A Mother and Her Son


"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a laugh. "Let's get going."

Sue and Tommy walked down the street to the Wilson's' house. It was a large home with stone pillars in front and a circular driveway. In the back, they had a large pool with manicured hedgerows for privacy. The house was the largest in the neighborhood and was almost out of place. However, the Wilson's were nice people and fit in well with the community.

Shirley Wilson greeted them at the door and hugged Sue. She kissed Tommy on the cheek and invited them inside. There was already a crowd of people inside the house. Within seconds, several women had Sue in a conversation. Tommy smiled and wandered around the room. He knew many of the kids but not too many of the adults. There were a number of teenaged girls that came up to Tommy but he spent little time with them. He kept his eye on his mom.

Once in a while, Sue would look around for Tommy. She would smile when she saw him looking at her and then make a face, indicating that he should mingle with the girls. When he would shake his head no, she would purse her lips in exasperation.

Sue had consumed quite a bit of wine in the first hour of the party. Every time her glass was empty, someone would give her another glass. Soon, she was feeling the effects.

The next time she looked for Tommy, she saw him near the sliding glass door leading to the pool. When she caught his eye, she saw him make a motion with his head for her to join him. She had a feeling he was up to something so she shook her head no but smiled sweetly. For the next few minutes, every time she saw him, he would motion for her to follow him. Finally, she gave in and walked toward him.

"Let's go out and get some air," Tommy said, leading his mother out the open slider.

It was a beautiful moonlit evening with a cloudless sky and fireflies flickering their mating calls. Tommy and Sue walked down the sidewalk, past the hedgerow. When they reached the end, Tommy pulled his mother to the other side. He quickly pulled her into his arms and brought his lips to hers.

"Tomm... mmmmm..." Sue moaned as she tried to protest. This was very dangerous, she thought but was unable to dissuade him as his tongue pressed into her mouth. Soon, Sue gave up her protest and melted into Tommy's strong arms. She felt his hands sliding down her bare back and across her dress to cup her buttocks.

Tommy pulled his mother's groin to his and let her feel how excited he was.

Sue moaned again and pressed back.

"God, I needed that," Tommy said breathlessly when their lips parted after a long kiss. "Every time I looked at you I wanted to rush over and kiss you."

Sue could feel her head spinning from the kiss and the wine. She brought her lips to his for a second kiss that lasted even longer. She worked her tongue into his mouth and felt him immediately capture it with his lips. She moaned as they pressed their lower regions together even harder. His hands cupped her buttocks under her tight dress, squeezing the supple flesh in his strong fingers.

One of Tommy's hands slid around and then down to Sue's naked thighs.

"Tommy," Sue said as she felt him slowly moving it up her leg. In spite of her admonishment, her legs moved slightly apart. "Oh my God," she whispered as his hand reached her vagina.

Tommy moaned as his fingers felt a woman's private parts for the first time. He could feel the swollen and wet lips under his searching fingers. Then a finger found the dripping hole.

"Tommy, Tommy, please," Sue pleaded as if she couldn't stop him. A slow moan escaped her lips as his finger slowly slid into her body.

Within seconds, Tommy's hand was dripping with his mother's sex juice. He moved his finger in and out of her warm hole, loving the feeling of her slick inner flesh. Quickly, before she could protest, he added a second finger. He heard her moan again and her hips pressed down, taking both fingers all the way inside.

Sue had lost control. Her hips began to work up and down on her son's fingers and her head was spinning wildly. It took only a few more thrusts before she began to tremble.

Tommy was a little surprised as his mother began to shake. Suddenly, he realized that she was climaxing on his fingers. He smiled and worked them into her harder, creating a loud sucking sound in the otherwise quiet night.

When Sue stopped shuddering, she almost collapsed into Tommy's arms.

Tommy looked over the hedgerow and saw that they were still alone. He placed his hands on his mother's shoulders and began to gently push downward. "Suck me," he hissed, as she went to her knees.

Sue head was still foggy as she settled to her knees on the cool grass. "Tommy, this is crazy," she said as she looked up at him, her eyes still sparkling with fire in the moonlight. Yet, even as she spoke, she was opening his pants.

