tagLoving WivesA Monthly Affair

A Monthly Affair


Bernhard was finding it very hard to concentrate on his work today; it was that special day of the month. He couldn't stop thinking about his lunchtime appointment which was causing pleasurable anticipatory stirrings in his loins. They usually met at lunchtime on the first Tuesday of the month and she had never forgotten yet, but there could always be a first time. Originally they had met on Mondays but bank holidays tended to cut down the available options so they had changed to Tuesdays. The only time they didn't meet on the first Tuesday was when he received a discrete letter saying that she was temporally indisposed. On those rare occasions their meeting took place on the second Tuesday of the month. Would she remember it among the myriad things that occupied her day? There was always some scope for confusion about the date of their meeting. Bernhard was unlikely to forget because, as with most men, matters pertaining to sex were always uppermost in his mind. Perhaps he should have telephoned to remind her about their love tryst.

Julia was unlikely to forget either; being a practical multi-tasking woman she had discretely marked the dates of their rendezvous on her kitchen calendar alongside more mundane matters. Every morning she consulted the calendar and made the appropriate dispositions. Thus: Monday, take the children to the dentist; Tuesday, Bernhard coming home at lunchtime to fuck her; Wednesday, PTA meeting; Thursday, coffee morning at Carol's house; Friday, weekly shop at the supermarket..

He reached for his mobile phone then changed his mind. Telephoning would break the spell and spoil the excitement of their transient meeting; they simply never discussed it in advance. It had been going on for almost a year now, he recalled. He hoped she wasn't tiring of their illicit adventure; it added a much needed spice to his life and, he assumed, to hers too. Well it was hardly illicit, almost a commonplace event in the current free and easy sexual climate; but still not something he would want his colleagues to find out about. They might think it rather odd, a bit kinky and perverted even.

His secretary knew something was going on, not that he told her anything; she just observed the subtle change in his behaviour at the beginning of each month and she could hardly fail to notice his late return after lunch on Tuesdays with the faint scent of a woman still lingering about him. She also noticed the letters he occasionally received in hand written envelopes marked 'private and confidential' which greatly stirred her curiosity. Sometimes he would send her over to the cashier's office to cash a personal cheque for him. It was always for the same amount causing her to wonder if he was visiting a prostitute. She was torn between disapproval and a sneaking admiration. He was after all being unfaithful to his wife; but at least he was keeping it out of the office. Internal office affairs could become very disruptive with key personnel having to leave under a cloud.

Being a dutiful secretary she took care to ensure that no-one was aware of his late return after lunch, always vaguely suggesting he was at some indeterminate location in the building if anyone enquired. She had met his wife at various office functions and pondered why a man would want to stray when he had such a beautiful charming wife with a figure to die for.

How had it all started? They had known each other for many years without any impropriety until he had initiated their lunchtime meetings almost a year ago. He had not felt that it would be appropriate to raise the matter with her directly when they met face to face; it would have been too embarrassing. Instead he just hinted that he had something important to tell her which he would explain in a confidential letter. There was something about the way he spoke which intrigued her and she awaited the arrival of his letter with considerable interest. When it arrived a few days later, it took her by surprise. It was polite and rather oblique and she had to read it carefully several times to convince herself he was serious and that he was really proposing a regular lunchtime assignation.

After the initial shock she had been surprisingly easy to persuade. Actually she felt rather flattered; middle aged housewives with young children are not normally the recipients of such intriguing overtures. She replied, as requested, with a letter marked 'private and confidential' to his business address and assured him that the matter would remain entirely confidential and on no account would her husband or his wife find out about the matter. Her reply was couched in a similar oblique style to his own letter. Thus began a correspondence that went on for several weeks in which they set out the ground rules for their affair. Initially their letters were tentative and exploratory but gradually became more explicit and eventually almost pornographic. He encouraged her to spell out her deepest sexual desires and fantasies while he indulged himself in a similar manner.

Julia always finished whatever household chores she was involved with well before midday on the day when Bernhard was expected. She needed time to relax and prepare herself. After showering she would dress with some care in expensive revealing lingerie, but nothing too elaborate. Bernhard would have no time to waste on zips and intricate fastenings or removing knickers. However she always wore black fishnet stockings and suspenders and high heeled shoes. It was part of their fantasy that she was a prostitute and he was her client and he was always required to pay her before she would allow him to fuck her. More often than not they had anal sex which was not something she normally did with her husband but which seemed rather appropriate to her fantasy role as a prostitute. Fortuitously she discovered she rather enjoyed being buggered! It had the added advantage that it could be undertaken spontaneously with having to worry about contraception.

She took great care with her make-up and used a favourite scent that she knew he particularly liked. If there was a chill in the air she would turn up the thermostat on the central heating. Finally, if she had decided to entertain him in the bedroom, she would close the curtains leaving the room in semi-darkness before lying down almost naked on her bed to await his arrival. In the warm enveloping gloom she would close her eyes and relax by masturbating for fifteen minutes to ensure she would be ready for his immediate urgent desire to possess her without any preliminaries or foreplay. Sometimes, to provide some variation, she would greet him lying naked on a couch downstairs in the living room. On these occasions he particularly enjoyed having her on the living room carpet. They had also occasionally discussed the possibility of meeting in a local hotel but neither of them had sufficient time to spare and there was always the possibility that they might run into a mutual friend which would be embarrassing and extremely difficult to provide a plausible explanation.

