stream of rocks.

Ulric groaned and with effort pushed several heavy rocks from his back and shook his ringing head. He looked down quickly on Iphigenia and Elzbieta whom he had embraced on their way down. Iphigenia's right lower arm was bent and she quickly held her left hand above it and groaned a chant for healing through her clenched teeth. Elzbieta groaned in pain as she pulled up her right leg and examined her foot with a wrong angle. 'How bad is it!?' he asked.

Elzbieta hissed a breath. 'Broken foot. Don't think other major damage.'

Iphigenia finished her chant and placed her hand close to Elzbieta's foot. 'My arm's broken but I've dulled most of the pain. There's not much more I can do after doing the same for Elzbieta. I don't have enough mana right now.'

Ulric looked around at the rubble and up at the mountain side. 'We're wedged in a crack apparently. And the only way out is climbing up.'

Iphigenia looked up after finishing the healing chant for Elzbieta. 'And we're in no shape to move.' She met his eyes in a serious look. 'We're going to need your healing skill.'

He glanced at Elzbieta, looked up at the climb, and nodded. 'Yeah, I can't think of another solution either to keep us going.'

Elzbieta watched the two. 'What healing skill?'

Ulric coughed and fiddled with his fingers while his ears turned back. 'Well, it's something we found out after we, eh.'

Iphigenia blushed as she put her hand on his arm. 'You've seen his abilities, right?'

Elzbieta thought about them. 'You're talking about his essence of healing? What is that anyway?'

Iphigenia looked up at Ulric and let out an embarrassed giggle. 'Basically, he has a very powerful healing effect when he does a certain thing. At least, as far as we've found out.'

Elzbieta eyes went from Iphigenia to Ulric and back again and her stomach clenched lightly as something dawned on her in her subconscious. She narrowed her eyes. 'What kind of thing?'

Iphigenia let out a giggle again. 'When we have sex. It neutralised a lethal poison in me the first time.'

Elzbieta stared at her. 'He can heal you, through, sex?' she said and the memories of her involuntary intimate experience resurfaced. To fix her foot and get out of the current situation he'd have to do the same with her. For real this time. Her eyes grew large and she reeled back. 'What!? He!? We!? Together!? His thing!? In!? In!?'

Iphigenia nodded. 'There's no other choice but to die out here.' she said and smiled gently. 'Don't worry, it feels very good really and he can be very gentle.'

Elzbieta glared at Ulric. 'It didn't feel very gentle to me!'

Iphigenia gazed at her. 'It didn't, to you?'

Elzbieta's heart skipped a beat and she looked away while clenching the bottom of her body armour. 'I mean, it didn't look very gentle.' she muttered.

Iphigenia leaned closer and a sly smile formed. 'So, you saw us?'

Elzbieta wiped her thigh. 'It just sort of happened by accident when it took so long for you to return and I had to check up on you if everything was all right.'

Iphigenia sat back and smiled wider. 'So you watched the whole thing, eh?'

Elzbieta scratched at a patch of dirt with her fingernail.

'Did you also imagine doing it with him then?'

Elzbieta looked up at her at once and clenched her fists. 'I didn't need to imagine it when I felt him doing everything at the same time as he did you!'

Iphigenia sat silent for a moment. 'You felt him doing it?'

'Yes! All his licking and touching and his fingers and his thing inside me and making me come twice!'

Iphigenia and Ulric stared at each other. He scratched the back of his head. 'Could that be an effect of the familiar bond?'

'I never heard of anything more than being able to talk at a distance before.' she said. 'It must be from the same cause that makes your numbers and all screwed up.' She turned back to Elzbieta who stared at the ground. 'You really felt everything?'

Elzbieta nodded once.

'Wow.' Iphigenia said and looked at Ulric again. 'We were in a threesome and didn't even know it.' she said and chuckled.

Elzbieta glanced at her. 'It's not funny.'

Iphigenia smiled deviously at her. 'But you came twice, you said, so it must have felt good.' Elzbieta said nothing and Iphigenia leaned closer again. 'Did you come when his tongue licked your most sensitive nub and his fingers moved deep inside? And when his hot seed poured inside you? Or was it right away when he slid his thick dick inside you?'