Tommy kept looking back across the hedgerow at the house to make sure no one came outside. He turned back in time to see his mother take his penis into her mouth. "Ahhhhh!!!" he groaned as her talented mouth took possession of his hard shaft.

Sue moaned as well as she tasted the sweet flavor of his penis. She felt Tommy's hands on her head. She let him direct her head back and forth. Then she began to move her hand back and forth, trying to bring him off quickly. Even in her wine-fogged brain, Sue still knew that someone could come upon them at any time.

Fortunately, it wasn't going to take long for Tommy to cum in his mother's mouth. However, suddenly, he wanted something different, something really nasty. He pulled back, his penis coming out of his mother's mouth with a pop.

Sue looked up at him in surprise. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders pushing the straps of her gown and bra down her arms. "What are you doing?" she whispered in panic.

Tommy didn't answer as he pushed her straps down until her breasts were free from the bra. He pointed his penis downward. "Jerk me into your bra," he whispered excitedly.

"Good God Tommy, no!" Sue exclaimed in protest. Still, she grasped his penis and began to masturbate him. She jerked on his penis in rapid motions, her hand moving in a blur.

"Yes, yes," Tommy moaned as his legs tensed.

Sue was breathing hard again. She couldn't believe what she was doing but it was turning her on nonetheless. When she heard Tommy moan, she directed the head of his penis into one cup of her bra. She shivered as she watched his thick white juice splatter into the cup. When several squirts had coated the inner liner of that cup, she moved the head quickly to the other cup. Soon, both sides were coated with Tommy's thick discharge and it was running down, pooling in the middle.

Suddenly, there were voices coming from the house.

As the voices grew closer, Sue quickly pulled her top back up, pushing her breasts into the wet material. She moaned as Tommy's hot cum coated her nipples. Then she helped Tommy get his penis back into his pants. Just as they stood up and stepped from behind the hedgerow, Shirley Wilson and a friend walked by.

"Oh that's were you are," Shirley said. "I told Marge that I saw you go outside with Tommy."

"Uh... yes, Tommy... uh and I needed to get a little air."

"Well, come with me, I want Marge to tell you about a community project that she's working on."

Tommy watched as the two ladies led off his mother. He smiled. God if they only knew! he thought.

Sue followed the two women back into the house. She could feel her sex juices filling her panties as her breasts swam in her son's juice. She could even smell it and hoped that no one else could. She knew that she would have to escape them soon and find a bathroom to take care of her own renewed desire.

Chapter 8

After the episode at the party, Sue and Tommy gradually became comfortable with their new relationship. Sue still knew it was very wrong but she no longer chastised herself for it. It was what her son needed right now she rationalized. It was their little secret.

They both grew very casual about how little they wore in front of each other. It seemed to Sue that Tommy was always stopping in to talk when she was getting dressed. It never took long for Tommy to show that he was interested in more than conversation. Sue rarely protested.

Each morning he would stop by as she dressed for work. Within seconds, she would have his penis in her mouth. Then a minute later, she would be drinking his sperm. Most evenings it was a replay. Sue was actually disappointed when they missed a morning or evening. She almost felt like she had become addicted to her son's semen.

Sue was in her bathrobe after her shower one morning a week or so later. She had just taken her panties out of the drawer when Tommy tapped on the door. Sue told him to come in.

"Good morning Mom," Tommy said brightly as he sat on the bed.

"Hi sweetie."

"What's on the agenda today?" Tommy asked watching his mother closely.

"Well, we have a lot of yard work to catch up on so I think we had better stay home and get it done."

"All right, if we have too," Tommy said in mock exasperation.

Sue untied her robe and dropped it from her shoulders, standing naked unashamedly in front of Tommy.

"God, you're beautiful," Tommy said sincerely.

"Thank you," Sue whispered. There was no longer any embarrassment at being naked in front of him. As she bent over and picked up her panties, she saw his eyes staring at her breasts as they swung naturally below her. She took her time pulling her panties up, beginning to enjoy the show. As the silky panties crossed her thighs, she turned her back to him and heard him gasp.

Tommy had an erection before he walked into the room but now it was throbbing in the tight confines of his shorts. As his mother went to get her bra, he pulled his zipper down and freed his shaft from its prison.

