tagGroup SexA Month of Summer Sundays

A Month of Summer Sundays


I had been to adult bookstores and have had my share of gloryhole fun, but after awhile I began to feel sexually limited. I needed a larger venue and more freedom to expand and express my budding sexuality without having to worry about condemnation, offending anyone, and, perhaps most importantly, breaking the law. Eventually, I found two venues that met my prerequisites.

I found the first venue one Sunday afternoon, thanks to some unknown amateur graffiti artist who had left some scribblings on a bathroom wall. The venue was a supersized adult theater - and less than 45 minutes from my home. The first time I went there - only to raconteur, I made several rookie mistakes. For example, before my eyes had even adjusted to the darkness, I began walking down the theater aisles. I bumped into a few people and could not see the hands reaching out to fondle my package as I slowly and blindly walked by.

When my eyes finally did adjust to the darkness, it was somewhat embarrassing to see several folks looking at me from their seats and trolls following me. (Yes, the 'new guy' had been the entertainment for the last 15 minutes or so.) Anyway, I eventually lost the trolls in the vast theater and found a secure place in the darkness to watch the patrons' sexual activities.

What I saw was completely uninhibited sex, between not only males, but females, as well. Many races of people were present, too. No one interfered. After an hour, I left knowing this was the place.

I went back to this theater a week later and had my most sensual, sexual experience to date.

After my eyes I had adjusted to the darkness, I went to a far corner of the theater, which was by an exit entrance. I stripped, except for my sandals. Although I stood naked, alone in the dark, I felt alive, emboldened, and unafraid in the confines of the vast theater.

My adrenalin really kicked in when four good-looking, mature men approached me. As I questioningly looked at them, they reached out to touch me.

Almost simultaneously, the men began to massage my arms legs, genital area, back, shoulders, and buttocks. The longer they massaged me, the more relaxed and turned-on I got.

When my cock began to swell, one man knelt down in front of me and began gently sucking on my hairless balls. Another man slowly massaged precum droplets out of my swollen cock head.

The third man really knew what to do with my virgin nipples. It was simply breathing taking the way he sucked on my nipples. It gave me goose bumps galore and continuously. It felt so exquisite; I could not stop moaning, as my head rolled back and forth. My eyes saw what seemed to be fireworks.

The fourth man massaged me. He massaged my back muscles, before kneeling down behind me, spreading my smooth cheeks, and massaging my tight, pink sphincter with his tongue. (I had never experienced a rim job before. I didn't even know what rim job meant - 'til later.)

Yes, these men were very adept (understatement) at what they were doing. They were able to bring me almost to eruption and then let me slowly calm down before they started it all over again. (I also learned this was called 'edging'.)

When I finally did cum, I thought my head would explode. My orgasm seemed to last forever.

After they left, I just stood there. I was shaken. My knees were wobbly. I had to lean against the wall. The sexual and sensory gratification I had just experienced was overwhelming.

I could not comprehend what I had just experienced. A group of human beings had just given me - casually given me and freely, a once in a lifetime experience. Were they passing 'this' on? Had my bold and unashamed nakedness allowed me to allow them to... I don't know. All I really know is that it happened and I enjoyed it - immensely.

My very next visit to this theater occurred on a very blazeningly hot Sunday afternoon. I couldn't wait for the coolness and darkness of the vast theater to flow over my naked body. I went to my now usual corner and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt. It felt great to do so. I looked out into the theater. It was basically empty, except for a couple of people slumped over, as in sleeping if off, in their seats.

I decided to take advantage of the situation and let loose my newly found exhibitionist tendencies. I walked upon and down all the aisles, letting my heavy, hairless balls swing freely. It definitely was an erotic thrill.

Soon, I tired and went back to my corner. I was beginning to think I should go sit down when in walked three people. I could tell by the way they walked they were not middle age, probably just a few years older then I.

The threesome walked to about the middle of the theater and stopped were the two main aisles intersected. I could see they were all wearing black.

When one of them removed a cap, I saw long blond hair fall out. When I saw the blond hair and then other movements, I knew that the threesome comprised two men and a female. Curiously, they just stood there and looked around.

While I watched them, it came to me that they were looking for action - as opposed to wanting to put on a show. I decided there was only way to find out their intent.

