tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Morning's Service Ch. 01

A Morning's Service Ch. 01


By Philippasubmaid copyright

While this is a work of fiction it is something that I am actively looking for a dominant man to do to me ......... although I doubt in reality that my wife could be persuaded to be there, in all other aspects it is something that I want to experience. Contact me if you can help, enjoy.

I had been chatting on Yahoo for some time to a Dom who seemed genuine and wanted to visit me, He was respectful of my limits, although we had both agreed that He should push them where possible, and I agreed to invite Him down to my home one Friday morning.

I had also, after a lot of persuading, convinced my wife to dress me prior to His arrival and to be present to take photographs of me during my service of Him. This added to my apprehension as I had no idea of what was planned as He had emailed my wife with instructions as to how I was to be dressed, what would happen, and what toys etc should be available to Him.

On the Friday in question I got up as usual had a shower and shaved the bits that I needed to, I do normally keep myself fully shaved all the time so it did not take long to double check.

I returned to the bedroom and my wife gave me a pair of stocking to put on, once I had done this she then produced my hood. This is a full head hood in leather with an aperture for my mouth, a small hole where my nose comes and two small slits for my eyes, which also have zips on so that when closed I am unable to see anything.

I pulled it on as told to and my wife then did the lacing up tight at the back so that my whole head was encased, she then pulled the zips so that I was unable to see.

It was only later that I found out what I was wearing but I will tell you now so as to set the scene.

Next came my PVC corset, laced up tight but not too tight, I could at least breath ok but it did pull my stomach in nicely and give me some shape. Next I felt her attach the suspenders to my stockings.

Next followed my black frilly knickers, these hid me nicely and had the added advantage of having a suitably positioned hole at the back.

Then I felt my falsies being fitted to the corset and what turned out to be my maids uniform being slipped over my head followed by the petticoat that flairs the skirt part nicely but does make it very short, so any bending at all would show my knickers.

She then instructed me to sit on the bed, guided me there as I couldn't see, and she put on my 'fuck me' heels, these are black court type shoes with five inch heels, an ankle strap and studded heels.

While I was sat there she also fitted my locking wrist and ankle cuffs, I heard the snap of the padlocks as she shut them, and all of a sudden my vulnerability hit me. What did He have in mind for me, whatever it was I would be in no position to object but in honesty that is the part of being submissive that appeals to me, that's the part that does it for me.

But my wife had not finished, next I felt my ankle being fitted with my metal ankle cuffs and chain, a bit like handcuffs but with a chain between them that restricted how quickly I could walk, not that I really needed much restricting as the heels did that on their own.

She then followed with a pair of handcuffs to each wrist, fitted a collar and snapped the other end of the handcuffs to the collar, thus giving a little reach with me hands but not a lot, and I certainly could not reach my clitty which was already hard and aching to be played with.

She then ordered me up, and guided me downstairs into the hall. Once there I was ordered to my knees which I did and she then held my nose, making me open my mouth, which she stuffed with my ball gag which was then strapped around my head.

She then said 'now be a good bitch for your Master' and left me kneeling there facing the front door, unable to see, felling totally helpless, with my mind spinning, coming up with all kinds of scenarios that might happen.

I am not sure how long I knelt there, my knees were certainly getting sore on the cold hard tiles of the hall, and I had started dribbling because of the gag when there was a knock on the front door.

I heard my wife coming from behind me and she brushed past and opened the front door.

'Welcome, I hope you had a good journey'

'I did' my Master replied, obviously coming into the hall. 'So this is the bitch, good to see her nice and helpless.'

'She is ready as you asked for' my wife replied 'have fun with her, if you need anything just ask and I will see if I can find what you need.'

'Thank you'

I felt him move close to me and circle me saying 'she will do fine for now unless you have a crop handy'

My wife didn't reply but I heard a swish through the air and knew she had already got the crop handy and given it to him.

'Stand up bitch' he said.

I struggled to stand up, my legs had gone a bit stiff from the kneeling and that combined with the heels made me a bit unsteady, especially when you can't see.

Once standing I could feel him close to me, walking round, then I felt him lifting my skirt and tucking it in my apron band so as to keep it up, then he rubbed his hand down the front of my knickers and felt my erect clitty.

'Well the bitch obviously enjoys her predicament' He said moving round behind me to examine the hole in my knickers, 'what a good idea' He said, 'no need to get her knickers off when I want her, so much more convenient.'

With that I felt Him fixing a lead to my collar and he started pulling me. I had no choice but to hobble after Him, by the direction it was into the lounge.

Once there He ordered me to my knees again, and I felt Him undo my gag, I was so pleased to have it out, my jaw was aching and at last I could swallow my saliva, not that I got much chance as He almost immediately pushed His cock into my mouth.

It was at least far more desirable than the gag, and I am always happy to have a cock in my mouth, I am something of a cock whore when dressed and helpless.

I tasted the tip of it running my tongue round it, I could tell he was cut, even though blindfolded, a cut prick has a totally different feel to it when in your mouth, in fact I have to confess to preferring a cut cock, not that I would turn any cock away.

I continued to tease him with my tongue and gently sucking him, he was obviously liking it as he started to push further into my mouth, holding the back of my head so as to stop me trying to withdraw, like I would!!

As he pushed deeper I could feel him touching the back of my throat and I started to get my gag reflex, but he held himself there, fully inside my mouth until I calmed down. I had told him online when discussing things that although I had a gag reflex it soon died down if forced to keep a cock in my mouth, he had taken notice.

Once he realised that my gagging had stopped he started again to thrust in and out, holding the back of my head, making me take him all, slowly building up in pace, until I felt him expand and then felt his cum hit the back of my throat, and with him that deep in my mouth I had no option but to swallow all.

As he withdrew he said 'Good girl, now I believe what you said about you being a cock and cum slut.'

He pushed his now limp member back to my lips and I gently sucked him clean until there was no longer any cum left on him.

While I did this I could not help thinking that since he had arrived, because of the hood, I had not seen him or his cock, he could have been any man, I certainly could not swear that it was the guy I had seen on cam, although he had been cut so I guess it must be.

Having finished cleaning him he pushed me face down on the floor and put clips between my wrists behind my back and then pulled my ankle up and clipped them as well so I was lying in a full hogtie.

'I think I will have that coffee now, thank you.' He said to my wife and I heard them walk out of the room.

What next I wondered?

To be continued ...........

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