Elzbieta's body reacted to the memory of the pleasure she'd experienced and a warm glow filled her lower abdomen with an itch. She moaned softly in frustration.

Iphigenia sensed her arousal growing and looked at Ulric standing with his back to them. She licked her lips. 'Wolfie?'

He looked back over his shoulder. 'Hmm?'

She smiled. 'You're getting hard, aren't you?' He coughed lightly and she pulled at his arm to turn him around. 'Nice.' she said and stroked him gently with her fingertips from his tip to his balls and back. 'My healing spell won't last long so take me, Wolfie.' She looked at Elzbieta who kept glancing at Ulric. 'I mean, take us.'

He barely dared to look at Elzbieta. 'I'm sorry for what happened. If I had known-'

She cut him off with a wave of her hand. 'Just hurry. I don't want to die here.'

He unbuttoned Iphigenia's breeches and she stepped out of them, and smiled at him when he pulled her close. 'Make me feel better, Wolfie. In both ways.' she said and guided him between her thighs.

She sighed at the splendid heat spreading out inside her when he slowly slid inside, and watched Elzbieta breathing harder and shifting her seat. 'You really do feel the same.'

Elzbieta bit her lip and glanced once. 'Don't look.'

Iphigenia smiled and pressed down on Ulric while tensing her abdomen to squeeze him and hummed in pleasure as Elzbieta's body twitched. 'It's a shame we can't take our time now.' she breathed and kissed Ulric. 'Come quickly in me, Wolfie. I want your seed in me.'

He growled softly and gently pumped his dick inside her while she squeezed to milk him. Her hungry mouth slipped over his and their tongues wrapped together while her body heated up more with her desire.

Elzbieta's gaze kept returning to the glimpse of Ulric's shaft moving between Iphigenia's thighs while she couldn't hold back her hips rocking in the same rhythm and her own arousal getting worse at every deep thrust she sensed inside her. He didn't touch her but he was doing her at the same time as Iphigenia. She moaned softly when more heat flared up inside her but couldn't tell if it was Iphigenia's or her own.

Iphigenia wrapped her good arm around Ulric's neck. 'Oh Wolfie.' she breathed in his mouth. 'Even if you didn't heal me this way you could still fuck me anytime.' He growled and thrust harder inside her and the hit of his hilt against her clit shot electric waves through her lower body. She moaned harder and increased his desire to sow his seed deep in her again. 'I'm tempted to do just that.' he growled and gripped her tight behind.

Elzbieta gasped at the sudden tight sensation on her behind. She moaned while her eyes were glued on the couple next to her and her body wanted more than just the ghostly image of his dick inside her. She groaned again at the loss of control and her forced helplessness but she couldn't stop feeling good with every pulse of heat rushing through her abdomen and the squeezing of her insides around him.

Ulric's arousal reached its height quickly at Iphigenia's hunger for him to come inside her. His balls itched hard for release and his dick lit up with every hit against her depths, and growled louder while his tongue danced around hers.

Iphigenia pressed herself against him and squeezed with every hard thrust inside her. Hips hips buckled and his dick grew stiffer. 'Yes, fill me up, Wolfie. Let it all out in me.' she moaned and trembled in anticipation.

Elzbieta squirmed at the tight sensation inside her and moaned harder while her whole abdomen was on fire. The moment another flash of heat filled her, Ulric growled loud and Iphigenia moaned in ecstasy.

Iphigenia breathed hard and kissed Ulric all over his muzzle while her insides twitched around his throbbing heat. 'That was good, Wolfie. I can feel your gift spreading inside me.

He grinned a little. 'I could almost drown you in gifts.' he growled.

She licked her lips. 'I'd love that.' she said and squeezed him more. 'But now you need to attend to Elzbieta.'

He caressed her cheek and slipped gently out of her. Elzbieta breathed hard and tried not to look at the wet erection and the creamy sheen around its head. Her body squirmed at the knowledge it would embrace it fully and she bit her lip and clenched her fists.