I moved out of the shadows and walked up the far side aisle. When one of them saw me, the other two turned to look. I smiled to myself - what must they be thinking watching a nude, completely smooth, young man causally strolling up the far aisle with a semi-erect cock...

When I reached the back of the theater, I stopped for awhile. The threesome had fully turned to look at me. Since they had not walked off and were watching me, I decided to fulfill my Sunday afternoon destiny.

I walked over to the main aisle and then down it toward the threesome. I was completely naked. They were fully clothed. This would be interesting.

As I approached the threesome, I saw that the blonde was wearing low-rise leggings over her long legs. Her top was low cut, partially exposing 34 or 36 C's. The two males were wearing non-descript dark clothes.

When I stopped within arm's reach, the two males, as if on cue, began running their hands over her. However, they remained at her side, which allowed me to step right up to her. I was immediately attracted to her pretty face. She had high cheekbones and a pretty mouth and smile. Better yet, her blues eyes were lively. It seemed we smiled at each other awhile, but it was only seconds.

The two males gently turned her, bent her over, and pealed her leggings down far enough to expose her beautifully sculptured buttocks. I then heard her murmur something like 'not in my ass' as she began to suck on a cock.

Having been duly cautioned, I put my hand underneath her cheeks and felt her pussy. It was warm and wet. My hard cock did not need any prepping either.

As I attempted to insert my cock, I realized I had to stand on my tippy toes. She was wearing heels, which made her a couple of inches taller than me. I could only penetrate her pussy a couple of inches, due to her height. After several minutes I became frustrated. Adding to the frustration, I was ready to cum.

I pulled out, but before I did, I couldn't help but release a couple of shots of cum into her pussy. My cock remained hard, though.

The blonde realized the problem, turned around, slumped into the chair, and spread her legs for me. I put both my hands on the armrests and mounted her. Our faces were only inches apart.

This position was also very awkward and the same thing happened, again. After a couple of minutes, I withdrew after shooting a couple of shots of cum into her pussy. My cock still remained hard.

The blonde sat up and looked at me. Her look said 'maybe this isn't going to work'.

Without letting her have a second thought, I spread her legs and dove my face into her pussy. I began alternating between sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her pussy.

Her imagining me tasting my cum and her sweet pussy juice drove us wild. In no time, she cried out as she came hard and willingly.

After her orgasmic spasms had subsided, I looked up at her. She smiled, grabbed my ears with both hands, and pulled my face into hers as I tried to stand up. She licked and sucked my face like a possessed woman.

When she was through, I finally stood up. We affectionately looked into each other's eyes and then at my cock. It looked very big and it was obviously throbbing. A couple of strings of precum hung from my cockhead.

Without hesitation, she bent her head down and sucked my wet cockhead into her warm mouth. She gave me a fantastic, loving, blowjob. My cock seemed to grow even bigger in her mouth.

After she had sucked me for few minutes, she slid a finger into my anus. My cock did not squirt cum this time - it erupted cum almost instantly! My eyes closed, overwhelmed by the magnitude of my orgasm, but only for a second.

When my eyes opened, they were automatically focused on her sleek throat muscles rapidly opening and closing non-stop. I imagined that they were barely keeping up with my cum barrage.

As soon as I was through cumming, she went back to sucking my cock. Apparently, she wanted every remaining drop of my cum. However, my cock was way too sensitive for her to continue.

I tried to withdraw my cock from her mouth, but I couldn't. She would not let it go! Desperate, I yanked my cock out of her mouth. When I did, my cock made the loudest pop coming out of her mouth. It was unbelievably loud. The sound actually echoed in the theater!

She looked up at me startled, her blue eyes were really big - and then she burst out laughing. Her laughter was so contagious that even us guys started laughing.

It was all over within thirty minutes. I watched them leave as I sat on my haunches in my corner.

Our goodbyes had been brief. I was pretty sure I would never see them, again.

I glumly looked down at the cum still oozing from limp cock. A second later, I smiled though. I reached around and gently probed my anus as the blonde had. As my balls tingled and tightened, I wondered if this was the next 'frontier' for me to experience.

I decided to play this thought out. I stood up, bent over, and spread my cheeks. From between my legs, I looked out into the vast dark theater.

It felt great to be naked and sexually free I thought as the coolness and darkness flowed over my naked body.

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