tagBDSMA Motel Rendezvous

A Motel Rendezvous


I recently rejoined a Midwest swinger's site after being off of it for about a year. The first day or so back on I just searched through other member's profiles from my locale seeing what couples and single women were looking to connect with a single male.

A unique aspect of this site is that, if you allow it, members can see who is looking at their profile. I noticed a couple had looked at mine the first day. When I looked at their profile a bell went off in my head as I remember chatting with the man back when I was on the site the first time. We'd corresponded several times and through these talks I learned that he and his wife were into domme/sub role playing with her being the domme. For whatever reason we never did make a connection.

Several days later I received an email from the couple saying they'd seen my profile, liked what they'd read and were interested in hearing a little bit more about what I was looking for. In my response I said that I'd never participated in a domme/sub scene but had given it some serious thought over the years. I also mentioned that, although my profile said bi-curious, I really was bi and really enjoyed sharing oral pleasures with a man.

There response was almost immediate and in short order we started chatting again. Around the third time we chatted the male asked if we'd chatted before. I told him yes we had but for some reason we never did meet. Besides remembering there site I vividly remembered the fantasies he wanted to explore in a threesome.

We arranged to met at a local bar to shoot some pool and just get to know each other with no expectation of doing anything that evening. At the arranged time we met and spend several hours talking and shooting pool. Since everyone got along well and was on the same page as to what was wanted/expected, we set a date for our first encounter. What was really defined here was what my role would be. Marsha was the domme, and though I was sub to her, I was still domme to Pat.

A week later we met again at the same bar and, as with our first meeting, shot some pool and drank a few beers. After several games it was decided to start the bets. The first bet was the loser got 10 smacks on their bare ass. The second bet the winner got five minutes of whatever he wanted and the third bet was the loser had to do whatever the other two agreed upon. I should mention that just Pat and I played these games as Marsha, being the domme, "couldn't lose".

Even though I hadn't shot pool in quite some time, and they had custom cues, it didn't take long before I had my stroke back. I won quite a few of the warm up games but then in the crunch, I lost the first two games, one by scratching the eight ball. Finally in the third game I got back into a groove and won handily. While Pat hit the restroom Marsha and I talked about what we wanted him to do for us. She wanted to see him, naked and on his knees, worship my cock.

Even though I'd lost the first two bets, Marsha decided that it wouldn't make much sense for me to strip, get my ass spanked and then have to re-dress so Pat could take my clothes off again to worship my cock. So the third bet would be the first one enacted. Pat tried to complain saying he'd won the first bets, but that's when Mistress Marsha emerged and told him in no uncertain terms how things were going to play out.

With that we finished our drinks, gathered our belongings and got into our respective vehicles to drive about a mile to the local motel in which I'd already checked in. When we got into the room I showed them both how to operate my Canon 40D digital camera with a 17-55mm image stabilizer lens and attached flash.

As soon as the camera instructions were done Mistress Marsha immediately ordered Pat to start stripping. As he took his clothes off she started taking pictures. He stopped at his underwear and started walking over to me.

"Take those pants off now slave and get naked!" Mistress didn't waste any time in taking full control. As Pat dropped his last vestige of clothing she took a couple more pictures.

"Now, kneel before Doug and start rubbing his cock through his pants"

"That's it. Now rub his ass and cock."

"Put your face closer to his cock. Rub your nose on him!"

Several more pictures were taken as Pat rubbed and fondled my cock and ass through my jeans. "Doug," Mistress Marsha asked, "Are you feeling aroused?"

"Yes Mistress!" I said how my cock was starting to enlarge in my pants.

"Slave, take Doug's jeans off now!" Pat did as ordered, first unbuckling my belt, then undoing the zipper and slipping my jeans off.

Now I stood before Mistress Marsha with my enlarged cock clearly straining to be freed from my white bikini underwear and Pat, naked, kneeling with his face at cock level.

"Bury your face in his cock!" she ordered. Pat apparently didn't bury it far enough as she walked up behind him and pushed his face into my hardened cock. "Rub your face back and forth." "Reach between his legs and feel his ass---do it now!"

This went on for a few minutes until Mistress Marsha said, "Now take his pants off. I want to see you suck his cock!"

As I took my t-shirt off Pat peeled off my bikini bottoms. My cock sprang up and hit him in his face.

"Suck it slave!"