Iphigenia knelt beside her, undid the buckles of her leg armour and gestured with her head to a flat piece of rock next to them. 'You'd best sit on there to keep the weight of your foot.'

Elzbieta nodded and her heart raced when Ulric held her up in his arms and Iphigenia lowered her breeches. 'I'm really sorry about this.' he said and she shook her head. 'Don't say it. Just,' she shivered at the cool air touching her legs and wet mound and the shame of a bloodwolf and the woman he just mated looking at her. That they saw her false leg didn't even enter her mind. 'just do it.'

He sat her down gently on the rock which was at the height of his crotch and held her by her waist. She swallowed and reluctantly spread her legs, even when her abdomen itched to feel his real dick slide inside her. 'Ready?' he asked and she nodded once quickly. He touched her wet slit with his tip and she twitched at the hot touch. He pushed gently and stroked his tip up and down lightly, and she pushed her hips up and forward to help him find her entrance.

She took a deep breath when her insides spread and heat filled her up. 'It's not hurting you, is it?' Ulric asked. She looked at his face and saw genuine concern in it while his ears stood lower, and shook her head. 'I'm all right.' she breathed. 'Go ahead.'

He nodded and slowly slid his dick back and forth to let her get used to the real thing. Iphigenia sat back and hummed in pleasure at that same sensation inside her. 'Oh wow. So this is how it feels.' she breathed. 'Wolfie, you're really fucking us both at the same time.'

He growled low at the excitement of hearing it and pressed a little harder against Elzbieta. She moaned softly and grabbed Ulric's elbow as more physical pleasure spread throughout her body and she gave up on resisting the inevitable.

Iphigenia moaned more and her abdomen tensed to squeeze the image of Ulric's dick sliding in her. She watched Elzbieta getting hotter at her Wolfie's attention and realised she loved it. If Elzbieta didn't want to be taken often by him she'd have to find a way to convince her.

Ulric sensed the desire to come deep into this elf beauty growing despite guilt nagging at the back of his head. He growled deeper and thrust harder inside her, and was glad she at least squeezed tighter around him.

Elzbieta breathed harder while waves of tingling warmth drifted through her. She let her body take control and her hips pushed her mound and clit against his tight and furry body with each thrust. Moans escaped her and the good feeling of being taken by him could no longer be ignored.

Iphigenia felt her excitement rapidly rising and rocked her hips with each firm thrust inside Elzbieta. 'Ohhh.. Wolfie.. You're pushing me over the edge again..' she moaned and tensed at another hit inside her.

Elzbieta sensed her limit coming up and involuntary squeezed down harder on him while she moaned and breathed hard and grabbed his chest fur. Nothing mattered to her anymore but reaching the climax she deserved.

Elzbieta squirming and moaning was enough to illicit several hard thrusts until his hips buckled and lost to the pressure in his balls and dick. He exploded with a loud growl and soaked the elf woman's depths with bloodwolf's seed in another unnatural act.

The flash of heat in their depths took both women to the darkness of ultimate pleasure and they tensed and sagged when their minds went blank. Elzbieta fell forward into Ulric's embrace as throbbing shot the rest of his burning seed in her. A strange peaceful sensation spread out from her insides and she buried her face into his neck.


Elzbieta woke up and for a few moments had no idea where she was or what happened until she realised the warm and soft sensation she snuggled was Ulric. She pushed herself up on her elbow and he greeted her with a warm smile. 'How are you feeling now?' he asked.

She blushed and looked away. 'I, don't know?'

'You don't feel any pain though? Your foot looked normal again.'

She looked at her foot. 'Oh! Yes! No, it doesn't hurt.' She carefully moved it around and wiggled her toes.

He smiled. 'I'm glad it worked.' he said and a stir on his other side turned his attention to Iphigenia. 'You okay, Iphi?'

She smiled sleepily and kissed him. 'Of course, Wolfie. Thank you.'

He squeezed her lightly in his embrace. 'No, thank you.'

Elzbieta sat up and looked at the pile of broken rock just outside the low overhang they had slept under. 'Oh no! Our gear, weapons, food!'

Ulric tapped her back and pointed behind her. 'I found the weapons and most of our gear and food.'