It was Sue's turn to gasp when she turned around and saw him holding his erect shaft. Every time she saw it, it looked bigger, she thought. She swallowed hard as she stood frozen, holding her bra in her hand and watching him slowly move his hand up and down. In all the years she was married, she had never seen her husband masturbate. While she had asked him to on occasion, he had always refused. He said that he would be too embarrassed. It was obvious that Tommy didn't have that problem.

Tommy watched his mother's face as she watched him masturbate. He found it an incredible turn-on to have her watch him. "Do you like watching me masturbate?" Tommy asked breathlessly.

It took a moment for Sue to answer. Her throat was suddenly dry. "Yes," she choked out in a hoarse whisper.

"Then sit down and I'll show you how I like to do it."

Sue backed up until she sat in her vanity chair, her eyes never leaving Tommy.

Tommy stood up and slowly stripped off his shirt. Then he opened his shorts and began to pull them down. Suddenly, he turned until his back was to his mother. Like a stripper, he slowly pulled his shorts below his buttocks. Tommy was as surprised as his mother at his boldness.

Sue sat fascinated as she watched her son strip for her. Tommy had been just a little boy the last time she saw him completely naked. He certainly wasn't a little boy anymore, Sue thought as his shorts fell to his feet and he kicked them away. She scanned his naked body from behind. His shoulders were broad and rippled with muscles. His waist was narrow and his hips jutted out from all the strenuous training. However, his buttocks were his best asset. They were rock hard and perfectly shaped globes. His thighs were strong and lean without an ounce of fat. He could be a male stripper, Sue thought.

Slowly, Tommy turned around. His penis was now pulsing and there was a long strand of clear liquid hanging from the tip. Tommy began to stroke himself again. More of his clear juice bubbled out, stretching in a silvery string toward the carpet. "Oh God Mom, I'm getting close," he warned. Tommy's hand moved rapidly up and down until his thighs tensed. When he was ready to squirt, he held his hand under the head. Suddenly, he began to pour the contents of his balls into his outstretched hand.

Sue watched in excited fascination as her son climaxed into his own hand. She saw his hand fill with his sperm and begin to spill over the sides. With a moan she dropped to her knees and quickly licked the cum dripping from his palm. As soon as Tommy was done, Sue turned his cum filled hand to her mouth.

In another similar incident, Tommy caught his mother just as she was ready to go out the door to work. He brought her to him and kissed her passionately.

"Tommy, my makeup," she protested as he kissed her lips, then her face and neck.

"Suck me!" he said like a command.

Sue moaned and moved quickly to her knees in front of her son. She set her briefcase down and took his penis into her hand. She heard him groan from far away as she caught a drop of dripping juice on her tongue, following it with her mouth to the swollen head. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned deep in her throat as she sucked the head into her mouth.

Tommy grasped his mother's face in his hands. As his hips began to move back and forth, he could see the head of his penis sliding in and out of her mouth under her cheeks. He pressed his thumbs to her cheeks and felt his shaft as she sucked it deep into her throat.

Sue sucked Tommy until she could tell that he was getting close. She was ready to drink his sperm when she felt him pulling on her shoulders. In surprise, she let him slip out of her mouth and she stood up. She let Tommy's lips capture hers without protest now. Her makeup could be fixed afterward.

As their bodies pressed together, Sue could feel his erection pressing against her stomach. She moaned as their hips began to move against each other. She knew that she was going to have a wet mark on the front of her skirt. When she felt Tommy's hand move down to push her dress up she began to shiver. However, when he grasped his penis and pushed it between her legs she said, "Tommy, no!" Suddenly, she realized that she was lucky she had her panties on. It was the only thing preventing penetration. Sue almost sighed when he didn't try to do anything else. She wasn't sure she could have stopped him.

"Oh God Mom!" Tommy moaned as he moved his hips back and forth between her warm thighs. He could feel her sex lips pressing down on the top of his shaft, the gusset of her panties rapidly becoming soaked with their combined juices.

When Sue was certain that Tommy was near ejaculation, she pushed him away from her.

Tommy thought that she was going to go to her knees and suck him again. However, he was surprised when she reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties away from her sex. Then for just a second, Tommy thought that she was going to let him penetrate her.