Pat reached up, encircled my shaft with his hand and then slowly took my cock into his mouth. Mistress Marsha came up behind him and forced him to take more of my swollen cock into this mouth. As she pressed her lower body into him she was caressing her large breasts through her bra. She had given me the camera, and holding it over my head I took several photos from that position showing all three of us.

Looking at the photo's previews showed my cock in Pat's mouth with Mistress's body pressing the back of his head and just a hint of her bra covered breasts. After several minutes of Pat sucking on my cock, playing with my balls and rubbing my ass, Mistress Marsha took off her bra and her very large breasts fell free. I couldn't help but look at her dark, silver dollar sized areolas and hardening nipples.

(I've been with couples before and I really love watching the male take my cock into his mouth while his wife/girlfriend watches. And, I also enjoy sucking his cock while she either watches or joins me in orally pleasuring him.)

This was no exception. The more I thought of what was occurring, my hard cock in Pat's mouth while his wife not only watched but ordered him to do so, made it even harder and, my God, I just loved both the physical feeling and the mental image of what was happening!

During this time she'd taken back the camera and took quite a few pictures of Pat with my cock in his mouth.

"Slave, up off your knees. My breasts need attention now!"

With that Pat got up off the floor and, standing next to Mistress Marsha, started fondling and sucking on her breasts. While this was going on I was snapping picture after picture. She lay back on the bed while Pat continued his ordered pleasuring of her breasts.

Several minutes went by before she said, "I think that Doug needs to worship my breasts too." With that Pat climbed off of her and I took his place. I hungrily started to savor her mammoth breasts. Sucking and fondling her breasts, I would gentle bite her tit with my teeth and pull it up. I don't know how long I kept this up. I really didn't care as I loved sucking and playing with her tits! All the while Mistress Marsha kept up low moans of pleasure.

It wasn't long before I felt Pat's hand start to fondle my cock and balls from behind. God this felt good, sucking on great tits while someone played with me from the rear. Needless to say I was rock hard.

"Someone needs to fuck me!"

Mistress Marsha said this several times as her desire grew. I felt Pat's hands leave my cock and then he reached under us and slowly peeled off her underwear. My cock's head was rubbing on her shaven mons and teasing her slit. Several minutes more of this almost torture and I rolled off so Pat could fuck Mistress.

As he mounted her I grabbed the camera for some more pictures. With the zoom lens maxed out I got several great close-ups of his cock going in and out of her pussy. From all angles I took photos--between legs, from the top, from the side and every place imaginable.

"Get Doug a condom Slave."

With that Pat pulled out of Mistress, retrieved the condom that was on the bed, and put it on my cock. Lying on top of Mistress I entered her. God that felt so fucking good! Slowly I started pumping in and out. Flashes of light on the wall revealed that Pat was returning the favor of taking pictures of me fucking Mistress Marsha from all angles.

My chest pressed against her breasts as we moved with no other thought than experiencing pure pleasure of the flesh. Now and then I'd rise up enough to take one of her tits into my mouth and suck hard on it. Moans of pleasure from both of us filled the room. A couple of times I withdrew to keep from cumming and then re-entered her soaking wet pussy. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and with a loud "Fuck, I'm cumming!" I blew my load.

The three of us just lay on the bed for a bit trying to gain back some composure. After several minutes had elapsed Mistress Marsha told Pat, "Slave, lick my pussy clean!" Pat buried his face in her crotch and started to lick. At the same time I started to suck and fondle her breasts some more. As before, with eyes closed and arms over her head, moans of pleasure escaped from her lips as hungry mouths and probing fingers pleased her from top to bottom. As this was going on either Mistress' or Pat's hand was fondling my cock and balls.

Several more minutes passed when she ordered Pat on his back and she then positioned herself over him so he could continue to eat her pussy. "Doug, suck Slave Pat's cock." As ordered I lay next to Pat and took his cock into my mouth. Alternating from sucking and stroking his cock he started to enlarge again. A couple of times Mistress would lean forward and we would share his cock.

In short order Mistress was in the throes of another massive orgasm. Rolling off Pat she lay between the three of us. Taking Pat's cock into her hand she started jacking him off. It didn't take long before he blew his second load. She then turned her attention to me and started jacking me off. As with Pat, it didn't take too long before I could feel another load coming, and it blew all over her hand and my stomach.

Looking at the clock I couldn't believe that three hours had gone by. All three of us were spent in more ways than one. We all agreed that everyone had a fantastic time and a repeat meeting, complete with new pool wagers, was in order and would happen in the not too distance future.

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