Elzbieta looked back and saw the sword she had received lying there safely. She let out a deep breath and placed her hand on his chest. 'Thank you.'

'I'm glad it wasn't lost. I wouldn't know what to tell you if I hadn't found it.'

She smiled softly at him and Iphigenia stretched. 'Time to have a bite and see if we can get out of here then.'

11 - Kaui

Ulric climbed up first to see if it was relatively safe and if there even was a way back to the path in the first place. 'We can go back up there.' he said when he returned.

Elzbieta looked up at where he had climbed. 'You could have just called us up.'

He shook his head. 'I'm following you. I'm not taking the risk you might lose your footing and fall down. I can at least catch you and perhaps break your fall.'

Iphigenia smiled and kissed him. 'You're too sweet.'

He smiled a little. 'You both may be tough in a fight, but I still feel I need to protect you from unnecessary risk as a man's duty.'

After the climb they followed the narrow path until it widened a little again, and stopped at a large crack that had taken away several metres. 'Crap.' Iphigenia said. 'I can't jump that far.'

Elzbieta hummed as she looked down. 'I'm not that good either.'

Ulric pondered and stretched. 'Maybe.' he said and bolted at the gap. He cleared the jump and grinned wide as he looked back. 'Easy! I'll take you on my back!'

He jumped back to the girls and grinned again. 'Who wants to take the first ride?'

Elzbieta watched the distance. 'I don't know.. Are you sure you can with the extra weight?'

Iphigenia jumped on his back. 'Then I'll go first and show you he can.' she said and hugged him tight around his neck. 'This okay, Wolfie?'

'No problem.' he said and turned towards the gap. 'Here we go!'

Iphigenia heart jumped and felt like flying for a moment as they crossed over, and she kissed him again after she got off. 'That was kind of fun.'

He chuckled. 'Maybe next time I'll take you for a run.' he said and jumped to the other side again.

Elzbieta felt tense on his back as she held onto him. 'I'm not too heavy, am I?'

'Light as a little girl.' he said and ran off.

Elzbieta grabbed his fur tighter and squealed the moment he jumped, and reluctantly released her grip after landing on the other side. Her heart was racing and she took a deep breath while the trembling of her body faded. Iphigenia grinned. 'Easy.'

Ulric stretched. 'I just hope we won't have to do more stunts like this on our way. It's dangerous enough as it is.'

He groaned later when the path narrowed to about the width of a foot for a short distance. 'I'd rather deal with jumping.'

'If we lean back against the wall we can pass.' Iphigenia said as she put her hand against it. 'It's slanted enough.'

He looked at Elzbieta who gave a nod. 'All right. But I'll have to move sideways on my toes.' he said and looked down on his large canine feet. 'These are not made for tightrope walking.'

Iphigenia took the lead as the lightest, with Elzbieta next and Ulric last. If for some reason the rock cracked under his weight he wanted the girls safely ahead. The cold wind kept quiet enough to belay fears of a gust pushing them from the ledge and step by slow step they continued.

The rock cracked and crumbled under Elzbieta's foot at her step. She cried out and tried to grip the wall but Ulric quickly held her up by her chest. Her heart raced and she probed the next step before putting her foot down. 'Are you okay?' asked Iphigenia and Elzbieta nodded quickly. 'I'm okay.' she said and looked at Ulric. 'Thank you.'

'Never mind. Let's get to the other side quickly.'

She nodded again and they shuffled carefully further with no more surprises. The path became wider again and they let out deep sighs of relief as they sat down to take the load of their shaking legs. Iphigenia watched Elzbieta adjust her false leg. 'Such a shame though. I had a tiny hope Ulric could have healed that too.'

Elzbieta checked the armour on her leg. 'I don't think anything will ever restore what I lost.' she said and smiled softly at Ulric. 'I'm already grateful for healing my foot, thank you.'

He looked down and pulled at his fur. 'No need, it was my pleasure.' he said and clamped his mouth. 'I mean not as in the pleasure of doing it with you while you didn't want to but for helping you although in itself it did feel good to do it with you because it was an honour you let me but I do feel guilty-'

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