He sometimes wondered if the neighbours were beginning to notice the regular prompt arrival of his car on her driveway a few minutes after one-o-clock without fail on the first Tuesday of the month; and his equally prompt departure shortly before two-o-clock. He would have expected her to be the recipient of sly comments at coffee mornings or at the school gates when her children were dropped off or collected? Apparently this had not occurred, which was rather surprising; suburban housing estates are peopled during the daylight hours with bored women with time on their hands. A certain amount of curtain twitching was only to be expected.

Bernhard always entered the house by the back door which was left unlocked in anticipation of his visit. He closed the door quietly then carefully locked it before walking through the hall to check the front door was also locked. It would be extremely embarrassing if one of the children came home early for some reason. Bernhard listened carefully for any sounds of activity; there was always the possibility that she had received an unexpected visitor. If she wasn't lying naked on the couch he knew she must be waiting for him upstairs in the bedroom. He actually preferred to make love to her in the living room, it somehow made it seem more exciting. With mounting sexual excitement he began to undress, leaving his clothes in a pile in the living room. With a wad of notes in his hand he silently climbed the stairs stepping carefully over a squeaky tread; by now he was in a state of full sexual arousal. The bedroom door was slightly ajar and in the gloom he could see Julia lying provocatively on the bed with her legs spread wide in sexual invitation. She spoke quietly and seductively.

'Good afternoon sir, what's your pleasure today; do you want to fuck me, bugger me or shall I suck you off?'

Julia had developed an appropriately crude conversational style in keeping with her role as a prostitute. She continued.

'Whatever you want it will cost you a lot of money, I'm a very expensive tart, leave the money on the dressing table.'

Bernhard did as he was asked before climbing on the bed beside her.

'How's my favourite whore today?' he enquired.

'Ready to provide any and every sexual service for your complete satisfaction', she replied.

They spoke very little during their eager coupling and what was said was invariably of a highly obscene nature. Initially Julia had been reluctant to 'talk dirty' but with a little instruction from Bernhard she had soon acquired a wide ranging obscene vocabulary to spur him on while he fucked or buggered her. As soon as he had discharged his lust Bernhard withdrew without any particular concern for Julia's sexual pleasure. He simply didn't have the time for sexual niceties and in any case they were pretending that she was a prostitute and he had just paid her a substantial sum of money for the use of her body. The whole transaction from start to finish lasted barely fifteen minutes after which Bernhard retired downstairs to wash and dress taking care to remove all traces of lipstick from his body. He departed as unobtrusively as he had come.

Fifteen minutes later he was back at his desk in the office under the thoughtful gaze of his secretary. Inevitably she tried to imagine what he had been doing and felt a small twinge of regret that he hadn't been doing it with her. He was such a handsome man and sometimes in their odd moments of small talk she would become aware that he was mentally undressing her in that casual impersonal way that men do when assessing women as sexual objects.

Julia on the other hand, lingered on in the bedroom for another half hour for her own sexual pleasure using an array of sexual toys that she had acquired. Bernhard would have liked to stay and watch and photograph her masturbating, he had even purchased a digital camera especially to record their sexual activity, but there was never had sufficient time to use it. It was always with some reluctance that Julia eventually returned to the work-a-day world of domestic responsibilities. She had children to collect from school and when her husband arrived home at six he would be expecting his dinner to be ready.

When Bernhard arrived home in the evening he did so with a clear conscience. What had occurred at lunchtime would have no impact on his marriage; he had simply paid for the sexual services of a woman and as far as he was concerned it was no different to hiring a plumber or a window cleaner. He could hardly expect his wife to behave like a prostitute indeed she would probably be shocked and disgusted by his licentious behaviour earlier in the day. But sometimes, at least once a month in fact, he needed the services of a woman who would satisfy his extreme lust in any way he wished without in any way compromising his marriage. Julia was the soul of discretion. She was after all what most men secretly long for, a compliant whore and a considerate wife.

By the time her husband came home Julia had already readjusted to the demands of her busy life as a wife and mother. Her exotic lingerie had been returned to the bottom drawer of her dressing table together with her sex toys. She was already planning on purchasing some new clothing for her children from an unexpected cash windfall.

Neither Julia nor Bernhard were in the habit of discussing the minutia of there days with their partners, not that it would have been necessary on the first Tuesday of the month and neither of them wished to break the spell of their mildly exotic secret love live. They maintained the pretence that they were a normal respectable middle aged married couple with all the usual preoccupations with family, friends and careers. Only they knew each others delicious shameful secrets where Julia was a prostitute and Bernhard was a serial philanderer. There are not many marriages where wife and whore live contentedly side by side.

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