However, Sue had other ideas. She took Tommy's penis and situated it between the wet crotch of her panties and her dripping sex lips. His penis was at an odd angle, pointing downward. That made Sue's sex lips split apart and cover the shaft with her wet and swollen flesh. She slid her panties back over her lips, trapping his penis inside the silky material. Then, she began to move back and forth again, massaging him with her swollen lips. She knew that Tommy wouldn't last long.

Almost as soon as he felt her blood filled lips on his penis, he groaned and his penis lurched, spewing his thick cum onto the gusset of her little red panties.

Sue's climax wasn't far behind. When she felt her vagina being sprayed by her son's semen, her legs shook and her body went into convulsions. If Tommy hadn't been holding her, she would have collapsed to the floor.

When Tommy felt his mother's body stop shaking, he staggered back in exhaustion.

Sue found it difficult to focus her eyes. She backed up unsteadily and leaned against the front door. When she could get her breath again she shook her head. God that was close, she thought.

Tommy smiled at his mother with exhaustion on his face. Then he pushed his now soft penis back into his pants and said, "Have a nice day."

Sue picked up her briefcase and opened the door. As she stepped out onto the front porch, she was suddenly very much aware of her sodden crotch. For a second, she considered going back into the house to clean up. A naughty thrill went through her as she walked down the sidewalk to her car. Sue went to work with her sex lips swimming in Tommy's sperm.

Chapter 9

Sue was sitting at her desk one evening, still in her white blouse and blue skirt that she had worn to work. She was thinking about her and Tommy's relationship as she did quite often. She had done a lot of soul searching during the last few days. Their relationship has progressed well beyond anything she could have ever imagined. So far, it had been limited to oral sex and a little masturbation. The nagging question on her mind was where did they go from here? It was getting more and more difficult for her to control things. It had been so close the other day.

It seemed that almost every time they were together, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. He would touch her or kiss her and that would start it. She would respond and things would get out of control from there.

"Hi Mom," Tommy said, coming into the room and sitting down.

"Hi Tommy. I thought you were going to the ball game with Joey?"

"I was but he has a cold and cancelled out."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'd rather be home with you."

Sue looked at him and shook her head. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked rhetorically.

"Love me," he said with a big smile and opened his arms to her.

Sue put down her pen and then walked over to sit on Tommy's lap. She kissed his lips and then snuggled into his arms. Suddenly, she felt so protected in his embrace.

"Mom, you... uh... we have... uh done a lot of... you know... things," Tommy said hesitantly.

Sue was silent, wondering where this was going to go.

"You said... uh... you said that it was selfish for a man just to take and... and not give back."

Immediately, Sue knew what was coming. It wasn't like she hadn't expected it. However, she that what he was going to ask was a big step.

"Will you teach me... to uh... you know... do oral on you?"

Sue was silent for a long time. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest. There was a tremendous struggle going on in her head. On one hand, she had done so much already, what was the difference if she let him do it to her? On the other, she knew that it would be taking their relationship to a new level. However, the thought of having his mouth on her was incredibly exciting. So, what would be the harm? Who would know?

"I... I don't know Tommy," she said reluctantly. "Let me think about it."

Tommy felt a thrill of excitement go through him. Every time she said that, she came back and did what he wanted. "That's fair," he said and his hand moved up to caress her breast.

Sue could feel his erection pressing into her buttocks. With a sigh she slid off his lap and knelt between his legs.

Tommy smiled and opened his pants. He reached inside and pulled out his swollen erection. When Sue went to grab it with her hands, he grabbed her wrists, holding her hands away. He lifted up slightly and slid the head into her mouth. He watched his mother suck him for a few minutes and then, with his penis still in her mouth, he stood.

Sue backed up and let Tommy stand in front of her. She knew what he wanted when his hips began to move back and forth while he held her arms over her head. He wants to fuck my mouth, she thought. A moan escaped her stretched lips as she let her son use her mouth.

When Tommy let go of his mother's hands, he grasped her head. He was happy to see that she let her arms slip idly to her sides. Tommy's hips continued to move back and forth as he pulled her head toward him. He heard his mother choke and eased up but then he felt her move forward, forcing him to the back of her throat again.

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